Thursday, November 19, 2009


Monday morning, Nikki received a call from Abhi. He told her to come to his cabin as he had something important to discuss with her.

Entering his cabin Nikki saw Abhi in a pensive mood. The moment he saw her entering, he got up and went towards her.

He held her hand and gently pulled her towards his desk making her sit on a chair.

He then knelt down beside her and took her hand in his.

“Nikki,” he said gravely. “I really don't know how to say this” he paused to look at her. He seemed kind of edgy. “but please don't take it badly right now. Promise me you’ll hang in there" Nikki was baffled.

"What happened Abhi? Is everything alright ?”

Seeing her looking questioningly at him, Abhi averted her gaze. A worried Nikki gently put her hand against his jaw.

"Abhi, Please tell me what is the problem? Is everything okay?

Abhi sighed deeply

"Nikki, I hope you understand I did do whatever best I could do!"

"Abhi is it about the results ?" she asked him anxiously.

The muscles on his face become taut. He shut his eyes tightly as if in distress.

"Oh My God Abhi,” sensing her fears had come true, Nikki clasped her mouth with her hand.. “This means..........this means" Fumbling for words, she was unable to continue.

She stood up abruptly and Abhi did the same.

"How can this be?" She asked tearfully.

"Nikki listen" Abhi tenderly held her by her shoulders, but, Nikki was not listening.

"No Abhi this can't be,” panic had now homed in on her. She embraced him and buried herself into his arm, clinging on to him tightly. “I don't want to go anyway. I can't stay without you any more.”

"will you be able to stay without me?" she asked in despair.

"Do you think I will be able to stay without you?" Abhi retorted in annoyance.

"then why are you sending me away?" Nikki sobbed into his chest.

"Who is sending you away?"

"I know you can't help it, but I don't want to go"

"Even I don't want you to go." he replied coolly.

"then how will you stop me from going?" she asked him in between sobs.

“By holding you in my arms, like this.” He said tightening his arm around her and smiling fondly at her.

“But the results?” Nikki asked in amazement. “Wasn’t it decided if I don't clear my test I would have to go?"

“Well, that's true, that was the decision taken. Only if you don't clear your test.

A devilish grin slowly appeared on his face.

"and you have cleared your test"

"Yeah I have cleared my test!" Nikki parroted him.

"I have cleared my test?" She repeated, her eyes narrowing in puzzlement as she looked at Abhi.

He saw the broad grin on his face and her eyes lit up happily.

“I cleared my test! I cleared my test !” she hollered in jubilation. looking at him in amazement and then when it had sunk in well within her, she stopped .

“Wait a minute! This means you were pulling my leg!”

“Haan!” Abhi winked, grinning wickedly.

“How mean !" she made a face at him and drummed her soft hands into his chest.

"I am sorry but I couldn't help tease you,” Abhi said twitching his nose in amusement.

"Here I was almost dying with the fear of parting from you and all this while you were teasing me,” Nikki told him poutily.

"Acha Baba I am sorry,” Abhi said, holding his ears in apology “ I was only joking. I didn't mean any harm"

He reached for her arms, but Nikki angrily pushed his hands away.

I don't want to talk to you,” She grunted in annoyance and walked to the door in a huff. Abhi was dumbfounded.

“Nikki, Nikki….” he called after her.

Nikki ignored him and walked out of his cabin leaving him standing gaping at the door. Shutting the door behind her, she leaned against it and smiled mischievously to herself.

"Dr. Abhimanyu Modi you were pulling my leg. Right? Now see how I make you pay for it!” She chuckled wickedly.

Inside the cabin an anxious Abhi slumped down on his chair.

"Oh My God, my little prank has really upsetted Nikki. Now what do I do to make up to her ?"

He called her on her cell but she didn't answer it. He sent her a sms saying "I am sorry" but received no reply.

Dr. Keerti informed the three interns that they have cleared the tests and can continue with their internship along with the other interns. Everyone was happy. Armaan suggested they should have a party tonight to celebrate this good news. He offered his place for the party and everyone was excited with the idea.

Sometime in the late afternoon, Nikki was walking towards the locker room and saw Abhi walking towards her. Just as he was nearing her, she saw Armaan standing on a side reading a file and quickly dashed towards him.

"Armaan" she called out sweetly. He was surprised to see her ignore Abhimanyu. "Armaan I need to tell you something, lets go to the locker room.”

Through the corner of her eye she can see Abhi talking to a nurse but she knew he was watching her through the corner of his eye.

"So have you two fought or are you pulling a prank on him?" Armaan asked as they were walking towards the locker room.

"Prank.” Nikki replied with a wink. “I enjoy teasing him. I just love the worried look on his face".

Armaan grinned. "Ok fine. He is following us. Lets trouble him even more" How could he miss such an opportunity! he thought winking at Nikki who nodded and smiled.

When they reached the locker room, Armaan asked Nikki to start crying. Sitting down on the bench, Nikki began to wail loudly. Armaan sat down beside her.

"What happened Nikki, why are you crying so much" Armaan asked faking concern.

Nikki did not reply but continued to bawl.

“Has he come?” She asked in a low tone.

"Yeah he is watching us" Armaan confirmed.

Nikki wailed even more loudly.

"Don't cry Nikki" Armaan soothed putting his arms around her, but, she sobbed even more burying her head into Armaan's shoulder. Abhi was worried seeing Nikki crying so bitterly.

"Whats happening Nikki? Why are you crying?” He asked anxiously.

"You don't talk to me," Nikki said to him still crying over Armaan’s shoulder.

"Come On Nikki, You know its just a joke," Abhi pleaded "You keep playing these pranks so why can't you take one?" He started moving closer towards Nikki but Armaan stood up and blocked his path. Nikki was dying to laugh but she stopped herself for doing so. She was glad she was hidden behind Armaan and Abhi couldn't see the amusement on her face. She deliberated wailed loudly.

Armaan folded his hands across his chest and glared at Abhi.

"I knew it,” he told Abhi angrily. “Nikki rarely cries and the fact that she is crying it has to be because of you. Only you make her cry!"

"Armaan will you please not interfere in this," Abhi warned him pointing a finger at his face. He tried to side step Armaan so he could reach Nikki, but Armaan moved quickly and blocked his path again.

"I told you Dr. Modi, if I ever see tears in Nikki's eyes, I will not spare you."

Irked by Armaan's interference, Abhi growled, "Look Armaan I am not afraid of you, so save your threats." He then looked towards Nikki

"Nikki will you explain to your friend?'' he appealed

"Why should she explain. I am not blind, I can see it all for myself." Armaan was not willing to give Abhi a chance to make peace with Nikki.

"Armaan, for your own good, stay out of this" Abhi growled theatening, the muscles in his cheek had gone taut. Nikki began to worry.

"I won't, what will you do?" Armaan defied him. Riddhima who had entered a while back was apprehensively watching the two men sparring.

"Armaan what is happening?" she interjected. "If there is a problem between Nikki and Dr. Modi, let them handle it themselves. Why are you …….."

"You stay out of this,” Armaan swirled at her. “You don't interfere in this matter"

Riddhima was stunned by his words.

"Oh ! so I am a stranger now,” she said, her voice carrying the hurt she felt.

“ As Nikki's friend you have a right to interfere in their matter but as Nikki's friend I don't have the right to say anything!"

"Great !” she tossed scathingly, lifting her hands up in resignation. “In that case. I'll just leave" Armaan knew then he had got himself into deep trouble.

"Riddhima, I didn't mean that" he quickly implored..

Nikki was aghast at the turn of events. "Riddhima, Listen, it isn’t Armaan’s fault," she appealedd on behalf of her friend.

"Oh really?” Abhi darted spitefully. “you find no fault with Armaan's interfering in our matter?" Nikki looked beseechingly at him.

"Abhi, Armaan is not interfering, he is only trying to ……”

"Perhaps I am the one who is interfering,” Abhi said tersely. “I think I am the one who shouldn't be here" Nikki shook her head.

Armaan ran his hand through his hair, also, frustrated with the ugly turn of events.

"God, What is happening here? Why are we all arguing?" he asked helplessly.

"Look guys there is a misunderstanding," he said defeatedly, looking imploringly at Abhi and Riddhima.

"Yeah!" Nikki quipped in support. She looked despondently at Abhi, but, he returned her a cold unsympathetic hard stare.

“Riddhima please listen," Armaan pleaded. He tried to touch her arm, but she moved away and scowled at him.

"Dr. Modi, looks like the two of us are not required here,” Riddhima said to Abhi, smiling sweetly at him, “ After all we are strangers in this Great Friendship! I think we should leave the two best friends alone.”

Abhi nodded his head in agreement and flashed her a charming smile.

“I overheard you telling the nurse you are leaving for a meeting. Since I have also finished for the day, can you please drop me home Dr. Modi?"

"Oh sure Dr. Riddhima. Lets go!"

Armaan and Nikki looked despairingly at each other .

"Listen Guys," they rushed towards their respective love, but, the entry Atul, Anjali, and Muskaan stop them from saying anything further.

"One big tension is off our heads. So now its Party Time!" exclaimed an excited Atul "So Ridzi, excited about the party?"

"Party? What Party ?” Riddhima feigned ignorance. “I am not going to any party!"

"Why?" holler Atul, Anjali and Muskaan.

"Because I don't like the venue of the party" she looked indignantly at Armaan.

"Oh Ridz, its difficult to get a place at such short notice and for such a small group,” Atul explained. “Nothing doing! This party is for me and I want you to come !"

Prompted by a slap on his head by Muskaan, he said, "Oh yeah, yeah its for Muskaan and Nikki too,” then looking at Riddhima he continued, “Ridzi you have to come or else I"ll be upset". He pouted like a baby at Riddhima.

"Ok fine I'll come," Riddhima agreed pinching his cheek and then turned to look at Abhi.

"Dr. Modi are you coming for the party?" .

"I am not invited" he replied, darting a sardonic look at Nikki. She squirmed miserably.

"Dr. Modi, I will be very happy if you come to the party as my guest," Riddhima told him.

"Thank you Dr. Riddhima. This is really sweet of you. If you say so, I would love to be your guest,” He smiled at her before asking “Now can we leave?” He glanced at his watch. “I don't want to be late for my meeting."

"Yes, lets go” Riddhima said with a smile.

Glancing angrily at Armaan and with a "Bye" to the rest, she walked out. Abhi also tossed a steely glance at Nikki and followed Riddhima out of the locker room.

"Strange how pally Riddhima is with Dr. Modi,” Atul remarked.

His words irked Armaan. While Atul, Anjali and Muskaan were joking and talking about the party, but Armaan and Nikki were too upset to participate in their conversation. After the other three leave, a dejected Nikki slumped down on the bench.

"What was all that Armaan?” she asked tears having welled up in her eyes. “We planned something and something else happened,”

"Yeah, in trying to pull a prank on your Majesty, I messed up my love life too! Now I am left with burnt fingers!" he choked, his eyes were moist.

"I know. I am so sorry. All this is my fault" Nikki rued, the tears now spilling over.

Putting an understanding arm around her, Armaan said , "No yaar, it isn't your fault. The idea was mine. I am to be blamed for this. See how upset Riddhima is with me. What an idiot I am! Shouldn't have spoken to her like that!"

"Even I shouldn't have irked Abhi so much,” Nikki echoed his sentiments. “Now what do we goint to do?" she lamented.

"yeah we have to do something!" Armaan nodded his head.

As Armaan and Nikki began to ponder how to make up to their respective sweethearts, Abhi and Riddhima were having a good laugh in the car

"Thank you Riddhima for bailing me out,” Abhi said to her. “When you made those signs at me I realised you were playing a prank on them.”

"Its ok Dr. Modi. Even though we love them a lot, these two are really too much at times. They need to be taught a lesson!"

Abhi shook his head in agreement and smiled.

At Armaan's place, the party had started. The interns and few hospital staff were present. Nikki and Armaan kept looking at the entrance awaiting the arrival of Abhimanyu and Riddhima. Armaan called Riddhima but she kept disconnecting the phone. He asked Anjali to call Riddhima but she didn't reply to Anjali's calls either. Armaan then pulled Nikki away from the group.

"Where are these two?” he asked anxiously. “Riddhima is not at home, neither is she picking up the phone"

"Same with Abhi” Nikki informed. “He is not picking up the phone either".

Suddenly, she saw Abhi and Riddhima standing at the entrance and nudged Armaan. Riddhima and Abhi looked around and when they saw them, they ignored them and smiling at each other, entered the house Armaan was annoyed and before Nikki could stop him, he was already walking towards Riddhima.

Nikki quietly stood beside Atul, Anjali and Muskaan. She saw Abhi blocking Armaan's path, stopping him from reaching Riddhima. Her heart started pounding with panic.

"Hi Dr. Armaan, looks like the party is in full swing .” She heard Abhi say to Armaan.

"Dr. Modi, if you would please excuse me?" Armaan retorted calmly even though he looked peeved. Glancing sideways, Abhi saw Riddhima was already walking towards the group.

"Oh sure!" he replied smiling wickedly at Armaan and followed Riddhima to the group. Armaan was even more irked.

"Hi Riddhima," Nikki greeted her casually when she reached the group. "you got late?" She asked, curiousity in her voice.

"Oh Nikki! Abhimanyu............." she had to pause as she saw the shocked faces of Nikki, Anjali, Atul, Muskaan and Armaan on hearing her call Dr. Modi by his name. She exchanged amused looks with Abhi.

"I mean Dr. Modi got caught up in some important work, that's why we are late.”

Nikki looked questioningly at Abhi and when he caught her gaze, he coolly turned his face away, ignoring her. Nikki was fuming inside.

There is a change of song and a peppy number "Rang Rang mere Rang Rang mein" was being played. (song :"

“This is a nice song. Would you like to dance, Riddhima?" Abhi asked

"Oh sure Abhimanyu.” Riddhima nodded, smiling sweetly at him.

Five pair of shocked eyes follow them as they began to dance.

Atul and Armaan then dragged the three girls on to the dance floor and the whole group began to dance. Consumed with jealous, Armaan kept pulling Nikki towards Abhi and Riddhima and slipped in between them, pretending he was still dancing with Nikki. It was a funny sight as Abhi had Armaan, Riddima and Nikki, one behind the other, facing him. But, not the one to fall for Armaan's gimmicks, Abhi held out his hand for Riddhima over Armaan's shoulder and once she placed her hand in his, they moved aside and continued dancing much to the irritation of Nikki and Armaan.

Armaan attempted the same thing again, but, Abhi who was prepared for it, thwarted it, by moving Riddhima aside before that.

Towards the end of the song, Abhi and Armaan are twirling Riddhima and Nikki. As if mentally co-ordinated, they wink at their dancing partners and turn them around with a sudden force. The impact of the jerk, sent the ladies off-balance. Riddhima fell into Armaan's arms, while, Abhi firmly held Nikki and prevented her from falling. They looked deep into their partner's eyes, and soon, both couples were lost into each other.

Few minutes later Riddhima straightened up and tried to wriggle out of Armaan's arms. When she finally managed to free herself, she glared darkly at him and ran into the kitchen.

His arms tightly clasped around her waist and eyes still glued to hers, Abhi slowly lifted Nikki up. He kept holding her till she was able to steady herself on her feet. They were still lost into each other’s eyes.

"What are you upto Dr. Modi. Why are you after Riddhima?"

Armaan's angry bellowing, brought them out of their trance. They pull apart and turn to face him.

"Me? Why would I do that?” Abhi feigned innocence. “I hope you realise that it was Riddhima who has invited me here and who better than you should know, its bad manners to refuse such a sweet and nice girl"

Hurt and jealous, Nikki felt a piercing in her chest. Darting a pained glance at Abhi, she walked away. A slight smile curved on his lips as he watched her walk towards the terrce.

He then looked at Armaan

"Instead of wasting time by arguing with me, why don't you go and pacify Riddhima,” he advised.

"You have ruined everything between us," Armaan said to him hotly.

Abhi smiled understandingly.

"When there is true love between two people nothing will ever be ruined."

He darted an impatient glance towards the terrace and sighed.

"Look I don't know about you” he said to Armaan. “ but, I have to set things right with the girl I love before everything gets completely out of hand" He blinked at him and smiled. Having understood his word, Armaan gave him a sheepish smile and with a nod he walked away.

An upset Nikki was standing in the terrace. She was not liking the idea of Abhi ignoring her and paying more attention to Riddhima. She knew in her heart Riddhima loved Armaan and Abhi loved her. Yet, she couldn't help the jealousy that was consuming her. She tried to calm herself.

Does Abhi feel the same when she ignores him and pays more attention to Armaan? she wondered She realised he must have gone through the same pain and jealousy that she felt today.

Feeling lonely and neglected, she stared blankly out into the dark night. The cool evening breeze played on her bare shoulders making her shiver. She thought she should go in but before she could move, the lights of the terrace suddenly went off.

Nikki was scared.

"Oh God, the lights have gone off, now what do I do?" Panic bubbled inside her.

She was about to turn but was rooted to the spot as she sensed someone behind her. A pair of arms was coming around her and was about to envelop her. A cold shiver ran down her spine and she opened her mouth to scream but a hand was clamped over it. The all familiar scent made her realize it was the man she loved.

She exhaled in relief.

He wrapped his arms around her and dug his face into her neck. His arms were strong and warm and Nikki felt snug and secure in them. His breath was also warm on her skin making it tingle excitedly. She wanted to press herself closer into him, but decided to hold on to the tiny flicker of sanity she still possessed.

“What are you doing here?” she asked sternly. "I don't think there you have a reason to be here!" She could hear his soft chuckle. He moved his hands up and down both her arms in a slow caress weakening her resolve.

""Oh but I do have a reason! You see there is girl who is afraid of darkness and I want to be with her.”

"How charitable of you!" she lashed sarcastically, trying her best not to succumb to the sensations he was stirring inside her . "But, I think you need not bother. You seemed to be having lots of fun today!"

"Yeah Riddhima is such a good dancer. I did enjoy myself." he muttered burying his face in her hair.

Eyes sparkling with jealousy, an annoyed Nikki tried to wriggle out of his embrace, but, he had clasped her tightly making her movements impossible.

"What are you doing here?” she sulked turning her face sideways to glower at him. “Go continue dancing! Come on, Go On.” she prodded

Abhi smiled and rested his chin on her shoulder blade.

“Well, I got ditched!" he whispered with a grin.

"Really? How sad!" Nikki feigned sympathy.

“Hmmmmm, yeah really sad,” He put on a mock dejected look on his face and made sad puppy eyes, evoking a tiny chuckle from her. She put her hand over his hand that was holding her stomach and Abhi looked down at her in surprise. She then held her other palm tenderly against his jaw and said,

"Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, no matter how much you try your luck anywhere, you’ve got to know there is only one girl who is meant for you and girl is me! Dr. Nikita Malhotra!"

"Hmmmm," He agreed dreamily and then turned his face into her palm and kissed the inside of. Her stomach flip excitedly.

"Its only me who puts up with an arrogant, hot tempered person like you," She continued

"Yeah I know. I know.” Abhi agreed resignedly. “That is so sweet of you!"

His fingers were sensuously caressing her midriff making her insides knot with pleasure.

"And you love me!" Abhi drawled seductively.

"hmmmmm" Nikki mumbled impishly, not willing to cave in as yet. "I don't know about that" she teased.

"Hmmmm, I see” Abhi replied, in the same seductive tone. “You don't know, is it? No worries at all. I am there na? I’ll help you with that” he grinned wickedly.

He then started nuzzling his nose intensely up and down her neck, tickling her as well as burning her skin into passion.

"Abhi, Stop ! Please Stop ! I love you Abhi, Please Stop!” Nikki laughingly conceded defeat. He stopped and turned her in his arms.

"See I have remedy for every ailment" he whispered brushing his nose against hers

"Yes Doctor!” Nikki agreed blinking meekly at him. As she looked lovingly at him, her eyes began to fill up with desire “I love you. I love you," she told him passionately. "I love you too," he told her. His eyes were smouldering with desire and Nikki felt shy under his intense gaze. She looked away and suddenly her eyes narrowed in puzzlement. She saw light flickering through the gaps in the curtain and looking around her she saw there was light inside the house, but there was none outside.

"Abhi why is there light everywhere but not here in the terrace."

“Really?” he asked keeping a straight face while his eyes twinkled naughtily. "Yeah, you are right! Wonder what happened to these lights out here!"

Nikki detected mischief in his voice and when she looked at the wickedness in his eyes, her s eyes widened in disbelief.

"This is all your doing isnt it? You switched these lights off!" She declared firmly.

“Me?” Abhi shrugged in mock innocence “I don’t remember well.......”

Nikki shook her head knowingly and playfully punched him on the chest

"You are a bigger prankster than me!" she announced. Abhi threw his head back and laughed.

He pulled her into his arms and clasped her tightly as if he would never let her go.

“I love you Nikki” he told her, his voice filled with emotionally passionate.

Nikki closed her eyes in bliss and contentment

”I love you too Abhi, I will love you always”

In the darkness of the night, happy and blissful they stood, two hearts locked as one, filled with the promise of eternity.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


The next three days, Abhi was busy in a spate of meetings and dinners. He would call Nikki and check on the progress of her preparation for the test. However, to avoid distracting Nikki from studying, he kept his calls brief.

Friday evening, Nikki was eagerly awaiting his call, but, it never came.

He sent her a message instead, saying, “Stuck in a meeting. Cannot call. Do not wait for me. Sleep early and don’t stress yourself’

“Don’t stress yourself,” Nikki made a face at his picture lying on the bedside table. “Now that you were charitable to say so much, couldn’t you have also let me know you’ll be there for my test or not” She grumbled at his picture.

Saturday Morning, she kept calling his cell, but it was not reachable. As soon as she reached Sanjeevani, she asked the the receptionist eagerly, if Dr. Modi is in, but, the lady said "No, Dr. Modi is scheduled to arrive on Monday. Nikki's heart sank. With a broken heart she made her way to the examination room.

The three hour test was to begin at 12 noon. Armaan, Riddhima and Anjali came to wish the three for their test. Dr. Keerti informed them that they have their vivas first and then the written test. The results of the vivas would be told to them today after the written test whereas they would receive the other result only on Monday. She asked them to go inside the examination room as the faculty member from the management side would arrive any time now.

Completely low in spirits, Nikki joined Atul and Muskaan for the test. Wishing them all the best Dr. Keerti , Armaan, Riddhima and Anjali take their leave. Before entering the room, Nikki swept a searching glance in the corridor hoping for a last second glimpse of Abhi, but, he was no where in sight. Heartbroken, she sat down at her desk. The examiner entered the room and was issuing instructions at them. Nikki wasn't paying full attention.

"Abhi I wish you were here. I miss you, I really miss you." She despaired mentally. Her eyes were getting misty and she decided to to concentrate on what the instructor was saying. A silhoutte of a person at the window distracted her attention and she glanced towards it.

Her heart leapt for joy and her eyes widened as she saw the face smiling at her.

“Abhi” she whispered his name, her heart dancing with joy. She was filled with an urge to run into his arms.
Abhi blew a kiss at her and winked. He put hand his heart and made as if he pulled it out and tossed it at her. Nikki understood he was saying "My heart is with you." She acknowledged it with a shy and happy smile.

Raising his thumb up he mouthed “All the Best !" An elated Nikki blinked in acknowledgement.

"Dr. Nikita Malhotra are you interested in giving your test or not?" the examiner’s voice was loud and clear, prompting Nikki to look at him. She nodded her head in confirmation. She darted another glance at the window and saw Abhi had left. But, she did not mind. Her heart was briming with happiness and contentment.

After the interns completed their written tests they were told by the examiner that they have cleared the vivas.

An elated Atul and Muskaan drag Nikki to the canteen where Anjali, Armaan, Ridz were waiting for them along with few other staff members. Everyone were in a celebratory mood. However Nikki was restless as her heart was elsewhere. She was dying to meet Abhi and kept looking at the door, hoping he would make an appearance.

"Who are you searching for?” Riddhima asked her softly. “Abhimanyu?" Nikki blushed. She tells Riddhima to cover for her and excusing herself, she left the canteen and headed straight for Abhi’s cabin. He wasn't there.

“Did I imagine him earlier? Or was it really my Abhi!” she wondered

A nurse was passing by and Nikki enquire about Abhi with her. "Dr. Modi has left for the day!" the nurse informed.

“What? Are you sure?” Nikki asked in disbelief. The nurse confirmed the same again. Nikki was irked and upset.

"You couldn't even wait for me could you Dr. Modi?" she grumbled angrily. “What does he think of himself? I asked him to come, so he had to show, he has done me a big favour. Now he must have gone for some meeting, couldn’t even waiting for me.”

Disgruntled, she kept mumbling to herself till she reached the locker room. Just as she was about to open her locker, her phone rang. She saw Abhi's number flashing. For few seconds, she glared at the phone. After trying to compose herself, she answered it.

“Hey Sweetheart, how did your test go?” his voice was cheerful. "Were you nervous?" Nikki was peeved. How can he sound so calm and cheerful !

"Oh how sweet of you to ask Dr. Modi ! Thank you so much!" she snapped.

Abhi was surprised with the sarcasm in her tone.

"Is everything alright?" there was concern in his voice. "Are you okay Nikki? Aren't you done ? "

"Yeah I am absolutely fine Dr. Modi.” she tells him in calm anger “What can possibly go wrong ? I am here with my friends having a great time. Thank you so much for your concern!"

There was a deafening silence through the phone line.

"Fine, In that case, I think I should leave." He said, there was hurt and dejection in his voice. Abruptly, he disconnected the call.

"Leave ?" Nikki echoed his word. "Leave from where?" she wondered

She opened her locker and found a rose neatly placed over a note. Opening the note, she saw it was written by Abhi

"Missed you so much. Dying to see you. Waiting for you in the car. Please don't keep me waiting for long. Abhi"

“Oh no!” Nikki exclaimed, slapping her forehead. She ran out of the locker room and bumped into Anjali, Atul and Muskaan. They enquire why was she in such a rush. "I forgot something, I'll catch you tomorrow!" she threw over her shoulder as she dashed out.

Reaching the car park she was disappointed to see Abhi's car was gone.
Tears of regret and misery filled her eyes. With a heavy heart she gloomily began to amble on the road.

"Oh why did I yell at Abhi. He did come after all." she was annoyed with herself. "Now I’ve upsetted him. And its so difficult making up to him when he gets upset!"

It began to drizzle.

"Oh Great !” she exclaimed looking heavenwards. “When trouble comes, it pours in plenty !"

A car stops beside her. Nikki recognised the car as the window was being rolled down. A tiny smile erupted on her face seeing, but, when he looked at her, his eyes were completely deadpan.

Wordlessly, they stared at each other. The rain was coming down a bit heavy now. Nikki dashed over to the other side and got into the car. She smiled happily at him as she was belting herself, but he gave her a sardonic stare and started the car.

"Abhi, you've come !" excitedly she showed her joy.

"Oh God, what am I saying !" she mentally chided herself.

"Abhi you waited for me ? How sweet!" she told him, looking dotingly at him.

" Well, I thought since Madam has not got her car today and her experience with autos have always been awesomely bad, I might as well fulfil my Driver's duties, if nothing else!" he said dryly.

Nikki was dying to laugh, but tried her best to stiffle it by biting her lower lip. "Are you upset?" she asked anxiously.

"Me? and upset? “Now why should I be ?" Abhi glared at her and although he smiled, it did not reach his eyes.

"I prepone today's meeting to late last evening, took the morning flight so that I could reach on time for the one person I love deeply and what a warm welcome I get !" His eyes darkened as he scowled at her.

"I am Sorry Abhi!" she said lookingly shame-faced at him.

"Don't say sorry Nikki,” he retorted. “ you can't help being what you are!".

"Are you saying I am bad!" Nikki asked with a frown.

"I never said that.” Abhi replied “You have this problem of jumping to conclusions! Your temper is on the tip of your little nose"

"Really?" Now look who is talking?" Nikki's eyes narrowed in annoyance. "Atleast I come around quickly. Have you seen yourself? Once you are angry its so difficult making up to you. Nothing will get you to budge "

"Yeah that is why I am here after the lovely scolding I got from this sweet innocent lady!" Abhi retorted, tongue in cheek. Shaking his head in annoyance, he looked at the road ahead. Nikki's heart melted. She leaned closer to him and possessively wrapping her hand around his arm, she rested her head on his shoulder, like she always loved doing.

"Accha Baba, I'm really sorry,” she whispered. “Must we fight all the time? We are meeting after three days. Please, please don’t be upset. Abhi darted a loving glance at her, before concentrating on the road.

"Just for my information, what exactly did I do wrong ? I mean what upsetted you?” He asked, a flicker of amusement lurking in his eyes. “I better know so I don't repeat the same mistake in future"

"Don’t get annoyed, but I thought you left without me," Nikki mumbled sheepishly. Abhi rolled his eyes in exasperation.

"Silly Girl! You know I came all the way to be with you, then, what made you think I would not meet you?"

An embarassed Nikki mouthed a sorry at him. He caresses her face with his free hand and planted a kiss on her forehead. Nikki happily closed her eyes snuggled closer to him. For a long time, she was basking in the feel of him. After a while, she realised they had been driving for long and looked out of the window. The road looked different from the city roads.

"Where are we going ? Where are we ?" she asked him, straighteneing up and still disoriented with the outside view.

"Don't you recognise the roads?" Abhi grinned.

She then realised they were out of the city.

"Lonavla?" she asked with disbelief.

Abhi shook his head in confirmation.

"Yeah this time lets see who disturbs our heavenly meeting!" he said with a defiant laugh. Nikki coloured and lowering herself took her position back on his shoulder.

"I planned that we'll go for a long drive, do dinner and go back home. Is that okay with you?"

"Anything, as long I am with you!"

"Even, if it is not okay, we can't help it. Its too late now!" he chuckled mischievously. Nikki playfully pinched his cheek.

Just before the drive up to the Lion's point cliff, they get caught up in a small traffic snarl. Abhi held Nikki's hand and kissed it.

"I missed you a lot." He told her, his gaze intensely warm.

"I missed you too Abhi" she replied. Desire homing into his eyes, Abhi leaned forward to kiss her, but, stopped hearing Nikki's phone ringing. They look at the phone and saw it was Armaan's number flashing. He rolled his eyes and straightened up in his seat. Nikki looked anxiously at him and the phone continued to ring.

“ Why don’t you take the call ?" she couldnt' miss the irritation in his voice.

When Nikki answered, an excited Armaan asked if she was okay. He said Muskaan told him she dashed off in a hurry and he was worried. Nikki was touched with his concern and told him she was fine.

"Why aren’t you answering properly?” he asked “is your majesty there with you ?"

Nikki was dying to laugh at Armaan’s term of endearment for Abhi.

“Yes” she replied, stiffling her giggle.

"Oh ok, then I will not disturb you. Bye" He said hurriedly and disconnected the phone.

She looked at Abhi, trying her best to hide her amusement. “So is everything alright with your concerned friend ,” he asked dryly and Nikki nodded her head.

The drive up the Lion's point cliff was even more enjoyable this time as she happily and possessively clinged on to Abhi. They reached the same edge they had parked the last time.

"Heaven!" Abhi said dreamily.

"Hmmm" Nikki murmured. Abhi was staring at her, his eyes filled with tender love.

"Dr. Nikita Malhotra,” he said in soft seductive tones. “This Dr Abhimanyu Modi loves you very much.”

Nikki was elated and wanted to holler the same at him, but, after a thought, she shook her head in the negative and said "Nah, I don't think so,"

The muscle in Abhi's cheeks contorted in puzzlement. But, her eyes were twinkling impishily as she held his chin in one hand.

"Because Dr. Abhimanyu Modi," she shook his chin fondly, "this Dr. Nikita Malhotra loves you even more"

"Grrr!" Abhi rolled his eyes in exasperation. Nikki laughed loving his expression.

"Such a romantic place, such a lovely moment and here too, you want to argue. Is arguing one of your hobby or its some disorder with you?"

"I don't know about that!” Nikki blinked at him. “and I dont' care as long as you tell me you will still love me even if I argue with you?"

Abhi tweaked her nose fondly and said, in mock defeat. "Guess, I have no choice for I love you just the way you!"

Running her finger up and down his face in a slow caress, Nikki asked seductively, "Will you love me even if you are angry at me and in actuality would want to kill me?"

"Honestly, I wouldn't know now what I'd want to do with you then,” Abhi said with a grin and enjoying her caress “but I promise I'll love you, always"

"Well, one more thing.” Nikki impishily continued. “And you promise you will be the one to end all arguments between us humbly and meekly"

Abhi was bubbling with amusement at her impudence.

“WELL,” he drawled, his eyes gleaming wickedly. "I promise I will be the one ending all arguments between us humbly and meekly.......... like THIS" he kissed her hard and long on her lips.

Nikki was astounded. They were having a decent conversation and was not at all prepared for the onslaught of his sudden kiss.

"You cheat!" she softly drummed her hands on his chest. "You always manage to get your way!"

"Shhh...Shhhh,” Abhi put his finger on her lips. “No arguments. This is the only humblest thing I can do and you don't grumble because we both know how much you love it!"

"Yoooou!" Nikki pinched his arm as her cheeks turned flaming hot. Abhi laughed aloud and gently pushed her chin up till she was looking at him, her face still flushed red. As they look deeply at each other amusement paved way to passion and slowly their lips move closer and closer till they meet and culminated into a long passionate kiss.

"Oh I've had a wonderful time" a delighted Nikki, exclaimed while they were on their way back home. Abhi darted a fond glance at her.

"But I am also very exhausted,”she continued. I slept so late last night because of the test and have been up since early dawn"

"same here, even I am tired,” Abhi muttered, running his fingers through his hair.

When they reached Nikki's place, she refuses to get out of the car. She did unbelt herself, but drew her knees up and cuddled cosily into the seat.

"I am tired. I don't want to get up.” she said.

"Come on Nikki," Abhi chided, unbelting himself. "Go in. Its quiet late!"

"No, I am going to sleep here in the car,” Nikki mumbled sleepily. “ Why don't you also sleep off in the car!"

"No, thank you very much," he replied wryly. "I prefer the comfort of my bed"

“You go if you want. I am going to sleep in the car,” she told him stubbornly. “What are you going to do?" she defied.

"Phew! This girl can be really handful," Abhi mentally reminded himself He rolled his eyes and exhaled again.

He then got off the car and going over to Nikki's side, opened the door. Nikki looked warily at him. He bent down and leaned closer to her his face almost touching hers. Nikki's heart started pounding rapidly. In anticipation of a kiss from him, her face was flushed, but, was taken aback, when he slid one had behind her back. As Nikki looks suspiciously at him, wondering what was he upto, he slipped his other hand under her legs and effortlessly lifted her off the seat.

"What are you doing? I want to sleep in the car.” Nikki kicked her legs vigourously.

"Stubborn Girl!” Abhi chided. “I know you love my car, thank you, but I need it!"

Scooped warmly in his arms, Nikki flung her arms around his neck.

"No, I prefer the Driver, any time" she drawled, seductively caressing his cheek with her finger . Abhi groaned knowing it didn't need much for him to succumb to the gorgeous temptress. He shook his head, shirking her finger away.

"Madam's duty is very exhausting. This driver needs some rest" he said vehemently. Nikki pouted at him. At the front door, still carrying her in his arms, he patiently waited for her to unlock it.

Once she did, he carried her to her room and lay her down on the bed.

"Phew! You look tiny but weigh a ton!" he teased with a grin, straightening himself.

Nikki flung a throw pillow at him. Abhi managed to dodge it. Saying goodnight he turned to leave, but Nikki held o his hand.

"Don't go!" she implored

“Its late Sweetheart," he told her tenderly even though he felt a tightening in his chest at the thought of parting from her. "Go to sleep. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams." he said firmly

Nikki tugged at his hand once again. Abhi smiled down and sat down on the bed beside her.

Taking his face closer to hers, he said in a low, sensuous tone, deliberating on every word, "If you don't let me go now" he paused briefly. "I'll lock you up in the bathroom and sleep on this bed," he said the last line aloud tweaking her nose fondly

Nikki looked disbelievingly at him and he shook his head in confirmation, grinning wickedly. He then slowly caressed her face and lowering his face, gave her a heated kiss. When he broke the kiss and looked at her, he found her looking shyly at him and when she held his gaze, her beautiful enchanting eyes was pulling him like a magnet into their depths. He felt passion once again intensely wriggling inside him and he knew if he gave in to the temptation, he would never be able to stop. Gathering his wits, he abruptly got on his feet. Without a glance at her, he mumbled a quick "Goodnight" and walked out of the room. Once outside he exhaled in relief and made his way towards his car.


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Nikki was attending to a new patient. He was a young guy, in mid-twenties and was completely enamoured with Nikki. He was complimenting her, telling her what a pretty doctor she is and was rewarded with a smile from Nikki. Then, through the corner of her eye, she noticed Abhi watching them from the window.

The youth continued with his praises saying she had the most prettiest eyes.

"Really?” she said. “Thank you !” Normally she would have ignored him, but since she knew Abhi was watching and listening to their conversation, she deliberately gave the youth her most charming smile.

"I am so happy that you are my doctor,” the youth carried on “ You have such a pleasant face that even if one is sick, one doesn't feel ill at all"

"Thank you" Nikki smiled at him again.

The youth still continued singing Nikki's praises which rankled Abhi.“What is wrong with Nikki?” he wondered. “Why is she allowing the patient to continue his praises?” His fists were balled in annoyance.

“Dr. Nikita,” he sternly called from behind. “I would like to see you aside for few minutes.”

"Oh Please Dr. Modi, I'll finish with this patient and then be with you," Nikki told him coolly.

"Yes Doctor please don't disturb us,” the patient said to Abhi. “Let Dr. Nikita check me up properly"

Abhi felt like wringing his neck. How dare he flirt with Nikki! He glared at the youth.

"Dr. Nikita are you not done as yet !" he hissed, his voice was low and threatening. Nikki knew it could be dangerous to rile him any further.

"Yes, yes Dr. Modi I am done!" she told him sweetly. She then flashed her sweetest smile at the youth, making Abhi seethe inwardly.

"I'll see you later,” she said. “You will be fine soon."

She was partly nervous, partly amused as she followed the annoyed Dr. Modi, out of the ward.

Once outside, Abhi grabbed her arms angrily

"What exactly were you doing inside there ?"

“Me, Dr. Modi ?” she blinked feigning innocence. “What was I doing ? Abhi exhaled in irritation.

"Don't play games with me Nikki,” he growled warningly. “That guy was flirting with you and were playing along."

"What are you saying Dr. Modi?” Nikki was enjoying the jealousy which was starkly visible on his face. “He wasn’t flirting,” she continued. “He just complimented my looks and I thanked him"

"Use your head Nikki.” He shook her firmly “don’t you know you should not encourage such stuff from patients? You’ll surely get into trouble !"

Once again Nikki blinked at him.

"Leave my arm Dr. Modi,” she told him calmly. She swept a searching glance around them “if anyone sees us like this what will they say ? A Senior doctor and an Intern!" she threw back his own words at him. She hid her smile with much difficulty.

Abhi was even more annoyed by her unwillingness to listen to reason.

"I've got bigger problems on my head Nikki than to participate in your kiddish jokes,” he said crisply. Then flashing an angry glare, he released her fiercely and walked away in a huff.

“If someone looks at your girl, it pinches you , doesn’t it Dr. Modi ?" she whispered. "I am loving this side of you!" With joy in her heart and a happy smile on her face, she watched him walk away.

Walking down the corridor, she met a disturbed Dr. Keerti.

“Is everything okay, Dr. Keerti?” she asked her out of concern.

"No, not everything is not okay," Dr. Keerti replied sadly. Nikki looked anxiously at her.

"You know I may be strict,” Dr Keerti said to her. “ but, I have grown fond of all you interns and I do care about you a lot. However, sometimes in the line of duty, we are caught in situations beyond our control"

“What exactly is the problem?” Nikki asked, thoroughly confused with what she was saying..

"I don't know how to say this but three interns would be shifted to Sanjeevani, Delhi on grounds of low scoring" Nikki was stunned

"Who are they ?" she asked with apprehension

“You, Dr. Atul and Dr. Muskaan." Nikki was horrified “Why?” she asked.

“On basis of the low scores in your interim reports you all would need an additional six months of internship. Since the next set of interns are ready and slot for this Sanjeevani is full, you all have to be transferred.” Dr. Keerti explained. Nikki felt a sinking feeling in her chest.

"Does Dr. Modi knows about it?" she asked in soft tones.

Dr. Keerti nodded her head in confirmation. "Infact the letter for your transfer is lying on his desk for his signature. I had a discussion with him. He......"

However, Nikki was too upset and wasn't listening to her anymore. Trance like she quietly walked away.

‘Why didn’t Abhi tell me about this,” she wondered “ How can he agree for it?

She reached Abhi's cabin. Her hand on the knob on his cabin door, she paused for a moment and exhaled deeply. Just as she was about to turn the knob, the door was pulled open and she was flung into Abhi who was walking out at the same time.

The file from his hand, fell to the floor, outside the cabin. His arms had automatically protectively encircled her. They were both still in a daze as they stared at each other. Nikki then remembered the purpose of her visit and with a great deal of effort, Nikki stopped herself from drowning into those magnetic eyes. She pulled away from him in annoyance.

Seeing the papers scattered on the ground they begin to collect them. Nikki's eyes then fell on s the letter of her transfer and picked it up. It was still unsigned by Abhi.

"When did you propose to tell me about this ?” she asked sarcastically, thrusting the paper at him. “after getting me transferred ?"

"You know about this ?" Abhi looked surprised

"Thats not the point!” Nikki told him hotly as she stood up.

Her eyes were flashing with anger as she continued. “The point is such a big thing is happening in my career and inspite of knowing it all you did not think it even fit to tell me about it"

Having collected all the paper, Abhi also stood up.

"That is because its not done as yet,” he told her in a calm, soothing voice. “ there is ...."

"Yes thats it,” Nikki doesn’t allow him to complete. “You were waiting for it to be done and then tell me when it was time for me to leave?"

Abhi was taken aback by the harshness in her tone. Holding her arm firmly, he says "Atleast listen to what I am saying. I came to know only today morning that you, Dr. Atul and Dr. Muskaan are chosen to be transferred to Sanjeevani Delhi"

"WHAT ?" A yell from behind made Abhi and Nikki turn towards the voice and found Armaan looking shocked at them. Abhi releases Nikki's arm as Armaan walked up to them.

"What did you just say?” He asked Abhi. “How can you transfer them?”

"Armaan you know nothing, so stay out of this," Abhi warned

"This is not fair Dr. Modi,” Armaan protested . “ You are taking out some personal grudge on all of us. We will not let you do this."

"I am warning you stay out of this" Abhi’s voice was calm but it carried a ferocious threat. Armaan glared at him.

"Your threats won't work on us Dr Modi.” He defied. Realising a war was about break out between the two men, Nikki was anxious and agitated.

"Stop it both of you !" She yelled at them. "Oh never mind !" she shook her head in disgust and walked way.

Armaan looked at Abhi and said threateningly, "I am warning you Dr. Modi, we will take action against you for your high-handedness"

"Be my guest" Abhi replied coolly and walked away.

The interns were then called to the briefing room. Dr. Keerti told them that as part of cost cutting strategy the management decided to shift three interns on grounds of low grades to Sanjeevani Delhi on an extension of additional six months internship. They are Dr. Atul, Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Nikita. The interns look sadly at each other.

Dr. Keerti continued. "However, on Dr. Modi's recommendation the management has agreed to cancel this transfer if the interns are able to excel in a written test which is scheduled one week from today" The group were surprised and began to murmur amongst each other. Riddhima and Nikki exchanged knowing looks.

"Quiet !" Dr. Keerti’s firm voice brought silence in the room.

"So Dr. Atul, Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Nikita,” she addressed them “start preparing for this test from today itself and don't let me down. All the best !" They nodded their heads and thanked her.

Nikki was upset and lost in thoughts as she sat on the bench in the locker room.

"What have I done? I misunderstood Abhi again!"

She felt a tender hand on her shoulder and looked up to see it was Riddhima.

“Are you okay?” She asked with concern. Nikki kept mum.

"This Modi is a funny guy,” Armaan said as he entered the locker room. “creates problems himself and then finds solution himself"

Nikki sighed and shut her eyes.

"Why are you so afraid of him?” he asked Nikki. Riddhima tried to stop Armaan, but he continued “There is no need for you to be afraid of him. What can he do ? and why is he all the time after you ? Just because he is the Boss he thinks he can boss over you ?" As he continued to rant against Abhi, Nikki was getting agitated.

"Stop it Armaan, Abhi is not like that at all" she hollered at him, unable to bear it anymore. Armaan was taken aback and he gaped dumfounded at her. Riddhima bit her lower lip in anxiety.

"Abhi?" Armaan asked, disbelief on his face.

Nikki shifted uncomfortably and looked at Riddhima in despair. She then shut her eyes tightly for a brief moment and opened it again.

"Whats going on Nikki?” Armaan demanded. “Why does it sound as if you are in love with the guy?" he looked searchingly into her face. "Are you?"

Unable to meet his gaze, Nikki lowered her eyes and shook her head in confirmation. Armaan was bewildered.

"and he ? does he love you ?" he asked, but felt he already knew the answer.
Nikki nodded her head again, in confirmation.

Armaan was still unable to believe her and looked at Riddhima and found her shaking her head in confirmation.

"Are you mad ?” he then yelled at Nikki “He is not the right one for you ! How sure are you, that he loves you ?"

Nikki tried to say something, but saw, Armaan was already shaking his head in disbelief. She tenderly put her hand on his arm.

"Look Armaan, You are my best friend and I know you mean the best for me. However, you need to accept the fact that Abhi is my life now.” She saw his face cringe with the unpalatable thought.

“I love him Armaan and I cannot see life without him.” Nikki told him. The love and passion she felt for Abhi reflected in her voice. “We love each other. Please do understand Armaan. I need you to understand me. I love him" she reiterated firmly.

"This can't be ! This just cannot be !" Armaan shook his head, still unable to digest the truth.

“Armaan, atleast listen to what Nikki is saying," Riddhima pleaded with him, but, Armaan was not listening any more. He walked towards the door while Nikki and Riddhima watch him helplessly.

As he reached the door, he came face to face with Abhi who was entering the locker room at the same time. Armaan looked daggers at him and he returned the look. Nikki and Riddhima darted anxious glances at each other. Abhi's gaze swept from Armaan to Nikki and then back at Armaan. The room was filled with an awkward silence.

"Dr. Modi, do you love Nikki ?" Armaan asked sternly.

"Armaan!" Riddhima interjected nervously

Abhi glanced at Nikki and realised she told Armaan about them.

"That's my personal life, Dr. Armaan,” he told him vehemently “Why should I answer you?"

Nikki was even more worried.

"Nikki is my best friend.” Armaan replied “She is very sweet and innocent"

"I know that,” Abhi retorted with the shake of his head “So what?" he defied.

"Well, I am warning you, Dr. Modi, If you ever hurt Nikki,” he paused, taking a deep breath before he continued. “as her good friend, I will kill you.” He warned Abhi icily.

"Armaan," Nikki interjected anxiously.

Abhi raised his hand towards her, indicating for her to stop saying anything further.

"if Nikki is ever hurt because of me," he paused for a moment and darted a glance at Nikki, before continuing. “As her good friend, if you do not do what a good friend is supposed to do, then I will kill you," He replied calmly.

Nikki and Riddhima look at each other in confusion. Armaan takes a deep breath as Abhi’s words sink in.

"DEAL ?" he asked extending his hand towards Abhi.

"DEAL!" Abhi shook his hand firmly. Even though their jaws were taut their eyes were smiling.

Riddhima and Nikki sighed in relief Even though grudgingly, atleast the two men have accepted the other’s importance in Nikki’s life. They exchange happy smiles.

"Now, aren't you all supposed to be at work?” Abhi asked sternly. “Get back to work right now."

Saying "Yes. Dr. Modi" Armaan and Riddhima leave the room.

Overcome with guilt over the accusations she hurled at him, Nikki looked sheepishly at him. His expressions were shuttered as he stared hard at her. Is he still upset with me?” Nikki wonderd as she lowered her eyes. Thinking she should apologise to him. When she looked up at him, she met with his frosty eyes and before she could say anything further, he walked away leaving her watching him in despair.

Sometime later, she came to know Abhi had left for the day.

“He must still be angry with me,” she thought as she left for her house. When she reached home, she tried to call him but he does not pick up the phone. After pondering for a long time she sent him a sms saying 'SORRY'. However, she received no reply from him.

Sad and unhappy, she looked out of the window. The stillness of the night, echoed the longing in her heart. Where could Abhi be now? At home? Should she go to him? She did owe him an apology. She finally decided that come what may, she had to talk to him. Having made up her mind, she walked towards the door.

As she opened the door, her heart leapt joyously seeing Abhi standing there. The exhilartion she felt inside reflected in the broad welcoming smile she gave him.

But, he continued to stare at her with steely eyes. He still seemed miffed with her. Nikki didn’t seem to be worried about it. All that matter he was standing in front of her.

"You've come!" she told him, her voice filled with exuberance. Abhi did not reply. Giving her a wry look, he entered the house.

As she shut the door, Nikki was grinning to herself. She went up behind him and said, "I knew you would come,"

"I got these for you,” he said nonchalantly, handing over a file and some books to her. “They will help you in your test "

As the took the file and books from him, she was unable to contain her happiness and stared lovestruck at him. Abhi found himself being drawn by the love in her eyes.

"I only came to give you these,” he said hesitantly “I have to go." He then turned and walked towards the door.

"Abhi please wait !" she called out to him.

She hurriedly put down the file and books on a nearby table and rushed towards him. He stood motionless. Nikki gently touched his arm.

"Abhi I am so sorry,” she whispered “I know I shouldn't have yelled at you like that but I was upset."

"That is because you don't trust me right?” he asked turning to look at her.

"No its not like that Abhi,” Nikki shook her head. “Please, I am sorry"

Abhi walked over to the window and looked out.

"This morning, I was shocked to hear this news,” he said to her “Apparently, there was a secret check on the hospital a few weeks back which even I wasn't aware of. The findings reached the management who took the decision without even consulting us. I know all this is done on instigation by one vested party. The moment I came to know about it, I made calls back and forth to sort out this issue."
He turned to look at her.

"Its not only about you Nikki or our relationship. We have some sort of responsiblity towards the career of the interns. If the senior doctors are being firm and strict with you people, its for your own benefit. We are doing are best for you guys. Don't make it a personal issue," he told her unhappily. He turned back to the window again.

Nikki realized how upset she had made him. She slowly went up to him and put her arms around him.

"I am sorry, Abhi, I am really sorry. please don't be upset," she told him resting her head on his back.

Abhi stood still. For a long time there was still no reaction from him.

Nikki leaned closer into his back. "Ok I said sorry na ? now stop being so stubborn and forgive me" she said poutily her lips touching his ears. A wide smile curved on his face and he shook his head in defeat. Putting his hand over hers which was lying on his chest, he slowly pulled her in front of him.

"You really are one hell of a girl!” he exclaimed with appreciation in his eyes. “You know exactly how to break me"

Nikki opened her eyes wide in an mischievous attempt to look innocent.

" Don't ! Don't even try that !" he warned, amusement on his face.

"What exactly were you trying with that patient in the morning ?" his lips contorted in mock anger, advancing threateningly towards her. Nikki moved backwards till her back touched the wall. He had close the little space between them and knowing there was no escape, she bit the corner of her lips.

“So, tell me Dr. Nikita Malhotra, what exactly were you trying to do?” Abhi drawled on every word as he took his face closer and closer towards her.

"Nothing ! He was being sweet with compliments, I just thanked him.” she told him innocently. “You are too stingy with compliments. Atleast he was nice."

Abhi raised an amused eyebrow at her cheekiness. "Really? How sweet and innocent you are, aren’t you?" Nikki batted her eyelids and with a grin Abhi pulled her towards him. Her heart zoomed at breakneck speed when he looked deep into her eyes.

"These innocent big eyes are so so mesmerisng. When they flash at me with anger, glint with mischief or soften with love, I am completely dead !"

Deep colour spread on her cheeks.

"Are you complimenting me Dr. Modi?" she asked, blinking her eyes.

Abhi shrugged and shook his head in the negative. “Now, Now, I really don’t know how to do that, right ?” he teased. “But, I rather prefer to demonstrate my feelings." His eyes were gleaming wickedly.

Nikki's cheeks were hurting from the uncontainable blushing his words, his eyes, his nearness brought over her. Abhi, on the other hand, was enjoying her flushed expressions and a naughty smile played on his lips. As he lowered his face, she could feel his heat over her face. Her insides were dancing in excitement. She closed her eyes and then felt his lips burning over her eyelids as he kissed each one of them. He then slowly moved his lips down to her cheek making a pathway till they finally settled on her lips. Nikki broke into raptures and wrapping her hands around his neck, intensely met his fiercely hungry lips as they passionately crushed over hers. .

The next day after work, Abhi went to Nikki’s place to help her prepare for the exams. Nikki was unable to concentrate properly with his magnetic presence and oblvious he was the real reason for her distraction, he kept chiding her for her lack of concentration. “What can I do?” Nikki grumbled. “you keep distracting me”

“Look who is talking!” He said wryly. “have you seen yourself? How distracting you are? Yet, inspite of all your temptations, I still manage to concentrate on my work.”

“Oh so you are saying I am to be blamed for everything!" she retorted. "You are just impossible!"

“And you?” Abhi rolled his eyes. “ you are a handful!”

“You!” Nikki replied pointing a finger at him

“You!” Abhi responded vehemenly.

They were then stumped by their sudden bickering and stared at each other in puzzlement. Looking at their fingers pointing at each other they burst into laughing.

Shaking her head in amusememt, Nikki said “Okay, let me make us something to eat.”

“No, No,” Abhi interjected, holding her hand and dragging her towards the pile of books. “Don't think you can escape. You continue with your studies while I cook up something.”

Nikki looked at him in surprise. “You? Are you sure? Its no big deal. I can cook quickly.”

“No, I don’t want you to waste time. Tell me what you want to eat.”


"Pasta?” They had said it together and smiled. Nikki was thrilled that Abhi remembered what she liked.

Nikki pulled out an apron from the kitchen drawer and handed it to him. Taking it from her, he removed his shirt and handed it to her. It needed a great deal of tolerance on Nikki’s part not to succumb to the urge of clinging to him. Realising she was weakening, she quickly walked out of the kitchen, leaving him to carry on with his work.

Sometime later as she was jotting down notes from the pile of books and files in front of her, she wondered what Abhi is doing in the kitchen.

"Should I check on him ?" she asked herself.

Then shaking her head she echoed his words "No No Nikki concentrate on studying"

After a some time she heard the drop of a pot and ran to the kitchen. "Abhi what happened ? Is everything alright ?" He was bending down to pick up the lid of a pot that had fallen to the ground.

"Haan, Haan everything is fine and in order. Not to worry." Je said having picked up the lid.

"Your pasta is almost ready," he informed her stirring the sauce.

Nikki was staring dreamily at him. How irresistible he looks even in the kitchen.”

A tiny smile playing on her lips, she slowly crept up behind him put her arms around, her fingers settling on his chest

"Thank you, My Dear Chef!" she murmured seductively into his ear and then planted a soft kiss on the nape of his neck.

"Now, Now, that is asking for trouble!” He grinned. “I think I should cancel dinner plans and have you for dinner instead”

Nikki tenderly tweaked his cheek. The phone rang and Abhi gave her a dejected look with the intrusion. Smiling understandingly at him, Nikki answered the phone. It was Muskaan checking to see if Nikki had a particular book.

After dinner Abhi does a mock test with Nikki.

He was impressed with her answers. "When you are so good, why are you lagging behind in your grades?"

"What can I do ? Ever since you came into my life, there has been so much of chaos, I am unable to concentrate on anything else properly"

“Yeah, Yeah,” Abhi sighed “put the blame on me" He then smiled warmly at her.

After a thought, he said " Nikki you need to learn not to mix your professional and personal life"

"Yes Boss!" She raised her hand in a salute.

Abhi gave a short laught

“I think I should leave now.” He told her.

"Please, Don't go" Nikki said , holding on to his hand.

“Sweetheart, I forgot to mention, tomorrow I am off to Delhi for 3 days. I have a flight to catch in the morning.” Nikki looked surprised at him.

"When will you be back?"

"Perhaps on Sunday or Monday!" he replied .

“So won’t you be around when I do my test on Saturday?"

"I really want to Nikki, but, thats not going to be possible.” he looked apologetic at her.

Nikki's face fell. “Please come back before my test," she implored.
Abhi felt bad looking at her crestfallen face.

"Look Sweetheart, I don't want to promise for something I may not be able to do.” He told her softly. “However, I'll definitely try my best"

Nikki was not willing to buy it. She pouted at him. He held her shoulders with both her hands and said "See I'll definitely try my best. Now be a sweet girl and give me a nice smile. I have to survive for three days without you, So give me a memorable dazzling smile.”

Nikki looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Will you atleast sms me when you reach." resignedly she asked in soft tones. Abhi smiled

"I'll definitely do that,” he assured her. Then after a thought, he added, “ Infact I'll sms you every moment. Actually, why don’t I tie up with the mobile company to repeat my messages for next three days?" Nikki burst into giggles and playfully punched him on the chest

She then buried her head in his chest and hugged him tightly, not wanting to leave him.

"I'll miss you Abhi" she said sadly .

"I'll miss you too!" Abhi replied, clasping her tightly in his arms

For the longest moment, they stood like that lost in each other's arms. Finally, Abhi took Nikki's hand and dragged her gently with him to the door. With a soft "Goodnight" he kissed her.

Nikki held on to his hand. "I'll be waiting for you Abhi" she said softly, tears glistening in her eyes.

"I promise to do my best!" He replied gently pulling his hand away from her grasp. With a heavy heart Nikki watched him drive away.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


“Hello Nikki, are you there ? Nikki ?" Adi worriedly kept calling out.

Nikki stood motionless, phone trembling in her hands and her heart started beating violently with fear

“Nikki?” Adi’s roaring voice alerted Nikki. She quickly gathered her wits. “is this some kind of a joke Adi ? Don’t play games with me, Please, not like this."

“Switch on the television and see for herself.” Adi told her as a matter of fact. “I am going to the airport right away, will call you from there.

“No Adi wait, I want to come too. Please ?”

“Okay, I’ll pick to you up in few minutes.” he disconnected quickly.

The breaking news on the television confirmed what Adi just said. Nikk felt her hands and feet going numb.

“Abhi,” she whispered his name. “Abhi,” she called out again, this time aloud hoping to get some response from him.

“Oh God please let him be safe,” she prayed. “please let the flight land safely, please God, please,” she prayed, clutching her hands tightly together.

A few minutes later the news channel confirms that the flight had crashed into a field in some remote village and was blown up in smoke. There were no chances of survivors.

Paralysed into complete numbness, Nikki slumped to the ground

"No,” she shook her head in a state of denial. “No, this can't be, this can't be.,” her voice kept rising as the truth kept sinking in.. “No it can't be "

“ABHI” she finally screamed aloud in despair. Burying her face into her hands she started crying bitterly.

Adi had just entered when he heard her scream and quickly ran to her. Kneeling down beside her, he cradled her in his arms, trying his best to comfort her. "Abhi...Abhi...." Nikki continued to cry and tearfully pointed to the news on the television.

“Nikki, Nikki,” Adi shook her firmly. "Nikki you've got to get a hold of yourself. We don't know anything yet. I am sure nothing is going to happen to Abhi"

He realized he didn’t sound convincing himself , nor, was he able to stop the fear that had gripped him too. Not wanting to think of the worst as yet, he silently prayed for a miracle. He then clasped a distraught Nikki tightly in his arms and tried his best to soothe her.

"Why don't you stay here,” he told her. “I'll go and check at the airport.”

“No Adi,” Nikki pleaded with the shake of her head. “ I'll die if I stay here! Let me come with you." He nodded and helped her up. They then dashed towards the door and rushed out.

Climbing down the steps of the porch, they stopped abruptly in their tracks. In stunned silence, they watched the person who alighting from the cab and froze.

Abhi was entering the gates when he was astonished to see Adi at Nikki’s place.
Watching them standing motionless, face drained of color, his eyebrows furrowed in puzzlement.

Realising it was indeed Abhi, like a burst of hurricane, Nikki ran and threw herself at him. Clasping him tightly she clung on to his neck and her hold was so tight, she was almost smothering him. A baffled Abhi slowly wrapped his arms around her. He looked questioningly at Adi and found him gaping at him with open mouth.

In his arms Nikki was sniffing and sobbing. Through misty eyes, she looked lovingly at him and cupped his face with both her hands. Her expressions changed from fear to disbelief and then to joy and happiness.

"Thank God, Abhi,” she whispered in relief. “ Thank God you are okay! Nothing happened to you !"

Abhi is unable to fathom what was going on.

"I am fine Nikki, but, what happened?” he asked gently holding her face in his hands.

Nikki was unable to speak. Her throat had gone dry. She was breathing heavily.

Abhi looked at Adi. "What happened Adi? What’s going on?” Adi too was speechless.

“For God's sake, can someone explain something to me? What the hell is going on? " Abhi hollered impatiently.

Hearing the irritation in his voice, Adi snapped out of his stupor.

“Abs the flight, you were taking, crashed. There doesn’t seem to be any survivors” He informs him.

"WHAT ?" Abhi was astounded.

For a moment, it felt as if the ground was disappearing beneath his feet. He looked down at Nikki who tearfully shook her head in confirmation.

"Didn't you take the flight ?" Adi asked him. Nikki also looked questioningly at him.

"Well I did board the flight but then,” he paused and then looked affectionately at Nikki. “I wanted to talk to Nikki, so I got off the flight just before the doors were closing.”

"Oh God !" the cold fear of sure death had he taken the flight now had sunk into him.

Tears continue to trickle down Nikki's cheek. Closing his eyes, Abhi tightened his grip around her.

"Abhi you killed me today,” She told him chokingly. “You killed me,” she whispered.

“You love giving me pain don’t you Abhi ?” she asked him, the pain reflecting in her eyes. “You always like to see me in pain. You don’t know how much I died today! ” With angry tears she freed herself from him and ran into the house.

"Nikki is absolutely right Abs,” Adi walked up to Abhi and puts his hand on his shoulder. “ Today, you did kill us Bro.'

His voice was choking. Abhi's eyes moistened . The emotional brotherly bond surfaced as they looked at each other and they embraced.

"I never felt so lonely in my life as I did the past few hours." Adi told him solemnly. Abhi soothingly squeezed him tightly and patted him on the back.

"Go talk to her,” Adi said pulling away. “She was completely broken when she heard the news"

Abhi nodded his head in confirmation.

"Don’t worry, I'll talk to the folks at home," Adi assured him. He was much calmer now. He walked towards his car.

He, then stopped and looking back at Abhi said "Don't mess up this time Abs. Take this as a message from God above. He willed another chance for both of you to be together." Abhi nodded his head once again.


Nikki was sitting on the couch, elbows on her knees, face buried in those hands as she sobbed. She was embarrassed by the outburst she threw at him before running into the house. Her feelings now lay bare before him. What will he think of her? Hearing Abhi enter, she quickly straightened herself and tried to wipe away her tears. She could not meet his eyes. Using the excuse of getting some water for him, she stood up and nervously passed him. Abhi held her hand from behind.

"I love you Nikki.”

A stunned Nikki stopped in her tracks. A mixed feeling of excitement and apprehension gripped her as she turned to face him.

"You are just saying it," she told him cautiously. “Just because of my behavior outside.

"No I mean it,” Abhi said firmly “Don’t you still get it? I just couldn't stay away from you any more Nikki"

He gently caressed her face and said "I got off that plane with one firm decision. No matter how much begging and pleading it needed, I would do it, till you agreed to be mine.”

A slight smile erupted on Nikki’s face. Dr. Abhimanyu Modi pleading? She was really lucky. Sensing her thoughts, Abhi also smiled.

Looking down affectionately at her, he said “Lets face it Nikki, no matter how much we are angry, fight or are mad at each other, we can't change the fact that we love each other.”

He pushed back an errant strand of hair from her face “We belong to each other Nikki. I can't live without you anymore. Just can't !" His face revealed how tormented he was by the thought.

Nikki was overyjoyed and she looked lovestruck at him, unable to speak.

"Today I would have died If it weren't for you"

Hurriedly, Nikki put her fingers on his lips.

"Abhi please, please don't say that," a horrified Nikki, cried out .

Abhi held her hand and kissed it.

"It is impossible for us to live without each other. So, why fight our destiny," he said.

Nikki nodded her head in agreement. She had almost lost him and was glad she got a chance to get him back.

"I love you Abhi,” she whispered lovingly. "I can't live without you at all. Even I tried my best to stay away from you, but it is just not possible"

Abhi pulled her into his arms and squeezed his eyes shut. For a long time, They stood lost into each other as his arms were tightly clasped around her.

The pain, the torment, the agony of the past few weeks have all tumbled out.


"Oh My God !" Abhi exclaimed after a while, as he looked down into Nikki's face.

"What happened?" she asked worriedly

"I think I have been hugging the wrong girl" Nikki looked at him perplexed.

"The girl I love has lovely big eyes but I can't seem to find them beneath these tears,” he grinned mischievously as he pretended to search her face.

" are so horrible!” Nikki playfully drummed her hands on his chest. “First you give me so much pain and then you tease me." she said poutily.

Pulling her closer to him, Abhi says "Don't worry. You know I am a Doctor. I have the right kind of balm to soothe your pain.” Mischief continued to glint in his eyes. Sensing he was being naughty, Nikki made a face at him.

Abhi lowered his face and kissed away the tears from one eye. Nikki blushed and her heart started racing. Once again he lowered his face to kiss her lips but Nikki stopped him by putting her hand on his lips.

"First complete the treatment Dr. Modi and then you'll get your fees,”

She pointed to the tears from the other eye. Abhi smiled at her pertness. He sighed resignedly and kissed away the tears from that eye.

Once again, when he attempted to claim her lips, Nikki stopped him by placing her hand on his lips again and pointed to the tears on the left cheek.
Tantalised by her playful teasing , Abhi smiled again and kissed the tears from her cheek.

Just as Nikki was about to point out to the tears on the other cheek, Abhi grabbed the opportunity and quickly placed his lips over hers. Nikki was completely caught unawares.

"That's cheating !” she drummed her hands on his chest. “ You need to be punished for this"

"I have no problem at all Sweetheart,” grabbing her hand he seductively put it around his neck. “ but then ,” he drew her closer to him “first, let me complete the crime properly." he winked wickedly. Nikki grinned. He then slowly started lowering his face, his eyes had turned intensely passionate making her cheeks turn flaming red. Nikki gasped when his lips were clamped over hers and she tightened her hold around his neck in complete surrender.

Few minutes later, while Abhi and Nikki were still caught in passion, Abhi's cellphone rang

“Abhi, your phone is ringing,” Nikki nudged him gently.

Not wanting to spoil their moment, he said “I know. Let it ring,” and continued kissing her.

“Abhi, it could be urgent,” prodded Nikki.

The phone stopped ringing. However, couple of minutes later, a message beeped. Nudged by Nikki, Abhi reluctandly dug his hands into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out his phone. Holding Nikki with his other arm, they read the message from Maya.

"Thank God you are safe son. Waiting to see you soon.”

“Abhi you must go home first and meet everyone,” Nikki tells him. “They must be dying to see you. They care a lot for you"

Abhi nodded his head.

"I feel so blessed having such wonderful people in my life" his eyes were damp.

"Really Nikki, I can't believe someone, as wonderful as you, would come into my life and make it complete.” He told as he looked adoringly at her. “ I can't believe I kept fighting with myself and even with you, to stay away from me, when actually you are the reason for my living!"

A naughty smile hover on his lips. "You don't know how difficult it is to resist your charms!"

Nikki’s cheeks were glowing from his compliments.

"I know, I know ! my sympathies are definitely with you," she tweaked his nose in mock sympathy.

Raising an eyebrow, Abhi says "Accha? so you are teasing me now?"

Digging a finger into his chest, Nikki said "what the master teaches this student ardently follows,” she blinked, feigning innocence.

With a sly smile, Abhi pulled her closer to him. "In that case, I've got better things to teach you!"

He attempted to kiss her again , but, Nikki stoppped him by putting her fingers on his lips.

"There is plenty of time for this. Now first let's go and meet Uncle-Aunty and the rest.” With a sigh Abhi reluctantly agreed.

During the drive, Nikki leaned towards Abhi and wrapping her hand around his arm, she rests her head on his shoulder.

"Everyone at Sanjeevani will be so shocked to hear about us," she smiled at the storm it would create in Sanjeevani. Abhi laughed aloud.

"A Senior Doctor and an intern ! Scandal !' he declared .

Glancing down at her, he found Nikki deep in thought.

"Are you nervous, your friends will know about us ?" he asked softly.

Nikki looked at him. His humiliation at the pool because of her, filled her eyes with sadness.

"No, I would love them to know about us," she declared vehemently.

"I don't think you should do that as yet !" Abhi told her. Nikki looked questioningly at him.


"I think we should keep your career in sight. Talks about our relationship at this point of time may not be good for it. You need to complete your internship. We should not allow our relationship to affect it".

"How do you manage to think about everything?" Nikki asked admiringly.

"Because you are very special to me!" He replied fondly.

Nikki smiled at him and puts her head back on his shoulder.

When they reach Abhi's place, a relieved Sr. Puri quickly walked towards Abhi with open arms. He engulfed him in a big hug and patting him on his back said "I can't take any more of these. After your parents left us the way they did, I can't bear to lose you son. I almost died today".

Tears were glistening in Abhi's eyes as he hugged him even more tightly. Sheetal and Maya also hug Abhi emotionally while the rest look on.

Pulling away from Abhi, Maya looked at Nikki with teary eyes.

"You keep on fighting with him if his making up to you can save him like this"
Nikki looked at Adi who gave her a feeble smile.

Adi informed Nikki and Abhi, they have decided to go back home along with their parents, since Sheetal's health wasn't too good. .

After dinner on Sunday, Nikki and Abhi dropped the Puri's at the airport. Nikki was overcome with sadness as she watched the family she grew to love, walk towards the entrance of the airport terminal.

"Nikki you must come to London soon, especially when the baby arrives,” Sheetal told her embracing her warmly. “You need to see the brat who got us all into a panic."

Both of them chuckle.

“I’ll miss you Sheetal,” Nikki told her fondly.

"Oh I'll miss you too Nikki, I am so glad to have met you. We had such a great time. We’ll sure stay in touch.” Once again, they hug each other warmly.

Maya and Sr. Puri echo Sheetal’s sentiments as they also warmly embrace Nikki.

"We have to meet soon…. hmm ?" Sr. Puri told Nikki who nodded at him.

Kissing her on the forehead, he said "God Bless You!"

Finding Abhi, Sheetal, Maya and Sr. Puri chatting, Nikki quietly we t up to Adi.

“Thank you Adi for bringing Abhi back into my life,” Looking at her eyes filled with gratitude, he extended his arm and squeezed her shoulder.

"He was always yours Nikki. You belong to each other. Its just that you both were not willing to see it.” He smiled happily at her.

“Don't lose him again Nikki,” he adviced tenderly.

“Also, though I may not be physically around here, but, you must know, whenever you need my help for anything, I'll always be there for you.”

Tears filled Nikki's eyes. Looking up at his face, she said to him in a choked voice,

"You are a wonderful person Adi, I am so glad to know you." He clasped her tightly in his arms.

"What's going on?" Abhi’s voice came from behind Adi. Turning towards him, Adi and Nikki quickly wiped their tears.

"I was checking with Nikki if she would elope with me ?" Adi teased him. Abhi grinned.

"You better go peacefully or else ...” he playfully waved his fist at him.

Adi slapped his fist over Abhi’s fist. With a smile, they embrace each other.

Sr. Puri, Maya and Sheetal wave goodbye to Abhi and Nikki and enter the terminal gates.

"Thanks Bro for everything,” Abhi tells Adi. “especially for bringing Nikki back into my life"

Adi and Nikki exchanged a knowing smile and Adi winks at her.

"You both, are an amazing pair! You definitely belong to each other !” He thumped Abhi on the back and after pulling back, he hugged Nikki again.

“Looking forward to seeing you both soon !" he told them and wiping his tears, walked away.

"Oh I am going to miss them a lot !” Abhi said wistfully, as they were driving home. “It is an amazing feeling going home to a family !"

Nikki nodded understandingly at him.

They arrive at Nikki's place and she was despondent as she didn't want to leave him so soon. Reluctantly, she turned and opened the door of the car. However, she felt him pull her into his arms and before she knew it, his sensuous lips were on hers. Just when she was enjoying the kiss, he pulled away and gently releasing her said “Goodnight,” softly.

"Do you want to come in for a coffee ?" Nikki asked earnestly, buying for some more time with him.

"No, its quiet late now,” Abhi said “Tomorrow morning, I've got to reach early at Sajeevani,”

He got off the car and going over to Nikki’s side, opened the door for her. A dejected Nikki climbed out of the car. She looked poutily at him making him smile. He then ran a finger seductively on her cheek, saying, "Goodnight Sweet Temptress! You better go now. As I said before its really difficult to resist you and my control these are really weak" He gave her his most charming smile.

'Must his smile be so irresistible' Nikki mentally said to herself

Slowly she walked away from him.

Reaching the door of her house, she turned back to see Abhi sitting in the car. Tossing a flying kiss at her, he then drove away.