Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"Good evening Dr. Modi!"

Abhi shuts his eyes and clenches his jaw in annoyance fully aware who were behind him.

He had been talking to Dr. Keerti and few nurses in the corridor . Slowly he turns and faces the unwanted visitors.

"What are you all doing here?" he asks them curtly.

"Abhi" looking adoringly at him, Nikki goes closer to him and wraps her arm around his. "Abhi, today is sunday and you've been out the whole day. I missed you so much," she pouts. Piqued by her overplay of affections, Abhi rolls his eyes.

"Yes," quip in Muskaan, Anjali and Atul.

"That is why we brought her to you. You must thank us," Atul tells him, beaming with pride.

Abhi darts a murderous look at him.

The nurses look smittenly at the two of them, while Dr. Keerti smiles in amusement, making Abhi flush with embarrassment.

"Nikki, Sweetheart, I have work right," he tells her nodding his head, throwing in half smiles as he glances around to the others. "why don't you wait in my cabin?"

"I'll deal," he glares at her for a brief two seconds, and then changes it to a half-smile. "I mean I'll be with you soon," he finishes.

"Really?" Nikki asks sweetly, dramatically blinking her eyes lovingly at him.

Abhi was fuming from inside.

"Really Sweetheart" he confirms with a smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

"Dr. Modi, Dr. Nikita you are such a lovely pair," One of the nurses tell them

"Hai Na?" Atul asks.

Abhi is itching to strangle him, while Nikki smiles with another overt display of shyness.


"Thank you so much you three for doing such a, not really needed, big service to me," gritting his teeth as he deliberates on every word. "if you have no other work, why don't you all leave?"

"Actually we don't mind taking care of your wife for you, till you can be with her," Muskaan tells him. "We'll hang out in the canteen."

"Good idea!" the others tell her excitedly

Abhi looks at them crabbily, but, reluctantly nods his head.

"Abhi please come fast," Nikki tells him in a sugary tone. "I am really missing you so much.

Clenching his jaws tightly, Abhi fakes a smile while his eyes are clouded with irritation.


There was no one in the canteen except for Shiva, the person on the counter. Anjali excuses herself to go to the washroom, while the others sit down around a table.

"What will you guys have? Nikki ?" Atul asks.

"I'll have a milkshake, thanks." Nikki tells him

And you Muskaan?"

"Chalo lets go to the counter and see what he has?" she gets up.

The two go to the counter. Watching them argue over something, Nikki smiles with the shake of her head.

Toying with her cellphone, she opens the picture gallery. Browsing through, she stops at a picture and smiles. It was a picture of Abhi, sleeping on his stomach, his back was bare. Glimpses of grey sweat pants peeped from under a red sheet that was casually draped over him waist downwards.

With a blush heightening her cheeks, Nikki recollects how enamoured she was watching him sleep like that. It was the next day after he bought the saree for her. His right hand encircled his head, while the other lay under his chest with his face facing towards her. He looked so breathtakingly alluring and yet adorable like a little baby. "It will be wonderful to see our baby sleeping like this," Nikki smiles. Picking up her cellphone she captured her enticing charmer with it.

"Show me who are you smiling at?" Muskaan pulls off the phone from her hand.

"Muskaan, give it back to me," caught unawares, Nikki yells at her attempting to stand up.

"Arre Baba, I am not going to eat it, let me see," Muskaan was trying her best to have a peep, but then, seeing Nikki trying to pull the phone off her, she thwarts her attempt by running away.

"Oh No!" Nikki flusters at the thought of Muskaan seeing Abhi in that state.

"Muskaan, just give me back my phone," she tells her firmly.

Muskaan laughs. "Wait Yaar, I can't see the picture properly. Stop chasing me! Hey Anjali, you have a look too." She runs towards Anjali. Nikki hastens her step. Her tiny heel skids and she is propelled forward.

"Nikki look out" Atul yells in fear.

Abhi was entering the canteen and was just in time to see Nikki skidding and about to fall on the corner of the table in front of her.

"Nikki," he screams out in horror. Lunging forward, he jumps in front of the table catching her just in time. Everyone breathe in relief seeing that she landed in safe arms.

"Oh my God, Nikki," Abhi clasps her tightly in his arms, cold shivers running down his spine. "Are you okay?" he asks her, his body still trembling in fear.

"Hmmm" Nikki mumbles clinging on to him.

"Thank God!," he tightens his grip around her, clamping his eyes tight in relief. Then pulling apart, he looks at her. " Are you hurt anywhere? Did you feel any pull or jerk?" he asks worriedly putting his hand on her stomach.

"No I am fine Abhi, just a bit shaken up." She assures him.

"Nikki are you okay?" Muskaan asks as she and the rest gather around them. "I am sorry yaar, I shouldn't have allowed you to chase me"

Her words rankle Abhi giving rise to anger within him.

"Have you guys gone mad?" he yells "All the time playing around like kids!"

"Abhi, it isn't their fault," Nikki tells him, putting a tender hand to his face. "It was my mistake, I shouldn't have run. My heel.........."

"Exactly Nikki, Whats wrong with you ?" peeved with her defence, he turns his wrath on her. "How can you run around in this condition and that too with high heels?"

"Abhi these are not really high. Its just about an inch," Nikki tries to explain,"

"I don't want any explanation," he tells her crossly. "What if something happened to you today? You almost fell on that damn table corner. Do you realize how dangerous it would have been for you and the baby?"

"Dr. Modi, we are very sorry," Muskaan tells them, handing Nikki's phone to her.

Anjali and Atul also apologise.

"Look you three, I think its enough for the day. You better leave or I will ban you all of from entering Sanjeevani again."

"OUT!" he hisses. Realising how incensed he was, Atul, Muskaan and Anjali fearfully scamper out

'And you! When will you ever grow up?" he tells her scathingly. "You are carrying a child and yet behaving like one?"

Nikki was upset with his acid tone.

"Yeah everything is my fault," she retorts. "I was being nice enough to come and see you and all you can do is only yell,"

At that moment, some staff enter the canteen and greet them.

Abhi then pulls Nikki outside, till they find a corner. "I am warning you Nikki, cut this loving wife act in front of people. Its not going to work with me. I am trying my best to come to terms with the issues between us. I may forgive you for anything Nikki, but, if anything happens to this baby, I'll never ever forgive you for it. Never. Today, I managed to save you, but it need not always be the case. So take extra care. Don't make things even worse, than what it is now, between us. Be warned."

Tears of hurt sting in Nikki's eyes.

"Now go to my cabin and wait for me. I'll be there in few minutes." Shaking his head irately, he walks away.

Smarting from his insults, tears flow down Nikki's cheeks. Wiping them angrily she walks to the terrace.

"What does he think of himself ? Whenever he wants he can insult me. Just yells, yells at everything and find problems with everything I do. Dr. Modi, you have a problem with my heels, here, see, I am throwing them away," she removes one and flings it far on the terrace.

"Here's take this one too," Off it went to the other end. "Happy? What other problem you have tell me. Just because I give you so much importance you are showing off. You meanie, you arrogant brute!" she yells, choking as her tears continue to flow.

Walking towards his cabin, Abhi is chiding himself, "What is wrong with you Abhimanyu? How can you be so rude and harsh to her. She is your wife Dammit! And also carrying your child. How can you talk to her like that?" He shuts his eyes ashamed of his behavour.

"Damn," he shakes his head. "Why are my feelings, my emotions constantly in conflict with each other?"

Entering the cabin he does not find Nikki there. He went around asking about her. One ward boy tells him he saw her going towards the terrace.

On the terrace, he finds her muttering to herself.

"What are you doing here?" he asks her gently. "I told you to wait in the cabin."

"Why should I always do what you want." Nikki asks him haughtily. "I felt like some fresh breeze so I came here. Now you have a problem with that too? You think, you can just dictate everything and I should just follow them meekly ?"

"Ok, I guess I was quiet harsh," he admits humbly. "I am sorry for it. Now relax and don't stress yourself. Lets go home." He moves closer to her but Nikki, moves backwards, very upset with him.

"why should it bother you?" she tells him sulkily

"Nikki you should know what's good for you. You are not a kid anymore. You shouldn't be running around like that," tenderly he tries to explain.

"Yeah, I am a kid, I am bad, anything else?" she asks him giving him a dirty look.

A sudden jab under her left foot, makes her shriek out in pain. Abhi looks startled. Unable to bear the pain, she slumps forward into Abhi's arms.

"What happened ?" he asks fearfully.

She lifts her left foot and they are horrified to see it bleeding. A broken piece of glass was embedded in the ball of her heel.

"Good Lord, what have you done," Quickly kneeling down on one knee and stretching the other leg forward, Abhi pulls her down. Nikki sits on his stretched leg, putting her arm across his neck seeking support. He then gently pulls out the piece of glass, which was quiet long and cut right across the heel. Blood starts spurting out. Nikki howls in pain and clings on to him, burying her head in his chest.

Then lifting her head she looks peevishly at him.

"There is no need for you to worry, nothing has happened to your baby," she tells him hotly. "its your wife, who doesn't matter to you, that is injured."

Abhi rolls his eyes. Ignoring her grumbling, he checks the cut and was relieved to see it hadn't gone too deep, nor, were there anymore pieces of glass inside. He puts pressure on it and looks around him. Seeing Nikki's blue scarf draped over her matching sleeveless top, he pulls it off her neck. He was about to tie the wound, when Nikki pulls her foot away.

"Don't give me the loving husband act," she hits back at him.

The sharp and hard angry glint in his eyes, intimidated her into lowering her eyes with submission.

He ties the scarf around the cut, to stop the blood and lifting her up walks out of the terrace.

Carrying here in his arms he was walking in the corridor when he spots a nurse. "First Aid to my cabin and find out who the bloody hell broke a glass and did not bother to clear it up." He snarls.

While the nurse was dressing her wound, Nikki keeps darting angry glances at Abhi.

"Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, you were troubling me so much right? Now I'll make you pay for it. As a punishment you'll have to carry your pregnant wife everywhere." She looks smugly at him.

Looking at her eyes, Abhi knew she was conjuring up something for him.

When they were ready to leave, Nikki tells him.

"Abhi, I am unable to walk," she tells him in a sweet tone. "I am sorry, but, I think you will have to carry me to the car. She gives him the sweetest smile she could.

He returns it with the most honeyed one he could manage.

"Yeah, Ok fine, give me few minutes. I have something to complete before we leave." He leaves the room.

Few minutes later two nurses and a ward boy walk in with a wheel chair.

"Mrs. Modi, Dr. Modi has asked us to wheel you down. He has gone to get the car to the main entrance."

"How Dare he!" Nikki seethes inwardly.

Few minutes later an amused Abhi watches Nikki's gloomy face as she is helped into the car.

Once she is seated proper, He looks at her.

"Are you okay? Comfortable?" he asks her politely.

Nikki gives him a frigid look.

"You really don't know how to treat your wife do you?" she asks him indignantly

"Well I am learning slowly," Abhi tells her wryly. "I am trying not to use my hands when they are not needed." There was steely hardness in his eyes.

Nikki lowers her eyes, realizing his wound is still very raw.

When they reach home, Nikki is opening the car door.

"Wait" Abhi tells her. "I'll help you!"

"Its okay, I'll manage," Nikki tells him trying to open the door. Abhi stretches out and holds her hand.

"Sit quietly, I said," he orders firmly.

Nikki makes a face at him. He goes over to her side and opens the door . Then bending closer to her, he looks into her eyes and lifts her gently out of the car.

The steady captivation of her eyes with his, the warmth of his hands and his heady smell, took not much time for Nikki to succumb to his charm.

Happily she wraps her arms around his neck and looks lovingly into his face, blinking her eyes coyly. Abhi rolls his eyes at her pertiness.

Entering their room he goes to the bed and gently seats her on it, letting her back rest against the headrest of the bed. Placing one knee on the bed and hands firmly on either side of her, he looms over her. In a slow seductive move, he brings his face closer to hers, making Nikki's heart beat rapidly. She looks shyly at him and lifts up her face ecstatically in expectance of his kiss.

"Dr. Mrs. Nikita Modi," he drawls saucily. "You'll be rejoining Sanjeevani tomorrow right?"

Nikki nods her head.

"Welcome back." he smiles charmingly at her

"Thank you," Nikki tells him happily, basking in his sudden irresistible sweetness.

"And, everyone in the hospital know we are married and that you are my wife," he moves his face even more closer to her, his eyes bewitchingly, fixed on the fullness of her lips.

Nikki gulps, nodding her head in agreement.

"SO!" his voice rises. "I don't want you to play, the over the top, lovey-dovey wife, in front of everyone and embarrass me like you did today." He growls fiercely.

Nikki is taken aback. She gapes at him with open mouth.

"Is that clear?" he bellows, his eyes still glowering at her.

Nikki's eyes narrow with irritation.

"YooooooU," she scowls at him

An impish smile begins to play on his lips. Slowly he pulls back.

"Hungry? Want something to eat?" he asks her tenderly.

"Huh?" Nikki is surprised at the change in his attitude.

"Go get lost," she tells him in annoyance. He sighs.

"As you wish M'aam," he shrugs and walks into the bathroom

"God this man will drive me mad!" Nikki puts both her hands on her head in frustration. " One time he is angry and insulting and then suddenly tender and caring. And then he, also, has to be irrestibly charming drawing you towards him and then he himself will run far away. Uffff!" She slaps her forehead.

"One time he behaves as if he is going to kiss you, but, No," she makes a face, "he ends up scolding you instead. God, what do I do with him?" she lifts up her hand in exasperation.

She looks perturbed towards the bathroom. "For all that scolding you gave Dr. Modi, you should have atleast followed it up with that kiss. Atleast it would work as a soothing balm!"

Hassled, she leans against the headrest and plays with the phone. She then goes back to the picture of him sleeping.

"Atleast he is so adorable when he sleeps, like an angel, but, when he is awake he is a complete Devil," she scowls at the bathroom door.

"Oh My God!" she blinks with realization. "This was the picture that created all that hungama today. See, See you are the cause of it all Dr. Modi! You! " she glares at the picture. "Really! how much you trouble me!"

She mentally goes through the incident in the canteen. She remembers how scared Abhi was when she almost fell on the table. She looks back at the picture and smiles.

"Let me see Dr. Modi, how much more can you trouble me. Let me tell you, its not going to effect me much, because deep inside I know you love me. For all your stubbornness and attitude, your trembling body told me how much you love me Dr. Modi,"

"This love of yours keeps me from feeling any pain. The only pain I feel is the hurt I inflicted on you," her face turns sad. "I know your wound is raw. If by troubling me, it will heal your pain, I am willing to be troubled by you." She continues to ponder.

"Actually, I am beginning to like your troubling me," she smiles happily "It shows you are aware you have this right over me. You won't tease and trouble anyone else, like this, would you?" she asks, coquettishly biting her lip "Its only my right! and I love you!" she blushes, continuing feasting her eyes on his picture.

A vibrating sound on the bed brings her out of her revelment. She finds Abhi's phone lying next to her. It must have fallen off from his pocket, she thinks and ignores it thinking whoever is the caller, it will show as a missed call. However, the caller seemed to be in desperation, the phone was constantly ringing. Nikki picks it up and a sweet female voice ask for Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.

Nikki tells her he is not around and asks if it was urgent.

The lady replies "No its nothing urgent. I need to speak to him only." She refuses to give her name, when Nikki asks for it and disconnects the phone.

Confused at the caller, Nikki puts the phone down.

After few minutes, Abhi returns having showered and changed into a fresh set clothes.

Before they could speak to each other the phone rings and Nikki gives him his phone. Sitting down on the chair, he talks into the phone. As he disconnects he receives another call. The calls seemed to have been from Sanjeevani as Nikki hears him discussing cases of different patients. After he finishes the call, he leans back and stares at her.

"Nikki are you feeling okay? Has the pain lessened?" Genuine concern showed on his face.

Before Nikki could answer. His phone rings again. Continuing to look at her, he mechanically answers it. There is a sudden freezing of his expression and then he looks sharply at her.

"Er, Hold on," he fumbles into the phone. " I'll speak to you in few minutes."

Then averting her gaze, he hurriedly walks out of the room.

Nikki is surprised by his behaviour. Why did Abhi go out to speak to the third caller and not continue talking here like he did with the other two. Why did he look so shocked? Who could it be?"


While she was talking on the phone, there is knock and the office boy enters. Nikki points out to the files that were beneath her elbow and leans back, continuing with the call.

When she finished the call, she realizes that all important piece of paper went along with the files.

"Oh No!" she shudders at the thought of Abhi seeing it.

She quickly dashes off to his cabin and was relieved to see he wasn't there. Just as she was about to open the files, she hears the door knob being turned in. Nervously she picks up the top two files and squeezes herself between the wall and the bookshelf lying in the corner. Thankfully that part of the cabin was dark. She can see that the door was slightly pushed open, yet, being held as Abhi was talking to someone outside his cabin.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Part 20

Next day, when Nikki wakes up she realizes that she was on their bed. It was almost 10 am. She remembered sitting on the couch last waiting for Abhi to come in. When did she come to their room? Did Abhi bring her here? It must have been.

'I wonder how his mood is today.' she thinks. ' I really hope he has calmed down. God please, please let him not be angry anymore,' she prays.

When she goes out, she finds Abhi, Kavita and Jas sitting out in the lawn joking and laughing. Abhi was seated on, Nikki's favourite, two seater love swing while Jas and her mother had occupied the other 2 chairs. He did seem cheerful as she watches him exchanging a high five with Jas which she guessed was because of them teasing Kavita. Anxiously, she walks towards them till she reaches the swing

"Ah here comes my daughter, now I'll have her support" Kavita says happily, looking at Nikki. "Come Darling, join us."

"You think so?" Jas counters "Nikki will be on our side. What do you say Nikki?" he asks cheerfully.

Nikki smiles at them and then looks at Abhi, apprehensively. She notices he isn't looking at her, but the tautness in his body speaks of the effect, her presence is having on him.

"Big Deal!" Kavita mocks Jas. In their banter, the two of them are unaware of the tension between the younger couple.

Abhi has stopped his swinging. Not looking at her, he has pressed his foot firmly to the ground to steady the swing, so that she was able to sit on it. Nikki's heart begins to flutter with happiness. Once she is seated, he releases his foot and the swing sways. Sitting nervously beside him, Nikki notices the bruises on his knuckle . She is overcome with an urge to reach out and touch his hand, but, she could sense he was still upset with her.

"Slept Well Darling?" Kavita turns her attention to Nikki. Nikki nods her head.

"Good you left early. You would have been even more exhausted. We got home only early morning. Thank God its, Sunday, atleast we can laze around." Kavita tells her.

"Yeah I agree," Jas stretches lazily.

"Must say Darling, you were looking so stunning yesterday," Kavita was beaming with pride. " Infact, everyone was saying how gorgeous you looked and that was such a beautiful saree, when did you buy that?"

Nikki looks adoringly at Abhi who stiffens. Following her gaze, Kavita looks at Abhi with appreciation.

"Abhi? you got it for her? Wow ! I must say it shows how much you love your wife!"

Nikki could see Abhi tightening his fists on the seat. She was worried he would erupt.

"What are your plans for today Mom?" she quickly changes the topic.

"Oh no plans at all. I was telling Abhi we should be going soon," Kavita tells her

Nikki looks sadly at her mother. After all these years, its only now she got back her mother, in the real sense of the word and that too for such a short while. But, then with the tension between Abhi and her, perhaps its best her mother doesn't stay.

"However," Kavita continues. "Abhi insists we stay on for some more time." Nikki is overwhelmed. She looks at him with grateful eyes, but, he still isn't looking looking at her.

"Yeah and now we have decided to stay for some more time, we have great plans for Kavita." Jas says winking at Abhi.

"Nikki do something about these guys," Kavita tells her, irritation in her tone. "They have been troubling me for so long,"

"Arre, you call that trouble and here we have taken the trouble to make such nice plans for you, Right Abhi?" The corner of Abhi's lips twitch in amusement.

"Do you know what their plans are?" Kavita tells Nikki.

Nikki raises her eyebrow questioningly.

"They plan to take me to different dhabas, everyday." She scowls at Jas.

Nikki is amused knowing how unwelcoming the idea is for her mother.

"Okay Darling, now that you are here, I wanted to ask you both something." Nikki looks worriedly at her mother, wondering what it could be. "Sonam and Rohit are going for their honeymoon only next Sunday. This week they going to Delhi to visit his ancestral home and then they will return on Friday. They are having a dinner for very close friends next Saturday and we are all invited. I would love to invite the newly weds for dinner, to our place, this Saturday. Is that okay with you both ? Abhi?" she asks.

"It's a wonderful idea," Abhi tells her with a smile.

Pushpa comes out bringing a glass of juice for Nikki. "What will you like to have for breakfast bhabhiji?" She asks.

Nikki looks at Abhi and asks softly, "Have you eaten?"

Abhi does not answer her.

"Oh yes," Kavita replies. "Jas made some lovely wholesome omlettes for us and we were all so famished, we swiped it all up" Kavita tells her with a laugh.

"Chalo Nikki, I'll make breakfast for you too," Jas tells her fondly.

"No, I don't feel like it," Nikki begins to protest.

"You must eat darling," Kavita tells her. "You must be ravenous by now. Its so late! Aren't you hungry?"

"I am a bit, but I don't have an appetite" Nikki makes an unhappy face.

"Eat up" Abhi tells her firmly, his eyes steely as he stares at her. "See that she eats," he tells her mother rising up from the swing.

Thank God! atleast something got him to look at her. Nikki is relieved.

She knew it would be disastrous to overrule him.

"Is Omlette okay Nikki" Jas asks her.

Nikki nods her head at him with a smile. Jas goes into the house.

Darting a frosty glance at her, Abhi too follows him in.

Nikki watches him, dying to follow him in, but, her mother begins to talk to her.

"Nikki, I had emailed your dad and told him everything that had transpired between us and asked him for his forgiveness. Finally he replied back and has forgiven me. Now I am at peace," she says in relief.

"I know its a quiet late in the day. The equation between us has changed now. Jas is a nice man and he keeps me happy and I am glad your father has got a nice person like Shyla in his life. We can never get back those days ever, but, like Abhi says we should not retain bitterness and resentment within us.

"I have nothing to give to this relationship Nikki. I gave it all I had," Abhi's words echoes in her ears.

"Now, I will give my all for our relationship, Abhi," Nikki decides in her mind. "I am not going to give up."

"Finally I have made peace with your dad and now I am at peace," Kavita continues.

"I can't wait for so long," Nikki thinks. "I want my loving husband back soon."

As she walks into their room, Nikki finds Abhi has showered and changed into a blue shirt, unbuttoned to the chest, and jeans. He was looking so dashing, she wanted to run and hug him. They keep looking at each other for few seconds. After a hard stare at her, Abhi walks towards the door.

As he passes her, Nikki holds his hand from behind. Abhi halts. She then turns and faces his back. Going closer to him, she puts her arms around him from behind and rests her head on his back.

"Abhi," she whispers in his ears. "how long will you keep ignoring me like this? We live in the same house."

"I think, these past few weeks, we've managed pretty well on that front haven't we?" he tells her sarcastically

"I know you are upset with me Abhi and you have every right to be, but, I want you to know I'll be waiting for the day you will be able to forgive me."

There is a whole array of conflict going on within Abhi. The touch of her fingers caressing the bareness of his chest and the feel of her body on his back were weakening his resolve. With a heavy heart he shuts his eyes tightly. He then places his hands on hers and squeezes her fingers to stop its caressing. He then slowly pulls them away and turns to face her. There was hardness in his eyes as he gently, but, firmly pushes her hands to her sides.

He then places his hand on the swell of her stomach.

"I want you to take good care of the baby," he tells her crisply. "You will eat, drink, exercise, take your medicines, rest and do all that is required for the baby. NO FUSSING AROUND." His voice was authoritative.

Nikki looks at him with hurt in her eyes.

"Now Only the baby matters to you, right?" she asks him poutily

Taking a deep breath, he raises an eyebrow.

"If you really want to know ?" his eyes were mocking "then YES." He emphasizes.

Nikki is annoyed. She makes a face at him.

"Fine, don't bother about me! Why will you? You don't care about me anymore right? Its only the baby for you, then baby only it will be!" she grumbles

"Nice to see you are learning fast!" he tells her sarcastically.

Nikki scowls at him. A glint of amusement flicker in his eyes.

"Dr. Mr & Mrs. Modi, here we come!" it was Atul, Anjali and Muskaan.

"Here come your friends!" Abhi tells her. "They wanted to spend the day with you to celebrate your joining Sanjeevani tomorrow. So you have a nice time. I am off."

"Abhi, Listen!" Nikki calls out tenderly "Where are you going?"

"For a long drive!"

"Alone?" Nikki is surprised.

"Now that you know its not possible. I'll always find some company right?" he taunts. Nikki can sense he is deliberately trying to annoy her.

"I want to come with you." She implores sulkily.

"Oh now, you mustn't do that. Your friends and parents are here for you and you want to go away? That's not very nice. Is it?" he taunts again

"And you?" Nikki doesn't want him to go.

"All those, who matter the most to you, are here. I don't think I am in that list. So its best I go!"

"Dr. & Mrs. Modi enough of romance. Come out right now or we'll come in!"

"My, My, how romantic we are, Mrs. Modi!" Abhi teases, tongue in cheek.

Nikki looks disgruntled at him.

"Have fun and do take good care of the baby for me," Abhi tells her with a wicked grin. "Bye " he waves his hand and walks off.

"Oye Nikki, takes you so long to say goodbye to your husband," Muskaan bursts in to the room followed by Anjali and Atul

Then looking at Nikki's crestfallen face she says, "Hey why such a sad face?"

"How sweet! Looks like she didn't' want him to go," Anjali butts in.

"Imagine he is only going to Sanjeevani and she is so sad, what if, he went somewhere overnight!" Atul teases.

"What? Sanjeevani ?" Nikki is shocked.

"Yes, what did you tell you? He is going to meet his girlfriend?" Muskaan asks. They all laugh.

"He got an emergency call from Sanjeevani," Atul explains.

Nikki is seething inside. 'Dr. Abhimanyu Modi! You are just too much! Wait and watch, I won't let you ignore me!'


Abhi then pulls Nikki outside, till they find a corner. "I am warning you Nikki, cut this loving wife act in front of people. Its not going to work with me. I am trying my best to come to terms with the issues between us. I may forgive you for anything Nikki, but, if anything happens to this baby, I'll never ever forgive you for it. Never. Today, I managed to save you, but it need not always be the case. So take extra care. Don't make things even worse than what it is now, between us. Be warned."

Tears of hurt sting in Nikki's eyes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Everyone had a great time at the wedding. True to his promise, Abhi kept a safe distance from Nikki, though his eyes would keep seeking her, every now and then. On the other hand, consumed with guilt, Nikki was feeling miserable from inside. Everytime she was alone, she would be lost in thoughts. There was sadness in her eyes.

Whenever Abhi found her looking like that, he would begin to worry. He kept asking her, if she was feeling sick and Nikki would tell him she was fine.

Finally, towards the end of the celebration, unable to take it anymore, Nikki said she was tired and wanted to go home.

Back home, while Nikki was in the bathroom, she knew she had to speak to Abhi soon, as she just couldn't carry the burden of the guilt any longer.

Coming out of the bathroom, she finds Abhi standing in front of the mirror, pulling a vest over his head. After wearing it, he looks into the mirror and is surprised to find Nikki staring at him from behind him. His heart nervously begins to flutter remembering how gorgeous she looked and how tortured he was the whole evening. How many times he longed to wrap her tightly in his arms and never letting her go. Yet, he had to curb his desires.

"Abhi," Nikki's nervous voice brings him out of his thoughts.

"Are you not feeling well?" he asks her with concern.

"I am fine." Nikki mumbles

"You want something?" he asks tenderly, realizing she wanted to say something.

Nikki nods her head in acknowledgment.

"What ?" Abhi turns to face her.

"YOU" Nikki was tempted to say. "I just want you to secure me in your arms Abhi and not let me go. I am dying inside. I don't know how to say what I am supposed to." her insides were in shambles.

Seeing the distress on her face, Abhi worriedly calls out "Nikki?"

Shaken out of her thoughts Nikki looks startled at him.

"I...... I......" she strutters. "I want to apologise for all the things I said to you, Abhi. I am sorry"

Abhi is taken by surprise. Digging his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants and resting his shoulder against the wall, he looks discerningly at her.

"And''" he pauses with the raise of an eyebrow. "what do I owe this change of heart to?"

Nikki felt even more wretched. She looks down to the floor.

"Abhi'" she fidgets with her fingers, still finding it difficult to tell him.

Abhi's forehead wrinkles in apprehension.

"Abhi, the night you were at Park Hotel, I found out I was pregnant. I was dying to tell it to you. So, after seeing off Armaan and Riddhima at the airport, I came to your room and'" She swallows nervously

"And I saw you asleep, and.......and saw Sonali in your room........and" she is unable to continue

Abhi straightens up trying to grasp her words. The colour slowly begins to leave his face.

"and I got mad and jealous thinking you''. You and'." she again looks at the ground finding it very difficult to carry on.

She slowly looks up at his face and sees Abhi has turned completely pale at her words. His eyes were frozen with horror.

"Today, Rohit told me Sonali tricked you into it." She tells him, nervously biting her lower lip.

Abhi keeps staring blankly at her. He is unable to utter a word. A whole range of expressions come and go into his eyes as he tries to comprehend her words. When it all sinks in, he shuts his eyes tightly and keeps them shut for a good few seconds. Then he opens it and Nikki can see anger slowly spreading in them.

"Abhi'.. Abhi, at that time I was too upset and angry and''"

"And you ran away from me!" he finishes softly, gritting his teeth in anger.

Shamefaced, Nikki lowers her eyes.

He shakes his head in disbelief.

"Oh My God !" he says agitatedly, running his fingers through his hair. "Oh My God! Oh God!"

"You mean to say that the two months you were away and this wedge between us is created because you thought I cheated on you and you took off without asking any questions? How could you Nikki? How could you think like that after all we went through and just got married! " he pounces at her.

"What else would you expect me to think Abhi ? The situation was such that it angered and hurt me. If you were in my place even you would have done the same thing then." Nikki tells him defensively.

Closing the distance between them in two angry strides, Abhi grabs her by the shoulder.

"Firstly, I would have to really need a lot of convincing to believe that you would do such a thing and even if I do get convinced, do you know what I would have done? I would have dragged you up and shaken you and shaken you, till I got a fitting explanation for such an act, not run away like you." he thunders.

Nikki gasps at his fury.

"but then, why would you do it Nikki?" Abhi continues in a sarcastic tone. "Even though it is your right, why would you demand an explanation from me, when it is so much easier to put the blame on me and walk away, not bothering to find out whether I have actually committed the crime or not."

"Abhi please listen,"

The different range in his anger was unnerving Nikki. It warned of a huge disaster.

"Abhi its not like that'.I was too angry and mad to think clearly," she tries to explains

"Even if you were angry and mad at that time Nikki, later on, didn't your conscience prick you, atleast once, to come back and confront me why I broke your trust ? why I cheated on you? Was I so distrustful in your eyes?" His eyes glinted as pain and anger keep flashing in them.

Nikki's eyes were full of regret.

"Angry and Mad?" he repeats, outraged with her words. "Do you know how angry and mad I am now knowing you ruined everything between us over nothing?"

He looked so furious Nikki begins to cringe in fear. Looking at the fear in her eyes, he lets go off her shoulders with a jerk. He then turns and angrily walks towards the door. Fearing that he would do some harm to himself in his rage, she runs behind him and reaching the door post puts herself in front of him, blocking his way.

"Abhi, where are you going? Please listen." she pleads.

"Move away Nikki, move out of my way." he growls menacingly at her. "I am feeling very violent tonight. I feel like killing someone today and unfortunately I can't kill you." He glares at her.

"For the sake of the little one inside you, just stay away from me." He nudges her aside and strides out angrily shutting the door behind him.

Nikki follows him but hits her toe against the corner of the door and winces in pain.

Infuriated beyond control, Abhi walks out into the lawn, flinging down any and everything that came his way. He was so livid, he felt like burning the whole place down.

Seeing the gym, which was just outside the house, he goes in and hurls the dumbbells, the rods, whatever he could find, to the ground. He was like a raging bull raring to go at anything. Noticing the punching bag, he pushes it hard with all his might. When it returns, he begins to punch it with his bare hands trying to release all his anger and frustration.

It took some time for Nikki to realize that he had not left the premises. Wondering where he could be, she goes out into the lawn in search of him and sees the dim light coming from the gym room.

Entering the gym, she switches on a light and sees him punching hard into the punching bag with his bare hands. There was a dull pain in her heart as she watches him, unleashing all his anger mercilessly on the bag. Droplets of sweat were glistening on his face and body. The knuckles of his hands were turning red for lack of gloves. He let out an angry snorting sound everytime he exhaled a punch into the bag.

With her entry, Abhi increases the pressure even more violently on to the punching bag.

"Abhi please stop, You'll hurt yourself." Nikki pleads with him.

He doesn't listen to her. Nikki knew if he didn't stop, the lack of gloves or pads, would cause grave damage to his wrists and arm. Nikki's heart begins to throb with anxiety.

"Abhi I beg you please stop. Please," she begs.

However, he stubbornly continues punching, not paying any heed to her pleas.

Noticing his knuckles have started turning blue, Nikki panics and throws herself in front of the punching bag. Before she could stop him Abhi's fist comes, in full force, towards her face. Nikki shuts her eyes in fear as she knew there was no chance of escape.

But no, the punch didn't happen. Feeling no pain or hit, she slowly opens her eyes and finds Abhi's fist was just two inches from her face, trembling under angry control. He scowls at her and then pulls her to the side, confining her on to the wall, with hands firmly placed, on either side of her face.

"What were you trying to do?" he growls threateningly. "I told you to stay away from me. Didn't I?" he yells into her face.

"I can't bear to see you hurting yourself like this, Abhi," she tells him, slowly moving her hand up his arm, trying to reach his hand. To her dismay, Abhi shrugs off her touch.

"What about the hurt you gave me Nikki with your mistrust? What do you have to say to that?"

Eyes filled with remorse, Nikki looks into his face. Tenderly, she wipes the sweat glistening on his forehead and face. "Abhi I am sorry, Please forgive me."

"Forgive you Nikki?" he asks softly, his eyes, a pit of boiling lava, "Forgive you for what Nikki?" he sniggles.

"Forgive you for giving a non-entity like Sonali more importance into our marriage than Us?"

Forgive you for letting jealousy and dislike of her, take precedence over the love, the integrity, the passion I brought into our marriage?" his face was frightfully feral.

"Forgive you for what Nikki? For the pain and despair I went through for two months wondering where you were and why you left me?

"Or for the humiliation I had to face when taking help quietly from a friendly cop and a detective to trace my wife who had run away from me and yet seeing there is no blotch on to her reputation?" There was hardness in his voice.

"Forgive you for making me miss out on the wonderful news that you had conceived my child?" Nikki shuts her eyes at the truth of his words.

"Forgive you for the days I lived like a criminal wondering what crime I did and going through a punishment of keeping distance from you and the baby," .

Looking at the smouldering embers in his eyes, Nikki shudders. His breath was savagely heavy. She has seen him angry so many times before, but never this incensed as she sees him today.

"And all this," he grits his teeth. " All this is because you did not trust me enough?"

"Abhi please give me a chance," Nikki implores

"Why didn't you give me one Nikki, why didn't you give me a chance to clarify. Even if you ran away because you were mad and angry at what you saw, why didn't you come back and confront me when you were much calmer?"

"Why did you allow that bitterness seep so deep into you that it made you hate me so much that even my touch started disgusting you?" shaking her head Nikki mouths a "NO"

"And till when you want another chance Nikki, Till when ?" Abhi moves his face closer to hers, as he looks fiercely into her eyes. "Till a needle of suspicion pricks you again and you run away ?

Nikki shakes her head negatively.

"I was a fool to believe in the power of our love, but, as you rightly said, when there is no Us, where is the love. At one point of time, we did have love, passion, happiness, and today we have a baby, we have a family, we have friends but we don't have Us."

Distressed with his words, Nikki puts her hand on his lips to stop him.

"Don't say that Abhi," She felt her heart shattering into pieces at his words.

He moves his lips away from her touch.

"Why?" he sneers. "Didn't you keep throwing that at my face. Why does it change now Nikki? Why?" he bellows. "Just because someone has now given a clean chit to my character?"

Shaking his head unhappily, he takes a deep sigh.

"Abhi, please lets work this out," Nikki pleads, cupping his face with her hand.

"How Nikki, how? I gave you everything I had, but that was not enough for you. Now I have nothing to give you anymore. Nothing. Nor do I have any more patience to start all over again."

Torn and dejected, he slumps forward till his head touches, the space on the wall, between his hand and Nikki's face. Nikki can feel his breath on her face and shoulder. His other arm slouches across her chest. Nikki's heart pierces painfully as she realizes how much she has hurt him and how broken he was. Moving her hand upwards, she soothingly caresses his arm that was lying across her, placing her chin on it. Then turning her face sideways, she looks at him with woeful eyes.

"Abhi," she chokes. He shuts his eyes tightly at the sound of her voice. She then moves her face closer to his till her nose touches his cheek bone. The muscle in his cheek twitches slightly in response to her touch. Their hearts beating rapidly, they stand like that in silence, two people racked with anger, hurt, pain and anguish. Nikki can feel the agitation in his whole body. She did know how to calm him down.

"Abhi, we do love each other. I love you and I know you love me too." she tells him continuing to caress his arm tenderly.

She feels him stiffen. He opens his eyes and lifting his head smirks at her.

"Love Nikki? Love?" he jeers, "Love without trust is like a body without a soul."

"You will always be suspicious of me, no matter what I do and I will not be able to trust you to believe in me. What is love and passion, without trust?" his face contorts into disgust. "It's mere attraction."

Nikki lifts pain filled eyes at him. Abhi stares back at her with hurt in his eyes. He then, moves his eyes down to the little bulge of her stomach. Disengaging his arm from her hold, he puts his hand over it.

"Now, we are only connected by this baby, Nikki. This is all we have between us. We lost out on everything else." He swallows a lump in his throat.

"I must say this to you Nikki," he tells her sullenly. "Thank you, thank you so much" Nikki is devastated.

Tears flowing down her cheeks, she looks at him in despair. She can see glimpses of controlled tears lurking behind the pain and anger in Abhi's eyes. He keeps staring bitterly at her for sometime and then slowly relaxes his body releasing her from his captivation. With a disgusted shake of his head, he stomps off into the bathroom.

With staggered steps, a heartbroken Nikki walks back into the house. Tears continues to flow from her eyes. She realizes how hurt Abhi is. His anger is so justified. How could she be so blind that she did not see the love he had for her.

She slumps down on the couch. How is she going to make things right between them? How? Abhi is so angry with her, he will not help.

"Abhi!" she sobs, holding her stomach hoping for some support. She feels a flitting in her stomach.

"My baby," she whispers with a lump in her throat. "Your father is so upset and I don't know how to make it upto him. I've been so unjust to you both. I am so sorry," she chokes

Suddenly a thought hits her and she wipes away her tears. "No Abhi, its your misconception we have lost everything. We still have our love. This baby is a proof of that love. Right now its only the pain and anger that has taken over, but, there is no bitterness and hatred between us. I know deep within you, you still love me Abhi and this love will surely surface some day. Just like your love got me out of my misconception, my love will get you out of yours."

She caresses her stomach. "I love you baby and I love your father too. Do tell it to him whenever you can."

For almost an hour, Abhi stood under the gushing shower, letting the water pour and pour over him, hoping it would wash away the pain and agony he was going through, but, the pain just refused to go.

Sometime later, having showered and changed, when he enters the house, he finds Nikki sleeping curled up on the couch. A wave of negative emotions engulfs him making his whole body go stiff. He then sees her arms wrapped around her stomach and his heart starts melting. Shaking his head in annoyance, at the inner conflict, he constantly goes through, he slowly walks over to the couch and lifts her up in his arms. He can see that, inspite of being in deep sleep, her arms do not leave her stomach.

Going into their room, he gently lays her down on the bed. Then going down on his haunches, he places his hand on her stomach tormented by the thought how distressing it must have been for the baby when he unleashed all his anger on Nikki.

"I am sorry baby," he whispers. "Right now I am too angry and hurt with your mother, but, I want you to know I love you very much and mean no harm to either of you. I love you. I love''." He looks at Nikki and chokes as a lump forms in his throat.

He then stands up abruptly and going over to the other side of the bed, lies down.


No, I don't feel like it," Nikki begins to protest.

"You must eat darling," Kavita tells her. "You must be ravenous by now. Its so late aren't you hungry?"

"I am a bit, but I don't have an appetite"

"Eat up" Abhi tells her firmly, his eyes steely as he looks at her. "See that she eats," he tells her mother.

Nikki knew it would be disastrous to overrule him.

"Is Omlette okay Nikki" Jas asks her.

Nikki nods her head at him with a smile.

Darting a frosty glance at her, Abhi stands up and walks into the house.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


At the wedding venue, along with the other guests, Nikki is waiting for the baarat to arrive. More than anything, she was impatiently waiting to see Abhi. The venue for the wedding was a sprawling pool side lawn of a plush hotel. As the baarat arrives, everyone rush towards the entrance to greet the baaratis. Feeling uneasy with the crowd, Nikki stands way behind. After the traditional welcome, the groom and the baaratis enter the place.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of Abhi, Nikki is eagerly and carefully observing everyone who was entering the venue, but, he was not in sight. After the last of the people enter, Nikki is baffled to see Abhi had still not entered.

She stops Simran who was passing by and asks her if she saw Abhi.

"When I was at the entrance, along with the welcome party, I saw him standing with the baarat. He is looking very Hot Di," she smiles smittenly. "but, I don't know where he went after that. He doesn't seem to have come in here."

Nikki walks out of the lawn and looks around the passage, but Abhi was no where to be seen. She begins to worry.

"Has your husband ditched you?" Nikki turns to see it was Akash. He was smiling at her. She gives him an icy look.

"I don't see its any of your business," she tells him sternly.

"Hey, Come on, I am only joking,!" says Akash

"For us to share any kind of jokes, we need to be friends first," Nikki tells him coldly and walks back to lawn.

Wondering where Abhi was, she was walking distractedly towards the mandap. She did not notice someone passing her by and on recognizing her, turns back to greet her.

"Dr. Nikita?"

Nikki looks up and finds the minister who had attended their New Sanjeevani project presentation, standing there.

"Now you are Mrs. Modi right ? isn't it?" he smiles at her.

Nikki blushes and nods at him.

"Its wonderful to see you after such a long time, though I do meet your husband on and off, especially during Patil and Sonali's case."

Dumbstruck by his words, Nikki's eyes widen.

'Patil and Sonali?'

"Yes. I just met your husband in the lobby on my way in. A relative of Rohit's has fallen ill so they are attending to him in a room nearby.

That answers Abhi's disappearance. Nikki was relieved

"Abhimanyu just told me that Sonali called again?"

"What? She did ?" Nikki was startled to hear Rohit's shocked voice coming from behind her.

"Yes Abhimanyu just told me about it briefly. Said he'll talk about it later to me."

"After all that, she really does have the guts to call up." Rohit looked agitated.

Nikki was looking confused at both of them. "Why did Abhi tell the minister Sonali called and what is all this about Patil and Sonali which even Rohit knows?'

"Yes it surprised me too, but you don't worry Dr. Nikita, she won't be able to do any harm to you or your husband," the minister assures her warmly. "I will pay special attention to this since I am very fond of your husband. He is a great guy!"

"Yeah Nikki don't worry, we all are there behind Abhi," Rohit quips in.

Nikki still couldn't fathom what the two men were talking about.

"If you excuse me Sir, I have to go back to the mandap. The ceremony is about to start, but before that I need to speak to Nikki urgently. So if you could please excuse us."

"Sure, I'll catch you both later," the minister tells them and walks away.

Rohit pulls Nikki aside.

"Where has your husband disappeared Nikki? I need to speak to him desperately."

"What happened?" Nikki asks with concern, wanting to ask questions about Sonali and Patil, to him.

"Oh Sonam gifted me a watch to wear especially for this occasion and in a hurry, I walked away with Abhi's watch instead of mine," he says giving Nikki the watch.

"If she doesn't see the watch in my hand, she'll be so upset and instead of the wedding it will be my death day."

Nikki smiles at his him. "Don't say such bad stuff on such a nice occasion," she chides him.

"Yeah so for it to be really nice, please catch hold of your husband and ask him if has my watch. Oh God, I hope he picked it up or else I am gone!"

"Relax Rohit, I am sure Abhi would have picked it up." Nikki assures him.

"Rohit I know you are needed back there, but before you go, please tell me what were you and the minister talking about, I mean about Sonali." Nikki questions him apprehensively.

"Of course about the hotel incident," Rohit tells her as a matter of fact. He then sees Nikki is still looking puzzled at him.

"Didn't Abhi tell you about Sonali drugging him on Patil's instigation at Park Hotel and then took obscene pictures with him, in an attempt to blackmail him?"

The colour fades from Nikki's face.

"Oh God, he didn't tell you? I wonder why!" Rohit looks at her in astonishment. "Maybe he didn't want to distress you in your pregnancy."

"Poor guy had such a harrowing time and now she resurfaces again. You don't worry Nikki, she won't be able to do any harm to Abhi."

Nikki's feels her heart being weighted down by sadness. She is unable to speak.

"Look I have to rush, everyone is calling me. Please ask your husband to give me my watch as soon as he comes."

He turns to go but stops and turns back to look at her.

"Must say Nikki, You look gorgeous in this saree," he says looking appreciatively at her. "Abhi was so right when he was picking it up for you."

"You know about it?" Nikki is surprised.

"Yeah we were running an errand for Sonam. She wanted something picked up from her designer. That is when Abhi saw the saree there. He said you will definitely look stunning in it. And you do."

"Thank you," Nikki smiles shyly at him.

"Rohit Beta, are you planning to get married or not," a smiling Amrita interrupts them. "Everyone is waiting for the groom. And Nikki, why are you also here, come on ahead and where is your husband?"

"He'll be coming," Nikki tells her, her heart filled with sadness.

With gentle hands, Amrita propels them to move ahead. While Rohit takes quick strides towards the mandap, Nikki slowly trudges along.

"Oh My God! That was all Sonali's doing! And I misunderstood Abhi! What have I done ? I've ruined our beautiful relationship for it. Don't know how Abhi will react if comes to know about it ? He'll be so mad. He is already so hurt and upset. Oh God! What have I done ?" she is unable to contain her guilt. Having reached closer to the mandap she sinks into a chair. Filled with shame and remorse, she closes her eyes in anguish.

A gentle hand touches her shoulder.

"Di are you okay?" Nikki looks up to see Simran looking worriedly at her.

"I am fine!"

"What happened? Haven't found Jeeju as yet? Where could he be?" her eyes begins to scout all over the place.

Nikki was about to tell her where Abhi was when she hears Simran's happy squeal.

" Here comes my handsome Jeeju ," Bolted by her words, Nikki turns around and sees Abhi walking towards them. He was looking dashing in a sherwani, the lighter version of the colour Nikki was wearing. Gripped with anxiety, Nikki rises unsteadily from her chair. Abhi comes and stands beside them acknowledging Simran with a smile.

"Jeeju, where have you been, Di has been impatiently waiting for you for so long."

Abhi looks at Nikki with surprise.

This is their first meeting after Abhi's angry last words. With a strained uneasiness, they stare at each other.

"Well, I can't blame her if her husband is looking so Hot and handsome," Simran chirpily continues, oblivious to the inner turmoil the two were going through. "Today, she'll be the envy of so many girls."

Abhi's face flushes with colour. He smiles awkwardly at Simran

"And look! husband and wife are so perfectly co-ordinated today!" she exclaims.

Abhi looks at Nikki. His eyes slowly rove amorously over her, from top to toe and then moves back upwards till it lingers on her face. Flustered under his gaze, Nikki twiddles with the end of her saree.

"Once again, tell me Abhi that I am looking ravishing and enticing, like you did the last time," Nikki pleads with him inwardly "Tell me I haven't disappointed you and that you are pleased with the way I look. Tell me in words what I see in your eyes Abhi, I long to hear it from you. Please say something Abhi, please." There is yearning in her eyes.

"Now you might as well say it Jeeju," Simran teases

"What?" Abhi asks her, raising his eyebrow in puzzlement.

" Tell Di that she is looking beautiful and gorgeous. Its written deep inside your eyes."

Caught off guard, Abhi looks away in embarrassment.

"Okay, Okay, I get the message," Simran lifts her hand up resignedly. "Its time to leave you both alone. I'll catch you both later" she winks at them and walks away.

After she leaves, there is an uncomfortable silence between the two.

"Is everything alright? Why were you looking for me?" Abhi finally manages to ask.

"Yeah, that...." she starts.

"How did you get my watch?" Abhi interrupts, surprised to see the watch in her hand.

"Yeah, Rohit had it. He is hoping you have his watch. Its a gift'"

"From Sonam," Abhi finishes. "Silly Guy , the whole day he kept saying he has to wear it for the ceremony and eventually took my watch instead of his." He shakes his head in exasperation. "I'll go give it to him.

Nikki nods her head as she watches him go. After taking a few steps, he stops and turns to look at her.

"Are you feeling okay? Did you eat something?" he asks with concern.

Nikki nods her head, her heart brimming with guilt, with his concern.

Noticing Rohit making signs at them she calls out to Abhi softly. He follows her gaze to Rohit and says "Haan, Haan aa raha hoon," agitatedly making a face at him. Nikki is partly amused.

"Let me give him his watch and relieve him of his agony," he tells her walking away.

"Your watch'" she holds it out but he was already half way towards the mandap.

Clutching his watch affectionately, her eyes follow him as he walks over to Rohit and quietly hands over the watch to him. There was a visible sign of relief on Rohit's face. She then sees Abhi patting Rohit on the back as he puts on his watch, them sharing a laugh, then he being engaged in talk with one family member to another. Right through, Nikki's eyes never left him. Ocassionally he would glance over to her and then quickly turn his gaze away. What she never knew, there was a huge turbulent storm also raging inside Abhimanyu Modi.

He was a complete nervous wreck, everytime he set his eyes on her.

"I am a goner. Lord ....... She is looking so..... so........ Hot? No. Ravishing ? No. Enchanting ? Damn what is the right word? I am dying. Infact I am dead."

"Good!" his inner voice reprimands him. "Abhimanyu Modi, you really have the art of making things worse for yourself. Look how beautiful and gorgeous your wife is looking and you cannot even look at her properly for fear of succumbing. In a fit of anger you had to make that stupid promise which you know is very difficult to keep . Now die!"

"It wasn't in a fit of anger, I was too hurt. Also, it was to comfort her. She doesn't like my touch anymore. "

"Oh really? somehow it didn't look like that yesterday morning."

"But, she herself asked me to stay off. If she is so uncomfortable, I cannot force her. I have to keep a good distance from her. No matter how difficult it is going to be for me, I am just going to avoid looking at her. Its just too killing."

"Yeah continue being stubborn, you Loser. Let me tell you I have a nice song for you'

" A Tisket, A Tasket

Abhimanyu Modi is a nutcase

Made a vow

Trying to keep it somehow

By moaning and groaning in a woeful basket.

Nikki Dear

You'll have to stir

This idiot from his casket

"Will you shut up!" Abhi chides his mocking inner voice.

"Excuse me?" the middle-aged lady, standing ahead of him enquires, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Oh......Oh," he strutters, his eyes widening with the realization he was loud. "Er...... it was for someone out there," he points to the other end throwing nervous smiles at her.

Kavita pulls Nikki to the the mandap as the wedding ceremony begins.

Standing across Abhi and looking into the blazing ceremonial fire, Nikki is reminded of their marriage ceremony, how emotional and passionate they were then, as the vows, were being recited.

Her eyes begin to glisten with tears thinking how the same vows are now at stake because of her impulsiveness and stupidity.

Its time to undo all the damage she had done to their marriage. She has to get her loving husband back and no matter how painful its going to be, she is going to go all out to woo him back. I'll never hurt you again Abhi, I'll never lose my trust on you. Never again,

Over the blazing fire, their eyes meet, filled with intensity and passion.

As the bridal couple, begin to take the pheras around the fire, they are showered with soft petals by their family and friends. An excited Simran, who was carrying a big tray of petals, comes and stands near Nikki. They exchange smiles as they watch the bridal couple. Nikki then notices Akash standing a little distance to the right of them. He smiles at her. Nikki looks coldly at him. Then, to her annoyance she finds him walking towards her. She wanted to move from there, but, a few people standing behind her made it difficult for her to move.

Nikki darts a glance across to where Abhi was standing, but, finds him missing. Wondering where he went, her eyes pore over the faces of people who were standing around him.

She looks to her right. Akash has almost neared her but then, before he did, Abhi emerges in between them. Seeing him, Nikki was elated. She can see Akash squirming uncomfortably under Abhi's gaze.

Abhi then turns to look at Nikki. He sees Simran, who was chatting with her friend, turning towards them. Without her realizing it, the tray was about to hit Nikki on the stomach.

Nikki finds Abhi's expressions changing to fear and before she knew it, he moves his arm sideways and quickly pulls her towards him.

Simran gasps in fear as she comprehends the situation.

"Oh Di, I am so sorry. I hope I didn't hurt you," She apologises

"I am fine Simran. Don't worry" Nikki assures her with a smile.

"Thank God Jeeju, you saved her," There was relief in her voice.

Her hands firmly on his chest, Nikki looks up lovingly at her husband and finds him looking down possessively at her. Her heart begins to dance with joy.


Abhi I beg you please stop. Please," she begs.

However, he stubbornly continues.

Seeing his knuckles bruising badly, Nikki throws herself in front of the punching bag. Before she could stop him Abhi's fist comes, in full force, towards her face. Nikki shuts her eyes in fear as she knew there was no chance of escape.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Nikki went about the rest of the evening, plastering a smile on her face and mechanically doing what she was supposed to do. There was so much laughter, chirpiness, singing and gaiety at Sonam's haldi ceremony, but, Nikki was grieving from within.

"Are you feeling alright Nikki?" finding something amiss, Kavita kept questioning her, concern largely written on her face.

"I am fine Mom. Just a bit tired." She would reply to keep her mother happy.

Sometime later, when Nikki was lost in thoughts, Sonam comes near her.

"Nikki, with Kavita Maasi's coming and the wedding festivities, I am happy we bonded better. You see, earlier, I never really liked you. I thought you were too snooty."

That brought a smile on Nikki's face.

"And, I thought you were the snooty one." They look amused at each other and burst out into a laugh.

"I guess, at that age, everything is new for us, new found independence and we like to show off a bit. We also tend to look down on others especially family members," Nikki explains to her.

"Yeah I agree," Sonam nods her head. "Listen, Nikki I would really appreciate if you can come early tomorrow. My close friends will be around but I would still love to have my stylish cousin there while I dress up," she smiles.

Nikki is very touched. Holding Sonam's chin fondly, she says, "Of course, I'll be there. I promise, tomorrow, you'll be the most gorgeous looking bride."

They hug each other as Kavita and Amrita watch them with teary eyes.

With sadness filled in her heart, Nikki realises its all because of Abhi she got back her family, but , she seemed to have lost him somehow.


Tossing and turning in her sleep, Nikki finally sits up. She was missing that arm, which protectively held her every night. Looking at the empty space beside her, she looks at the time.

Its 2 am. Hasn't Abhi come back from Rohit's place as yet ? She begins to worry.

Stepping out of the bed, she goes out of the room and stealthily walks into the living room. She finds Abhi fast asleep on the couch. His deep breathing told her he was completely exhausted. Her heart wells up with love for him. Filled with an urge to caress his face, she kneels down beside him, but refrains from doing so lest she disturbs him.

"And if it is worrying you so much, I promise you. If these hands ever touch you again, it will only be for the mother of my child, NOT a man's touch for a woman."

How much these words tortured and tormented her the whole evening.

"I desire to see the birth of my baby, but, then not at the cost of harming you! If it helps, let me assure you that I won't take the baby away from you. If you want, take a lawyer's help. I will give it legally written that I will never try to take the baby away from you, no matter what happens to us."

She stares at his face with tears filling up in her eyes.

'I now realize how much you love me Abhi. You love me much, much more than I love you. Papa was so right!' she speaks in her heart.

Nikki recollects her father's words, "For someone to love you so much, he has to be prepared to face any kind of situations, even walk barefoot on a bed of nails"

"Today you walked on that bed of nails for me Abhi. I know how much it must have pierced you to do what you did, yet you did it for me. I was too blinded by anger and jealousy to understand your love" Her lips quiver and her eyes continue to brim with tears. Her throat was painful as she choked.

She caresses her stomach. "No Abhi, this baby will never ever feel its mother's bitterness and resentment to its father, because there aren't any. I love you Abhi, I love you and I promise I'll make it up to you. I promise," she shuts her eyes in pain.

The discomfort of kneeling begins to put pressure on her abdomen. Feeling a slight twitch inside she slowly stands up. Giving him a loving glance one more time, she quietly tiptoes out of the room.


Nikki stirs. She opens her eyes and looks around her.

"Ah, you've finally woken up!" her mother sounded relieved as she enters her room. "Was a bit worried. I thought I should wake you up now."

"What time is it?" Nikki asks, still drowsy,

"Its 11 am"

"What?" Nikki looks up sharply and quickly tries to sit up

"Yes Darling. Looks like you are really exhausted. Abhimanyu said to let you rest as much as you can.

Hearing his name, Nikki wonders where was he.

"Where is Abhi Mom?"

"Rohit has been calling him frantically every few minutes since morning. I tell you," she shakes her head in exasperation. "Inspite of everything being arranged and organized by wedding planners, people are still so nervous on the actual day." She laughs out aloud. "He drove Abhimanyu nuts till Abhi assured him he was coming over. So Abhi and Jas have gone to Rohit's place and will meet us only at the wedding venue.

"Oh!" Nikki was so disappointed.

"Don't look so sad Darling," she holds Nikki's chin. "Its only a matter of few hours. You'll see him in the evening."

Nikki smiles feebly at her.

"Oh, but, when it comes to you he can really be very authorative. He has asked me to call him when you wake up and tell him if you are alright He also firmly told me to take extra care of you in the wedding melee, see that you eat on time and don't exhaust yourself." Kavita laughs.

"He really loves you so much Nikki. Now, I am really happy you did not marry that Akash and gave him a deserving slap instead. I am so proud of your decision." She hugs Nikki warmly.

In her mother's arms, Nikki begins to think.

"Yes Mom, marrying Abhi is the only wisest thing your daughter has done, in everything else she has been so stupid."

As Nikki steps out of bed, the phone rings. Kavita who was sitting near it picks it up.

"Ah Abhi, yeah she just woke up. Yes she is absolutely fine, don't worry. Here speak to her."

When her mother hands the phone over to her, Nikki feels jittery taking it. .

I'll go get some milk for you " says Kavita, walking out of the room.

Nikki puts the receiver to her ears. To her disappointment, she hears the disconnected tone at the other end.

"I know you are upset with me Abhi." she says sadly, clutching the phone tightly.


Nikki looks at herself in the mirror. She knew she was looking lovely in the beautiful light burgundy saree with intricate sequined work studded with swaroski crystals. It was teamed with a matching blouse which was held by thin straps made of equally co-ordinated swaroski crystals and crossed at the back. How much she loved the saree ! The work was so simple yet stylishly done and the colour highlighted her delicate chiseled features making it glow even more

She recollects coming home, disappointed after shopping with her mother, aunt and cousins. She was unable to get a nice saree which she could wear for the wedding. Either they were overly done or too simply or the colour was not right. Inspite of going through so many designer boutiques and shops, there was none that really made her happy.

She entered her room and in an upset mood, flung her bag on the bed. Then sitting down on it, she tried to prop up the pillow against the headrest to support her back. Lifting the pillow, she found a big gift wrapped box. Excitedly, she pulls open the ribbon and opens the box to find the beautiful burgundy saree in it.

There was a tiny card lying over it. Opening it she read,

"Its my belief that its only this beautiful lady who can do justice to a beautiful saree like this. Hope you like it !" Abhi.

Nikki runs her hand over the saree. It was so pretty, that at the very first sight she fell deeply in love with it. She looked all over the room, but, could not find Abhi around. Over her strappy kurti, she quickly drapes the saree. Just as she was giving herself a final look into the mirror and straightening her pleats, Abhi enters.

Spellbound, he stands still, looking completely mesmerized at her. Then, in a dazed stupor, he slowly walks up behind her and looks at her through the mirror. Nikki turns to face him.

"You look even more ravishing than what I had imagined," he tells her, raising his hand to caress her face. A sudden thought alerts him and he pulls his hand away.

"Do you know what is the most difficult part of living with you is?"

Nikki looks questioningly at him.

"You are so enticing and no matter how much I try I just can't stay away from you," he tells her with a smile.

"Even I can't stay away from you Abhi." Nikki looks longingly at him. "You don't have to stay away. Not anymore."

"Di aren't you ready," Simran bursts into the room.

Startled, Nikki realizes she spoke to the mirror. 'Wish she had given this reply to Abhi then!"

"Oh My God, Di, you are looking so stunning." Simran's eyes were enchantedly dancing, on seeing her. "Jeeju is going to have a terrible time trying to keep away from you. Bechara toh gaya!" she laughs.

Nikki smiles at her.

They then go to Sonam's room to check on her. Sonam and all the other girls present in the room, were equally in praise of Nikki's looks.

"Nikki you better eat something before the wedding starts," Kavita enters the room with some soup. "Your husband has called so many times telling us to see that you do."

Nikki protests but Kavita says, "Eat Darling, or else he'll be upset." Reluctantly Nikki eats the soup as her mother feeds her.

After Kavita leaves, Nikki is happy with the thought that inspite of being upset with her, he still cared for her. There was still a glimmer of hope for her.

"I miss you Abhi" she whispers.

She feels a flutter from inside and caresses her tummy.

"Haan, Haan, I know you miss him too." She says with a smile.

to be continued ......


After everyone had entered, there was still no sight of Abhi. Nikki is baffled.

She stops Simran who was passing by and asks her if she saw Abhi.

"When I was at the entrance, along with the welcome party, I saw him standing with the baarat. He is looking very Hot Di," she smiles smittenly. "but, I don't know where he went after that. He doesn't seem to have come in here."

Nikki walks out of the lawn and looks around her. Abhi was no where to be seen. She begins to worry.

"Has your husband ditched you?" Nikki turns to see it was Akash. He was smiling at her. She gives him a cold look.

"I don't see its any of your business," she tells him icily.

Rohit pulls Nikki aside.

"Where has your husband disappeared Nikki? I need to speak to him desperately."

Monday, January 18, 2010


"Dr. Modi, I want to speak to you."

"Sonali, what the hell are you doing here ?" Abhi was flabbergasted. "Weren't you in prison on charges of forgery and abettment"

"I got released yesterday. The first thing I wanted to do is to apologise to you for all that I did. Also, I would appreciate if you could help me get a job, I want to start my life on a fresh and clean note."

"You really have the nerve to call up here." Abhi tells her angrily. "Normally, I am all out for giving people a second chance and helping them out, but, you are the kind I can never trust again. So don't ever, try calling me up or else I'll send you back to prison. I am warning you!" he growls

He then slams the phone down.


At the other end, Sonali looks down into the phone. "Dr. Modi, I can see you are a very shrewd man. You do have a good judgement of people. You are right, that is not the reason I called you up. Two months back, when I was being sent to prison, I heard your wife was not around and who better than I to know, the reason for it." She has an evil smile on her face.

"I wanted to see if you were still lonely and blue Dr. Modi, so that I could console you, but, looks like your stupid wife is back. Well, after what I just said to her on the phone, I don't think she'll stay for long. Its that womanly thing you see, where a woman may forgive a man once, but, the needle of suspicion will always remain with her and if she sees or hears a repeat of it, then that is the end of everything," she sneers.

"You sent me to prison, Dr. Modi!" there was malice in her eyes. "Well I am not going to leave you in peace. I won't do anything much. Just these little kind of butting, once in a while, in your life is enough to send your whole world topsy turvy." She laughs aloud.


"Where have you been Love? How much longer do I have to wait for you?" Sonali's voice keeps playing on Nikki's ears.

She puts both her hands to her ears hoping to shut the voice that kept playing over and over again. She leans against the bathroom door, tears trickling down her cheeks.

"Nikki, open the door," she can hear Abhi banging softly against the bathroom door.

Seething inwardly, Nikki straightens up and washes her face.

This time she is not going to fall into the same trap again.

"Nikki for God's sake, please open the door." She can hear Abhi's irritated tone.

She quietly opens the door and finds Abhi looking at her with concern.


"Nikki, don't get worked up with Sonali's call. I really don't know why she......,"

"Abhi just leave it." Nikki snaps at him. "I don't want any explanations. You are a very smooth talker and I just fall into your sugary talk everytime."

"Nikki, do you know what are you saying? I can't believe one call from that woman and you go all hyper. Why don't you just listen?" Abhi pleads

"What do you want to say Abhi? that you have nothing to do with Sonali ? that you are not having an affair with her on the sly?"

"Whaat?" Abhi's face turns ashen pale. "What did you say?" Have you gone mad ? How can you even say such a thing?" He looks at her in disbelief.

"Just leave it I said. I don't want to say anything further, I've said what I wanted to." Nikki tells him angrily. She tries to move past him, but he stops her by holding her by the shoulders, anger blazing in his eyes.

"Dammit, Nikki, you can't hurl accusations at me and walk away like that. For once just listen to me, Let me tell you about Sonali!"

Pushing his hands away, Nikki says "Don't try to use boorish ways to force me to listen to you. I don't want to hear anything about her or you. Keep your disgusting hands off me, Don't touch me." Hearing her hyper words, Abhi was aghast. He feels his heart tearing and piercing at every hurl of her insults. He is choked into silence

"You are right Nikki," he finally manages defeatedly. "there is no point in forcing you to listen. If you think I could have anything for someone like Sonali, then you can go ahead and demean yourself, but, I am not going to to disrespect myself by giving any further explanations to you. You can believe what you want to believe, I don't care."

He dashes off into the bathroom and slams the door angrily.

Upset and angry, Nikki leaves the room and goes outside into the lawn. Its there, that her mother finds her, some time later, sitting on a chair lost in thoughts.

"How are you darling?" She asks handing her a glass of orange juice.

Nikki smiles feebly at her.

"Where is Abhimanyu?" Nikki keeps mum.

"Ah here he come," she says cheerfully seeing Abhi walking out of the house. Nikki stiffens.

"Would you like some breakfast son?"

"No thanks, I am not hungry." He says not looking at Nikki

"Some juice?"

"No thanks Mom, I am getting late for work."

"Will you be coming for Sonam's haldi ceremony Abhi?" Kavita asks him.

Sorry Mom, I have to go to Rohit's place." Abhi tells her. "I'll go directly after work,"

"Oh Ok,"

"Mummyji, can you check the porridge. I think its done," Pushpa tells Kavita.

"Ok I'll come. I'll see you later Abhi." she says dashing off inside.

After she goes in, left alone, Abhi and Nikki avoid looking at each other. Going to the car, Abhi flings his bag in the back seat, then sitting in the car he drives off without a glance at Nikki.


Sometime towards the evening, a sad and upset Nikki, is in her room lost in thoughts, when the phone rings. It was Dr. Keerti, who tells her , that Abhi and her blood tests results are clear and she need not worry about any danger to the baby.

After a thought Nikki casually asks Dr. Keerti when and why did Sonali leave Sanjeevani.

"We really don't know Nikki. Abhimanyu never spoke about it. All I know that she did something real bad which angered Abhimanyu and he threw her out of the office. Didn't he tell you know about it ?" Dr. Keerti asks

"I think......." Nikki strutters.

"Oh yes, I remember it was around the same time you had gone to see your aunt," Keerti interrupts. "So perhaps he didn't want to burden you about it."

"I think so," Nikki mumbles feebly.

After disconnecting the phone. Nikki is lost in thoughts. "Why did Abhi remove Sonali? What made him angry with her and why did she call him today saying all those words thinking Abhi had picked up the phone?

Her mind is a plethora of questions.

"Why do you always take everything at face value Nikki, Why don't you make that little effort, no matter how painful, to go to the root of the problem."

Abhi's words rings into her hears. She begins to realize what he said was true. Jealousy and anger, just doesn't allow her to think properly. Sonali's voice brought back the bitter memories of the hotel room.

"What about all the wonderful things he tried to do, for you Nikki ? How easily you forget all that!" her inner voice questions her. "You think all the love he showered on you these past few weeks is fake, then what about him bringing your family and friends closer to you? What did he get out of it? Only your happiness Nikki. If he was really bad, he could have isolated you from them. Yet he didn't and what did you give him in return? All those insults?" Nikki is shamefaced.

"but then I did see him and Sonali in the hotel room together and why would Sonali say all those things. It was obvious she thought it was Abhi at the other end.

"Then why don't you question him about it Nikki. Before pronouncing anyone guilty, you need to give the person a chance to speak." Her inner voice explains.

Yeah, there seems to be something more to Sonali's story. I need to find out the real truth.

She goes to Sanjeevani and goes into Abhi's cabin. She quietly opens the door and is shocked at the sight in front of her. Abhi whose back is towards the door, has his arms around a woman, who is crying into his chest.

"Don't cry Dear. Its only for some time. Once Nikki delivers the baby, then we'll take the baby from her and go."

Nikki is aghast. She can't believe its her Abhi speaking. Her world keeps spinning around her. Tears stinging in her eyes, she retraces her steps backwards, watching them, till her back hits against the door making a sound. Abhi and Sonali turn and are shocked to see her.

"Abhi, you can't do this," Nikki shakes her head disbelievingly. "You can't take the baby away from me. I won't let you."

Abhi walks towards her and says "Nikki, I want the baby for Sonali and me. So, I am asking you nicely just give it to me."

"No, Abhi you can't do that! Please don't take the baby away from me."

"Nikki calm down!" Abhi pleads.

"Please Abhi," Nikki begs burying her head in his chest. "Please don't take it away, please, please I beg you. Please, Please Please."

"Nikki calm down, wake up !" Abhi shakes her.

"Please don't do that, please I beg you,"

Nikki cries into his chest wrapping her arms around him tightly.

"Nikki, Nikki, wake up!"

Nikki opens her eyes. She finds herself in Abhi's arms. He was bare-chested. He seemed to have just come out from the shower. His hair was damp. Droplets of water from his hair splash against her face as she clings on to him, her whole body quivering with fear.

"Are you okay Nikki?" he asks worriedly, looking puzzled at her. His voice is full of concern.

Nikki looks around and finds they were in their room, on their bed. Not in the office and no Sonali. It was only Abhi and she.

"Looks like you had a bad dream Nikki." Abhi explains.

"God that was a dream" Nikki heaves a sigh of relief.

"Looks like it. When I came home, I found you sleeping, so I decided to change. I have to go to Rohit's place. Just as I came out of the shower, I found you mumbling in your sleep."

"Oh," Nikki mumbles, feeling conscious of his bare chest on which her face was resting. Nervously her fingers drum against his back. Slowly she pulls away from him.

Thank God it was a dream!" she mutters closing her eyes in relief.

"You really have lost all your trust on me, Nikki, Right ?" There is pain in Abhi's eyes as he questions her. "You think I am going to take the baby away from you? Its worrying you so much that you are even having bad dreams about it!" He looks incredulously at her.

Nikki shakes her head trying to deny it but Abhi doesn't give her a chance to speak.

"I thought because of your dislike for Sonali and the pregnancy hormonal changes in you, you have reacted like that in the morning. I felt bad I spoke to you the way I did and that is why, I came home to talk it over with you." He pauses and takes a deep sigh.

"but, now I realize its of no use. I really can't figure out how and what caused you to have such negative feelings against me. If the beautiful moments, we shared these past weeks hasn't helped in removing those feelings you have against me, then you won't believe in anything I say," he shakes his head dejectedly. " You know, it is not good for you to harbor any negative thoughts and feelings inside you. It will effect your health and the baby."

"Abhi its not ......."

"You see Nikki, I do want to be a part of the baby because it is a part of me. I desire to see the birth of my baby" he chokes. "but then not at the cost of harming you!"

"If it helps, let me assure you that I won't take the baby away from you. If you want, take a lawyer's help. I will give it legally written down that I will never try to take the baby away from you, no matter what happens to us. Now will you wipe away all those negative thoughts that keep playing on your mind?"

Nikki stares blankly at him, completely at a loss for words.

"And I hope some day Nikki, as the years have flown, you are able to, give your child the answers, that you were seeking all these years, from your mother. I hope you have a proper explanation to give your child, for the bitterness and resentment you have held against its father.

"Abhi........." Nikki chokes, her heart breaking as his words begin to torment her.

He stops her with the raise of his hand.

"Let me finish Nikki," he says, picking up the pink shirt, he had flung on the bed, when he ran to rouse her out of her bad dream

Putting it on, he begins to button up the shirt.

"And if it is worrying you so much, I promise you. If these hands ever touch you again, it will only be for the mother of my child, NOT," his heart is piercing as he says it. "Not a man's touch for a woman."

Nikki's heart sinks as she hears it . "If you still don't trust me, you can also take that legally from me. I will sign it."

There is an unbearable pain in their throat as they stare wordlessly at each other. Their eyes cloud up with distressing tears threatening to spill over. Swallowing a lump in his throat Abhi walks out of the room.

Nikki cries bitterly burying her face in her hands. Sitting in his car, Abhi grips the steering wheel with all his might hoping to release the excruciating pain coming from within him. He stares out into the dark road ahead. The stinging tears he had stubbornly held on to, begin to gush down his cheeks.

to be continued....


Then, in a dazed stupor, he slowly walks up behind her and looks at her through the mirror. Nikki turns to face him. "You look even more ravishing than what I had imagined," he tells her, raising his hand to caress her face. A sudden thought alerts him and he pulls his hand away.

"Do you know what, the most difficult part, living with you is ?"

Nikki looks questioningly at him.

"You are so enticing and no matter how much I try I just can't stay away from you. Yet, I have to"