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I feel Shweta's foot injury could have been used effectively in a scene like this. Wrote this scene after Abhi knows Nikki is helping Suman Lata ( who is completely smitten with him) to go on date with him. (Was posted on IF on 12th July 2009)

At the end of the working day, the hospital staff, are getting ready to leave Sanjeevani. The nurse tells Nikki that Dr. Modi has called her to his cabin.

Wondering now what Abhi has in store for her, Nikki knocks on his door and enters.

Abhi who was standing in front of his desk turns and gives her a cold look.

“Dr. Modi, you wanted to see me?” Nikki tried to sound as professional as she could.

“Dr. Nikita,” Abhi says with venom, “you will never change in life, would you? You are still playing games with me!”

"Excuse me, what do you mean ? Nikki asks him in bewilderment.

" Don't pretend,” Abhi raises his voice angrily. “I know you are supporting Suman Lata, in troubling me"

“I don't know what you are talking about,” Nikki feigns ignorance.
“Typical of you,” Abhi taunts, “ you will never admit to your faults. You play games and then you pretend you are innocent.

“I am not playing any games,” Nikki retorts “You are the one who thinks has all authority to do anything with anyone's life.”

Angered by her accusation, Abhi moves closer to her.

“What do you mean ?” he growls fiercely.

His hand accidentally hits the paper weight lying on the desk. It falls on Nikki's middle toe.

Nikki howls in and slumps down on a chair nearby. She tries to reach her toe and finds it bleeding.

Horrified, Abhi goes down on his knees and tries to look at Nikki's toe. Darting an angry glance, she flings his hand away from her. Abhi forcebly holds her leg. Nikki tries to free her leg from his grasp.

"Sit quietly !" he reprimands sternly holding firmly on to her foot.

Examining the bleeding toe, he slowly removes her shoe. Going behind his desk, he pulls out the medical kit. He goes to Nikki and starts cleaning up the blood on her toe.

“Oww, Oww,” Nikki cries in pain.

“Is it very painfully,” Abhi asks tenderly.

"No! I am faking it" Nikki hits back in irritation.

Abhi continues cleaning the wound.

“Lets check how how bad the pain is Nikki, can you stand ?” Standing up, he offers his hand to her.

Reluctantly taking his hand, Nikki stands up. The moment her foot touches the ground she cries out in pain and falls against him. He quickly put supporting arms around her. They stare at each other. However, Nikki winces in pain again and Abhi loosens his grip.

Holding her by the arm he examines the toe again.

“We need an X Ray,” he tells her.

He calls for a wheelchair. Nikki is taken for an XRay. According to the reports, she has a hairline fracture. Reading it, Abhi feels guilty.

“I am sorry about this,” he apologises softly.

“Yeah it seems to be your hobby. First you give pain and then try to put a balm on it,” she taunts.

After Nikki is given the required treatment and a crutch for moving around, Abhi offers to drop her home.

Sitting in the car, Nikki can’t help think, some pain are blessings in disguise. It is because of this fracture she is sitting here beside Abhi who is not angry or cold with her anymore. Infact, he is even more considerate and caring.

She glances sideways at him, their eyes meet and then feeling awkward, both quickly turn away. Till they reach her home, they keep stealing glances at each other.

When they reach her place, Nikki gets off the car. She puts out the crutch and with its support, she attempts to stand up.

Unable to see it, Abhi goes over to her sand carries her in his arms.

“Its okay, I'll manage" Nikki protests feebly.

Giving her a wry look, Abhi continues to carry her. Nikki holds on to his neck for support. As he strides towards the house, with Nikki in arms, they keep looking shyly at each other.

Abhi recollects how the carried, the bhang hit Nikki, in his arms during Holi.

When Nikki's maid opens the door, she is surprised to find Abhi carrying Nikki in his arms.

“Your Nikki Madam, is injured,” he informs her. “Go and get the crutch and her shoes from the car.

He then carries Nikki to her room. As he was about to put Nikki down on her bed, his leg bangs against the side of the bed and he trips. Nikki gets jerked and feeling herself going off balance, she falls on the bed, pulling Abhi with her. Abhi manages to hold her firmly.

They find themselves drowning into each other. The warmth of the other’s breath makes their senses go dizzy. They begin to breathe heavily.

"Didi do you want something ?" the maid’s intervention tear them apart from each other.

“No No Nothing,” Nikki tries to compose herself.

Abhi straightens himself and stands up abruptly.

“If you have any problem or need anything, do call me," he tells Nikki tenderly. Nikki is surprised by the softness in his attitude.

She nods her head. With a heavy heart, Nikki watches him walk towards the door.

When he reaches the door, he stops and turning back stares at her.

There is pain and yearning in their eyes.

Then Abhi turns and leaves. The pangs of separation makes Nikki sad. Yet she was happy with the consolation that Abhi cared for her.

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