Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sitting in the car beside Abhi as they drive towards home, Nikki recollects the events of the past three months.

That night, in the barn in Rajasthan, when Nikki tells Abhi she loves him, he pulls her in his arms.

Hugging her her tightly, he says "I love you too, Nikki. I love you very much. Will you marry me ? Will you be my wife?"

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Nikki nods her head. "I will marry you Abhi. I would love to be your wife." Abhi swallows a lump down his throat as he smiles at her.

"Come on, Lets go home," he whispers engulfing her in his arms.

They manage to escape from Rajasthan.

When they reach Mumbai, there was jubilation in Sanjeevani as the following week the interns would be completing their internship. Riddhima got an offer from a prestigious hospital in London and had to join in the first week of October. Dr. Shashank, therefore, decides to get Armaan and Riddhima married before they left. The wedding was fixed for two weeks later on the 31st of August, so that they could complete the required legal formalities before they left.

Through a recommendation from a trustee, Abhi appoints a new assistant, Sonali Pradhan, to help him at work while he was busy scouting around for a new financier for the New Sanjeevani project as they had lost the deal with the Dalmiyas.

Meanwhile Nikki tells Riddhima and a shocked Armaan, that Abhi and she have decided to get married. After being completely assured that Abhi is the right guy for Nikki, Armaan congratulates both of them.

Its Armaan and Riddhima's sangeet party.

Nikki is impatiently waiting for Abhi. Caught up in a frenzy of work, Abhi arrives a bit late. As he enters, he can see Nikki sulking. He takes in her red strappy churidar suit, with delicate gold work on it. A matching dupatta around her neck. Even though she looked upset, she was mesmerizingly beautiful.

"Be Still My Beating Heart," he speaks in his mind. "Its time to face the fire,"

Seeing him enter, Nikki's eyes light up in happiness. He was looking very Hot in a maroon sherwani. Her anger slowly vanishes but she doesn't want him to see it. Abhi comes and stands next to her.

"Hi," he smiles at her.

Nikki scowls at him and turns her face away. Armaan and Riddhima come near them and greet Abhi. They were then joined by Atul and Muskaan . As everyone were busy dancing and chatting, Abhi slowly moves his hand behind Nikki's dupatta and holds on to her hand. Nikki is startled. She tries to free her hand but Abhi has grasped it tightly.

"Come outside onto the verandah," he whispers "I want to tell you something."

Shaking her head, Nikki refuses.

Abhi looks pleadingly at her.

Nikki is finding it difficult to hide her smile. She manages to glare at him.

"Chal Nikki, lets go and check what Anjali is upto?" Muskaan drags Nikki by the other hand.

Not wanting her to go, Abhi tugs her gently. Their eyes clash as they exchange a longing for each other. Seeing, Muskaan's vocal insistence, Abhi lets go off her hand. Nikki keeps looking at him as she slowly follows Muskaan.

Dejected, Abhi turns and walks towards the verandah. With a heavy heart Nikki watches him walk out.

Resting his hands on the window, Abhi looks out into the dark night. He somehow ends up feeling lonely even in a crowd.

As he continues to stare out into the dark, he notices a pair of beautiful red bangled hands encircling him and then resting on the bareness of his chest. The warmth radiating from those hands sends a tingling sensation into his whole system. As she rests her head on his back, Abhi smiles. As long as she is with him, he'll never feel lonely.

"What happened ?" he tried to sound indifferent. "Have you finished checking on all the important people in your life ? If not, why don't you complete it. I can always wait."

Nikki smiles.

"I know. That is why, I've come to see the most important person of my life," standing on her toes, she whispers seductively in his ears.

"Oh really?" A twisted smile appears on Abhi's lips as he pulls her in front of him. "Glad to know it."

He encircles his arms around her waist and looks lovingly into her face.

Nikki blushes. "What did you want to tell me ?"

"You are so beautiful," he drawls passionately.

"Thank you!" Nikki accepts the compliment with a smile. "And?"

"And, I want a Kiss!" Abhi smiles.

"Whaat?" Nikki is bewildered. " Here? In front of everyone ? Are you mad?"

"Only a Kiss," he insists softly as he bends forward.

"Abhi, someone will look, Stop it," Nikki giggles as she tries to dodge him.

"Whats going on here ?"

Startled, they turn to see Atul, Muskaan and Anjali standing agog behind them.

"Oh God, don't tell me he is troubling you again, Nikki?" Muskaan questions her

"Muskaaan, N'NN. " Nikki stammers nervously.

" Why are you all here?" Armaan asks entering the terrace followed by Riddhima.

"Look Armaan, Dr. Modi is troubling Nikki again" Atul complains.

Abhi and Nikki roll their eyes in exasperation.

"If he doesn't trouble her then who will?'' asks Armaan. Three confused faces and three amused faces look at him.

"Haan, you guys are right," he tells the three confused people. "Dr. Modi, now this is enough okay. Now you are allowed to trouble Nikki only after you marry her."

"WHAAAAAAAT ?" three voices holler at him making him cover his ears.

"Then what? You guys can see he is troubling her, can't you see this chipkoo," indicating towards Nikki with his eyes, "can't you see her enjoying his troubling."

Nikki turns red and hides her face in Abhi's shoulder. Armaan, Riddhima and Abhi laugh at the colour draining out of the three faces.

"Well, Abhimanyu and Nikki are getting married," with a smile, Riddhima explains to them.

"How mean Nikki," the three pounce on her. "You couldn't tell us ?"

Before Nikki could answer them, Dr. Shashank and Billy enter

"What are you all doing here? The sangeet is inside and all of you have disappeared."

"Papa looks like we are going to have another wedding soon." Riddhima tells Shashank glancing at Abhi and Nikki

"Even I think so," Billy agrees. "I spoke to your Dad Nikki, he is coming soon."

Nikki is estatic. Holding Riddhima's hand she says emotionally, "I want Armaan and Riddhima to be there for my wedding."

"So then we will have the wedding in two weeks time." Shashank tells them.

"Is that okay with you Abhimanyu?"

"Perfect Sir," Abhi confirms looking fondly at Nikki. " Even I , would love Armaan and Riddhima to be present for our wedding."

"So that's Done!" Billy confirms thumping Abhi on the back. The couple are showered with congratulations and hugs.

As everyone slowly make their way inside , Abhi bends down to whisper into Nikki's ears.

"Why does a small request of mine always end up in a dhamaal?" he grins impishly

Nikki digs her elbow into his side.

A smile breaks out on Nikki's face. She shifts in her seat and turning notices Abhi driving. She was back to the present.

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