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This scene was visualised by me and posted on IF on 7th July 2009 after the nerdish Suman Lata's entry in AN's life post Abhi's pool humilation. (Please refer to the Synopsis)

I was thinking, if the new entry Suman was more of a level headed assistant to Abhi, than a nerd, coming with a great recommendation from someone he respects and he finds her worthy enough to respect . Perhaps then something like this could happen between the 3 of them.)

As Abhi is on his way out of Sanjeevani he bumps into Suman who is waiting for a taxi. It was pretty late so he offers to drop her which she gratefully accepts.

In the car, she tells him since the renovations in guest house is still incomplete, Nikki sweetly gave her an offer to stay at her place. So she will be staying with Nikki for few days.

Meanwhile Armaan, Riddhima, Atul, Anjali and Muskaan drag a reluctant Nikki to a pub.

Realising she needs to call up Suman and inform her she’ll be late, Nikki goes to a corner and calls up Suman.

“Hi Suman, I am going to be a late today. My friends insisted that I should join them in celebration so I am at this Paradise pub. Don’t wait up for me.”

“No problem, Nikki. You enjoy yourself,” Abhi who was driving, stiffens at the mention of Nikki.

"Oh, No" exclaims Nikki watching Muskaan being surrounded by four indecent looking men.

“What happened Nikki?” Abhi looks up sharply hearing Suman’s worried voice. “Is everything alright?” Suman continues asking with concern.

Suman, I’ll call you back. Looks like there is some trouble,” she disconnects abruptly.

“Nikki, Nikki…” Suman calls out worriedly, but she hears the disconnected tone.

Armaan and the rest of the interns tell the men to stop troubling Muskaan, but they don’t listen. Nikki joins them in objecting. A huge argument ensues between the men and the interns.

The men come one strongly and there is a fist fight between them and Armaan. Atul was badly beaten up by the boys. Feeling sorry for him, Anjali quickly attends to his wounds. The men have surrounded Armaan and started beating him too. Riddhima and Nikki try pulling them from Armaan.

One of the hoodlums, draws out a knife. He lunges forward to thrust it in Armaan's back. He is unable to move as a strong hand has gripped him tightly
“Only cowards attack from behind,” Abhi growls as he takes the knife from the boy’s hand. He punches him hard on the face.

Nikki’s face lights up seeing Abhi.

Armaan and Abhi take on the men.

As they are fighting, one boy punches Abhi in the jaw.

“Abhi,” Nikki screams in pain.

Surprised to hear her scream, Suman turns towards Nikki. There is tears of pain and panic on her face.

Abhimanyu returns a hard punch to the boy and turns to look at Nikki. Their eyes meet. His were cold and steely while there was pain and tears in them.

Watching them staring at each other, a faint realization smile springs up on her lips.

Dr. Shashank enters with the police come and they take the hoodlums away..

Reluctantly Armaan thanks Abhi for saving his life. Abhi coldly nods his acceptance. The other interns too thank Abhi.

Dr. Shashank takes Armaan, Riddhima and Anjali in his car. Abhi offers to drop the rest.

In the car, Suman was seated next to Abhi, Atul and Muskaan sit behind her, while Nikki sits behind Abhi.

"Dr. Modi, thank you for saving us,” Muskaan tells Abhi. “You saved us inspite of us treating you badly.”

"Yes Dr. Modi,” quips in Atul. “We are really sorry for our behviour and thanks for saving us"

"Its ok Doctors,” Abhi says with a shake of his head, “I just did my duty. You are my interns and I do have some duties towards all of you. "

Nikki’s hand has turned clammy. She slowly looks up at Abhi and finds him watching her through the driving mirror. Their eyes clash. Feeling awkward Nikki turns her gaze out of the window.

"Dr. Modi what an entry you had,” through her action, Muskaan was demonstrating Abhi's entry "like the Hero in films"

Everyone smile.

“If you had a girlfriend, she would have been totally fida over you, today,” Abhi and Nikki automatically look at each other through the mirror.

"Dr. Modi don’t you have a girlfriend hidden somewhere?” Atul jokes. “Don’t tell me you haven’t fallen in love with anyone!

His words make Nikki’s heart very heavy. She turns sad eyes to Abhi. His jaws were clenched. He tightens his grip on the steering wheel.

“Dr. Atul, to me Love is a useless thing. I believe it is just a a weakness. Someone people take it as their right, an opportunity to trample over you and I will never give anyone this right ever.” His steely eyes pierces through Nikki. Tears well up in her eyes. Swallowing a lump in her throat she looks out of the window.

Abhi first drops of Muskaan and then Atul. The car was filled with a glaring tension. Trying to lighten the uncomfortable silence, Suman would try to throw in some funny joke or relate a funny incident. However, her attempts would be met by formal feeble smiles from Abhi and Nikki.

“Dr. Modi, looks like you and Dr. Nikita don’t know each other too well inspite of working in the same hospital,” Abhi and Nikki look at her confused. “You hardly speak to each other,” explains Suman.

Lucky for them, they had reached Nikki’s place and so, were saved to give a befitting reply.

“Dr. Modi, why don’t you come in and clean up the bleeding lip?” offers Suman Lata. Nikki looks anxiously and earnestly at him.

“No thank you,” Abhi declines with a smile. “It is a very small thing I'll take care of it when I get home.”

Nikki is disappointed.

“Do take care of it,”Suman tells him. “Thanks for dropping us home,”

“My pleasure,” Abhi smiles at him. Suman gets off the car.

Nikki too opens the car door. Not looking directly at him, she says, “Thank you,” and gets off the car.

Without a glance at her, Abhi drives off. Nikki’s eyes is moist with unshed tears. She keeps staring at the car till it is out of sight.

"Dr Abhimanyu, Dr. Nikita, without speaking anything, you both have said so much. What you both want to show everyone is very different from what you both feel for each other. I need to find out exactly what you both feel for each other and I will,” Having made up her mind she smiles.


Finding Nikki looking sad, Suman deliberately barges into her room.
“Ooh, this Abhimanyu Modi is really something isn’t he ?” she tells Nikki.

"Yes ! Really !” Nikki says in irritation. “ Don't know what he thinks of himself !”

"Oh today, He took my heart,” Suman says dreamily.

"Excuse me ?" Nikki was stunned.

“I think I am falling for him. Do you know if he has someone in his life? Please, please tell me Nikki.”

Nikki can’t believe her ears.

“Hhh how do i know ?” she stammers. “I am only an intern and he is my senior"

“Oh I see!” Suman pretends. “Anyways, why should I care ? Once if Suman has her sights on someone she'll do anything to get him.” Nikki was in despair. Her Abhi is being eyed by someone else? She felt as if her world is crumbling down.

“Nikki, you are a really sweet person,” Suman continues. “I've grown so fond of you. Won't you help me with Abhimanyu ? I'll always be grateful to you" she begged.

"But, but Suman he is really khadoos, he doesn't look at girls from that angle,” Nikki tries her best to avert Suman’s intention.

"So what ? what he never did before doesn't mean he won't do now ! I will find a way to get through him" Suman was adamant.

“Nikki you are completely gone now,” Nikki’s mind is wandering now. “First it was so difficult to handle Abhi’s anger towards her and now this Suman problem. Do something Nikki, Do something or you will lose Abhi.” her mind keeps prodding her

“OK Done! Operation-Abhimanyu-Suman will henceforth commence and you Dr. Nikita will be my powerforce.” Suman was all charged up. “You will help me gain victory!” she hugs a dumbfounded Nikki.

She thinks “Now I would like to see, Dr. Abhimanyu Modi-Dr. Nikita Malhotra, How long you two will run away from each other?. Pleased with her intention, she winks.

Over the next few days, Suman manages to get close to Abhi and make him feel comfortable in her company. He was happy to have someone who treated him nicely and in whom he could fearlessly confide in.

His anger seemed to be slowly fading away. He even started overlooking Nikki’s mistakes and no longer picked on her. On the other hand, Nikki, is even more unhappy with this development. She preferred his yelling and scolding than this indifference and civility to her.

One day Nikki enters Abhi's cabin and is shocked to see the sight in front of her. Abhi, was bending over Suman who was standing infront of his desk. Nikki’s heart breaks into pieces. She felt as if she was on pins and needles.
Hearing the door open, Abhi and Suman turn around and find Nikki standing there. Their eyes meet. Nikki gives him a cold look and for a moment Abhi is uncomfortable.

Going over to his seat, he says "Come in Dr. Nikita"

Completely heartbroken, Nikki tried to put up a brave front. She didn’t want Abhi to see her pain

“I'm sorry, I can come back later,” she tells them.

"No please come in," Suman stops her. “I have something to say to both of you.”

What Nikki did not know was while talking to Abhi, Suman accidentally dropped a pile of papers lying on Abhi’s desk on to the floor. Abhi went around and going on his haunches, began to help her in collecting the paper. After collecting the papers they stood up.

Suman was adjusting the papers on the desk, while Abhi stood there holding the rest of the papers. While Suman kept dusting the the papers on the desk, one of the paper clips suddenly popped out and flew straight into Abhi's pocket. Abhi and Suman were first stunned and then burst out laughing. As they were laughing, they bent forward and their heads clashed. At that very moment Nikki entered. All she could see Abhi's back and he was bending over Suman.

“I am going to see my parents in Lonavla over the weekend.” Suman tells Abhi and Nikki. “ I would like both of you to come.”

Nikki and Abhi look at each other.

"But..But…." they strutter in unison.

"My father would be able to give us some advise for the new project," Suman continued.

" I don’t think I am needed,” Nikki mumbles
"No you are a part of the project so you are very much needed,” Suman tells her. “ Please, don't say No." Suman pleads with them.

Abhi and Nikki find it difficult to refuse her and nod their agreement.

"Good,” Suman was pleased “So tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow night, we will leave from Sanjeevani in your car, Dr. Modi. I hope its okay with you.”
“Yeah that’s fine!” confirms Abhi.


Friday Night, Abhimanyu reaches the parking lot and sees Nikita waiting for him beside his car. He can't help stealing a few glances at her till he sees she has spotted him.

Going next to her he asks, "Where is Suman?'

"I don’t know.” Nikki shrugs. She left early. Perhaps she is waiting in the house for us.

“Fine, sit in the car,” Abhi tells her.

Sitting in the car, Nikki struggles with the seat belt. They are reminded of the times, Nikki had problems with the belt and Abhi would end up helping her.
Right now , there was an unnerving silence in the car.

Abhi is trying his best not to look at her. Nervously, glancing sideways at him, Nikki was struggling with the belt. To her relief, finally the belt got clasped. Both breathe a sigh of relief. Abhi then puts the car into gear and drives off.

Just before reaching Nikki’s place, Abhi receives a call from Suman.

"Dr. Abhimanyu, I am so so sorry, I could not. inform you since you were busy in a meeting. For some reason, which I am not aware of, my parents wanted me to come a bit early, so they sent my cousin to pick me up. I am nearing Lonavla right now. You and Nikki will have to come on your own.

“Oh how can we come there without you….”

" I am so sorry for this,” Suman apologises “please, please don't ditch me, please come or else I'll feel you are upset with me. The battery of my cell phone is running low, so please pick up Dr. Nikita and come to Lonavla. I have smsed the address to you"

Before Abhi can say anything further she abruptly disconnects.

“What happened ?” Nikki asks him.

“She is already in Lonavla, we need to go on our own,” he informs her.

"Why do we have to go on our own?” Nikki tells him sulkily “ You go alone, I am not going!"

“This is a favourite habit of yours,” Abhi tells her sarcastically “ Leave someone in the lurch.” Nikki glares at him

“Do you realize how bad Suman will feel? She is such a sweet person.”

“Yeah, “ Nikki says sheepishly. “I don’t want Suman to feel bad.”

They stop to eat, at a little dhaba, on the way.

The roads are dark. Rain is lashing down heavily against the car. Nikki begins to feel cold. The uncomfortable silence in the car and the proximity with the man she loves, makes her nervous. Abhi can sense her nervousness. She slowly begins to shiver, but, tries to not let Abhi see it. However, Abhi notices it and reduces the airconditioner of the car.

"If only our bags were not in the boot. Atleast, I I could have got something warmer to put on,” Nikki is thinking. “Now, If I ask him to stop he might just flare up. So might as well sit quietly.”

To her surprise Abhi stops the car suddenly. Nikki looks questioningly at him. Holding her gaze, he puts out his hand to the backseat and pulls out a coat. He then gives it to her. Nikki hesitates to take it. After holding the coat for a few good seconds, with a shake of his head in annoyance, he wraps the coat over her.

"Thank you,” Nikki mumbles feebly.

Abhi turns and sets the car in motion.

Nikki can feel Abhi's warmth in the the coat. She leans back and happily closes her eyes.

Finally they arrive at their destination. The house seemed kind of dark with a very faint light coming from it. Sitting in the car, Nikki and Abhi wonder if they are at a right place. Nikki looks out of the window. She finds a face staring at her. Horrified, she screams loudly. Shivering, she turns buries her head into Abhi's chest.

Abhi’s hands automatically go around her protectively.

"What happened?” he asks with concern.

Nikki keeps clinging on to him. Without looking up, she manges to point a finger towards her window.

Abhi rolls down the window and finds an elderly man looking at them.

“Saahab, you have reached!” he sounded relieved.

Hearing him, Nikki slowly breaks away from Abhi. They look awkwardly at each other.

"Please come in,".the man invites them

“Is Suman ji in ?" Abhi asks him.

“No, she isn’t there.”

Surprised, Abhi & Nikki look at each other.

“She has left a note inside for you,” the man continues.

After they go into the house, the man hands over the note to Abhi. The note read,

"Dr. Abhimanyu, I am so sorry. My favourite cousin has suddenly decided to get married and my family kept this as a surprise from me. He is getting engaged today and so all of us have gone to Khandala. We will be staying there overnight. I am so sorry about this. Please make yourselves comfortable. If you need anything ask Hari, he'll help you. We shall meet tomorrow. Bye. Suman

Abhi hands over the letter to Nikki who reads it . They stare nervously at each other.

“I will keep your bags in the guest rooms. He points upward, to two rooms adjacent to each other. After putting their luggage into their rooms, he asks them if they would like to have anything to which they say No. He then tells them he is in the backside and if they need anything do call him.

Abhi and Nikki thank him.

After he leaves, the room is filled with silence.

Abhi flops down on the couch and leans back. Finding the remote, he switches on the the television. Nikki is annoyed looking at him sitting so comfortable.

"You seem to be very comfortable out here Dr. Modi,” she tells him in annoyance.

“Excuse Me?” Abhi is confused at her annoyance.

“Well, Well, why not ? After all it is your home? Isn’t it ? " she taunts him further.

She herself doesn't know why is she upset with him. Is it because she is nervous ? "

What is your problem ?” Abhi asks her calmly “ You seem tired, go to your room and sleep. Goodnight".

Nikki is seething hearing his casual tone.

“Why don’t you go and sleep ? You go! I will sit her and watch television,” she says stubbornly.

She tries to grab the remote from Abhi who manages to dodge her. His half amused look gets her even more worked up. She gives up her attempt of pulling the remote from him.

Folding hand across her chest, she sulks.

“I don’t know why I got taken in by Suman’s words and listened to her. She called us here and she, herself, has vanished.”

Abhi slowly rises from the couch and goes towards Nikki.

“Poor thing, she didn’t do it on purpose,” he tries to reason with her. She herself didn’t know anything. She is a sweet person, Very caring and helpful. Wish she was here"
That was the last straw ! The cabin scene between Abhi and Suman flashes in front of Nikki’s eyes. Jealousy overtakes her completely.

"Poor thing? Poor thing my foot!” she lashes out at a confused and stunned Abhi.

The cabin scene keeps flashing before her eyes increasing her hyperness.

“Feeling sorry for her are you? Missing her ? If that is the case why don’t you drive to Khandala and be with her. What are you doing here, then?”

Abhi's face turns a scarlet red.

“Enough, Nikita, Enough!” Abhi flares grabbing her by her shoulders. “Enough Or else ? he growls fiercely.

"Or else? Or else, what will you do ?" Nikki's challenges him her eyes flashing with anger.

Abhi shakes his head in disgust.

“You know what ? We both cannot ever stay peaceful under one roof,” His eyes blazing he leaves her abruptly.

Picking up the car keys lying on the table near by, he walks out of the house.

Nikki watches in stunned silence as he walks off.

Coming to her senses, she quickly runs out to stop him. To her dismay she finds he has already driven off.

Tears flowing down her cheeks, she goes inside and sits on the couch.

Its 11 pm. "Oh God! Where has Abhi gone ?” she worriedly wonders “What has she done ? In a fit of jealousy and insanity she drove him out into this horrible weather. Hope he is fine. God, please, please get him back soon.” she tearfully prays.

Consumed with anger, Abhi is speeding away. A speeding lorry, coming from the opposite side, makes him swerve the car and avoid an accident. He pulls his car over to a corner and stops. “Phew, that was close.” he breathes a sigh of relief.

His mind wanders off to Nikki. “What is wrong with Nikki ? Why is she always angry with me ? She is close to Suman and yet why did she speak like that about her. It was as if she was possessed with anger and jealousy. Jealousy ?” Abhi ponders on the word.

“Could Nikki be jealous of my closeness to Suman? Does it mean she has feelings for me ? Is there a hope for us?” his heart can’t help yearn for her.
“Abhimanyu !” he chides, “ Have you lost it? You've been hurt badly twice and you are again falling for the same trap? Stop being a Loser. Get a hold of yourself.”
He pauses and looks out into the dark stormy night.

What the hell do I do ! Whenever I am with her I am drawn to her. I just want to take her into my arms and never let her go. How do I keep myself away from her ? Why is Life so tough?” Frustrated with the thoughts he runs a hand through his hair.

Nikki is anxiously pacing the room. Every now and then she would peep outside to see if Abhi's car is entering the driveway. The lashing of the rain outside makes her heart beat even faster. Time slowly passes. Half an a hour.......45 minutes ........ One Hour .....

Nikki is restless. Abhi has still not come. Fortunately, it had stopped raining.

The sudden ring of the phone in the other room makes her jump up with a start. She sees Hari picking up the phone.

"Really?” she hears him say. “Where ? Oh I see! “

Nikki is wondering who is he talking to. “Okay Fine, Fine,” saying it he puts the phone down.”

Nikki asks him what happened.

"Oh my brother who works a few kms away called to say he was late in reaching home because there was an accident on the way. Some car collided with a truck,” he informs her

“Acc… accident ? Nikki begins to panic. “Whose ? Where?” she asks desperately.

“I really don’t know,” Hari tells her.

“Abhi…Abhi…” Nikki is jittery Fear taking over her, she runs out of the house.

“Memsaab where are you going?” a worried Hari hurriedly follows. “Its dark and the roads are not in good conditions too.”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know , but I have to go,” she tells him frantically. She sees a torch lying nearby. She picks it up and runs out of the gate.

Hari is wondering what to do. Should he call up Suman madam? Just then he sees Abhimanyu's car entering the gates and he rushes towards the car.

“Sahab where were you ?” he asks Abhi. “Madam was very worried about you, She just ran out in search of you.”

“What?” Abhi is stunned “What are you saying? So late? In this weather, why didn’t you stop her. Fear and concern makes his heart beat fast.

“I am speaking the truth, Sahab. Madam was desperately waiting for you, when I informed her about the accident. Hearing it, she got frightened and went in search of you. I tried to make her understand not to go, but she just would’nt listen. She kept calling your name and ran out.”

Abhi could not believe his ears. Fear on his face, he begins to reverse the car. “ I’ll look out for her,” he tells Hari " and drives towards the gates.

Nikki has run a a little further and wonders if she is on the right path. Should she have gone the other side of the gates? The roads are dark and there are trees on either side of the road. Which path should she really follow?” she is undecided. Suddenly she hears some rustling sound and begins to shiver. She flashes the torch around. Nothing. She is terrified. She breaks out in cold sweat. Once again she hears a sound and felt like something shiny moving behind the trees. Consumed with fear, she turns and runs back in the direction from where she came.

Nearing the gates of the house, she senses something huge, flashing with lights coming towards. She knew she was about to be hit but could not move. Paralysed with fear, she crosses her hands over her eyes.

Driving out of the gates, Abhi too, senses something has suddenly come in front of the car and stomps on the breaks. The car screeches to a halt just in time. Abhi is jolted forward.

He looks up and finds Nikki standing in front of the car, hands crossed over eyes as if to shield the glare of the flashlights. He closes his eyes in relief.

Nikki realises she is not hit. She removes her hands slowly from her eyes and sees Abhi in the car. Watching him get off the car, Nikki’s heart is filled with happiness.

Abhi storms towards her. Nikki wanted to run and hug him. However, he quietly walks towards her and holds her hand. He looks down at her , eyes glinting in quiet anger. Nikki nervously lowers her eyes. Holding her hand, Abhi slowly he drags her into the house.

When they are inside the room, Abhi shuts the door firmly.

"Have you gone mad?” he yells angrily at her. “ Have you lost it? In this stormy weather, in a new place, in the middle of the night, you run off to nowhere ?" He kept shaking her shoulders with emphasis on every word. Nikki was nervous.

“Do you even realise how dangerous that could be ? You almost came under my car?” his fear took the form of anger. “Why ? Why do you do such such stupid things ? Are you mad ?" he yells.

"Yes, Yes I have gone mad !” she retorts in anger. “Don't know why but I lose my complete senses when it comes to you.

Abhi is taken aback by her return onslaught

“But, but, What were you afraid of Dr. Abhimanyu Modi?” Nikki continues sarcastically. “ That something bad had happened to me ?" she challenges

“If something bad had to happen to me, were you worried....." , she deliberately pauses. "were you worried you'll lose your punching bag?"

Feeling guilty for losing his temper on her, Abhi slowly loosens his grip on her arms.

"That's your fear right. Fear if anything happens to me, on whom would you let out all your anger and frustrations,” painful tears sting into her eyes. “Whenever you find the opportunity, you love to insult me, you love to get angry with me.”

Encompassed, by guilt, Abhi puts out his hand to calm her.

“Nikki, I am…”

Nikki tearfully pushes his hands away and retraces her steps backwards as he slowly moves towards her.

“How long? How long Abhi, will you be angry with me? What should I do to lessen your pain, your anger?” she asks him, helplessness on her face.

“I’ve tried asking you for forgiveness, done everything possibly that I could to take away your anger, your pain.”

“Nikki, Nikki…” Abhi softly butts in .

“Now I cannot bear it anymore Abhi,” Nikki chokes. “I just can’t bear it. I can’t bear to see you looking so unhappy. I don’t mind taking your anger, your insults if it would lessen your pain, if it makes you happy. But then, why don’t you look happy?. I, want to see you happy always. But you are not. What else should I do to make you happy?” Nikki asks in desperation.

As she was going backwards while talking, her back touches the door. She turns. Finding a chance for escape, she tries to open the door. However, Abhi's arm comes over her and firmly pushes the door shut.

Nikki can feel his warm breath over her. An tingling sensation overtakes her body. She finds she was loosing control of herself.

Abhi slowly caresses her arm.

"I am sorry,” he whispers into her ears. “ I am really very sorry.”

Nikki’s heart begins to beat rapidly. He buries his face in her neck and he continues to whisper.

" I used my anger to let out all my frustrations, my fears, my insecurities. I know I hurt you badly. I am really sorry"

Slowly he tries to turn her towards him. Trying to hold on to her sanity, she refuses to look at him.

He lifts up her face with his finger.

"Please forgive me Nikki,” he pleads wiping the tears from her eyes.

"If something had happened to you today, I would have died.” He closes his eyes in fear as the sight of Nikki coming in front of his car flashes before him.

"Yeah that is why you were yelling at me.” Nikki sulks. “Here I was so worried for you and inspite of being afraid of the dark, I went in search of you and ...."

Abhi smiles at her futile attempts to be angry with him.

"Yeah Why ?" Why did you do that" he asks her, blinking his eyes.

Surprised at his audacity, she looks up at him and sees a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Because I hate you !" she shoots back.

Abhi smiles. "Chalo, some progress,” he teasingly pulls her closer to him. atleast you opened up your feelings.

Nikki voluntarily moves closer to him.

"I hate you Abhimanyu Modi,” she looks fondly into his face. “You drive me crazy! I hate you.”

“Looking down, intensely into her face, Abhi says "The feeling is oh so mutual Dr. Ni kk-i-ta"

They both smile. Slowly the smile vanishes as they find themselves drowning into each other’s eyes. Abhi is enchanted by the tenderness in her eyes. He lifts his fingers and caresses her face. Delighted, Nikki closes her eyes. Cradling her face, in both his hands, he bends down to kiss her.

"Abhi," Nikki whispers, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Hmmm,” he responds

"I love you......" Nikki manages to say in between the onslaught of his passionate kisses.

Hearing her say that, Abhi lifts his head. He looks lovingly into her eyes.

"I love you too," he tells her warmly.

"I promise not to hurt you again Abhi,” Nikki tells him softly. “I won't trouble you anymore." Abhi smiles.

"Thats really going to be very difficult for you to do, so don't tax yourself"

“Are you teasing me ?” she playfully punches him on the chest.

Abhi laughs out aloud.

“Yes,” he says with a naughty gleam.

Nikki smiles and puts her head on his chest. He wraps his arms tightly around her.

Happy and contented in his embrace, Nikki excitedly says "I am so happy I can scream and tell the world I l love you.”

She feels Abhi stiffening. Realisation dawns on her.

“Abhi,” she tenderly holds his face, “I know my not saying anything that night caused you a lot of pain. I owe you an apology, especially, in front of everyone. I want to tell all my friends what you really mean to me.”

Abhi smiles understandingly at her.

"Don't bother,” he tells her with the shake of his head. “ It doesn't matter any more. All I need in life is you and the assurance of your love. Now that I have it, nothing else really matters. Things will automatically fall in place.”

Besides" he pauses mischief dancing in his eyes. "lets keep them all guessing. Till then, we can enjoy our secret rendezvous” Nikki smiles shyly at him. He takes her back into his arms and holds her tightly, as if, never wanting her to go.

The darkness has gone........ A new dawn has begun for them.


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