Friday, February 26, 2010


The next day things were pretty much calm between Abhi and Nikki. They were polite and courteous with each other, talking only when the need arose.

It was only at the basketball court, once amongst the gang, they let their guard down.

The two captains Abhi and Armaan were choosing their teams while Riddhima decided to give Nikki company and watch the game.

Rohit, Sonam, Simran were on Abhi's side while Atul, Anjali, Muskaan were in Armaan's team. Sid was left alone and wanted to be on Simran's side but Abhi would not hear of it.

" Aaja, aaja," Armaan tells him. In any case we are going to be the winners.

The players begin to walk towards the centre court, while the two captains were still at the stands with their wives.

"Remember Guys this is a friendly match, Please don't fight with each other" Nikki implores, darting a glance from her friend to her husband.

"Yes" Riddhima pleads with them. "You both are married now and one is also having a baby," she smiles at Nikki who smiles back at her. Nikki then looks up at Abhi and finds him smiling tenderly at her.

"So remember, you are no more single. You have some special people in your lives to take care of, so don't get into your stupid fights!"

"Yes M'aam !" they bow their heads meekly. "We'll do our best." Grinning, they wink at each other and turn towards the court.

"Abhi your watch!" Nikki stops him Realising he still wore his watch, he removes it and hands it over to Nikki, smiling a thanks.

"Enjoy your game," she whispers to him. There was fondness in their eyes as they keep staring at each other.

"Are you coming?" Armaan calls out to Abhi. He blinks at Nikki and then walks towards the others.

No matter how hard they tried, the two arch rivals couldn't stop bickering and yelling at each other during the game. Nikki and Riddhima were laughing heartily as they watched the game which they felt looked more like a comedy.

Armaan had a tough time on his hands with two smitten lover boys in his team. Atul kept tailing Anjali when he should have been attacking or defending the opponents and Sid, inspite of being a good basket ball player, would freeze still, everytime Simran was around him.

During the break, the players returned to the stands and flopped down around Nikki and Riddhima.

Her eyes lovingly fixed on Abhi, who was sitting on the next stand below her, Nikki could see beads of sweat glistening on his face and shoulders. If there wasn't this emotional distance and tension between them, Nikki knew she would have gladly wiped away the sweat from his face with her hand. Her fingers were itching to do so even now. Dejectedly, she pulls out a hand towel from the kit bag and hands it over to him. He looks at her in surprise. Taking the towel, he thanks her with a smile.

"Hey you two aashiq's ! Instead of playing basket ball you guys seem to be playing Barbie dolls." Armaan tells Atul and Sid. Everyone guffaw at his words. He was sitting on the stand below Riddhima who was tenderly wiping the sweat from his face.

Hey Armaan,don't say that, I scored a basket," Atul tells him.

"Really champ! When?" Armaan asks.

"If my Anjali scored it is same as I have scored."

There was even more loud laughter.

The game resumed and by the end of the stipulated time, the scores were equal at 20 each. They were given an extra five minutes.

Few seconds left for the game to end, Sid was nearing his team's hoop when Simran asks him to throw the ball to her. Forgetting she was an opponent, a smitten Sid throws the ball. She then throws it to Abhi who takes it to his team's basket hoop and scores the winning basket.

"You nut!" an annoyed Armaan, bellows at Sid.

Everyone were in splits when they reached the stands. After few minutes of teasing and laughing, Rohit, Sonam and Simran take their leave.

While the group were chatting, Armaan was unable to contain his irritation at Sid for making them lose the game.

"I tell you its was a big mistake to take this majnu in the team," he blurts out, angrily at Sid.

"Hey Armaan, it's a game yaar, just chill," Abhi tells him, patting his back. To his surprise Armaan shrugs off Abhi's hand.

"Oh you will say that! After all because of your brother you won," he tells him agitatedly " Actually, I think you deliberately saw to it he was in our team so that he could help you win."

"Hang On!" an annoyed Abhi tells him "Did I ask you to take him?"

"Armaan relax!" Riddhima pulls at his arm.

Abhi please!" Nikki pleads with him.

"No Riddhima he never knows how to play fair." He glares angrily at Abhi.

"Really ? You are a sore loser Armaan! Just admit it!" Abhi tells him, his voice rising in agitation.

Nikki tries to pull his arm, but he doesn't pay heed to her.

Everyone gather around them

"Hey guys, don't fight yaar, we've all had so much fun after such a long time." Atul tells them

"Haan yaar" Muskaan quips in.

"No champ its never fun when he is around," Armaan tells him

"Armaan!" Riddhima and Nikki plead with him.

"Well lets have fun your way Armaan!" Abhi tells him calmly . "Its been long since we had a boxing match. Tonight will be fun when I box the hell out of you once again!"

"Abhi!" Nikki tugs at his arm pleadingly.

With his hand he motions her to stop. He then moves closer to Armaan and extends his hand, looking challengingly into his eyes. Armaan calmly shakes hands with him. Heads held high, sly smiles on their faces, they pore daringly at each other, while everyone around them are stunned into silence.

They then firmly pull back their hands.

"I'll be back," Abhi tells Nikki "I'm going to change," He picks up his kitbag and walks towards Sanjeevani.

Armaan says the same to Riddhima and goes towards the washroom at the corner of the basket ball court, adjacent to the hospital building.

The others were still in a state of shock at the sudden turn of events.

"What was all this?" a despondent Nikki asks Riddhima.

"I don't know, why do these two always have to fight!" Riddhima tells her. "No matter how much we make them understand, their egos will always get the better of them."

"Do we really matter to them?" Nikki asks crossly.

"Guys we cannot let this match happen. Both will be hurt badly," Atul tells them

Nikki and Riddhima look anxiously at each other. Their hearts begin to sink. Both the men, mean a lot to them and either of them getting injured is just unthinkable.

"We can't let this boxing match happen," Nikki echoes Atul, her face filled with worry.

"Yeah, things are different now, we are all friends." Riddhima agrees with her. "We've got to do something to stop it!"

The six people sit down on the stands and start discussing how to stop the two guys from boxing each other. Through the corner of her eye, Nikki notices Armaan's disappearing back as he quickly runs behind the building. She knew there was a mini mart there. Confusion on her face, she looks at Riddhima who was busy with the group.

"Why did Armaan run stealthily there and then, why was he avoiding the group?"

She stands up and tugs at Riddhima's arm. "Riddhima, come with me, Excuse us Guys," she tells them and drags a confused Riddhima towards the washroom.

"What happened?"

"Shhhhh," Nikki puts her finger on her lips. "Kuch toh gadbad hai!"

They go near the mini mart and quietly peep inside, from the rear window. They were stunned to see Abhi and Armaan, now changed into fresh set of clothes, laughing heartedly. They were facing the other side, backs leaning against the counter, elbows on it and drinks in hand.

"Did you see the look on their faces? " Armaan laughs "It was as if they saw a ghost" Abhi who was taking a swig from his energy drink, almost chokes on it as he bursts into a laugh.

"Yeah they didn't know what hit them!" he replies

"They must be now making plans to patch us up together."

"Well, they always expect us to fight, so we just gave them what they expected"

Riddhima and Nikki look astounded at each other. Their eyes begin to narrow in annoyance

"Well, I didn't expect you khadoos to go ahead with my plan.

"Otherwise, I wouldn't have. But today I thought I'll make an exception. As my wife says, a little amount of jest is fine. Even if in jest, atleast they'll get some satisfaction, knowing they were right about us." Abhi winks at Armaan.

The girls eyes narrow darker and darker on every of their word.

"I always knew you are a real kamina," Armaan tells him with a grin.

"Lets say, you are the best," Abhi winks " in bringing out, that side of me."

Guffawing, they clink their bottles with each other and take a swig from it.

An infuriated Riddhima was about to storm inside when Nikki stops her and quickly pulls her away, till they reach a safe distance.

"Why did you pull me away Nikki? Look how mean these two are! They've got the whole gang fretting with worry and here they stand laughing at our expense

"I know Riddhima," Nikki tells her calmly "Even I feel like bashing them up. But then, when we confront them, what will happen ? They'll just apologise."

Riddhima looks perplexed at her.

Nikki continues, "these two need to be put through the same worry we all have gone through and I have a great idea for that," she smiles impishly

"Wow Nikki, I am surprised at you!" Riddhima looks at her friend in admiration. "Looks like marriage and the baby has mellowed you."

Nikki laughs.

Well, if my husband is learning a few things from me, I can also learn some from him. Who else is, better than my husband, in making others regret their mistake. Now its payback time!" She winks. Both girls burst into giggles

Few minutes later Abhi gets a call from Sid.

"Bhai, where are you? There is a big problem."


"Nikki bhabhi and and�"

"What happened to Nikki?" Abhi asks worriedly.

"Come to the basketball court quickly and see for yourself�." Sid disconnects.

Panic stricken, Abhi and Armaan run towards the court stands. The fear on their faces showed how worried they were. Reaching the stands, they are shocked to see Riddhima and Nikki yelling and looking daggers at each other.

"I am telling you Riddhima, its all Armaan's fault. He started picking on Abhi." One hand on her hip and finger of the other hand pointing at Riddhima, Nikki was glaring at her.

"Really?" With both hands on her hips, Riddhima was making faces at Nikki. "it is all because of your husband that my poor Armaan lost and that is why he got upset"



The respective husbands call out to them in astonishment.

"Nikki what's all this ?" Abhi asks her, searching her face in bafflement.

"Riddhima why are you guys fighting?" Armaan asks his wife.

"Look at her Abhi, what does she think of herself? She is trying to convince me that you are at fault, when I know you are not."

"Armaan, she is your friend na, see how she has turned tables, now that , the Boss of Sanjeevani is her husband," Riddhima mocks at Nikki.

"Riddhima, Nikki," Armaan and Abhi call out to them, desperation was in their voices.

"God what is happening?" Anjali sounded upset. "First Armaan and Abhimanyu fought, now their wives are fighting."

"Haan yaar, what's gone wrong with you all? We are all friends. Oye Chill Yaar!" Muskaan tells them.

"No, Armaan owes Abhi an apology for saying all those bad things to him." Nikki was defiant.

"Apology my foot!" Riddhima stomps her feet "your husband should be apologizing instead."

"Riddhima, I warn you!" Nikki goes closer to her and pointing a finger into her face. "Don't you dare say anything against Abhi or else��?

"Or else what ? haan tell me what ?" Riddhima challenges her, pushing her finger away.

Abhi, Armaan and the whole gang stand in stupefaction, watching the two best friends lashing out at each other.

Somehow, Abhi was the first to snap out.

"Oh please stop fighting you two!" He thunders, putting his arms around his wife from behind and stopping her from advancing any further towards Riddhima.

"Yeah, there is no reason for you guys to fight. You are best of friends." Armaan tells them, holding his wife from behind.

"But how can I tolerate anyone saying anything to you, even if it is my best friend saying it?" Riddhima tells him, anger on her face.

"Same here, I am not going to listen to any nonsense of hers against you," an equally livid Nikki tells Abhi

Armaan and Abhimanyu, try butting in between but are no match for the volley of accusations being flung from one woman to the other.

"If Abhimanyu is your enemy then his wife cannot be my friend," Riddhima firmly tells Armaan

"Yes Abhi, if Armaan is your enemy then I cannot be friends with his wife."

"But we are not enemies! We were only joking!" Armaan and Abhi blurt out in frustration.

"Really Abhi?" surprise on her face, Nikki looks at him. He nods at her, his arms still tenderly around her.

"You guys were joking?" Riddhima, too, showed surprise as she looks up at Armaan. "Yes Basket." He tells her sheepishly.

"But now whats the point?" Nikki says sadly "Because of your joke, Riddhima and I, have said such hurtful things to each other, we won't be able to forget. We've lost our friendship." Her face was weepy.

"Yeah its because of you two, I lost my best friend today," Riddhima sulks at Armaan.

"Hey, Nikki, Basket, don't do this!" Armaan pleads with them. "We never expected it would go this way!"

"Come on girls you are best of friends," Abhi's voice was equally imploring. "Go on, hug and make up." He tells Nikki.

"Why ? What do you guys care?" Nikki pouts.

"Look we are sorry," they tell them defeatedly. Sadness and guilt written on their face

Nikki and Riddhima look at each other and try their best to hide their smile.

"Abhi, are you feeling sad about this?" Nikki asks him softly, lifting her hand and tenderly placing it on his cheek.

"Armaan, is it making you feel bad?" Riddhima asks him.

Abhi and Armaan sadly nod their heads.

"If you break your friendship because of us, we won't be able to forgive ourselves." Armaan tells them, his voice filled with regret.

"Yeah, he is right!" Abhi confirms

Riddhima and Nikki were unable to keep up the pretence any more. They burst into giggles. Their husbands look dumbfounded from one to the other.

"What do you guys think? You can fool us and get away with it?" Riddhima asks them, her face filled with mirth.

"If you guys are Tigers don't forget we are your tigresses," an equally amused Nikki tells them haughtily.

Abhi and Armaan are thunderstruck into silence.

"Riddhima, Nikki this was all a joke?" Atul asks them.

"Di, you both scared us!" Anjali tells, putting her hand to her chest in relief.

"Haan!" Nikki tells them as she looks up at her husband's face.

"We realized these two were playing a prank on us, so we decided to give them a taste of their own medicine."

Speechless, Armaan and Abhi release their wives from their hold and slump down on the stand, beside their feet. Elbows on their knees they place their face between their palms.

"Hope you both now realize how hassled everyone were, when you guys pretended to fight." Riddhima tells them.

"Yes M'aam!" they answer meekly, nodding their heads up and down.

"Next time, before you guys come up with something like this, remember you will have your wives to deal with. So don't ever take pangas with us!" Riddhima tells them winking at a grinning Nikki.

"Yes M'aam," once again they nod their heads up and down.

"And for all the trouble you guys put us through, you will now treat us !" Nikki tells them, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

"Yes M'aam" they agree, with another nod of their heads up and down again.

"What do you guys want to eat?" Atul asks them.

"Lets start with PANI PURI!" they reply gleefully

"Oh No!" Abhi groans. "Riddhima you too?" he looks up questioningly at her.

"I always loved paanipuri" she replies smacking her lips.

"Oh No!" Abhi and Armaan groan, tilting sideways, they bang their heads against each other.

"Oh Yes!" reply their wives in their sweetest tone as they fondly ruffle their husband's hair.

Much against their will, the two men were thoroughly punished, being dragged from one place to another to fulfill their wives wishes.

Inspite of all the fun and frolic around, Riddhima couldn't help notice there was some sort of restrain between Abhi and Nikki. She was surprised by it as she could see that they loved each other deeply. Also, they were going to have a baby soon. She wonderered, what possibly could be the reason for the much in love couple to keep a little distant from each other. She must find out the reason.

Sheer exhaustion made Nikki pass off in the car even before they reached home. She was carried by warm, tender arms and tucked into bed.


Abhi can sense the fear, the uneasiness and agitation in her.

"Can you hold me?

"Do you want me to hold you?"

They blurt out together bringing an embarrassed smile on their faces

Looking at his outstretched and inviting arm, Nikki leans closer and lays her head on his upper arm. Bringing his other arm around he clasps her protectively and tightly, soothingly caressesing her arm. Happy and secure. Nikki closes her eyes and falls back to sleep.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The party had come to an end. Almost all the guests had left. It was only Rohit, Sonam, Simran, Amrita, her husband and the gang who stayed back. While the elderly people were inside the house, the youngsters were chatting outside.

‘Wow ! What fun!” an ecstatic Muskaan says happily, as the group were sitting around a big table. “After a long long time we are all here, together.”

“Yeah,” says Atul “Good to have you guys back!” he tells Armaan and Riddhima. “The group seemed incomplete without the two of you.”

The others voice their agreement.

“and looks like we have some lovely new additions to the group,” Riddhima says looking at Rohit, Sonam, Simran and Sid. They smile at her

“Since tomorrow is Sunday, why don’t we have some more fun?” Armaan tells them. “Everyone will be busy for the rest of the week. Lets have a friendly basketball match. What say Abhimanyu?” he looks at Abhi.

“I thought a boxing match would be more ideal between us!” Abhi tells him wryly.

“NO!” Nikki, Riddhima and the gang holler out loud. Abhi and Armaan grin at each other.

“Relax Guys!” Armaan tells them. “Can’t you see he is joking.”

“How about you guys?” Armaan asks Rohit “Do you like basket ball?

“Love it” Rohit replies

“Me Too!” Sonam, Simran and Sid utter in unison and then look at each other.

“Great!” Armaan exclaims. “then we’ll all meet at our court tomorrow.”

Everyone agree. Amrita comes to them and tells Rohit and Sonam they should leave now. Atul, Anjali and Muskaan also decide to leave. Nikki asks Riddhima to stay back for some more time. Abhi tells her he’ll see the group to their cars, parked outside the gates. Armaan and Sid join him.

Left alone with Riddhima, who was sitting opposite, Nikki smiles fondly at her.

“Riddhima, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you both here. Missed you guys so much.”

“Same here Nikki,” Riddhima tells her happily “Remember the last time we were together, how excited we were when we discovered you were pregnant?

A wide smile spreads on Nikki’s lips. She nods her head happily.

“So how is the pregnancy doing ? I hope you have had no problems.” Riddhima’s eyebrows narrow with concern.

“No, its been an absolute breeze ! A bit rough in the initial days, but now, except for acute drowsiness at early dawn, everything else is fine.”

“Nice to hear that, I am so happy for you both ,” The happiness for her friend truly shone on her face. “Tell me what was Abhimanyu’s reaction when you told him you were pregnant. You went to surprise him, after seeing us off at the airport, right? How did he take it? He must have been stunned!”

Nikki freezes as the whole Park Hotel scene flashes in front of her eyes. She remembers how upset and heartbroken she was. How stupidly, she ran away and hid, till Abhi found her and how badly she treated him even after that.

Abhi’s reaction? She recollects how Abhi felt her stomach and came to know of her pregnancy. He didn’t hear it from her. How much that must have hurt him! Morever, her distrust of him, shattered him even more. How will he ever forget that! She is not able to forget or forgive herself for it, How will he? Everytime he is made to face this harsh truth, it will only make him sore.

After such a long time, he was in one of the best moods today. Even though, there is still tension between them, she can see he is trying his best to put everything behind him. Without her doing much, he has started on the road of healing Raw wounds don’t heal overnight. She has to ensure he doesn’t get upset again. She has to see that the miserable past does not show its ugly head in front of him again..

“What happened Nikki? Where are you lost? Tell me what was Abhimanyu’s reaction when you told him about your pregnancy?” Riddhima squeezes Nikki’s hand that was on the table.

“Yes Nikki, why don’t you tell your friend how thrilled I was when you told me about your pregnancy!”

A cold shiver runs down Nikki’s spine. She didn’t have to look at him to know it was too late, the damage was done. The coldness in his voice expressed it all. Somehow, she braces herself with courage and looks up at him. His eyes were frigid, his jaws stiff and his fists clenched on either side. Her lips begin to quiver for lack of words.

“It must be such a wonderful feeling when your wife tells you she is expecting your baby!” Coming up behind Abhi, Armaan pats him on the back. He makes him to sit next to Nikki, while he sits down beside Riddhima.

Nikki and Abhi keep staring at each other. She can see pain and anger has overtaken those very eyes that had filled up with passion a few hours ago.

“Absolutely beautiful experience!” he says, swallowing a lump in his throat. His icy eyes not leaving Nikki.

Armaan takes Riddhima’s hand in his and looking into her eyes, says, “I am looking forward for the day when you give me such news. I don’t know how I’ll react. The thought itself excites me!” Riddhima blushes. They are lost into each other not knowing on the other side, the newly formed scab of a deep wound has been painfully scraped over, once again leaving it bare and open.

“I wish you never have to miss out on this beautiful experience my friend,” Abhi tells Armaan, his eyes now shuttered. Only the heaviness in his voice betrayed the anguish he was experiencing from within. “Very few men are so fortunate!”

Needless to say, the evening which had started enchantingly beautiful eclipsed into a dark dreary night.

Lying on the bed, Nikki’s thoughts were on the lonely figure reclined on the balcony chair. She knew he was hurting real bad. She was feeling even more miserable that she could not do anything to comfort him. Any attempt on her part would only worsen things between them.

The bitter memories like a distasteful medicine spread its bitterness all over the place.

Abhi is once again reminded of what he was slowly trying forget. He remembers the first time he felt the life that was a part of him, inside Nikki. Instead of joy there was shock "You are pregnant?" His own shocked words still echoed in his ears. If he didn’t search for her, he would never have known about the baby.

How she tried to deny his part telling him “this is my child,” her exact words. How she told him they were not one and that their marriage was over. How, he had to beg for what was his own right.

"You are my wife and now you are having our baby. I want you and the baby in my life. So please come back."

And even after that, he lived with her bitterness, her resentment, her repulsion of his touch. Her repulsion hurt him the most, shredding his heart to pieces. It made him believe that he had wronged her so badly in some way that his very presence disgusted her. Little did he know then, that he was wrongly paying for a crime he never committed.

How do I forgive you Nikki? How do I wipe away this pain? How ?

How he wished he could just kill her and then kill himself! It would be the simplest way to end all the pain and misery between them. But then, even the thought of her going through the slightest of physical pain was killing him. He has every reason to hate her but his heart doesn’t concede. Why Dammit! Why? Weakness was never his virtue before! How has it suddenly taken over his life!

Why does he feel the need to see her happy when all that she has given him is pain? Why does he always feel the need to protect her when she is always ready to attack him ? How much he hated himself for being so weak where she was concerned.

"And if it is worrying you so much, I promise you. If these hands ever touch you again, it will only be for the mother of my child, NOT, a man's touch for a woman."

Damn! Damn! Damn, what happened to that promise today? How did I forget it ? How ? How could I !” he angrily flings his phone that was lying on the table, to the ground.

Hearing the thud, Nikki dashes to the balcony.

“Abhi” she whispers. He clenches his fists tightly.

“Go to sleep Nikki.” He growls in anger not looking at her.

"Abhi,” Nikki still calls out to him. His whole body has gone taut. “How do I sleep Abhi, when I know you are hurting because of me.”

“Don’t get into it Nikki, JUST GO, Dammit!” he hollers fiercely, his eyes were blazing.

Nikki shudders in fear. He was so loud that the baby inside her moved. Eyes stinging with tears, she quickly puts her hand on her abdomen.

Abhi then realized he made the mistake of looking at her eyes. Her eyes has always been his undoing. It is these eyes , that defeats him all the time, like they did this evening, the moment he looked into them, like they always do in every of his endeavours to keep distance between them. Right now too, he finds himself weakening seeing the moist pleading and pain in them. They just tug at his heart strings. He can see she is also hurting and he is beginning to hate himself knowing he is the cause of it.

He then notices her hand on her stomach. Much against his will, he softens his stance.

“Are you okay? Is the baby fine?” the words automatically shoot from his mouth.

Nikki nods her head.

“Go to sleep Nikki, Its way too late.” He coaxes. “Please Go!” he pleads softly.

Swallowing a painful lump in her throat, Nikki goes inside.

Sleep was completely elusive for the two aching hearts who were lost in deep thoughts. Oblivious to them, though far away, their thoughts were in tandem with each other.

Abhi : “When will I overcome my pain. When will it stop pricking me ?”

Nikki “I know how painfully you are pricking today Abhi. I know how much you tried to overcome it.

Abhi “When will you stop hurting her Abhi? You know she is hurting to see you like this. Its there in her eyes.”

Nikki “It hurts me even more Abhi to know this pain has been given to you, bye me.”

Abhi “You were the one to set everything right for her, her family, her friends, now why can’t you make things right between you two?

Nikki “He was the one who always made things right for me. Now, how do I set things right between us ? This time, he is not on my side.

Abhi: Everyone makes mistakes Abhi. Mistakes can’t be undone. One can only ensure they are not repeated and Nikki seems to have learnt from her mistake. Its upto you whether you should let the dark past ruin the beautiful togetherness you’ve both, once again, found in the present and the happiness that lies ahead. Haven’t you both lost enough?

Nikki “Everytime I look back on that grave mistake of mine, I realize how much I really lost. I lost everything when I lost you Abhi

Abhi : What’s stopping you Abhi? Don’t you love her anymore? Do you feel she doesn’t love you? You can see the love in her eyes, its there in her response to your touch.

Nikki: How can I forget how sweetly you softened towards me, inspite of your hurt, inspite of your promise. It has to be love that makes you retrace your steps towards me, against your own strong will, Abhi

Their beautiful moment in front of the mirror flash before their eyes. The hunger, the passion, the love was written all over in that kiss.,

Abhi remembers how beautifully she responded to his touch. How much she wanted him. There was no resentment, no repulsion. They all seemed to have vanished completely. It was only her need and love for him that showed.

Nikki reminisces how ecstatic she was when he touched her. It was as if she was on top of the world.

And then the dance, how lost they were into each other. How much they craved to be with each other.

They still have so much between them, the love, the passion is still so very strong. They just have to get rid of the ugly skeleton hovering over them.

Once again Abhi begins to question himself, “What do you want her to do Abhi? Beg? Grovel? Suffer? Would you be happy with it?

Nikki: What can I do to undo my mistake? How can I make up to him? I badly want to, but I don’t know how.

Abhi : “I don’t know, what I really want her to do. I definitely don’t want her to plead, grovel or suffer. I will not be able to take it, but then, I want something more. I really don’t know what! Perhaps more of herself ?

Nikki: Perhaps its time to give more of myself to you Abhi. To put your feelings before me like you always did for me. To confront every of your anger, resentment, bitterness with calm and patience like you did with me. You worked hard to keep us together when I fell apart, now its my turn to keep us together. I won’t let you fall apart.

Abhi runs his fingers through his hair in desperation. He realizes it was just yesterday, Nikki put herself in danger only to prove her love for him. Even if it was a stupid attempt and did make him angry, nevertheless, she did it only for him, for his attention. He can see she is desperate to redeem her mistake and is ready to walk any path, no matter how thorny or dangerous to make it upto him. He realises this is the very reason he is unable to hate her for what she did, even though he still hurts over it, even though it still makes him cautious and guarded.

Nikki, on the other hand is thinking she has to do something to make Abhi overcome his hurt. She wished she could take him in her arms and comfort him like he always did when she was hurting and unhappy.

Abhi : I am going to try my best to overcome this pain. I know I will. I just need some time and the best way is to maintain a distance between us till I am able to exorcise this demon completely out of me, till I am able to look straight into the past and not flinch even slightly.

Nikki: “I am going to try my best to understand you better and stand by you, Abhi. Take as much as time you want, I will always be waiting for you, waiting for the return of my husband, the love of my life. Its only a few steps more.

Abhi : I am not going to ruin Us. I am ready to battle with myself to overcome this pain. And I will not do it for the baby or the mother of my child, Nikki. Its only going to be for you, my love, my wife, my need.

Nikki : Its not for our baby, Abhi, I will do it only for you, because I love you very much. I really hope you will be able to forgive me some day.

“The baby is ours and will always have our love”

Their unified thought brings a tiny smile on their lips easing their stress, with a promise of a shining new world.

Few minutes later, Nikki hears him get into bed, beside her. She closes her eyes in relief. A flutter in her stomach makes her put her hand on it. She realizes the baby held them together in the worst phase of their relationship. It was because of the baby, Abhi was much softer and patient with her inspite of his pain and angst. “Thank you Baby,” her heart speaks silently as exhaustion begins to overtake her. She remembers his attempt to soothe the baby in the evening, taking them on to the road of passion. A smile playing on her lips, she takes the passion of their kiss along with her as she closes her sleep filled eyes.

Wondering if Nikki and the baby is okay, Abhi clenches his fist tightly resisting the temptation to turn and comfort her . After several futile attempts he finally gives up. Turning on to his side, he slowly lifts up his body and peeps over her shoulder. Finding her in deep sleep, he shuts his eyes in relief. Then looking at her hand on her abdomen as if she was trying protecting the precious life inside it, made his heart flutter with tenderness. It dawns on him that it was only because of the baby, hatred did not rule over them. He lifts his hand and placing it on her stomach, caressing it slowly, careful not to wake her up.

“Abhi,” her soft whisper startles him and he abruptly pulls his hand away. He looks at her and realizes she was mumbling in her sleep. He lowers himself down on to his side and surrenders himself to sleep.


“Hey guys, don’t fight yaar, we’ve all had so much fun after a long time.” Atul tells them

“Haan yaar” Muskaan quips in.

“No champ its never fun when he is around,” Armaan tells him

“Armaan!” Riddhima and Nikki plead with him.

“Well lets have fun your way Armaan!” Abhi tells him coolly . “Its been long since we had a boxing match. Tonight will be fun when I box the hell out of you once again!”

Monday, February 22, 2010


"Did we come at a wrong time?" Armaan asks

"That is an old habit of yours Armaan," Abhi tells him wryly "and old habits die hard I suppose," he grins.

"ABHI!" an embarrassed Nikki makes eyes at him.

"Do you guys like our surprise?" Riddhima asks, opening out her arms to Nikk, i as her eyes dance with excitement.

"Oh this is such a lovely surprise!" an equally excited Nikki walks towards her. The two best friends hug each other warmly.

"Hey Dude!" Armaan lifts a fist to Abhi "Congratulations for the baby. That was quick," he winks.

"Thanks!" Abhi smiles, punching his fist into Armaan's. They exchange a hug and pat each other on the back.

Armaan then turns towards Nikki and keeps staring at her.

"I can't believe this girl, who I have known since we were kids, is now carrying one herself. Come here, come here," he beckons her with his fingers, "Let me have a proper look at you!"

Nikki colours as he scrutinizes her from head to toe. She looks at Abhi who was standing next to Armaan. There was amusement on his face. Riddhima and the rest of the gang, also have smiles on their faces as they watch an embarrassed Nikki and an awestruck Armaan.

"I never expected to see this side of you Nikki," He tells her "You look beautiful. Pregnancy really seems to suit you. There is a special kind of glow on your face."

Blushing profusely, Nikki runs into his arms. Tears glisten in her eyes.

Laughing, Armaan hugs her warmly, his own eyes beginning to moisten.

"I am so happy for you Nikki." he tells her. He then looks at Abhi and winks at him. "For both of you." Abhi nods his acknowledgement.

"Didn't I say I have a surprise for you?" a smiling Rachna Modi interrupts them from behind.

"Ma you knew Armaan and Riddhima were coming?" Abhi asks her with disbelief on his face.

"Yes she did," Armaan confirms fondly putting his arm around Rachna's shoulder "and as a good friend she kept it a secret,"

Everyone stares questioningly at him. As Armaan begins to explain, Riddhima walks over to them and holds Nikki's hand.

"Riddhima has got a three day conference to attend to and me, a total wife-bhakt, decided to come and meet you guys. We told Aunty we wanted to surprise you all, so, to keep it a secret and she did!" He rubs his cheek fondly against Rachna's cheek. She pats his other cheek affectionately.

"Ma you are a chuppa rustom," Abhi tells her fondly putting his arm around her other shoulder.

Holding Abhi and Armaan on either side of her, Rachna laughs.

"Mama, you are wonderful," Nikki tells her. "I can't tell you how happy I am, to see Riddhima and Armaan," she squeezes Riddhima's hand.

"Now that calls for a sweet family picture," Jas says, camera in hand, as he takes in the beautiful sight of Rachna having Abhi and Armaan on either side of her with Nikki and Riddhima in front of them. He clicks a picture of them.

"I am family too," Sid says, trying to find place near Abhi who dragon-like, puffs heat at him.

"Even we are!" Atul, Muskaan and Anjali chime in.

"Aage jao," Armaan tells them. The three go down on their haunches in front of Riddhima and Nikki.

"And me?" asks Sid making a sad face.

Nikki giggles observing Abhi glare at Sid. She, affectionately, touches Sid's face and says "you sit here in front of me."

"Yay," Sid is jubilant. He blows a flying kiss to Nikki annoying Abhi, even more.

Stifling a giggle, Nikki looks imploringly at Abhi, pleading with him to ignore it.

After the picture was taken, Armaan says excitedly, "we are here for a week, we'll do dhamaal."

"Yes," quip in Atul and Muskaan.

"Isn't it enough you guys do dhamaal everyday?" Abhi tells them crisply

Experiencing his anger the previous day and aware of what he was hinting at, Atul, Muskaan and Anjali look jittery at him. Tenderly squeezing Abhi's hand, Nikki once again pleads with her eyes.

"Do what you guys want but don't drag my wife into it," he warns them sternly. Looking at their nervousness, he grins making them breathe in relief.

Rachna tells them that they should be going out in the lawn as the guests would have arrived. Nodding their heads, they all make their way out.

When Rohit, Sonam, Simran and their families arrive, Sid Modi loses his heart the moment he sees Simran. Everytime he wanted to be introduced to Simran, his family members were busy with the other guests.

Frustrated he decides to introduce himself. He goes to the corner and starts practicing.

"Hi I am Siddhant Modi and who are you?"

"Jeeeps!" his eyes pop wide, alerted by his error. "No, No I can't say that.

"Hi I am........" he forgets what he was supposed to say and begins to bite his nail. "Who am I ? Haan!"

Putting his hand out again, he closes his eyes and says "Hi I am Sid, Will you be my friend? "

"And I am Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, Can you get lost?" He squeezes Sid's palm tightly.

"Ouch, Ouch," Sid howls in pain, as he is also surprised to see Abhi in front of him.

"Abhi, what are you doing?" coming up from behind him, Nikki chides him, also trying to free Sid's hand from his. "Whats wrong with you? Why are you after this poor child?"

"Poor child!" Abhi exclaims, incredulity written on his face. "Can't you see he is upto some mischief"

Nikki looks questioningly at Sid. He shakes his head in the negative.

"No he is not," she tells Abhi firmly.

"Really?" Abhi raises an eyebrow, surprised at her retort "he says so and you believe him?"

"Yes I do" she tells him defiantly. "He is a sweet and nice boy." She smiles at Sid who looks smittenly at her.

Abhi looks at her in disbelief.

"Just because he called you Stunning, you take his side on everything?"

" Are you jealous ?" Nikki confronts him pushing her head up looking daringly into his eyes.

Abhi is even more startled at her sudden onslaught. "J......jealous ?" He strutters.

He then quickly composes himself. "Jealous of this chimpanzee, you must be joking!" the corner of his lips contort wryly.

"I just spoke the truth. Bhabhi is really beautiful and an amazing person."

"Thank you Sid, that's so sweet of you." Touching his cheek gently, Nikki smiles sweetly at him.

'Wow! What sweet love between bhabhi and devar! Looks like the Modi admiration society is going great guns !" Abhi's voice was laced with sarcasm. "How very touching!" He mockingly wipes the unseen tears from his eyes.

"Hi Jeeju, Hi Di," an excited Simran greets them.

"SIMRAN!" Abhi welcomes her happily as if she was God sent. "my sweetest saali, are you having fun at the party?" he asks her with the most irresistible smile on his face.

"Jeeju, I tell you this is a fantastic party," Simran tells him holding his arm. "And the best part of it all, is you are looking so handsome."

"Thank you, thank you," Abhi beams at her. With a wicked glint in his eyes, he looks at Nikki matching it with an equally wicked smile. Irritated, Nikki flashes a fake wide smile. The fact that they were greatly annoyed by the cosy exchange between jeeju and saali was written all over the faces of Nikki and Sid.

"Simran meet my brother in law Sid, your sweet Jeeju's," pausing, she darts a scowl at Abhi, "cousin."

"Hi Simran," Sid extends his hand to her.

"Hi" Simran mumbles shyly, disengaging her hand from Abhi and shaking Sid's hand.

She then tries to pull her hand away but Sid wouldn't let go off it. After a few attempts, Simran looks at Abhi for help. He slowly leans towards Sid and quietly pinches his arm.

"Ouch!" a pained Sid quickly leaves Simran's hand

Nikki was bubbling with laughter but manages to keep it inside her.

"Excuse me Di, Jeeju, I'll be back," feeling awkward, Simran leaves.

"You Idiot! What were you upto?" Abhi hisses at Sid.

"I can't help it bhai, she is so lovely! I have been waiting for such a long time to be introduced to her. Thank you Bhabhi for introducing us," Elated at finally having got what he had been waiting for, he embraces Nikki tightly. "You are wonderful!"

Nikki was not prepared for his sudden hug.

"Careful you idiot! You'll hurt her!" A worried Abhi quickly pulls Sid away from his wife.

"Ooops sorry bhabhi! I hope I didn't hurt you."

"No I am fine Sid."

"Hi Abhimanyu, Hi Nikita " someone calls out to them

Abhi turns and waves making signs he is coming over.

"I am warning you, stay away from Simran," he growls threateningly at Sid. "I don't want you to start any new trouble now."

"And you," he looks at Nikki. "don't keep supporting him for everything."

An annoyed Nikki and Sid look at each other and mouth "Khadoos,".

"Come on now," holding Nikki around the waist, Abhi leads her towards the guest who greeted them.

There was fun and merriment at the party. Happy to be together after such a long time, the gang were enjoying themselves, chatting, joking and pulling each other legs.

The DJ belted out medley of fast numbers.

"Come on Guys lets dance!" Armaan tells them. Everyone agree and stand up. Seeing Nikki and Abhi still sitting he teases Abhi.

"Your wife is pregnant, you are not! Come on and dance!"

"Yes, Jeeju, you should dance." Simran tells a reluctant Abhi "Di I hope you don't mind if I dance with your husband?"

"Sure," Nikki smiles at her.

Simran holds Abhi's hand and drags him to the dance floor.

While he was being dragged, Abhi turns to look at Nikki. He keeps staring at her. She was unable to read the expression in those eyes, but her own heart wished she could be with him. She smiles sadly at him.

"My Simran!" Sid's eyes pop up as alarm bells begin to ring in his ears. Nikki can't help but laugh at the anxiety on his face.

"Why don't you go and dance with them?" She tells him.

"Hey that's a good idea! Thanks Bhabhi, you are the best." Then he begins to bite his nails in panic. "but I don't have a partner."

"It's a group dancing, you don't need a partner, you Silly!"

"Great!" Sid stands up abruptly and runs towards the dance floor.

Nikki moves over to where Rachna, Kavita, Jas, Amrita and her husband were sitting. Sitting beside them, she was watching the group having fun, dancing. Her heart was filled with joy watching Abhi's smiling face. After such a long time, he looked so happy and relaxed.

To her amusement, she saw Sid butting in between Abhi and Simran, wanting to dance with Simran, but Abhi would not allow it. He would stand still and glare at Sid who would move away pointing his finger bhangra style. Few minutes later he would be back doing the same thing again and again. Watching the two of them, Nikki was unable to contain her laugh.

She then finds Abhi's gaze fixed on her. Watching the amusement on her face, he smiles warmly at her. Nikki smiles back at him. She sees him whispering something to Simran who looks at Nikki and smiles impishly. Abhi, then moves out of the dancing group and walks towards her.

Reaching her, he holds out his hand.

"Dance?" He asks with a charming smile.

"Abhi, Me? In that crowd ?" Nikki begins to shake her head nervously.

"Don't worry, I am there with you. Trust me!" he assures her

Nikki looks at the older people sitting around her. With smiles on their faces, they nod their approval. She blushes. Then turning to Abhi, she puts her hand into his. Gently he pulls her up and holding her hand leads her towards the dancing group.

"Abhi, the music is too fast for me, I can't be dancing there." Nikki makes an attempt to back out.

"I said don't worry!" he assures her "Its not fair that you are sitting out there while all of us are here on the dance floor. You are part of the group too!" he smiles tenderly at her

"Besides, If the father and baby is dancing how can the mother not dance!" he grins. Nikki smiles.

Everyone cheer as they join the group at the centre of the dance floor. Abhi then winks at Simran who was standing near the DJ.

Nikki looks from Abhi to Simran in puzzlement. Before she could understand anything, she feels Abhi's hand on her back as his arm had encircled her around her waist. When he pulls her closer to him, she looks questioningly into his face.

He brings his face closer to hers and smiles, watching her expression change first to surprise, then happiness when she hears her favourite song being played.

"Saason ko Saason mein dalne do zara

Dheemi si dadkan ko badne do zara.

Lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aaye hum, hum tum.

Their eyes locked with each other, they then slowly sway in rythmn to the song letting its words speak their emotions from within.

His warm hands on the bareness of her back scorched up a heat of desire inside Nikki. Though he held her snug against him, she was aching for him to clasp his arm even more tightly around her.

Looking into his eyes, she can see the desire and passion building in them too, but then, there was some kind of restrain lurking at the back of those very eyes.

Intellect and desire were warring inside Abhi. Bringing Nikki to the dance floor was a wish to see her happy amongst her friends, not sitting lonely at the other end, but, he now finds himself standing on the threshold of the forbidden path. Treading it would mean, once again, leaving his heart open and unguarded.

The little voice of reason was screaming for him to stop and walk away. He needs to sort things first than complicate it more with physical intimacy. He already made the mistake earlier in the evening and he must not repeat it. He has to pull away right now. However, his effort to pull away was too feeble. One look into her desire filled eyes accompanied with an enchanting smile, threw all caution to the wind. His treacherous heart only made him pull her closer to him.

"You are too dangerous for me Nikki, You knock me out of my senses." He wanted to scream out the accusation at her, but, his voice does not support him, well aware the weakness was in him.

He always strived and prided himself for maintaining clarity on situations, for being in control of his feelings, but, when it comes to her, he has no control on himself. The only time he is safely in control, is when he distances himself from her. Yet, time and again, he finds it difficult to even maintain that distance.

"God ! How badly messed up I am!" He sighs closing his eyes in defeat, still assuring himself this closeness is only the call of the moment. This moment, that was made precious and beautiful by the fun filled atmosphere and the woman in his arms who seems to have permeated deeply into his whole system. He lacked that ruthlessness to ruin it. He looks down into her eyes and smiles tenderly making her face brighten up with happiness. Slowly, she puts her head on his chest and closes her eyes, blissful, that he finally fulfilled her desire of squeezing her tightly in his arm. The words of the song continue to echo their feelings......

Lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aaye hum, hum tum.

Lost into each other, it was the loud applause from everyone, at the end of the song, that broke the spell between them.

Nikki was reluctant and sad to leave the haven of his arms.

'When I am in your arms Abhi, I forget who I am. I become yours completely, only yours" her eyes seem to tell him.

"Thank you," she whispers lovingly at him.

Her damp eyes begin to unnerve him. He smiles apprehensively at her. The gathering of the gang around them spares him from saying anything.

"Di, Jeeju that was beautiful," an enthralled Simran tells them. Almost everyone else around them, echo her words making Abhi and Nikki flush with colour. The air was once again filled with jokes and laughter.


Abhi's reaction? She recollects how Abhi felt her stomach and came to know of her pregnancy. He didn't hear it from her. How much that must have hurt him! Morever, her distrust of him, shattered him even more. How will he ever forget that! She is not able to forget or forgive herself for it, How will he? Everytime this harsh truth comes in front of him, it will only make him sore.

After such a long time, he was in one of the best moods today. Even though there is tension still between them, she can see he is trying his best to put everything behind him. Raw wounds don't heal overnight. She has to ensure he doesn't get upset

Monday, February 8, 2010

CONNECTED IN LOVE - Silver Jubilee Part

The next day when Nikki opened her eyes, she was surprised to see her mother sitting beside her.

"Good Morning Sleeping Beauty," Kavita teases her.

"Hey Mom!" Nikki exclaims excitedly and sitting up stretches her aching body. "I am just unable to wake up early these days," she complains.

"Now that is something you cannot help," her mother tells her fondly. "Its because of your pregnancy, you do know that."

"I know, but I wish I am able to wake up before Abhi leaves," she tells her sadly. "I am sure he has already left for Sanjeevani."

"Yes, he left after I arrived, about half an hour ago."

Nikki is very disappointed.

"Its so good to see you Mom," she tells her hugging her tightly "You've hardly gone a few days and I am already missing you."

"I miss you too," Kavita tells her tears glistening in her eyes. "Since, today is the party for Rohit and Sonam, I thought I'll help you and Rachna with the arrangements."

"Thanks Mom"

Kavita was surprised to find her daughter clinging like a baby on to her.

"Is everything okay Darling?"

"Hmmm," Nikki nods, but her thoughts were with Abhi.

"Is Abhi still upset?" she wonders. "I really hope his mood is better today! Should I call him up?

'There you go again Nikki. Impatient as ever,' she chides herself. 'Give him some time. You decided that you won't trouble him.

"But, I will be so restless till I see him. I hope he atleast calls."


The house was filled with caterers and decorators with Rachna, Kavita and Nikki, overseeing the arrangements. Amid the activity in the house, her daughter in law's crestfallen face did not go unnoticed by Rachna Modi. She knew for that face to brighten up, the answer lay with her son.

"Hope that stubborn son of mine, atleast calls her," she prays.

"Nikki Darling, aren't you feeling well? You look tired," Kavita tells her unable to fathom her daughter's spiritless face.

Standing in a corner, Sid and Rachna exchange knowing looks.

"I am fine Mom!" Nikki replies casually.

"Tyayiji, I have a plan" Sid tells Rachna. "we should somehow get Bhai to call Bhabhi. We could tell him Bhabhi is not well or something like that."

"No Sid we mustn't do that," Rachna warns him. "Abhi doesn't like any interference between them and in any case its between a husband and a wife. They need to sort it out themselves. Don't worry, I know my son cares a lot about her and and I am convinced he'll call."

The phone did ring. With hopeful eyes Rachna and Sid watch as Nikki mechanically picks it up and answers it.

The erupting sparkles in her eyes told them that it was the most awaited caller on the line.

"Why aren't you picking up your phone," Abhi asks her firmly.

"Phone'? Oh! its in the room and I forgot to change its status from silent"

"Hmmmmm." he mumbles and then there was a brief silence. "How are you feeling now?" he enquires of her. "You seemed quiet exhausted. When I was leaving, you were sound asleep."

"Yeah this pregnancy is making me very drowsy especially in the mornings." she tells him.

"I can imagine! Especially looking at the way you are stressing yourself unnecessarily," Abhi chides. "Are you sure, you did not get any kind of hurt anywhere, yesterday?"

"No, No, I am fine," Nikki assures him.

"Good! I'll catch you later then, Bye."

"Abhi?" Nikki calls out quickly, not wanting him to disconnect.


"Er'..Er'..What time will you come home?" she asks him.

"Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I have one important meeting to attend to, in the late afternoon, so I think I'll make it just in time for the party. Take care of yourself." He pauses briefly.

"And For God's sake, just stay out of trouble." Nikki smiles at his emphasis of the last line.

"Ok, I will," she assures him.

"I have to go now," Abhi tells her softly

"Ok. Take care" Nikki tells him.

"Its more, you, who needs to take care. I am not pregnant," he tells her. "Well, it's a different thing, if you considered PIPS needing care," his voice had mischief in it.

"PIPS?" Nikki is puzzled. "What is that?"

"Pregnancy Induced Paternal Symptoms. For example yelling like a fishwife, loss of sanity''."

"Shut up!" Nikki laughs out aloud

Abhi was also grinning at the other end. There was a knock on his door.

"I have to rush," He tells her. "Bye," He disconnects the phone.

Flushed with happiness, Nikki puts down the phone.

Watching her elated face, Rachna and Sid shake hands and smile.


Nikki was dressed for the party.

"Where is Abhi? Why hasn't he come as yet ?" she wonders. She picks up the phone and dials his number. He doesn't answer.

Disappointed, she turns to look at herself in the mirror. She hoped she was looking good. She did feel good dressed in the green pastel saree teamed with a golden sleeveless blouse. Though her body was undergoing changes, except for the little bump that has now grown a little big and more clearly noticeable, there has not been major difference than what she was looking before. She had been constantly nagged by the thought, as her pregnancy progresses, she would be looking bad and frumpy. She smiles at the bump hidden beneath the flowing pallu of her saree. Never, knew one could feel so good about it. She is now nearing her 20th week which means she is almost halfway through her pregnancy.

Wow Nikki!" she smiles at herself in the mirror "and you still don't look bad at all!"

If there was any doubt of how she looked, it was immediately wiped out as she found herself staring at those mesmerized passionate eyes that were appraising her through the mirror.

The stunned expression and the soundless "Oh" frozen on his lips, added more colour to her already glowing face.

"Wow ! You look absolutely Sexy," Abhi drawls when he manages to find his voice. He, then, immediately closes his eyes and contorts his nose in embarrassment. . "Er'Er'.I meant HOT," Realizing perhaps that again was not the right word, he bites his lip. Nikki was amused at his difficulty in finding the right word. Trying to hide her smile, she lowers her eyes. "You look stunning!" Abhi finally manages and closes his eyes in relief. Nikki chuckles.

"Really? With this little bump here?" she puts her hand on her stomach, the little bit of insecurity still nagging her.

"Even more so with this little bump." He confirms with an irresistible smile.

Nikki blushes. She can see the desire forming in his eyes.

"You are quiet late," she tells him in a bid to divert his attention. "Come on get ready quickly,"

"Hmmm," he nods his eyes still fixed on to her.

Noticing, he was still rooted to the spot, Nikki makes eyes at him. "Go on! hurry up ! its time for the guests to arrive!"

"Okay, I will!" Abhi concedes reluctantly. He goes to the wardrobe and pulls out a pink shirt. Hanging it on the stand, outside, he walks into the bathroom.

Shaking her head with a smile, Nikki leaves the room.On the way to the living room, she meets Sid in the passage .

"Nikki Bhabhi, has Bhai come, I need to borrow a shirt from him."

"Yeah, but, he is in the shower," Nikki informs him and makes her way to the living room, where Rachna, Kavita and Jas were chatting.

"Wow you look lovely Darling!" Kavita tells her.

"Absolutely!" Rachna confirms.

"How does Abhi allow you to even leave the room looking as gorgeous like that," Jas says looking at her in awe.

Nikki colours under their compliments.

Few minutes later while they were chatting, suddenly they hear Abhi's loud explosive voice.

"Sid you idiot! Where the hell are you?"

Startled, they all look at each other with surprise.

"Sid come here at once."

"Now what did this boy do?" Rachna slaps her forehead.

"Don't worry Mama, I'll go check" Nikki tells her.

Walking into the passage, she meets Sid who was biting his nail.

"Sid what did you do?" she asks him, anxiously.

Before he could speak, they could hear Abhi yelling again.

"Sid, you idiot, if you don't come here right now, I'll kill you."

"Come on, Sid," Nikki anxiously pulls him by the hand. As they were entering the room, a petrified Sid walks behind her muttering, "Nikki Bhabhi please, please save me,"

Once inside, she gapes open mouthed at the sight in front of her. Abhi was standing near the open wardrobe. He was wearing black denims and his chest was bare. His shirts were strewn all over the bed.

"Abhi what happened ?" Nikki asks him, astonishment on her face.

"What happened?" Abhi exclaims looking completely miffed. "Ask that idiot behind you," he growls.

"Sid?" Nikki looks at him, her eyes widening with shock.

"And, Bloody Hell! you wore my shirt ?" Abhi asks in disbelief when realization hits him. "I thought you just took it away. You dared to wear it! You Idiot I won't leave you, I am going to kill you."

Sid ducks once again behind Nikki, holding her arms from behind.

"What the hell are you hiding behind her for? Just leave her alone" he fiercely warns Sid.

"Bhai'..Bhai'I was trying all those shirts, but eventually, I liked this shirt, the best" he grins sheepishly pointing out to the pink shirt he was wearing.

Nikki begins to giggle.

"Yooooou idiot," eyes narrowing with anger, Abhi advances towards them.

Sid gets scared and nudges Nikki towards Abhi.

"Abhi, Abhi" Nikki stops him, putting her hand on his chest. An electrifying sensation passes through Abhi with the sensuous touch of her hand.

"Abhi, Please let it be now, please." Nikki pleads

"Nikki you better stop sheltering this guy. He is already a spoilt brat and you are going to spoil him even more. Look at the way he has thrown my shirts and even has the audacity to wear the shirt I was planning to wear for the evening." he scowls at Sid.

"Bhai, don't get angry. After all I am your brother. I had to look good today!" Sid tells him, scratching his head.

"Why? is it your bloody wedding?" Abhi snaps. "and you think only my shirts make you look good, you chimpanzee."

Nikki was bubbling with laughter

"Bhabhi, look, look how my brother treats me," Sid complains poutily to Nikki whose face was filled with mirth.

"I'll show you how I really want to treat you," Abhi menaces towards him.

With difficulty Nikki stops laughing and blocks his way again.

"Abhi, please! we don't have the time now, please wear another shirt, look the guests will start entering any time.

"Haan Bhai, Bhabhi is right!" Sid calls from behind.

"Again, that idiot speaks," Abhi gets agitated. "Who asked for your bloody advice?" He roars at him.

Cupping his face affectionately, Nikki mouths a "Please,"

"Sid you better leave now," she calls out to him over her shoulder. She then turns her face sideways and makes eyes at Sid to leave.

She can see him biting his nails and quietly taking baby steps towards the door. His eyeballs were two petrified shining marbles. He was squirming under Abhi's ferocious preying gaze. She felt she was watching the fable of the mouse in the lion's den. She begins to giggle.

When he reaches the door post, Sid breathes in relief.

"Thank you Bhabhi, Thank you Bhai for the shirt!" Grinning he waves to them and runs of the room.

"Idiot!" Abhi roars after him.

Laughing heartily, Nikki moves forward and her head bangs softly into his chest. Suddenly her fingers begin to burn as she becomes aware of the bareness of his body. She flusters trying her best to resist the temptation of caressing his chest.

"Its because of you that idiot got saved today," Abhi tells her in annoyance, briefly glancing at her before looking towards the door again.

"Acha Baba, now don't spoil your mood," she tells him, tenderly drums her fingers on his chest.

"I tell you everyone is after my bloody life!" Abhi mumbles. He then looks down at her hands on his chest "and looks like you have made every provision of killing me today."

"Abhi!" she twitches her nose shyly at him and following his gaze to her hand on his chest, she nervously withdraws it

"Go Get '. Ready quickly'." She fumbles awkwardly, turning away from him. Then going towards the dressing mirror, she begins to brush her hair.

Abhi's eyes glint with mischief as he can sense her nervousness. Hiding a smile, he goes to the wardrobe and pulls out a blue shirt.

Nikki feels a hard thump inside her abdomen. She grimaces. Then, there was another one.

"Hey naughty baby," she whispers, massaging her stomach. "The party hasn't started as yet and you are already dancing," she smiles.

Buttoning his shirt, Abhi comes up behind her. He sees her hand on her stomach and her smiling face.

"Whats the matter? " he asks , looking at her through the mirror. "Is everything alright?"

"Absolutely fine," she assures him. " This little one here is already in a mood to party. Dancing all over the place. So trying to calm it down."

Abhi is amused with her reply. "Do you need my help?" he asks with a lopsided smile. Nikki flushes with colour.

Abhi stops buttoning his half undone shirt and moves close behind her. Pushing his hands under her arms, he places them on her stomach. Then with his right hand he slowly and rhythmically rubs her abdomen into a gentle massage. Tingling with happiness, Nikki turns her face sideways and looks lovingly at him. He looks down at her and smiles fondly.

"Is that calming the baby down?" he whispers into her ears. Nikki shuts her eyes. How does she tell him he has managed to calm down the baby but her own senses have been aroused. She opens her eyes and tongue-tied, she stares at him,

Abhi finds himself drowning into those big dark eyes. He begins to steel himself to resist, but, before he could realize it, he is trapped in their hypnotic spell. As if in a trance, his face advances closer and closer to hers. His fingers stops its caressing and slowly snakes about her stomach till a magnetic sensation heralds the meeting of her fingers. He moves his fingers, further into hers, forcing a respond, till they are firmly entwined into his. Closing her eyes, Nikki lifts her face to him.

With the last bit of resistance having left him, Abhi shuts his eyes in complete surrender. "Damn, Nikki you don't play fair at all," he mutters and puts his lips on hers. Nikki gasps. The soft touch of his lips over hers was like the first drop of water to a thirsty man.

The urgency in Abhi's kisses begin to increase as the fire kindles rapidly inside him. Their hunger for each other seem insatiable. They suddenly stop, unbolting their fingers into a release. Then in one united telepathic move, Nikki turns around to face him, just as he was attempting to turn her around. Their hearts hammering in a visible heaving, they stare at each other with longing and desire. With heated hastiness, Abhi then pulls her in his arms as his lips, once again, hungrily finds hers. Responding to him, Nikki moves her fingers on his bare chest into a slow caress.

"The party is outside what are you two doing inside?"

"This Armaan's habit of butting in between us, hasn't gone as yet," mumbles Abhi as he moves his lips seductively to the corner of her mouth.

"hmmm, I agree" Nikki drawls basking in the pleasure of his lips.

"I said Mr. & Mrs. Modi, the party is outside what important work you both are doing inside?"

"Armaaan!" Riddhima chides.

"ARMAAAAAN? RIDDHIMA??" They exclaim in unison looking astounded at each other."

They pull apart. After straightening themselves, they rush out and are amazed to see Riddhima and Armaan grinning at them, along with the rest of the gang.

"What was happening inside?" Armaan teases.

Abhi and Nikki flush with colour.


Sitting beside Rachna, Kavita, Jas, Amrita and her husband, Nikki was watching the group having fun dancing. Her heart was filled with joy watching Abhi's smiling face. After such a long time, he looked so happy and relaxed.

To her amusement, she saw Sid butting in between Abhi and Simran, wanting to dance with Simran, but Abhi would not allow it. He would stand and glare at Sid who would then move away pointing his finger bhangra style. Few minutes later he would be back doing the same thing again and again. Nikki couldn't help laugh watching the two of them.

She then finds Abhi watching her. Seeing her laugh, he smiles warmly at her. Nikki smiles back at him. She then sees him whispering something to Simran who looks at Nikki and smiles impishly. Abhi, then moves out of the dancing group and walks towards her.

Reaching her, he holds out his hand.

"Dance?" He asks with a charming smile.

"Abhi, Me? In that crowd ?" Nikki begins to shake her head nervously.

"Don't worry, I am there with you. Trust me!" he assures her

Friday, February 5, 2010


Left alone, Abhi looks sullenly at Nikki who was twiddling with her thumb. With the disgusted shake of his head, he strides towards the exit. He then realizes, that it was too dark for Nikki to find her way on her own. With another annoyed shake of his head, he goes back to where she was standing and glowers at her. Her heart beating nervously, Nikki lowers her eyes.

Before she knew it, she found herself suspended in air and throws her hand out in panic. She then realizes Abhi had lifted her in his arms. A tiny smile begins to play on her lips as she holds on to his neck for support. He scowls at her and then looking carefully ahead, he searches for the path to exit.

Reaching the car, he puts her down on the ground and unlocks it. Once Nikki sits in, he shuts the door firmly and goes over to his side.

The atmosphere in the car was tense. Nikki knew if she said a word, he would flare, but, the silence between them was too prickly. It was suffocating her.

"Abhi, I'" she gulps. "Abhi I am sorry. I just wanted to make up to you and show you that Sonali doesn't bother me anymore. All I wanted to do is to warn her not to trouble you anymore." Seeing his hands tightening on the steering wheel, her heart begins to hammer apprehensively. His jaws were clenched firmly together.

"Abhi, I didn't think it would backfire."

"When do you ever think properly Nikki?" Abhi snarls. "When you are supposed to think you don't and when there is no need for you to think, you'll get the most wildest and weirdest thoughts in your head."

"I keep thinking about you." She tells him, sulkily.

"Yeah right! How to drive me completely insane ? There still must be some more crazy ideas in your head. Why don't you just go ahead and execute all of them, at one time, so that, I am saved of these slow deaths."

"Don't say that!" Nikki snaps at him. "You always have a problem with everything I do. All you do is yell, yell and yell"

"Ooops!" Abhi clamps his mouth with his hand, his eyes widening with shock. "Yelling at you? Yelling at such a sweet and loving wife?" he blinks, his face displaying fake innoncence. "Tutututututtutu Now, how shameful is that! That's a very very mean husband you have there!"

Seeing him mocking her, Nikki tweaks her nose in annoyance at him.

"No seriously," he confirms with the shake of his head. "Your husband should have taken you in his arms and sweetly told you how proud he was of you . After all, you are such a brave lady. Today, you took on a crazy con woman! You almost got killed! So what of it ? Big Deal ! Right?" he shrugs his shoulders as he continues his driving.

"Why should your husband have a problem with it even if he died a thousand deaths in that moment when he saw you slumped to the ground," his eyes reflects the fear and despair of that blood curdling sight.

"Why should it matter to him? In the first place, how does it really matter, what he feels or doesn't feel ? His feelings are always taken for granted. No matter whether you are right or wrong, he should just stand by and keep patting you on your back for your outstanding bravery," he pauses.

Then darting a cynical glance at her he continues, "Infact he should be encouraging you to do more and more of such stuff so that," his teeth clenched he continues, " he keeps on dying slowly. Right?" He gives her a icy angry look

"And here, look at this horrible husband of yours," he points his thumb towards himself. " all that he does is Yells Yells and Yells" he mockingly imitates her.

Nikki begins to wail. "Don't say such things Abhi. Okay, okay make fun of me." She bawls loudly.

Abhi rolls his eyes in exasperation


Rachna Modi opens the door and is startled to see a sobbing Nikki and an annoyed Abhi standing in front of her.

Seeing Rachna's warm face, Nikki puts her arms around her neck and wails loudly on her shoulder, sniffing on and off.

"Nikki, Beta, what happened?" a concerned Rachna asks her. "Abhi?" she raises her eyebrow at him.

Shaking his head in annoyance, Abhi stomps inside the house. Sid Modi who was playing on his PSP, rises from the couch, looking confused at them.

Rachna tenderly brings Nikki inside and makes her sit on the sofa. She then sits down beside her.

"What happened ?" She turns to Abhi, who was standing opposite them, leaning against a wall. "Will you say something Abhi?"

"Why don't you ask your beloved daughter in law what happened? She was in a mood to play Jhansi ki Rani, that too, in her pregnant state," he sneers. "So she makes some stupid plans with her army of stupid friends," he pauses to glare at Nikki " They tried to tackle a con woman and almost got shot in the bargain."

Rachna and Sid are horrified. They look at Nikki with open mouth.

"Nikki, Beta, how could you do this? Are you okay?" Rachna asks her worriedly. " Did you get hurt?"

"I am fine," Nikki mumbles in between sobs.

"Beta, baby or no baby, you shouldn't do such things. Its not good. Anything could have happened to you."

"I am sorry Mama, I didn't realize it.

"Did not realize it!" Abhi yells angrily. "Being a doctor, she knows, her center of gravity is off. She is unable to balance herself properly and inspite of it all, she goes into this dark place, where there is hardly a flicker of light and she goes into such place where there is even more chances of her tripping and falling.

"But, Muskaan, Anjali and Atul were with me!" Nikki tells him poutily.

"Don't you take their names in front of me ever again! Muskaan, Anjali, Atul," he mocks. "your little kindergarten friends!"

"Abhi!" Rachna looks at him with pleading eyes.

"See Mama, I did it all only for him and see the way he is shouting at me." She begins to bawl even more loudly

"For me!" Abhi snaps back. Sid gets up and tries to calm him by patting his back. "And you thought when I saw you slumping down to the ground, I should be dancing with joy?" He scowls at her.

"Nikki, you fell to the ground?" Rachna was shocked. "And you didn't get hurt?"

"No Mama, I am fine. I did it to fool that Sonali," she chuckles proudly.

"Really? That was pretty risky!" Rachna looks at her daughter in law in amazement.

"Risky? What is that? Nikki has never heard of that word before!" Abhi taunts.

Nikki pouts weepily at him.

"Abhi!" his mother admonishes him. "Now stop shouting at the poor child. I am sure she won't do this ever again, right Nikki?" she smiles affectionately at her.

Tearfully Nikki nods her head in acceptance.

Rachna tenderly caresses Nikki's face and then hugs her warmly.

"Aww Mera Baccha, you are pretty brave. Muaaaaah," she smacks a loving kiss on Nikki's cheek. Smiling happily, Nikki laps up the attention she was getting from her mother in law.

Abhi is unable to believe his eyes. He gapes at them open mouthed. He then shuts and opens his eyes in disbelief. Slowly he turns to look at his brother standing near him and is even more shocked with his expressions. Tears were trickling down Sid's cheek. His eyes were full of admiration as he kept staring at the two beautiful ladies in front of him.

"What happened to you?" Abhi asks him, softly.

"Aww Bhai, what a fabulous saas-bahu they are! So much of love, tenderness and understanding. Nikki Bhabhi is so brave. How much she loves you!" He looks at her with dazed eyes.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrr!" Abhi grits his teeth in exasperation. "Another Saas-Bahu TRP contributer!" he mutters, rolling his eyes.

"My dearest mother and my dearest brother," he calls out to them calmly. They all turn to look at him. "since you both are founder members of the Nikki Modi Fan Club, why don't you both arrange for a gallantry award for her. After all she endangered her own life, her baby's life, her husbands's life. Such a brave woman needs an award and who better than fans like you" motioning with his hand from Rachna to Sid, " to give it to her."

"Abhi, you don't have to be so rude to your mother and your brother because of me!" Nikki chides him.

"Don't you dare say anything Nikki," Abhi warns her with the raise of his finger. "I am too upset and angry with you. I don't want to listen to anything you say. You've said and done enough of damage!"

"Abhi, how can you be so rude to your wife?"

"Bhai how can you be so rude to your wife?"

Rachna and Sid blurt out in unison.

Clenching his fists and jaws tightly Abhi shuts his eyes.

He then looks at them and flashes the most saccharinest smile he could manage while his eyes are coals of burning ember.

"You know what? I now realize there is a Modi mutual admiration association out here and being the rude Modi, I am the odd man out. I definitely don't belong to it. Neither, do I have any inclination to be a member of this group. So its best I go from her." He stomps out of the room.

"Abhi," Rachna and Nikki morosely , call after him.

"Tayiji, Nikki Bhabhi, don't worry," looking at their dejected faces, Sid consoles them. "He is the main Modi that connects all of us. There is no chance of his escaping us. Where will he go?" he winks at them putting his hand out. They all burst into giggles and join their hands together.


Sometime later, when Nikki enters their room, she finds Abhi sitting out on the balcony. Steeling herself to talk to him, she decides to take some more time and quietly gets into the bathroom. After freshening up, she goes to the balcony and finds Abhi reclined on the chair, his eyes were shut.

"Abhi, dinner is being served, Mama and Sid are waiting."

He ignores her

"Abhi please eat."

He opens his eyes and she can see daggers in them.

"Abhi you are upset with me, why be upset on food, please eat, please." She pleads with him.

"I don't want to eat, drink, nothing. Just leave me alone," he tells her in a disgruntled voice.

"Okay fine, you want to be stubborn, so be it." Nikki tells him hotly. "Even I am not going to eat. So what if my baby," she caresses her stomach, "gets punished along with me. I am going to tell Mamma and Sid, not to wait for us. Atleast let them go ahead and eat." She leaves the room.

"Damn," Abhi shuts his eyes in frustration. "This Bomb in my life surely knows how to kill me without exploding. Help me Dear God !"

Few minutes later, Nikki, Rachna and Sid stifle their amused smiles as Abhi comes to the dining table and sits down beside Nikki.

"You finally came," Nikki whispers happily, leaning towards him .

"What else can I do ? You have all the cards in your hands. Either you punish me or you will punish our baby and I definitely don't want our baby to be punished because of me." he tells her peevishly.

Nikki winces inwardly with the jibe.

After dinner, Abhi says he has to go to the police station to sign some papers. "For God's sake, please go to sleep, you've had a rough day," he pleads with her.

Nikki nods her head.


Nikki comes out of her slumber. She was sleeping on her side. She feels a warm hand over her abdomen and knew it was Abhi. Slowly she opens her eyes and sees the back of his head which was lying on the pillow tucked between her knees and belly. She could hear him whispering to the baby. A smile slowly creeps up on her face and even though he wasn't facing her, she closes her eyes feigning sleep.

"Hey Baby, I am sure you are awake." Nikki smiles. The baby was indeed flitting all over inside her. "Your mother's crazy behavior must have taken away your sleep as it has taken away mine," He lifts his head and looks at Nikki. Stretching his hand, he brushes away a strand of hair that was disturbing her serene face.

"Look how innocent and peaceful she looks when she sleeps. I really can't figure out, how such an innocent, sweet lady can come up with the weirdest of ideas. She doesn't even give it a proper thought before going ahead with them. Just not bothered about herself. Neither is she bothered about us. Right?" he turns his face back to the stomach.

" She doesn't realize how much it effects both of us when she is in danger. I really don't know, when will she stop taking us for granted. When will she realize both our hearts beat only because of her. Today, the moment she fell down, it was as if my heart had stopped its beating and she takes it as a joke. I felt like shaking her, but then, I can't even do that." he shakes his head sadly

"What upsets me most about her is that she just doesn't care enough to see we get hurt by such actions of hers. Again and again she tramples all over my heart and with a simple sorry, I am supposed to forget everything, even let her walk into danger." Nikki felt her throat pricking as she emphatizes with his pain. She wanted to reach out to him and run her fingers through his hair.

"Sorry!" he growls irately. "Who the bloody hell coined that word and even if there is such a word, it shouldn't have been told to your mother atleast. She uses it lavishly anytime, anywhere and if I disagree with it then I am at fault. Wow!" his face contorts into irritation.

"Yell, Yell," he imitates Nikki. If I don't yell at her, she won't stop doing such stupid stuff and if I yell at her, it upsets her. So here again, both ways, I suffer. Does my feelings, my pain ever count?" there is silence for few minutes. Nikki wonders what was happening. She then hear him take a deep sigh.

He then puts his hand on her stomach again, "Sorry baby, today, this conversation has gone pretty longer than usual. I just wanted to pour my heart out somehow. I got such a scare today, I wasn't able to sleep,"

"Hey kiddo," there was a sudden excitement in his voice. I think you can help me! You've got to help me! Please, please take good care of your mother for me. I can't trust her to do it. I can see you have been good. This pregnancy hasn't been too difficult for her so far. Thank you for that. Now, I hope you can make your mother see some sense. Make her see how precious she is to us and how precious we are to her, atleast you, if not me. Tell her not to play around with our feelings and take good care of herself. Its important for us. So can I count on you? Is that a Deal?"

He puts his ear closer to Nikki's stomach.

"Hmmmn, I knew I can count on you. Chalo, atleast one Modi is on my side. Deal!" he smiles and places a soft kiss on Nikki's stomach.

Nikki felt her insides fluttering. She was finding it very difficult to stop her throat from moving as it choked with pain, to hold on to those tears which were threatening to shed.

She can sense the turning of his face towards her. Abhi stares fondly at her and runs his finger over her cheeks in a slow caress. His eyes turn moist and his throat begins to hurt. Swallowing a lump, he stands up and goes over to his side of the bed. Lying down he turns on his side, facing her back .

Knowing that he was safely away, Nikki allows her pent up emotions to spill out. Tears begin to trickle on to her pillow as she swallows her pain.

"You are so right Abhi. I never really give your feelings much thought, much care. In my impatience and desperate quest to make things immediately right between us, I go through any length, not knowing, how much of trouble I put you and the baby through. And, what do I really need to put right? Everything is so right between us. Our love is there. Its my thoughtless behavior that upsets you and gets you angry, your love for me doesn't change at all.

She puts her hand to her stomach. "I promise not to endanger my life anymore, as I now realize how much it is needed to take care of you both. You both are very precious to me."

Abhi sees her hand caressing her stomach. He lifts up his head and stares at her back, his eyes narrowing in puzzlement as he wonders if she is feeling any kind of discomfort. Hearing him shift. Nikki quickly shuts her eyes. Abhi leans over her.

"Nikki are you okay?" he asks softly, his chin on her upper arm.

Nikki keeps mum.

Not receiving any reply from her, Abhi then lowers himself back onto his side. In a hope to comfort her distress, he puts his hand over her stomach.

Nikki is jubilant. She places her hand over his hand, trapping any chance of him removing them.

"I love you Abhi, Goodnight and Sweet Dreams." she smiles impishly.


"Sid, you idiot, if you don't come here right now, I'll kill you."

"Come on, Sid," Nikki anxiously pulls him by the hand. As they were entering the room, a petrified Sid walks behind Nikki muttering, "Nikki Bhabhi please, please save me,"

Once inside, she gapes open mouthed at the sight in front of her. Abhi was standing near the open wardrobe. He was wearing black denims and his chest was bare. His shirts were strewn all over the bed.

"Abhi what happened ?" Nikki asks him, astonishment on her face.

"What happened?" Abhi exclaims looking completely miffed. "Ask that idiot behind you," he growls.