Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The little tender exchange between them set Nikki and Abhi thinking about the cause for the distance between them today.

Since their legal formalities were not completed, Armaan and Riddhima's going to London got postponed by a week . Instead of leaving at the end of September, they were now scheduled to leave on 5th October.

Muskaan decides to go back home and spend a months time with her family, after Armaan and Riddhima leave, before she decides on taking on any new assignment. She invites Atul and Anjali to join her who readily agree as they also wanted a break.

On the other hand, Abhi and Nikki were basking in the glory of their married life, balancing work and personal life, at times lovingly, at times bickering and then making up.

Knowing Nikki's irritation when she sees Sonali, Abhi made a conscious effort to keep a strict professional distance with her.

Abhi kept confiding in Nikki that he suspected someone is deliberately sabotaging his project and he seems to be closing on to that person.

One morning, Nikki wakes up to find Abhi bustling around the room putting things into an overnight bag. Inspite of being awake, she was still feeling so drowsy.

"Good Morning wifey," sitting down beside her, he kisses her. "so finally you are up. I've been waiting for a long time for you to wake up. You were so deep in sleep, didn't have the heart to wake you."

"Where are you going Abhi?" Nikki asks throatily. Her body was aching all over.

"Oh, not too far away. To Park Hotel in New Bombay, but, I have to stay overnight."

"Why?" Nikki asks him perplexed.

"Oh I think I will get a clear picture about my project over there tonight." he tells her excitedly.

"Are you okay?" he asks with concern seeing her difficulty in opening her eyes. "You were fast asleep when I came last night and still looking kind of drowsy?"

"Oh I don't know why I am feeling so drowsy and tired." Nikki groans.

Abhi tenderly runs his hand over her face pushing aside strands of hair spread over her face.

"Looks like you are tired sweetheart. I know I am not helping things either," he looks guiltily at her. Once again caressing her face he tells her fondly, "Do take it easy. Rest it off."

"Hmmmmn" Nikki nods.

Suddenly her eyes widen. "Tonight? Abhi tonight, Armaan and Riddhima are leaving, we planned we would see them off at the airport."

"I know Nikki," rising Abhi continues with his packing. "I spoke to Armaan and explained my inability to come. I have a meeting with the minister the next day and before that I have to do something very important."

"Surely you can come for a while Abhi," Nikki pleads.

"Nikki I'll try my best," zipping the bag, he tries to assure her but already knew in his mind, it was not going to be possible.

"I don't know Abhi , you have to come," Nikki frowns.

"Arre, Nikki I just explained to you, I cannot come"

"But then you just said you will try your best which means there is a chance of you coming." Nikki pouts

Abhi sighs. Looks like he is on dangerous grounds. Got to tread it carefully.

"Nikki I said I'll try my best but I can't promise. Its really impossible."

"Abhi If you really care for me, you'll come," Nikki says stubbornly "or else I'll know how much I really mean to you."

"Oh, Nikki please don't start these pranks of yours so early in the day. I really don't have the time."

He picks up the bag and going over to her bends to kiss her lips, but, an upset Nikki moves her face away from him. The kiss lands on her cheek. Abhi is taken aback.

"I am serious Abhi, I mean what I said. If you don't come I'll consider that you don't care for me."

Abhi rolls his eyes.

"Nikki, I have no time for this now. I'm getting late. You take care of yourself and I'll see you tomorrow. Hopefully your mood will change by then." He begins to walk out of the room.

"Abhi I am serious, You'll regret it for the rest of your life." Nikki calls out hotly, after him.

"Yeah, Yeah, I know. We will see," was Abhi's parting shot as he walks out of the room.


Sometime in the evening, at Sanjeevani, sitting on Abhi's chair, Nikki was going through their conversation of the morning, again. She is feeling annoyed with herself. Missing him badly she snuggles into his chair, trying to feel his presence.

"Hey, what happened? Why are you looking so sad?" Riddhima asks her, entering the cabin.

"What are you doing here?" a surprised Nikki asks her "You guys are leaving tonight."

"Yeah, had some time, thought will have one look around Sanjeevani, before I leave" Riddhima tells her nostalgia on her face.

"Oh okay."

"Well what's happened to you? Fought with Abhimanyu?"

"Kind off" Nikki pulls a face.

"And who is at fault?" Riddhima probes with a knowing smile

Nikki smiles sheepishly.

"So why don't you go and make it up to him?"

"Oh he is not going to be back till tomorrow" Nikki tells her sadly.

"Why where is he?"

"He has some important work, so he is staying at The Park Hotel in New Mumbai for the night.

'Oh I see."

"Riddhima, I really don't know whats gone wrong with me these days," she confides in her. I get irritated with the smallest things and then fight with him. Then I regret it myself. Don't know why I am getting so moody. I am unable to think straight these days. My head feels so fogged all the time. I can't believe I could be so stupid and childish, warning him to come, when I know how important this whole thing is for him. I am feeling so angry and annoyed with myself."

"Oh don't worry about it Nikki, these things happen," Riddhima consoles her. " perhaps its around that time of the month for you. That's why you are feeling so low and moody."

"Just wrap your arms around him when he gets back and he'll forget he was ever upset. " she teases.

"Month?" Nikki's eyes go wandering "Oh My God, Oh My God, I think'.." She stands up saying "Riddhima Chal,"

"Whaat? Where?" Riddhima was flummoxed.

"Chalo Na" she drags Riddhima out of the room.

They did not know that someone was listening to their conversation and is dialing a number. A recorded message informs the person at the other end was not reachable.

Some time later Riddhima and Nikki were looking at the result.

"Nikki you are pregnant!" Riddhima excitedly tells a shocked Nikki who was staring at the test tube.

"Ssshhhhhh" Nikki goes, coming out of her shock.

"Oh My God, Oh My God," she paces the room holding her head. " I can't believe it,"

"This is so soon, but, this is so good, This is......" she is engulfed in a whole lot of conflicting emotions.

She runs her hand lovingly over her stomach.

"Nikki, relax," Riddhima tries to pacify.

"I am pregnant." Her face slowly begins to light up with happiness as the truth sinks into her. "I am pregnant," she looks at Riddhima gleefully.

"Congratulations," Riddhima hugs her "I am so happy for you,"

"God, I need to tell Abhi this." She dials his number.

"You'll tell him this news over the phone?" Riddhima asks, in surprise.

"No I want to check where he is," she informs her. "Shucks his phone is unreachable."

"I am dying to tell him Riddhima," an exuberant Nikki tells her. "I don't know how he'll react, what will he say?" her eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"He'll say Oh God, my sweet kiddy wife is carrying my kid? Now, I'll have two kids to handle" holding her chin, Riddhima teases her.

"Riddhima!" Nikki shrieks like a banshee. They then burst out laughing.

"I know what I'll do," Nikki says excitedly. "after seeing you guys off at the airport, I'll drive straight to him and give him the news. I can't wait to see his reaction."

"Oh I am so, so, so happy for you," Riddhima tells her hugging her tight.


There is a knock on a room at Park Hotel

"What are you doing here Sonali?"

"Sir, I have been trying to reach you for a long time. Just came to know Dr. Abhimanyu Modi is staying at the same hotel.

"That bloody Modi!" the man grunts "I knew he was a pain. Well, now that he is here, this is what we will have to do."

He then proceeds to explains the plan to Sonali and his three henchmen.


Hearing a knock , Abhi opens the door of his hotel room.

He is surprised to find Sonali standing there.

"What are you doing here ? he asks her sternly.

"Oh Sir, I got the file you wanted," Sonali explains

"But then, I asked Shekhar to bring it, why did you have to come?" Abhi eyes her suspiciously. Sonali felt uncomfortable

"Oh Shekhar wasn't feeling well Sir, I also wanted to show you some important papers, can I come in?"

Abhi looks at her with skeptism.

"No, Lets go down to the lobby and see it."

"Fine Sir,"

As they begin to walk towards the lift, Abhi suddenly felt as if something was falling over him and before he could react, a heavy object falls on his head. Holding his head, he falls to the ground.

"He is really shrewd," the man sneered. "Thought it would have been better if you could drug him, but Sly Fox didn't allow you inside the room." He tells Sonali.

One henchman searches the pocket of Abhi's jeans and pulls out his room keys. They carry him inside his room. One of the guy takes off Abhi's shirt and lays him on the bed.

"Go and lie down beside him," the man instructs Sonali. "We will take pictures of both of you together. If he has any proof against us or dares to open his mouth we can use these pictures to blackmail him."

After clicking the pictures, the man tells Sonali to get dressed and come to his room. He leaves with his henchmen. As they walk out, one of the goon accidentally hits against the door stopper and walks away.

Sonali looks at the handsome doctor lying beside her. How many times she tried to lure him, but, he just didn't pay any attention on her. He had eyes only for his wife. She hated his wife. Wish she could make her life miserable. She looks at Abhi again. Today she was lucky to be on the same bed with him. She bends closer to him and lifts her finger to caress his face.


After bidding a tearful farewell to Armaan and Riddhima, Atul, Anjali and Muskaan also say their byes to Nikki as they were leaving for Amritsar early morning, the next day.

Later an excited Nikki is driving to New Bombay.

Gosh, she is carrying Abhi's baby. She blushes with the truth.

She is dying to see the expression on his face when she tells him the news.

Reaching the hotel, she enquires about the room Abhi was staying in , but, the receptionist refuses to divulge the details inspite of Nikki's pleadings. She even refused to call Abhi's room, since he had put a 'do not disturb' sign on it.

She stood there wondering what to do. Abhi wasn't picking up his cell phone either.

"Dr. Nikita? Is that you?" Nikki turns and is surprised to see one of her ex-patient's sister.

"Anjali Right?"

"Yes," she confirmed. "What are you doing here?"

Nikki tells her she has come to meet Abhi but doesn't know his room number.

"I knew there was something between you and Dr. Modi," Anjali laughs. " Noticed how you both , would, keep looking at each other." Nikki blushes.

With Anjali's help she managed to get Abhi's room number.

There was a bounce in her steps as she excitedly takes the elevator to the third floor and looks around for the room. Unknowing to her, she just missed the man and his henchmen as they got into the next elevator.

Finding the room, she is surprised to find the door slightly open, held by the door stopper. Maybe he is on his way out and forgot to pick up something, she smiles.

Saying a cheerful "SURPRISE!" she push opens the door.

She is stunned to see a woman bending over someone lying on the bed. Caught unawares with her entry, Sonali quickly turns and then leans back seeing Nikki. Nikki's eyes open wide in shock as she finds a bare chested Abhi sprawled on the bed. The colour drains out from her face. She feels her whole world spinning. She is paralysed into numbness.

"Oh My God, Dr. Nikita, how did you find us out?" Pretending innocence, Sonali makes her way to the door. Nikki is disgusted to see her dressed in a short, strappy, flimsy dress with the cleavage way too low.

She stands there staring at Abhi who seemed to be in a deep slumber. She doesn't know what to do or say. Her head was feeling even more foggier than before.

"How long has this been going on?" she manages to mumble

Sonali bows her head down. "For few weeks."

She looks at Abhi again.

The fact that he was sleeping blissfully while her world had collapsed, makes anger mingle with her pain.

Turning back, she runs away. An evil smile appears on Sonali's face.

She hears Abhi stirring. Putting two tablets in a glass of water, she goes to him. She sees him groaning in a semi conscious state and trying to open his eyes.

"Dr. Modi, are you okay? Here drink some water," she pretends concern whilst forcing the water down his throat.

Few minutes later Abhi blacks out completely.

Sonali goes to the Man's room "Your work is done Sir, He'll be out till late morning. You have nothing to fear now.


Like a lifeless body, a devastated Nikki makes her way towards the car.

Sitting in the driver's seat, she cannot believe at what she just saw, but then, she did see it.

She now realized what agony those women go through when their husbands, who are so sweet and loving to them, secretly cheat on them on the quiet.

But then, this was her Abhi. Her Abhi who was incapable of hurting or cheating anyone. Her Abhi, whom she loved and trusted, who loved her or atleast made her believe that till now. He did everything to please her. He even maintained a distance from Sonali when he realized she was not happy about it.

Oh My God, her eyes suddenly grow big in a shocking realization. Does this mean, alerted by her jealousy, he was deliberately cold to Sonali so that Nikki doesn't get mad at him? Surely this can't be her Abhi. Even if someone told her about it, she would never have believed that person.

But, then, she has seen it with her own eyes. Oh My God, its true that even, the sweetest and caring man cannot be trusted these days.

Tears are flowing like a never ending river on to her red dupatta and the steering wheel.

What a day! Her friends are gone, she witnessed the horror of her husband's betrayal and yet, today got the beautiful revelation of a life inside her.

She runs her hand on her stomach, "My baby, growing inside me, Mine and His baby," her head jerks up in the realization.

No, I am not going to have this baby, I cannot have it. I don't want anything of his, I don't want him in my life. I'll kill the baby, I'll kill myself," she was a mass of emotional turbulence. She hits her head against the steering wheel.

Sobbing bitterly she cries out loud "What do I do? Oh God, what do I do?" Her throat was hurting. Her head was heavy. She was finding it difficult to breathe. Taking few deep breaths she manages to calm herself.

"Why should I punish the baby for the father's misdoings? No, I can't harm it. But, I can't live with Abhi and give him the satisfaction of becoming a father. He needs to pay for it. I will leave him forever. Let him wonder all his life why I left him, that is, if he cares. I don't care what he thinks. Now it will only be, the baby and Me. I am removing Abhi from my life completely." Having made up her mind, she wipes away the tears, which stubbornly refuse to stop flowing. With a heavy heart, she starts driving.

Abhi wakes up groggily. His head was pounding and felt heavy. His eyes were blurred. He is surprised to find himself shirtless. Wobbily he stands up and drags himself to the washroom, stumbling on the way.

Splashing water on his face, he tries to recollect what happened to him. He runs his fingers through his hair and finds them getting stuck in a mesh of hair. There was pain as he tugged the hair. He pulls out a tiny clot of blood . Last he recalled walking out with Sonali when he was hit with an object. "Was this Sonali's doing?" he begins to wonder. "It has to be."

There was a continuous ring of the doorbell. Treading heavily, he drags himself and opens the door. Finding a bell boy standing there, he ushers him in.

"Sir where have you been. I have knocked so many times, but you just didn't open the door. I was so worried. I have finished my shift two hours ago and can't be seen in the hotel."

"I am sorry, I got into a bit of a problem," Abhi tells him wearily holding his head.

"Is everything okay Sir?" the bell boy checks with concern.

"Yeah, Yeah, Its fine." Abhi smiles weakly at him. "Is the job done?

"Absolutely Sir," he confirms with pride, handing something to Abhi.

"Thank you," Abhi smiles at him handing him a wad of notes.

The boy leaves.

Abhi looks at his watch.

"Damn its 10 o'clock," he exclaims. He was to meet the minister at 9 am.

He quickly rushes back to the washroom.


"Where is Dr. Abhimanyu Modi?" the minister enquires.

"I don't think he'll come Sir," Mr Patil tells him. " He must have not found the finance for the project, so he must have decided not to come."

Suddenly the audio visual starts playing.

Mr. Patil watches in horror as scenes of his hotel room dealing with a client, Sonali warning him about Dr. Modi's stay in the hotel, his explanation of a plan, to Sonali, to drug Dr. Modi so that they could blackmail him later with pictures and MMS clips , were all being displayed on the audio visual.

He turns and find Abhi standing there, hands folded across his chest , eyes chillingly on Patil.

"Thank you Dr. Modi," the minister tells him "for bringing out this culprit to the fore. I am sorry for not paying heed to you earlier."

"Surprised Mr. Patil?" Abhi asks him coldly. "After checking around, I realized that the financiers who backed out, never found anything wrong with my project, they were all brainwashed into believing it was wrong. I then realized that whoever was brainwashing them, had to do so because they wanted the project to be scrapped and the land to go to someone else. Searching around, I zeroed down on your front man, Mr. Patil. You smartly used someone else as a front and started brainwashing everyone, my financiers, the minister against my project. The reason is because you are promised a fairly high commission for that land. Today, this audio visual clearly reveals that you are the culprit."

Patil goes numb. He realized it was the end of his game.

"Arrest him," The minister orders the assistant commissioner of police (ACP) who had entered along with Abhi. Another two policemen bring the henchmen in front. "Sir we have recovered all the picture clips, cameras, and other things from these men." One of them informs the minister.

"You don't have to worry Dr. Modi, nothing will happen to your reputation. We will see to that," the minister assures him. "I have just one request, can we keep this under wraps. I've always strived to maintain a clean image for this ministry, but elements like these," he glares at Patil, "spoil our image"

"Don't worry Sir," No one will know about it," Abhi confirms.

Walking out with the ACP, he comes across Sonali who was being interrogated by the police.

" Dr. Modi, please save me, I am sorry, I needed the money." she mumbles.

"So you sold your soul ?" Abhi shoots back at her. "My wife was always right about you, You are a complete B''.." he checks himself on time.

"Please Dr. Modi," she begs.

"Just stay away from me," Abhi warns her angrily "or else I'll press for attempt to murder charges on you. Don't forget you drugged me in an unconscious state. It could have been fatal too. Just stay away from me."

He walks away in disgust.

"Dr. Modi, I am not going to tell you that your wife saw us together," Sonali thinks in her mind. "I am sure you'll have a surprise in store for you when you reach home." She smiles. "Who knows perhaps someday you may need my shoulders during your lonely days."


"Nikki!" Abhi smiles as her face flashes in front of his eyes.

He tries calling her cell phone but she doesn't respond. He tries the house phone. But no luck either.

He calls up Sanjeevani and is informed Dr. Nikita has not come today.

"Perhaps she is resting." He thinks. "She was tired yesterday and after seeing Armaan and Riddhima off, she must be even more tired. Hope her mood is good. Oh I am sure she was playing a prank on me. Her demand itself sounded so ridiculous," he smiles. "and she thinks I am going to fall for it. She is such a prankster," he smiles happily.

He sits in his car and starts driving.

"Wonder how will she react when I tell her about Patil and Sonali." Abhi thinks.

"Sonali," Abhi remembers how he began suspecting Sonali after Nikki fought with him over her. He realized that Nikki's anger was stemming from somewhere. Perhaps, when he was not around, she did give Nikki cause to feel jealous and angry. He kept a close watch on Sonali and realised she was planted by someone to keep an eye on him.

Through her, he reached to Patil's front man and the deal that was going to happen at Hotel Park. He deliberately did not tell Sonali about staying in the hotel. It was difficult to convince the minister without going through Patil.

Now he realizes, it was good he didn't tell Patil anything about it. He somehow never liked that man, especially the way he eyed Nikki.

With difficulty, through a friend's contact , he managed to get the minister to hear him out and give him a chance to prove his point. With the help of the bell boy, he placed the video camera in the room and Patil got revealed.

"Nikki will be so delighted to know how right she was," he mumbles.

"You should always listen to your wife, Doctor Sahab" Abhi can picture her telling him that. A twisted smile breaks out on his face.

"Yeah, yeah," he mutters happily to himself. "after all, I have such a lovely wife. Love you Nikki. Love you for loving me so much that you will even fight with me for my sake."

Gosh, He can't wait to reach home and take her in his arms !

It was late afternoon when Abhi finally reached home.

"Biwi?" he calls out cheerfully as he goes inside. He doesn't find her in their room. He begins to go around check ong the other rooms, calling out lovingly, "Hey wifey, where are you?"

He gets no response, He calls out again. Did she finally go to Sanjeevani ?" he wonders.

He calls her cell and hears it ringing in the room. He notices it fallen on the floor. 'Surprising, she didn't take her cell,' his eyes narrow in wonder.

He calls Sanjeevani and is informed she did not come at all. He begins to worry. He looks around and suddenly spots a note lying below the framed picture she gave him as a wedding gift.

"Abhi, I've finally discovered I mean nothing to you. I am walking out of your life for good. I don't want to continue with this marriage any more, so don't look out for me and also don't let my family and friends know about this. Nikki"

Abhi felt his insides shattering into pieces, piercing him deeply from within. With a sinking heart he slumps down on the bed with a shocked "NO"

"No," he yells as he swerves the car to a halt.

Startled, Nikki instinctively puts her hand on his thigh.

"Abhi are you okay? Are you alright?"

Taking a deep breath, Abhi opens and shuts his eyes as if trying to focus clearly. He then runs his hand agonizingly over his face. Slowly, he turns to look at her.

He notices she has her left her hand on her stomach and the right on his thigh, as if trying to protect both of them.

"Oh My God, Nikki," realizing he almost endangered her life, he quickly places his hand over her stomach. "Oh God, Nikki, I am so sorry. Are you alright."

"I am fine Abhi, but what about you? Are you okay?" there was concern in her voice.

He looks at her hand tenderly over his thigh. Following his gaze, she notices her hand too.

Surprised by her own instinctiveness, she slowly draws her hand away.

A flicker of hope begins to burn inside Abhi.

She does care for him. She does. I hope she does.

He looks at both their hands, protectively, on her stomach. "And, we do care for you Baby. We Do."

to be continued..........


Abhi is trying his best to banish all thoughts from his mind and concentrate on the road ahead. The proximity of his wife sitting next to him, is not making things any easier for him. After two dreary months without her, he notices she is lookingeven more beautiful than before. He is overcome with a sudden urge to stop the car and pull her into his arms. Sensing his eyes on her, she turns sideways and gives him a cold glance.

'Why is she so angry with me?' he wonders. 'What could have upsetted her so much that she left me without any explanation. I wasn't even around or' he pauses 'was that the reason?'

After going through the worse in life, this reason seemed so petty and trivial for them. He is dying to know. Should he ask her? Dammit, if it weren't for her present condition, he would have grabbed her and demanded an explanation. Now, somehow, he has to keep his cool, he reminds himself.

Trying to wipe away the inner turmoil he was going through because of the cold distance between them, he reminisces on their married life after their family left.

Like the burst of spring season, life took a new turn bringing with it a world of thrills and excitement. Everything seemed so bright and colourful. Perhaps, it was their own happiness that was transcending to their perception of life. As each day passed by, they grew more and more happy and contented as the thought they belonged to each other began to sink deeply within them.

Unlike most newly married couples , Abhi could not spare that extra time for his new bride, but, nothing could mar Nikki's spirits. There was a new glow on her face and her eyes twinkled with happiness . She did not even mind his coming home late. She knew , eventually, he would come home to her. Inspite of the stress and burden of work, he tried not to let it effect the moments they shared together. He would go all out to make her feel on top of the world.

On the other hand, for Abhi, after a stressful day, going back home was such a delight. She would greet him warmly, at times smiling, at times grumbling and sulking because of his coming home late. Watching the different expressions on her face would bring a happy smile on his. When she lovingly caressed his face, Abhi could feel the stress, the tiredness draining out from him.

Joining back at Sanjeevani, it took some time for Nikki to realize that SHE was the other Dr. Modi in Sanjeevani .

Armaan and the gang would deliberately rag her, singing "Good Morniing Dr. Mrs. Modi," or "Yes Dr. Mrs. Modi,"
A blushing Nikki would run after Armaan with intention of spanking him.

"Behave like a married woman," he would chide her to escape her spanking. "Don't forget you are the Boss' wife now," he would tease. Conscious by his words, Nikki would innocently straighten herself. He would then burst out laughing, bringing colour into her cheeks.

After a late evening, two hour surgery help to Dr. Keerti, Nikki was checking with Sonali about Abhi's whereabouts.

" He did not tell me where he is going," Sonali tells her indifferently. "However, he did say he had dinner meeting"

Nikki thanks her coldly and walks away.

There was something about Sonali which annoyed Nikki. She would be on her best behavior when Abhi was around, but, when he was not, she would be cold and curt to Nikki.

Getting into the car , Nikki makes an irritated face.

"How annoying. This is the third late night for Abhi this week and its only Wednesday. I expected, atleast today, he would be home early. He did say he would try." Disappointment was written all over her face as she began to drive.

She enters the house and switches on the lights.

"The lights aren't even switched on. Looks like Pushpa bunked today," she grumbles, annoyed with the constant absence of her part time help.

She treads wearily into the kitchen.

"Abhi having a dinner meeting means he is not home for dinner and I am in no mood to eat." She sighs unhappily

Pouring herself a glass water, she drinks it. Then dejectedly she towards her room and mechanically switches the lights on.

"Ahhhh" she gasps as she finds a grinning Abhi sprawled on the bed.

"Welcome home wifey," he spreads out his arms towards her.

" Abhi what are you doing here?" her eyes brighten with joy as she goes near him and flops herself on the bed.

"I thought for a change, I'll be the one to do the welcoming." His eyes dance with mischief as he pulls her in his arms.

"Sonali said you had a dinner meeting ?"

"I do," he says kissing her lips "having dinner with you."

"You mean you taking me out for dinner?" Nikki is excited with the idea.

"Hmmn, not out," Abhi tells her rubbing his nose against hers. "We'll have it here."

"Oh Abhi," Nikki says wearily "I am in no mood to cook. You take me out for dinner. Don't think you are going to get away so easily. You've got to pay a price for keeping me waiting everyday."

Abhi gently turns her over on to the bed.

"I'll cook us a steaming HOT meal" his eyes were wickedly gleaming. "I have a vast menu planned for you.

"Really?" Nikki eyes him suspiciously "And what is it?"

Bending his head lower, he gently blows all over her face. Nikki opens and shuts her eyes dreamily in rhythm with his blows.

"First dish is Abhi-stirred emotions." he grins

Nikki laughs. "Abhi you are too much."

Then seductively he caresses her lips

"Hmmm Next is Saucy Lips."

"Abhi Shut up!" Nikki giggles, partly amused, partly drawn by desire as his lips threateningly move closer till they are placed on hers, exploring as they force a responsive opening up of her lips.

"Hmmmm Next is Hot and Spicy collar bone ," he whispers huskily as his lips hungrily attack the arena.

"Shut up Abhi!" Nikki calls out with feeble attempts to wriggle away from him. "Say nothing further."

"These are just the starting courses," looking up, he winks at her. " I've even planned the dessert."

"And what is that?" asks Nikki curiously, her cheeks flushed.

"Flambe Passion Fruit." he utters tongue in cheek.

Nikki laughs out aloud.

Lured by the attractiveness in her face and voice as she laughs, Abhi is consumed by passion and desire. He lowers his head and ravenously rains kisses all over her face and neck.

Deeply aroused and burning, Nikki digs her nail into his back as she succumbs to the flames of desire ignited by his kisses.


Abhi, Nikki, Atul, Muskaan and Anjali throw a farewell party for Armaan and Riddhima at a pub. Since the couple are adored by everyone, almost all the staff of Sanjeevani, came to wish them. Everyone was having a great time.

Sonali kept interrupting Abhi and Nikki on pretext of work related issues which irked Nikki. Abhi did not give her interruptions any serious thought, but , Nikki was getting irritated by Sonali's presence near him.

The final straw came when Nikki was looking out for Abhi so that they could leave and she finds him laughing with Sonali. She begins to fume.

Mirth filled on his face, when Abhi lifts his head up , he spots Nikki and smiles at her. Nikki scowls at him and stomps out of the room.
A confused Abhi follows her outside. As she reaches the car, he grabs her by the shoulder and stops her.

"Nikki, wait, where are you going?"

"I want to go home," She tells him hotly.

"Okay, I'll come along too,"

"No need for that," Nikki retorts. " I can go on my own, You stay back. After all you have good company." Jealousy was largely looming in her eyes.

"Good company?" Abhi's eyebrows narrow together in puzzlement. "Who are you talking about?"

" Don't pretend you don't know," Nikki glares at him. "Your favourite Sonali, That Bi......"

"Nikki," Abhi yells. "how can you talk like that? I don't even pay any attention to her."

"But, she keeps looking at you and you allow her to do it."

"What do you expect me to do? Tell her not to look at me because my wife doesn't like it? How can I control if anyone looks at me Nikki. She is just a professional colleague to me and you do know it."

"That is why you were laughing ," Nikki tells him , twisting her face in irritation

Abhi rolls his eyes in exasperation.

"Oh God Nikki, stop behaving like a kid."

Nikki knew he was right. She was being childishly stubborn. Part of her knew Abhi was not to be blamed for it, but she just didn't like Sonali's presence near him.

'Yeah, yeah, all the fault is with me." Nikki shoots back "You find no fault with Sonali."

"I don't care about Sonali, Dammit," frustrated Abhi angrily shakes her shoulders.

"Leave me alone." Nikki tells him, trying to free herself from his grip "I want to go home."

"Okay fine have it your way," Abhi tells her, releasing her. He unlocks the car and seating himself, awaits for her to sit.

Piqued and annoyed, Nikki stands near the car refusing to go in.

Abhi ignores her and stares at the road ahead of him.

After sometime, seeing no invitation coming from him, a displeased Nikki opens the car door and slams it shut as she sits down.

Taking a deep breath Abhi calms himself.

He turns towards her and tells her softly.

"Look Nikki, try to understand. There is nothing between me and Sonali and there never can be. To me she is just a colleague. I only need her so that my office work is properly taken care of whilst I am busy with finding finance for the project. I have no time nor the inclination to even look at her otherwise. So don't unnecessarily read something into it, when there isn't anything."

Nikki is slowly beginning to understand what he was saying, but, irritation and annoyance still blurs her senses. Adamantly, she refuses to look at him.

Shaking his head in frustration, Abhi starts the car.

They drive home in silence.

The silence continues till they have changed into their night clothes and lay down on the bed.

Nervous to face each other, they turn to opposite sides.

Their thoughts wander off to each other wondering if the other has fallen asleep. Holding their own breath, they await for some sound from the other side of the bed..

Unable to bear the buzzing silence, Abhi gets up and walks out of the room.

He sits on the couch and switches on the television. After aimlessly surfing, he switches it off and pushing his head back, closes his eyes. Suddenly he feels Nikki's head on his chest while her hand circles him around the waist. A knowing smile erupts on his face.

"I am sorry," she mumbles weakly. Abhi's smile widens. He loves her change of moods.

"Are you properly sorted out about Sonali or her shadow is still hovering over you?" tongue in cheek, he deliberately taunts her.

"Okay, okay enough," Nikki tells him hotly, as she straightens up and looks at him. "just because you are right don't try to gloat over it. Even I am not completely wrong, Have you seen how Sonali looks at you? I just don't like it."

"Have you seen how many people eye you?" Abhi shoots back. "I don't like it either, but I know your eyes and love are only for me." he smiles confidently "Similarly, Why don't you see that my eyes and love are only for you. Why don't you realize only you have all the rights over me? No one else. Sonali is completely insignificant in my life. Why waste our precious time on her?"

Nikki shifts awkwardly. He can sense her uneasiness in accepting her mistake

"You are such a kid sometimes Nikki," he tells her shaking his head in amusement. "Wonder what will you do when we have our own kid. Will you continue to sulk and fight with me like this?

"Shut up," Nikki tells him indignantly.

"Grow Up You little Kid," he pulls her into his arms. Learn to stop being stubborn, before our kid arrives."

Abhi glances fondly at Nikki's stomach. He itches to touch it. "Hey Kiddo," he speaks in his mind." Will you help me get rid of your mother's stubbornness?" He smiles at the daunting task.

"Oooh" Nikki gasps.

"What happened?" Abhi asks worriedly.

With a deep sigh, Nikki says, "don't know, felt like a brief flutter inside. Its fine now."

Abhi smiles. Telepathy?

To be continued.


Noticing Abhi smiling, Nikki remembers a smiling Abhi during the time of their wedding. Happiness and bliss was glowing on his face.

Though Abhi-Nikki were not too keen on going through all the wedding customs, they were coerced into it, by their family and friends.

At the mehndi ceremony, Rachna takes Nikki's hand and with the mehndi tube designs a beautiful A on her palm. Seeing it, Riddhima squeezes Nikki's arm while Muskaan and Anjali smile.

"Now I officially hand my Abhi over to you," Rachna smiles fondly at her.

Nikki's eyes begin to sting with tears. She never fancied these ceremonies before. However, going through it today, she realized how emotionally impactful it was. Looking at the letter A in her palms, happiness and pride fill up her eyes. She looks at Abhi standing in a corner observing them.

With a raise of an eyebrow, he looks questioningly at her.
Nikki swallows a lump down her throat and smiles at him.

Noticing Abhi's eyes fixed on Nikki, Padma and Shyla go to him.

"Stare as much as you want at her because after today you'll see her only at the wedding mandap." Padma whispers at him

"Wh'.Whaat?" Abhi was bewildered.

"Yes, they say you can't see the bride after she has put the bridal mehndi on her hands." Shyla explains

"How can it be? I don't buy that." Abhi refutes.

"Rachna, do explain to your son the custom of not seeing the bride after the mehndi," Padma tells her, dragging Abhi to where Rachna, Nikki and the other girls were sitting.

Armaan and Atul also join them

"Yes Beta, its an age old custom," an amused Rachna tells him.

"But Ma you know I don't believe in these customs.'

"But WE DO ! Padma says firmly. "custom is a custom . "Don't think it's a cake walk to get married."

"Yeah," Shyla quips "You can enjoy your married life, let us enjoy your wedding."

"B'But'" an agitated Abhi tries to butt in.

"Armaan, Atul take him away and all of you," Padma says with a twinkle in her eye pointing at Armaan, Atul, Muskaan, Anjali and Riddhima "all of you, will ensure they will not be together today till they meet at the mandap.

"Yes Maam," Armaan, Atul, Muskaan and Anjali confirm in unison.

All the ladies smile in amusement at Abhi's crestfallen face.

"Do you remember doing something like this at our mehndi?" Armaan whispers into Abhi's ears. "That time you had fun at my expense, now its time to return the favour my friend, Chal," patting Abhi's chest, he drags him out.

True to their promise to Padma, like soldiers on a mission, the interns did all they could, to keep Abhi and Nikki apart. Whenever Abhi spotted Nikki standing alone, he would go next to her only to be interrupted by someone. Frustrated at not being able to exchange even a word with Nikki, an upset Abhi leaves the room.

Going to the verandah, he stares out into the dark sky, like he always does , when he feels down and lonely. He didn't know how long he stood there till the smell of mehndi combined with the sweet smell of perfume began to intoxicate his senses. Hands beautiful designed by mehndi are slowly brought up before his eyes. The feel of her chin digging into his shoulder blade and the touch of her body leaning against him overwhelms him completely bringing a smile to his face.

"See I have captured you in my palms." Nikki whispers indicating to the alphabet of his name.

With a smile spreading on his face, he holds her palms and brings it closer to his face. He then kisses the letter on both her palms. Nikki's stomach summersaults in pleasure.

"Would love to stay captured by you always." He says.

Nikki smiles. Abhi looks lovingly at her.

"So happy you came," he tells her fondly. "The moment someone mentions about keeping us apart, I begin to get frightened."

Five amused pair of eyes are stealthily watching them.

"Really Doctor Sahab" Nikki teases, "its just a matter of two days, tomorrow is the haldi ceremony and thereafter is the wedding. So can't you wait till then ?"

"No its very difficult to wait anymore Nikki," he tells her taking her in his arms.

"By the way, how did you manage to escape your bodyguards?" he asks her "Where are they?"

"WE ARE HERE!" coming out of their hiding, the five of them yell in unison.

Abhi slaps his head while Nikki puts her hand on her mouth to hide her smile.

"Be happy, we gave you both these few moments ," Armaan tells Abhi who is rolling his eyes in frustration.

"Nikki Beti," Muskaan says musically. "say a sweet bye to your future husband and tell him you'll meet him at the mandap,"

"Haan, Haan,"Abhi shakes his head. "Got the message,"

Everyone laugh.


The three girls look with amazement at the stunning bride standing in front of the mirror.

Dressed in a designer soft pastel pinkish lehenga with fine intricate gold work spread all over, adorned with simple yet elegant jewellery, she looked truly like a princess.

"Nikki, today Dr. Modi is going to be complete goner when he sees you," Anjali tells her

"Yeah Nikki, Abhimanyu is going to be a slave of yours for life," Riddhima agrees, as she and Muskaan put the bridal chunni over Nikki's head.

"Good for you Nikki, atleast you have the power to get the great Dr. Modi willingly become a slave," she teases her.

With tears in his eyes, Ajay Malhotra watches his Princess, looking so alluringly beautiful.

Noticing him, Riddhima says, "Nikki, we'll be back," and making signs to the others, they leave the room.

Ajay moves closer to Nikki. He stands speechless.

"I have no words to express anything My Princess" he says moist eyed. "May you always look as beautiful and happy as you do today." He chokes as he puts his hand over her head.

With tears in her eyes, Nikki buries her head in his chest.


True to the prediction of the girls, Abhimanyu Modi was a mass of nerves as he watched Nikki being led towards the mandap.

Every step she took towards him, he felt he was being pulled in by a huge tidal wave and then drowned under its unmatchable power.

"Now do you realize what kind of turbulence takes over you when they stand there looking so gorgeous," Armaan whispers to him. "Now close your mouth and sit down. Do you want to run away or be imprisoned for life?

Eyes still fixed on Nikki, Abhi mumbles,

"Imprisonment has now become a necessity for my survival."

When Nikki is seated next to him at the mandap, Abhi quietly moves his hand beneath the layers of cloth and touches Nikki's hand. Squeezing it gently he smiles at her. Glancing shyly at him she smiles back.

After the wedding rites were completed, the couple were congratulated by family and friends.

"Now that I have got the licence, I hope now you have no problem if I stay with Nikki, Muskaanji ?" Abhi teases Muskaan when she wishes him.

Everyone watch in amusement.

"Sun Modi, Now, you are allowed to be stuck only to Nikki. If you go for anyone else, I'll kill you," she warns him.

"Jee Sasuma" Abhi bows meekly as everyone laugh.


After completing all the required wedding rituals and customs, the group finally move to the hotel suite Abhi and Nikki were staying that night.
They refuse to leave Abhi and Nikki, threatening to stay with them by taking their favourite position in the room to spend the night. Finally after all the teasing and ragging, they leave.

After seeing them off, when Abhi enters the beautifully decorated dimly lit room he finds Nikki standing by the window. He goes up behind her and encircles his arms around her. Burying his face in her hair, he whispers, "How are you doing Dr. Mrs. Modi?"

The reality of her new status brings a smile on Nikki's face.

"Pretty Ok, Doctor," she tells him, partially turning sideways and holding his face with one hand.

"Hmmmn. Well, here is something for you" He pulls out a little box, beautifully gift wrapped in a silver paper, from the pocket of his sherwani and hands it to her.

"Abhi what is it ?" Nikki asks excitedly.

"Open it," he tells her , once again pulling her into his arms as he encircles her waist , watching her face, as he rests his chin on her tiny shoulder.

As Nikki opens it, she gasps in excitement as she looks down at the beautiful diamond cuff sized bracelet. Her eyes sparkle with joy.

"Oh My God, Abhi this is so so beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much"

"My pleasure." Abhi drawls

Nikki notices a tiny card lying inside the box.

She was about to pick it up when Abhi says "Na, Na, not now."

Nikki looks perplexed at him. He picks up the bracelet from the box and as Nikki leans back into his chest, he puts it on her wrist. After clasping it firmly, he says "Now you can read it."

Smiling at him, Nikki opens the card and reads

Welcome to my World, My Darling Wife

Have clasped you in my life forever.

Tears of joy fill up her eyes. She turns around and embraces him tightly, clinging on to his neck.

"Love you Abhi,"

Abhi smiles.

"I love you too," he replies.

After few moments, Nikki pulls away from him and looks adoringly at him.

"Well Doctor, I have something for you too"

"Really?" Abhi raises his eyebrow "And what is that?"

"Its under the pillow out there," she points towards it.

"I hope Riddhima, put it there," she mumbles to herself.

Holding her hand, Abhi takes her along to the bed. As they sit down, Abhi pulls out a gift wrapped book sized box. Releasing the ribbon, he opens the box and he finds a picture frame made of heavy-weight glass with bevelled edges on all sides. It had a beautiful picture of them, Abhi holding her from behind and she looking upto into his eyes with one hand holding his face. On the side of the picture, few words were embossed on the glass.

Abhi reads

Hubby Dearest

As we adventure in life together

The pleasures and delights have only just begun

As we face life together

I commit to be by your side

Handling the joys and sorrows

And whatever becomes of tomorrow.


Your Nikki

A smile spreads on Abhi's face. He pulls her towards him and says, "Thank you. Its wonderful."

Nikki says "My pleasure." They both smile.

Putting the frame carefully on the bedside table, Abhi then looks at Nikki and says,

"Oh Nikki, I can't believe we are finally married"

"Me too," Nikki nods.

"Pinch me," Abhi tells her "I hope I am not dreaming, go ahead, pinch me."

Nikki pinches him. Her nail accidentally digs into his arm.

"Owww," Abhi is taken aback.

" Oops, I am so sorry Abhi, didn't mean that to happen." Feeling miserable, Nikki rubs his arm.

Abhi fakes anger . He forces her back onto the bed. Then taking her hands in his, he pushes them on either side of her face and threateningly looms over her. He then slowly entwines his fingers into hers and bringing his face closer to hers .

"Now you will have to pay for this.." he whispers seductively

Nikki smiles.

"Do you hear me complaining ?" she tells him tongue in cheek.

Abhi smiles at her impishness and bends his lips closer till they clamp down on hers. Consumed by the fire of his kisses, Nikki wraps her arms around him tightly.


There was excitement in the air for the next few days as family and friends were in a celebratory mood to honour the two newly wedded couples. Finally, with heavy hearts, Abhi and Nikki bade goodbye to their families.

"My princess is now in your hands Abhi," Ajay Malhotra tells Abhi.

"Not to worry Sir, she is my Life," Abhi assures him. Ajay hugs Abhi and thumps him on the back.

Next day it was time for Rachna Modi to leave.

"I wish you would stay for a longer time," Nikki tells her mother in law fondly.

"I could but I won't," Rachna tells her lovingly, holding Nikki's chin. "You both are starting a new life together and need some time for yourselves. This is the time when you get to understand each other better. When you are well settled, I'll come and stay for a long, long time. Then perhaps you'll crib, Hai Rabba," she puts her hand on her forehead, "when is my mother-in-law going to leave."

They burst out laughing.

Then with tears filling up her eyes, Rachna says, "I hope you both have a wonderful life together Nikki. My Abhi deserves lots of happiness and his happiness is only you. Don't let anyone come in between you. Stand firmly together and welcome people in your lives. The only person allowed to come between you is that little someone." She smiles as she sees Nikki turning red. "But even for that , take your time. Be in no hurry."

Nikki's heart is filled with love and admiration for her mother in law. She realizes where Abhi's practical thinking comes from.

"Yeah but if that someone is in a hurry, you can't do anything much about it," Rachna winks at her.

Nikki rubs her stomach gently as her mother-in-law's words ring in her ears. She slowly glances at Abhi and finds him trying to concentrate on the road ahead.

Yes, that little someone is in between holding them together.

to be continued.....

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Driving on further, Abhi recollects how the next two weeks passed off in a frenzy of activities.

His mother was coming down from London for the wedding and he also had the most worrying task of meeting his future father in law.

For the first time in his life, Abhi was nervous of meeting a man. He knew Nikki doted on her father even though she hardly stayed with him.

" While I was schooling Mom and Papa divorced. Since Papa used to travel a lot for work, I was given in my mother's custody," she explained one day to Abhi. " Since Mom was bitterly against Papa she would reduce our meetings. Eventually Papa married a nice Spanish lady Shyla and settled in Spain.

Whenever I get a little long leave, I pay them a visit. I will always be Papa's little princess. I could tell he was never happy with the guy friends I hung around with even though I was never romantically involved with any." She sees Abhi breathe a sigh of relief and smiles.

"Even thouhg, He always taught me to take my own decisions ," Nikki continued, " I guess like all fathers, he is a little wary of the kind of guy, his darling daughter would eventually choose one day. Whether, he likes you or not, it will not change my decision to marry you, but, I really hope he does like you. I love you both and want you to get along with each other. She smiles expectantly.

For her sake, Abhi also hoped his to be father in law likes him.

The D-Day arrived. At Nikki's place, Abhi was standing face to face with the tall, good looking, salt and peppered haired, Ajay Malhotra.

"Are you sure you want to marry my daughter?" he asks Abhi, sizing him up and down.

Taking Nikki's hand lovingly in his, Abhi says, "Yes, Sir."

Going closer to Abhi, Ajay Malhotra narrows the distance between them.

"You know my daughter can be quiet temperamental at times."

"Papa?" an indignant Nikki tries to butt in.

"What if she runs away from you. What would you do Dr. Abhimanyu Modi?" there was a challenge in his voice.

Abhi looks firmly into his eyes.

"Well Sir, I will find her and bind her in chains forever."

"Abhi?" Nikki is aghast.

There is a deafening silence in the room. The two men look unflinchingly into the other's eyes.

A slight smile slowly creeps on Ajay Malhotra's face.

"I am glad my daughter is marrying you, Abhimanyu" he tells Abhi extending his hand out to him.

"I am glad too Sir," Abhi smiles shaking his hand firmly.

Nikki couldn't fathom what their little their exchange was all about.

'A future son-in-law telling his father-in-law how badly he would treat his most beloved daughter and the father approves ?' Open mouth she gapes at the two men as they smile and thump each other.

"Dinner is ready!" Shyla announces.

Nikki tells Abhi and Shyla to proceed to the dining room while she has a few words with her father.

"What was that Papa?" she demands

"What are you talking about ?" Ajay Malhotra was nonchalant

"You were always very keen I should marry someone who would love and care for me'"

"You think Abhimanyu doesn't love and care for you?" With the raise of an eyebrow her father questions

"No he does Papa, but how could you approve after all that he told you?

"You mean I shouldn't approve of him?"

"Uffo, why are you twisting my words Papa?" Nikki was annoyed " I mean he didn't say the right thing''I mean '.." she didn't know how to explain.

Ajay Malhotra smiles.

He puts his hand lovingly around his daughter's shoulder.

"When you were born, the first time you opened your tiny eyes and smiled at me, you took my heart away. From then I always wanted you to be protected and loved and there was always this fear that no man could ever love and protect you except for me. For someone to love you so much, he has to be prepared to face any kind of situations, even walk barefoot on a bed of nails.

After years of worrying about the man you would choose to be your husband, my fears vanished today, when I looked into Abhimanyu's eyes. He is not afraid of facing any situation Nikki. He will not necessarily say the right things, he'll find ways to do them right too. No matter what storms come into your lives, he'll confront it bravely and yet will always love and protect you. Marrying him is the best decision you've taken in your life."

She sees tears of happiness and pride in her father's eyes. Her eyes too brim with tears. He pulls her into his arms. As he protectively holds her, Nikki sobs bitterly into his chest.

She realizes the depth of love the two men have for her. She chokes with happiness.

Sent by Shyla to call them, Abhi knocks on the door and enters slowly. They did not hear him enter.

Watching Father and Daughter, sharing an emotional moment, Abhi's eyes moistens. He quietly leaves the room.


Nikki was nervously waiting for Abhi and his mother to arrive.

"Calm Down Nikki," Ajay and Shyla would tell Nikki on and off, as she paced about nervously.

Finally, the doorbell rings. Nikki has butterflies in her stomach.

Ajay ushers Abhi and his mother in.

Rachna Modi was a simple yet elegant lady, stylishly clad in a pastel chiffon saree with a string of beads around her neck.

After Abhi finishes the round of introductions, she goes over to Nikki and smiles at her.

"Hmmmmm, I see Abhi was not wrong at all," She smiles at her. "You are as lovely as Abhi kept telling me. I am so happy to meet you."

She hugs Nikki warmly taking away all her fears. Abhi smiles happily.

By the end of the evening, Rachna and Nikki got along like House on Fire. At times Abhi would be the butt of their jokes. He felt like an intruder between them.


On the work-front, Abhi was highly stressed. Financiers who verbally approved of the project, would suddenly back off. The board sent him a letter saying that if he was unable to find the required finance for the project by next month, the project would be scrapped. Abhi was thoroughly broken from inside. He had put in so much of efforts in the project and just cannot bear to see it being scrapped.

Looking at Nikki's exuberance and excitement about the wedding, he did not want to spoil things for her. He tried to maintain a smiling face whenever he was with her.

His mother kept scolding him for not doing much about the wedding. The day would arrive soon.

Sitting in the lawn, emotionally stressed about the project and preparing for the wedding, he was staring blankly ahead of him.

A soft hand tenderly caresses his face. He closes his eyes basking in the lovely sensation of that touch. He holds the hand and looks up at the face looking adoringly at him.

Seeing the turbulence lurking in his eyes, her expressions changes to worry

"Abhi, what happened? Are you okay?" Nikki asks concernedly

"I am fine," he tries to assure her with a feeble smile.

"No, you are not" Nikki tells him firmly. "I have been noticing for the past few days, you are not yourself, you are completely distracted. Whats the problem Abhi, tell me?"

"Its nothing Nikki," Abhi abruptly stands up and turns his face away.

Nikki gently holds his arm.

"Abhi, please tell me. We are getting married now and you shouldn't be hiding things from me."

"Nikki, I am not hiding anything,"

"Then tell me the truth or else I'll think you are not happy about marrying me," Nikki begins to sulk.

After a lot of coaxing, Abhi tells her about not getting financiers for the project and the deadline for it."

Nikki is saddened. She knew how deep Abhi's heart was into the project.

With a heavy heart, she puts a hand gently on his face.

"Do you want to postpone the wedding?" she asks him softly.

Deeply touched, by her words, Abhi felt a piercing pain in his heart. He knew how excited she was about the wedding. His eyes begin to glisten. Taking her hand, he raises it to his lips.

"No, Sweetheart !" kissing her palm, he tells her fondly. "Come what May, we will get married as scheduled ."
Behind the tears in her eyes, he can see glimpses of happiness in them.

Abhi smiles emotionally at her.

"But, we cannot go ahead with the honeymoon, right now."

Nikki nods her head understandingly.

Taking her in his arms, he says, "let me find the finance for the project and then we'll go on a long, long, long honeymoon."

He smiles mischievously at her.

Blushing, Nikki playfully punches him on the chest.

Watching them from the window, Rachna smiles tearfully. She misses her husband, having lost him in a car accident, five years ago. However, she was sure he watching them from above and will be so happy that their son finally found the right life partner.

"God Bless You Both!" she whispers and draws the curtains.


For his side of wedding preparations, Armaan came to Abhi's rescue.

"I just went through it all," Armaan tells him. "So I know better."

"Also, Nikki is my best friend, so its my duty to see she has a proper groom for the wedding. Leave it to you, pata nahin, what you will do." he taunts Abhi.

"Haan, Haan, Armaan Dude, Jai Ho !" Abhi returns sarcastically.

"You take care of your project, while Atul and me will co-ordinate with Aunty and handle the wedding preparations at your end."

Abhi found it difficult to believe, Armaan and he, who at one point of time, could not see eye-to-eye with each other, have now developed a comfortable comradeship.

Driving the car, a smile appears on Abhi's lips. For a complete Loner, in few days, he had achieved so much then, an open hearted and much needed welcome from his future father in law, an understanding future wife and a Foe-turned-Friend. The Gods were kind to him !

To be continued.


Noticing Nikki's eyes on him, Abhi turns towards her.

"Are you okay?" he asks with concern. "If you are tired, we could stop for a while."

"No, I am fine." Nikki nods as she pushes her head back into the headrest of her seat and closes her eyes.

"How old is the baby?" Abhi was eager to know.

"14 weeks," putting her hand on her stomach, Nikki informs him.

"14 weeks." Abhi is elated . "Our baby is 14 weeks old'. This means' means.."

His thoughts wander off to Armaan and Riddhima's wedding day.

The first half of the day Abhi was busy with work and then later, he went over to Armaan's to help him. The girls were busy helping Riddhima.

Later on the gang then went over to decorate the hotel room, that Armaan and Riddhima were to stay that night. Abhi noticed Nikki was not with Muskaan and Anjali.

"Riddhima is too nervous and needs Nikki by her side all the time." Muskaan informs him. " So you will have to do without your Nikki today." Disappointed yet understanding, Abhi gives her a feeble smile.

As the baaratis enter the gates of Gupta house, Abhi's eyes immediately searches around. He didn't have to look far.

Amongst the crowd of faces on the terrace, he was captivated by that one face that belonged to him. Dressed in a creamish saree, hair softly blowing by the whisper of the cool breeze, her face alluringly glowing, she stood there watching him. She looked so ethereal like a moon spreading its radiance in a dark sky.

Abhi's heart refused to stay calm. It kept pounding rapidly as he stood mesmerized, taking in her beauty. How he wished there was no distance between them. Catching his gaze on her, her eyes begin to sparkle. His heart swells in pride with the realization she, too, was waiting for him. She lowers her eyes shyly and then lifting them again traces it back to him.

"I love you," Abhi mouths.

The shy smile on her lips light up her eyes even more. Expressing her acceptance, Nikki blinks at him.

"Is it your wedding or mine," Armaan hisses into his ears. Shaken, Abhi looks at him perplexed. "You are looking at her as if its your wedding and she is your bride. Its still 15 days to your wedding " Armaan continues to tease.

"Shut up!" Abhi tells him with a smile.

The wedding ceremony is about to begin. Led by Nikki, Anjali and Muskaan, Riddhima enters, looking gorgeous in a pink and gold lehenga with a red and gold chunni over her head. Everyone's admiring eyes were on her. Standing gaping at her, Armaan did not hear the priest requesting him to sit down.

"If you are planning to back out, should I sit with Nikki and get married instead?" Abhi returns the teasing.

" Abe Chup!" Armaan hits back with a smile.

The Priests recites the mantras. Abhi goes to Nikki.

"You are looking gorgeous," He whispers in her ear. "I feel like getting married to you right now."

Nikki blushes.

As the Priest explains the marriage vows to the bridal couple, looking into each other's eyes, Abhi and Nikki recite the vows in their hearts.

The wedding was an enjoyable affair. Everyone had a rollicking time. Nikki couldn't help notice Sonali's smitten looks constanty on Abhi. It began to annoy her. Abhi, on the other hand, was completely oblivious of Sonali's adoring glances at him or Nikki's irritation because of it.

When they were alone, Nikki broached the topic of Sonali to Abhi. He passed it off as a joke.

"My eyes are only for you and I want your eyes to be only on me," He teased "No one else."

Carried away by his charming, romantic gestures, Nikki managed to push Sonali off her mind.

After the wedding rituals were completed, Abhi and the gang, take Armaan and Riddhima to the hotel. After having fun ragging them for a while, they all finally head for home.

Abhi and Nikki arrive at her place.

As Nikki steps out of the car, her foot accidentally hits against a tiny pointed stone and she howls in pain. Abhi quickly gets off the car and goes over to her. Going on his haunches, he gently puts her foot on his lap. It was dark. He was unable to see clearly. He carries her into the house. Putting her on the couch, he checks her toe and finds blood oozing out from a tiny cut. He cleans the wound and puts a tiny dressing on it.

Nikki is watching him. There is sadness in her eyes.


"Yes?" Abhi was shutting the medical box.

"Soon Armaan and Riddhima will be off. I am going to miss them,"

"I know," Abhi pats her cheek understandingly

"Why do we get so emotionally attached to people and then why do they have to go away from us?" there was heaviness in her voice.

"Well, I guess that's the way of Life, Nikki" Abhi shrugs.

"Well, in my life, everyone I have been close to , had to leave me for some reason or the other." Nikki chokes.

"Same with me too," Abhi tells her sadly.

Taking his hands in hers, Nikki says, " I hope you don't leave me, Abhi. I can't live without you anymore" Fear was written on her face.

Abhi pulls her into his arms.

"Same here, Nikki. Even I can't live without you anymore."

Seeing she was getting emotionally disturbed, Abhi tries to lighten her mood.

"Look, Good or Bad, I am going to be by your side always. I am not going to leave you. So get that fear out of your head"

Nikki smiles at him.

"Are you okay?" he asks her softly

Nikki stands up and says "Yes , See I am absolutely fine." Abhi also stands up and smiles at her.

"Thank you Doctor Sahab," Nikki teases. " What would I do without you?"

"I wonder," Abhi smiles raising an eyebrow.

Nikki smiles back at him.

Drawn by the loveliness in her face, Abhi lifts a finger and slowly caresses it.

"You look absolutely divine."

"Thank you," Nikki mumbles shyly.

Abhi continues to moves his finger towards her lips. Nikki closes her eyes. Alerted by his mind to go no further, Abhi stiffens. He abruptly pulls his hand away from her face. Nikki opens her eyes. She looks questioningly at him.

"I think I should go now," he mumbles awkwardly.

Nikki nods her head in confirmation.

Sadly, she watches him turn and move a step forward. Suddenly, he stops in his track. Then turning slowly, he looks at her. The pangs of separation and loneliness were visible in their eyes.

Unable to control herself, Nikki runs and throws herself at him. Clenching his fists tightly at his sides, Abhi fights himself to resist.

"I love you Abhi," Nikki tells him in a choked voice.

Hearing her words, Abhi knew he lost the battle between his head and his heart. Shutting his eyes , he wraps her tightly in his arms.

"I love you too Nikki, I love you." There was heaviness in his voice.

"If we love each other Abhi, Why is there so much pain? Why is there so much of fear?"

"I don't know Nikki," Abhi whispers with a lump in his throat. "All I know now, it is so difficult to stay away from you."

Swallowed by a plethora of emotions, they cling on to each other.

Few moments later, Abhi looks down at her and wipes the dampness under her eyes.

" Abhi," Nikki whispers as she looks longingly at him.

Cradling her face in his hands, he bends down and wipes away the lone tear on her cheek with his lips. He then slowly moves his lips to her mouth while his hand slowly finds its way down to her midriff. The touch of his hands roaming on the bareness of her stomach, sends Nikki's senses reeling and she gasps in excitement. She wraps her hands tightly around his neck, pulling him closer Raining kisses passionately at her, he slowly and gently pushes her backwards, following her down to the couch.

"hmmmmmm", Nikki murmurs in ecstacy as she meets with the onslaught of his kisses. As his lips move further down to her neck, Nikki digs her fingers into his hair and tugging at it, gives herself up to him in complete surrender.


Nikki slowly opens her eyes. She finds Abhi's smiling face peering down at her. She smiles back at him.

"Oh Abhi," she murmurs dreamily. Abhi's smile widens. Lifting his finger, he caresses her face.

Eyes half closed, Nikki was enjoying him caressing her face.

"Abhi?" her eyes suddenly pop wide. Startled, she attempts to sit up, but was unable to move much.

Recollecting how Abhi and she became one that night, her face turns a deep red.

Abhi watches her intently. Seeing the colour fill then drain from her cheeks, he asks with concern.

"Are you okay Nikki ? Do you have any regrets?"

Shyly she looks up at him. Seeing the concern and love in his eyes, she smiles.

This is the man she loved so much. For whom she could give her life for.

"No Abhi I have no regrets," she rests her head against his bare chest " I love you."

"I love you too, Nikki," he smiles clasping her tightly.

"We are one now Abhi , we'll never part." Nikki tells him.

" Yes Nikki, we'll never part," looking fondly at her face, Abhi assures her. " No matter what happens now, we will always be bound by some tiny thread of love. We will always be connected."

Abhi's words did come true. Putting her hand on her tummy, Nikki gasps.

Abhi stomps on the brakes and brings the car to a halt. Thankfully they were on a lonely road.

"What happened?" worriedly he places his hand over her hand lying on her stomach. "Are you alright Nikki?"

"I am fine," Nikki nods.

"Then ?"

Nikki lifts tears filled eyes at him.

Realising she was going through the same thoughts, Abhi becomes emotional.

Moist eyed they keep staring at each other. Their hands were placed together tenderly over their connection.

To be continued.


Sitting in the car beside Abhi as they drive towards home, Nikki recollects the events of the past three months.

That night, in the barn in Rajasthan, when Nikki tells Abhi she loves him, he pulls her in his arms.

Hugging her her tightly, he says "I love you too, Nikki. I love you very much. Will you marry me ? Will you be my wife?"

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Nikki nods her head. "I will marry you Abhi. I would love to be your wife." Abhi swallows a lump down his throat as he smiles at her.

"Come on, Lets go home," he whispers engulfing her in his arms.

They manage to escape from Rajasthan.

When they reach Mumbai, there was jubilation in Sanjeevani as the following week the interns would be completing their internship. Riddhima got an offer from a prestigious hospital in London and had to join in the first week of October. Dr. Shashank, therefore, decides to get Armaan and Riddhima married before they left. The wedding was fixed for two weeks later on the 31st of August, so that they could complete the required legal formalities before they left.

Through a recommendation from a trustee, Abhi appoints a new assistant, Sonali Pradhan, to help him at work while he was busy scouting around for a new financier for the New Sanjeevani project as they had lost the deal with the Dalmiyas.

Meanwhile Nikki tells Riddhima and a shocked Armaan, that Abhi and she have decided to get married. After being completely assured that Abhi is the right guy for Nikki, Armaan congratulates both of them.

Its Armaan and Riddhima's sangeet party.

Nikki is impatiently waiting for Abhi. Caught up in a frenzy of work, Abhi arrives a bit late. As he enters, he can see Nikki sulking. He takes in her red strappy churidar suit, with delicate gold work on it. A matching dupatta around her neck. Even though she looked upset, she was mesmerizingly beautiful.

"Be Still My Beating Heart," he speaks in his mind. "Its time to face the fire,"

Seeing him enter, Nikki's eyes light up in happiness. He was looking very Hot in a maroon sherwani. Her anger slowly vanishes but she doesn't want him to see it. Abhi comes and stands next to her.

"Hi," he smiles at her.

Nikki scowls at him and turns her face away. Armaan and Riddhima come near them and greet Abhi. They were then joined by Atul and Muskaan . As everyone were busy dancing and chatting, Abhi slowly moves his hand behind Nikki's dupatta and holds on to her hand. Nikki is startled. She tries to free her hand but Abhi has grasped it tightly.

"Come outside onto the verandah," he whispers "I want to tell you something."

Shaking her head, Nikki refuses.

Abhi looks pleadingly at her.

Nikki is finding it difficult to hide her smile. She manages to glare at him.

"Chal Nikki, lets go and check what Anjali is upto?" Muskaan drags Nikki by the other hand.

Not wanting her to go, Abhi tugs her gently. Their eyes clash as they exchange a longing for each other. Seeing, Muskaan's vocal insistence, Abhi lets go off her hand. Nikki keeps looking at him as she slowly follows Muskaan.

Dejected, Abhi turns and walks towards the verandah. With a heavy heart Nikki watches him walk out.

Resting his hands on the window, Abhi looks out into the dark night. He somehow ends up feeling lonely even in a crowd.

As he continues to stare out into the dark, he notices a pair of beautiful red bangled hands encircling him and then resting on the bareness of his chest. The warmth radiating from those hands sends a tingling sensation into his whole system. As she rests her head on his back, Abhi smiles. As long as she is with him, he'll never feel lonely.

"What happened ?" he tried to sound indifferent. "Have you finished checking on all the important people in your life ? If not, why don't you complete it. I can always wait."

Nikki smiles.

"I know. That is why, I've come to see the most important person of my life," standing on her toes, she whispers seductively in his ears.

"Oh really?" A twisted smile appears on Abhi's lips as he pulls her in front of him. "Glad to know it."

He encircles his arms around her waist and looks lovingly into her face.

Nikki blushes. "What did you want to tell me ?"

"You are so beautiful," he drawls passionately.

"Thank you!" Nikki accepts the compliment with a smile. "And?"

"And, I want a Kiss!" Abhi smiles.

"Whaat?" Nikki is bewildered. " Here? In front of everyone ? Are you mad?"

"Only a Kiss," he insists softly as he bends forward.

"Abhi, someone will look, Stop it," Nikki giggles as she tries to dodge him.

"Whats going on here ?"

Startled, they turn to see Atul, Muskaan and Anjali standing agog behind them.

"Oh God, don't tell me he is troubling you again, Nikki?" Muskaan questions her

"Muskaaan, N'NN. " Nikki stammers nervously.

" Why are you all here?" Armaan asks entering the terrace followed by Riddhima.

"Look Armaan, Dr. Modi is troubling Nikki again" Atul complains.

Abhi and Nikki roll their eyes in exasperation.

"If he doesn't trouble her then who will?'' asks Armaan. Three confused faces and three amused faces look at him.

"Haan, you guys are right," he tells the three confused people. "Dr. Modi, now this is enough okay. Now you are allowed to trouble Nikki only after you marry her."

"WHAAAAAAAT ?" three voices holler at him making him cover his ears.

"Then what? You guys can see he is troubling her, can't you see this chipkoo," indicating towards Nikki with his eyes, "can't you see her enjoying his troubling."

Nikki turns red and hides her face in Abhi's shoulder. Armaan, Riddhima and Abhi laugh at the colour draining out of the three faces.

"Well, Abhimanyu and Nikki are getting married," with a smile, Riddhima explains to them.

"How mean Nikki," the three pounce on her. "You couldn't tell us ?"

Before Nikki could answer them, Dr. Shashank and Billy enter

"What are you all doing here? The sangeet is inside and all of you have disappeared."

"Papa looks like we are going to have another wedding soon." Riddhima tells Shashank glancing at Abhi and Nikki

"Even I think so," Billy agrees. "I spoke to your Dad Nikki, he is coming soon."

Nikki is estatic. Holding Riddhima's hand she says emotionally, "I want Armaan and Riddhima to be there for my wedding."

"So then we will have the wedding in two weeks time." Shashank tells them.

"Is that okay with you Abhimanyu?"

"Perfect Sir," Abhi confirms looking fondly at Nikki. " Even I , would love Armaan and Riddhima to be present for our wedding."

"So that's Done!" Billy confirms thumping Abhi on the back. The couple are showered with congratulations and hugs.

As everyone slowly make their way inside , Abhi bends down to whisper into Nikki's ears.

"Why does a small request of mine always end up in a dhamaal?" he grins impishly

Nikki digs her elbow into his side.

A smile breaks out on Nikki's face. She shifts in her seat and turning notices Abhi driving. She was back to the present.


Well this scene is especially written for Shachee and Bhavna keeping in mind their special request and also for Annie, Fahi, Honey and all those lovely ppl who have requested me to write a scene...

This scene is continued after Nikki tells Abhi she loves him, in a barn in Rajasthan. (Please refer to the synopsis). Instead of the "I'm Married" and amnesia tracks would have preferred to see something like this.

"Jas and me have decided to come down to Mumbai for 3 weeks. Since we couldn't make it for your wedding, we would like to spend some time with you and your husband. Got to see the person you chose over Akash.


Nikki stares into the laptop as she read her mother's email once again.

How much her mother would gloat when she comes to know that, true to her prediction, Nikki separated from her husband. All her life, she will never let Nikki forget the folly of not marrying Akash, the guy she was keen Nikki should marry.

"Now what should she do ?" Nikki wonders. " How can she let her mother feel she had won. She was never around when Nikki needed her the most, not even for her wedding. She made an excuse of her step-father Jas having an important conference. Nikki knows she is coming down for cousin, her mother's favourite niece's wedding. So she is using the excuse of checking on Nikki. Killing two birds with one stone. How typical of her mother !

"Please help me God. Why do you let everyone walk all over me and get away with it. Please Help me!"

The Doorbell rings.

With a sigh, she walks towards the door. As she opens the door, she freezes . 'This can't be' she thinks as she stares blanky at her husband standing in front of her. His eyes were cold, more frigid. Seeing her slowly slumping down, he worriedly moves forward and catches her in his arms.

Sometime later Nikki opens her eyes. Seeing Abhi sitting beside her, on the couch, she was lying on, she realises she had fainted in his arms.

Her mind is reeling with questions. "How did he find her ? She was careful not to leave behind any signs of her whereabouts. Then how ?"

"Some private detectives are indeed very good," Abhi clears her confusion.

"Wh....What are you doing here ?" Stammering Nikki attempts to sit up.

"Good question," Abhi says coldly "For the past two months, I have been searching for my wife, trying to find out the reason she left me all of a sudden and she coolly asks what am I doing here? Great !" sarcasm in his voice he glares at her.

"Well, I made a mistake in trusting you which I realized only after marrying you." Nikki shoots back at him. " I don't want to say anything further than that.

Abhi angrily grabs her by the shoulder. "You throw accusations at me without giving me a valid reason and want me to live with it. Atleast let me know what is my fault ?"

His grip on her arm was unbearable. "Abhi, you are hurting me." she winces. "How can I forget ? This is an old habit of yours," she taunts "The only thing you do right is hurt me."

Still glaring at her, Abhi loosens his grip. Sliding his hand slowly away from her arm, he hits against a book lying on the side table. The book falls to the ground. He bends down to pick it up. Nikki gasps in fear. Before she can stop him, he has already picked it up. Reading the title, he turns and looks dumbfounded at Nikki

"Pregnancy and Single Parent." It read.

"Th..... That is for a patient of mine." She strutters awkwardly.

Stunned Abhi continues to stare at her. Seeing the intensity in his eyes, Nikki's cheeks flush red. As he bends closer towards her, Nikki moves slightly backwards. She sees him lift his hand and slowly place it on her stomach. The warmth of his hands could be felt through the soft material of her kurti, sending her insides fluttering. For the first time she felt the movement of the foetus inside her as if it recognized the touch. She closes her eyes.

"You are pregnant?" Abhi's voice was soft and disbelieving.

Nikki opens her eyes. She tries to negate his question with the shake of her head but Abhi's hand over the slight swell of her stomach, made here realize, it would be useless to deny the glaring truth.

"You are carrying my child Nikki and you did not think it fit to tell me about it ?" Abhi was bewildered.

"Abhi, I ....I...."

"Abhi, I what ?" he snarls.

Nikki fumes. "How dare he ?"

"Look I want to deal with this alone, this is my child.." she tells him angrily
"And mine, too" Abhi snaps back. "Don't forget that we are married. We are one."

" No, we are not Abhi. Our marriage is over."

"How can you break our marriage on such a small thing Nikki? Just because I didn't make it that night ?" his eyebrows narrow in disbelief. "Do you even know what I went through that night?"

"I know very well what you went through that night Abhi. I know how you enjoyed yourself while I was waiting for you....."

Abhi looks confusedly at her.

"Enjoyed ?" he asks with the raise of his eyebrow.

The ring tone of the cellphone make them turn towards it. Nikki picks up her phone and looking at the number flashing, makes a face in irritation.

"Yes Mom," she answers reluctantly into the phone.

She shifts awkwardly as she finds Abhi's discerning gaze roving all over her.

"What did you say?" The shock in her voice makes Abhi look questioningly at her.

"Yeah, Okay, I'll speak to you later. Bye." She disconnects.

"Is everything okay?" there was softness in Abhi's voice.

Nikki bites her lip. "My mom is coming down to Mumbai on Friday for 3 weeks."

"So what is the problem ?"

"She wants to stay with us.

"And?" Abhi enquires

"and we live separately." Nikki states firmly

"Well that is because of you Nikki, not Me." Abhi shrugs. " You don't know how crazy I went searching for you the past two months and I don't even know why you left."

Nikki shuts her eyes tightly as glimpses of Abhi in bed with Sonali flashes before her.

"I don't want to talk about it, I just don't want to talk about........." She begins to breathe heavily.

"Okay, relax!" Abhi worriedly tries to calm her. "Okay, lets not talk about it. Don't want you to be stressed. Not good for you or the baby."

"Look Nikki," he tells her soothingly. "You are my wife and now you are having our baby. I want you and the baby in my life. So please come back."

Nikki takes a deep breath and closes her eyes to calm herself.

"I will come back to you Abhi, but, only for one reason. Till the time my mother is here, I want her to see we are happily married." Abhi looks crestfallenly at her

"You are the father of my child and only because of this connection, you will be my husband. " Her voice was threatening to choke, but she was determined not to let him hear it. "You and I have no other relationship whatsoever," She tells him firmly.

Abhi felt his heart shredding into pieces. He realizes he has to accept whatever she says. For her own good and for the baby's sake, he cannot get her agitated. It's a small mercy that she is back into his life even if it is not the way he wanted. Atleast its much better than these wretched past two months where he had to live miserably without her. Now is not the time to ask questions!

Nikki is also thinking. Atleast I will not let my mother get the satisfaction that she was right. She breathes a sigh of relief.

The thought of living with a mother who never cared for her daughter's feelings and a husband who betrayed her love, jabs into her heart. Perhaps it an opportunity to settle old scores

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These songs are my favourite fun romantic numbers Chahe Raho Door from the movie Do Chor and Pyar Hua Jabse from Abhilasha