Sunday, January 17, 2010


Next morning, Nikki opens her eyes and smiles. After a long time she felt so happy and contented. Her family is now complete. Turning on to her side, she looks at Abhi sleeping so blissfully, beside her.

Her heart fills up with love for him.

"You have made it all happen for me, Abhi" she wants to say aloud.

She smiles. He looked even more handsome in his sleep, so calm and peaceful. She is glad she got this beautiful moment to watch him sleeping. His eyes closed, gave her the respite from wanting to shyly run and hide, everytime she sees the mischief, the teasing, the want, so openly in them.

Her eyes, then, distractedly moves down to his well toned body, to the colourful tattoos, sitting so beautifully, on the bareness of his upper arm. She is tempted to run her finger all along his torso, tracing the outline of the black sleeveless vest he was wearing.

"Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, do you even know how irresistible you are in your sleep?" she smiles.

She moves her face closer to his, tempted to plant a kiss on those enticing lips, but, stops short. A flush of shyness overtakes her. She shakes her head, biting her lower lip, resisting the temptation to do so.

"If you are itching to kiss me, then you should." A naughty smile hovering on his lips, Abhi opens his eyes. Caught unawares, Nikki gapes at him open mouthed. "Its not fair being checked out and not being rewarded for it." His lopsided grin was just too killing.

Shaken from her peaceful and enjoyable musings, Nikki's heart starts beating rapidly.

'Good Lord ! The Devil has woken up. There go those hawk-like eyes, lingering on her, making it difficult for her to look at him properly. ' Shyly she lowers her eyes.

"Believe me its very good for you and the baby," Abhi teases. "Its Dr. Abhimanyu's prescription for an exciting and happy life!"

Nikki turns red. Trying to distract him, she says softly,

"Abhi I want to thank you for making things better between mom and.. and.......

"Oh My God Abhi!" she yells suddenly, holding her stomach and flopping down on to her back.

"Whaat?" Abhi hollers worriedly, turning and looking down at her.

"The baby just kicked Abhi! A first proper kick!" There was excitement in her voice. Abhi closes his eyes in relief, wiping away the worrying thoughts

"I guess even the baby likes my idea," Abhi smiles.

Tugging his hand, Nikki excitedly places it on her stomach, "Feel it Abhi," she urges him.

His hands move gently on her stomach, that had bared a little, with the rise of her short top. To his dismay, he is unable to feel anything. He leans over and gently places his head on her stomach, straining his ears to listen to the sounds.

His bare shoulders rubbing against the softness of her skin and the soft pressure of his body over hers, begins to give rise to an inexplainable fire raging from within.

Oblivious to her inner change of emotions, Abhi is concentrating hard for sounds from inside her tummy. His face brightens the moment he hears the thud.

"Yes I heard it," he calls out excitedly, still concentrating for more sounds.

The heat emitting from his face on the bareness of her stomach, was playing havoc with the woman inside her. Her whole body is consumed with a freshly awakened longing. She raises her hand, swept with the urge to run her fingers through his hair.

"Wow, there are all kinds of bubbly sounds coming from inside," Abhi says with a laugh, turning his head to look at her. There was joy and mirth in his eyes.

Seeing her raised hand, his eyes narrow in puzzlement. He then sees the desire in her eyes. His expressions begin to change slowly. Holding on to her gaze, he gently caresses her stomach. Feeling the tingling sensations, his touch was sending throughout her body, Nikki closes her eyes. When she opens it, he can see the hunger, so starkly visible, in them. She lifts up her hand and caresses his face, soundlessly, mouthing his name. Aroused by the sensuous touch of her fingers, Abhi moves his lips to touch them, his eyes not leaving hers.

He then moves his thumb gently on her lips. In response, Nikki keeps moving her lips towards the touch of his thumb. As the desire increases inside him, he increases the pressure on her lips, rubbing his thumb vigourously against them.

Taking short gasps, Nikki invitingly opens her mouth. Abhi slides his hand down to her face, caressing it slowly, up and down. Then swooping down suddenly, he fiercely claims her lips. The dam of passion explodes inside Nikki . She wraps her hands around his neck and kisses him back, responding to every hungry demand of his lips. Its been so long since he touched her like this and it feels like heaven.

"Its been so long Nikki," Abhi says, as if sensing her thoughts, his voice tantalizingly husky. "So long" he drawls capturing the corner of her mouth.

"Yes," Nikki gasps basking in the pleasures his lips were showering.

The phone rings, but, either of them are unable to stop. The phone continues to ring incessantly.

"Abhi," Niki whispers, "the phone,"

"Let it ring, Someone will pick it up" Abhi mumbles not wanting to stop. The phone stops ringing.

He moves his lips seductively down to her neck, planting soft sizzling kisses all over it. Nikki was in raptures.

"Abhi," she whispers, ecstatically pulling him closer , not wanting him to stop.

The phone begins to ring again. "Dammit, why isn't anyone picking up the phone." Abhi is agitated.

Nikki, understandingly, runs her hand gently over his face nudging him to move. Reluctantly, he relaxes his hold on her. As she stretches to take the phone, Abhi continues to plant kisses on her arm. He can hear Nikki's faint "Hello."

Suddenly he finds her whole body stiffen. He looks up and sees her face has been drained of colour.

"Who is it ?" Abhi asks worriedly.

Hearing his voice, Nikki turns to look at him. She stares blankly at him, her expressions frozen. Thrusting the phone at him, she pushes his hands away from her and slides out of bed. A baffled Abhi, watches as she wobbily and unsteadily runs into the bathroom.

He picks up the receiver.

"Dr. Modi?" The voice sends shocking waves into his whole system.

to be continued

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