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Well this scene is especially written for Shachee and Bhavna keeping in mind their special request and also for Annie, Fahi, Honey and all those lovely ppl who have requested me to write a scene...

This scene is continued after Nikki tells Abhi she loves him, in a barn in Rajasthan. (Please refer to the synopsis). Instead of the "I'm Married" and amnesia tracks would have preferred to see something like this.

"Jas and me have decided to come down to Mumbai for 3 weeks. Since we couldn't make it for your wedding, we would like to spend some time with you and your husband. Got to see the person you chose over Akash.


Nikki stares into the laptop as she read her mother's email once again.

How much her mother would gloat when she comes to know that, true to her prediction, Nikki separated from her husband. All her life, she will never let Nikki forget the folly of not marrying Akash, the guy she was keen Nikki should marry.

"Now what should she do ?" Nikki wonders. " How can she let her mother feel she had won. She was never around when Nikki needed her the most, not even for her wedding. She made an excuse of her step-father Jas having an important conference. Nikki knows she is coming down for cousin, her mother's favourite niece's wedding. So she is using the excuse of checking on Nikki. Killing two birds with one stone. How typical of her mother !

"Please help me God. Why do you let everyone walk all over me and get away with it. Please Help me!"

The Doorbell rings.

With a sigh, she walks towards the door. As she opens the door, she freezes . 'This can't be' she thinks as she stares blanky at her husband standing in front of her. His eyes were cold, more frigid. Seeing her slowly slumping down, he worriedly moves forward and catches her in his arms.

Sometime later Nikki opens her eyes. Seeing Abhi sitting beside her, on the couch, she was lying on, she realises she had fainted in his arms.

Her mind is reeling with questions. "How did he find her ? She was careful not to leave behind any signs of her whereabouts. Then how ?"

"Some private detectives are indeed very good," Abhi clears her confusion.

"Wh....What are you doing here ?" Stammering Nikki attempts to sit up.

"Good question," Abhi says coldly "For the past two months, I have been searching for my wife, trying to find out the reason she left me all of a sudden and she coolly asks what am I doing here? Great !" sarcasm in his voice he glares at her.

"Well, I made a mistake in trusting you which I realized only after marrying you." Nikki shoots back at him. " I don't want to say anything further than that.

Abhi angrily grabs her by the shoulder. "You throw accusations at me without giving me a valid reason and want me to live with it. Atleast let me know what is my fault ?"

His grip on her arm was unbearable. "Abhi, you are hurting me." she winces. "How can I forget ? This is an old habit of yours," she taunts "The only thing you do right is hurt me."

Still glaring at her, Abhi loosens his grip. Sliding his hand slowly away from her arm, he hits against a book lying on the side table. The book falls to the ground. He bends down to pick it up. Nikki gasps in fear. Before she can stop him, he has already picked it up. Reading the title, he turns and looks dumbfounded at Nikki

"Pregnancy and Single Parent." It read.

"Th..... That is for a patient of mine." She strutters awkwardly.

Stunned Abhi continues to stare at her. Seeing the intensity in his eyes, Nikki's cheeks flush red. As he bends closer towards her, Nikki moves slightly backwards. She sees him lift his hand and slowly place it on her stomach. The warmth of his hands could be felt through the soft material of her kurti, sending her insides fluttering. For the first time she felt the movement of the foetus inside her as if it recognized the touch. She closes her eyes.

"You are pregnant?" Abhi's voice was soft and disbelieving.

Nikki opens her eyes. She tries to negate his question with the shake of her head but Abhi's hand over the slight swell of her stomach, made here realize, it would be useless to deny the glaring truth.

"You are carrying my child Nikki and you did not think it fit to tell me about it ?" Abhi was bewildered.

"Abhi, I ....I...."

"Abhi, I what ?" he snarls.

Nikki fumes. "How dare he ?"

"Look I want to deal with this alone, this is my child.." she tells him angrily
"And mine, too" Abhi snaps back. "Don't forget that we are married. We are one."

" No, we are not Abhi. Our marriage is over."

"How can you break our marriage on such a small thing Nikki? Just because I didn't make it that night ?" his eyebrows narrow in disbelief. "Do you even know what I went through that night?"

"I know very well what you went through that night Abhi. I know how you enjoyed yourself while I was waiting for you....."

Abhi looks confusedly at her.

"Enjoyed ?" he asks with the raise of his eyebrow.

The ring tone of the cellphone make them turn towards it. Nikki picks up her phone and looking at the number flashing, makes a face in irritation.

"Yes Mom," she answers reluctantly into the phone.

She shifts awkwardly as she finds Abhi's discerning gaze roving all over her.

"What did you say?" The shock in her voice makes Abhi look questioningly at her.

"Yeah, Okay, I'll speak to you later. Bye." She disconnects.

"Is everything okay?" there was softness in Abhi's voice.

Nikki bites her lip. "My mom is coming down to Mumbai on Friday for 3 weeks."

"So what is the problem ?"

"She wants to stay with us.

"And?" Abhi enquires

"and we live separately." Nikki states firmly

"Well that is because of you Nikki, not Me." Abhi shrugs. " You don't know how crazy I went searching for you the past two months and I don't even know why you left."

Nikki shuts her eyes tightly as glimpses of Abhi in bed with Sonali flashes before her.

"I don't want to talk about it, I just don't want to talk about........." She begins to breathe heavily.

"Okay, relax!" Abhi worriedly tries to calm her. "Okay, lets not talk about it. Don't want you to be stressed. Not good for you or the baby."

"Look Nikki," he tells her soothingly. "You are my wife and now you are having our baby. I want you and the baby in my life. So please come back."

Nikki takes a deep breath and closes her eyes to calm herself.

"I will come back to you Abhi, but, only for one reason. Till the time my mother is here, I want her to see we are happily married." Abhi looks crestfallenly at her

"You are the father of my child and only because of this connection, you will be my husband. " Her voice was threatening to choke, but she was determined not to let him hear it. "You and I have no other relationship whatsoever," She tells him firmly.

Abhi felt his heart shredding into pieces. He realizes he has to accept whatever she says. For her own good and for the baby's sake, he cannot get her agitated. It's a small mercy that she is back into his life even if it is not the way he wanted. Atleast its much better than these wretched past two months where he had to live miserably without her. Now is not the time to ask questions!

Nikki is also thinking. Atleast I will not let my mother get the satisfaction that she was right. She breathes a sigh of relief.

The thought of living with a mother who never cared for her daughter's feelings and a husband who betrayed her love, jabs into her heart. Perhaps it an opportunity to settle old scores

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