Monday, April 26, 2010


The next morning, Abhi was about to leave for home to change and shower when Muskaan, Rahul , Atul and Anjali burst into the room at 8 am sharp , impatient to see the baby. They were disappointed to see her sleeping as they wanted to hold her.

Bending over her crib, they were fascinated with the peacefully sleeping baby, who kept her parents awake for most part of the night, having found herself in strange surroundings other than the cushy warmth of her mother's womb, that she had gotten used to.

"Aww she is so chweeet."

"Yeah she is so adorable...."

"Nikki she has your hair.....

"But lips are definitely Abhimanyu's" They went on gushing praises of her.

"What name have you given her?" Anjali asks.

"She is going to be known as Aahana Modi!" Nikki tells them. "It will be official only after we have a small naming ceremony on the 12th day of her birth."

She then looks at Abhi and they both smile as they remember the day, they came to know they were having a girl, after the ultrasound in the evening. At night, they lay in bed, Abhi resting against the head board while one hand was over Nikki who was resting against his chest. They were discussing the baby and savouring the news of having a daughter soon.

"Did you go through the list of names, I forwarded you last week!" Nikki asks him.

"Hmmm," He nods his head. "Have you finalized on a name for our daughter?" Abhi asks her.

"I have two names in mind," Nikki tells him. "and you?"

"Hmmm, I like one name a lot, but, you go first!"

"No You!" Nikki tells him. They ended up arguing on who should spill first. Finally, Abhi hands her a pen and says, "Lets do one thing. You write the two names on your palm. After you are done, I'll tell you the name I like and you can show your palm.

After Nikki wrote the names on her palm, she pokes him to reveal the name.

"Aahana," He tells her.

Nikki bursts out laughing. "Why whats wrong with the name?" he asks crestfallen.

Nikki holds up palm for him to read. Abhi also laughs out aloud when he read it. On her palm was written, "Aahana and Ananya,"

"But you know what ? I received an email from Armaan today and I think we should keep the name he has suggested," Abhi looked a bit annoyed.

"When we both like one name, why do you want to keep something else?" he asks.

Nikki asks for his laptop which was lying on the side table. When he hands it over to her, she opens the email and shows it to him. The email had a few names of boys and girls. Below he wrote saying these were the names he and Riddhima liked, but their personal choices were Ayaan if it is a boy and Aahana for a girl.

"I am really looking forward to you having a girl Nikki," he had written further and Aahana Modi sounds just so nice for her."

Abhi grins. "Since there is an unanimous decision, we can't even fight over it," her tells her, taking the laptop from her and placing it on the side table. "Oh how I was looking forward to our fight over baby names!" He sighs his disappointment.

"Me too!" Nikki grins. "That is why I took the little opportunity to annoy you, telling you about Armaan's suggestion."

"You really like playing with fire eh?" Abhi pulls her to him.

"What to do? You look so hot and sexy when you are all worked up" she plays her finger on his cheek. "and then you yourself said I am the one who fights with you, so got to keep up the reputation," she teases.

"I always feel all hot and sexy when I am around you," he tells her, his eyes gleaming wickedly " and I love the making up part the best!" he grins. A blushing Nikki slaps him on the shoulder, yet she willingly allows him to capture her lips.

"Aahana Modi! that's a lovely name! What does it mean?" exclaims Anjali while the others echo their agreement and purr over the sleeping bundle.

"Morning Glory, the first rays of the sun" Abhi explains.

"Yeah and ironically she is born early dawn." Nikki quips in.

"Wow!" they gush in amazement.

"Also, unaware to both, the name has been selected by the two forever nit-picking-on-each-other men of our group," Nikki tells them darting a grin at Abhi.

"You mean Abhimanyu and Armaan?" Muskaan questions.

When Nikki nods her head, they all laugh while Abhi smiles.

"Armaan and Riddhima were so excited to know about the baby," Anjali tells them

"Yeah we spoke to them last night and they wanted to see the baby, so we sent a video clipping of hers." Abhi informs.

"My hands are itching to hold her!" Muskaan tells them excitedly.

"Me Too!" they all agree.

Abhi and Nikki laugh at their impatience

"Yaar, Nikki should we wake her up!" Atul asks her

"Let her sleep!" Anjali chides him

"You know what, I want to hold her in my arms. I'll get good practice holding her and then I'll be an expert on holding a baby by the time I have my own." He tells her with a blush.

"Dr. Atul, you dare use my baby as a demo, I'll fling you off the terrace of Sanjeevani and won't even give you a demo of it before hand," Abhi thunders at him.

Everyone burst out laughing and Abhi, who was trying to hide his smile, eventually joins them.

An emotional Rachna Modi was unable to speak as she cradled her grand-daughter in her arms. Some years ago she had held her son in her arms, when he was as little as this and now holding his baby in her hands, brought boundless joy into her. The tears were unstoppable as they flowed down her cheeks. Abhi puts an understanding arm around her and holding on to her little grand-daughter, she sobs into his chest. Abhi and Nikki also get emotional. Their eyes glisten with tears.

Nikki also puts an arm around Rachna's shoulder. A deeply moved Rachna whispers, "Thank you Beta," as she kisses Nikki's cheek with little Aahana gaping at them in confusion.

There was a jubiliation in the air of Sanjeevani for the three days Nikki and her baby were hospitalized. The fact that it was their adorable Bosses' baby brought vibrancy in the staff of Sanjeevani, especially the nurses. Also whoever knew the couple, whether staff or patient, were elated with the birth of their baby.

Nikki was also having an enjoyable time watching the visitors interact with her daughter especially the first timers.

Sid Modi enthusiastically managed to take his niece in his hands, placing one palm under her neck and the other under her tiny bottoms, as instructed by Nikki, but then he didn't know what he should be doing next, bringing peals of laughter from Nikki and Simran who were watching his confused face.

His face red and eyes alert bulbs of confusion, he looked down at his niece and found her staring darkly at him, just like her father. She also had her tongue, slightly pushed out, in between her tiny lips. He was afraid she might just blow like her father and if she blew then her father would definitely puff him down. Shuddering with the thought of being buried under the lava spewed by two deadly volcanic Modis, he looked at Simran for help.

Nikki tells him to place Aahana on Simran's arm with her neck on the crook of her elbow. A confused Sid went, atleast six to seven times, around Simran trying to find the right position to hand over the baby, sending Nikki into splits. She laughed so much that she was afraid her sutures would rip open. How she wished Abhi was there to see the sight ! He would definitely have had some funny taunt for his brother. Simran then got him to stand still and took the baby from him. Sid rolls his eyes in relief.

It was much easier befriending his niece as she was cuddled in his Simran's arm . Now that she was out of his nervous, trembling hands, there was flicker in her cheek which seemed like a smile. Perhaps she did it, out of relief!

Sometime later Nikki and Rachna, were surprised to see her mother walk in dressed in a saree as if she was attending a wedding. The only time Kavita would wear a saree was indeed to a wedding and that too she had to be coaxed into wearing one. Nikki stares at her mother who for some unknown reason today, traded her usual casual tops over trousers or skirts for a red georgette saree with gold work on it and a blouse that was held by thin sphagetti straps.

"What on earth happened to you Mom?" a dumbfounded Nikki questions her.

"I thought now since I am a grandmother, perhaps a saree will make me look like one."

"You don't have to change your appearance Mom," Nikki shakes her head in exasperation. "Just accept the fact that both of you are cut out to be sexy grandmothers just the way you are and the way you always dress," she tells them fondly. "In anycase the saree is only making you look more sexier." She winks at her and then exchanging a look with Rachna, they both laugh.

"Ah! It feels great to hear that!" a relieved Kavita tells her. "I now realize with the saree, I can handle only one thing at a time, either the saree or the baby and I am dying to hold my granddaughter in my hands,"

She looks down at the baby sleeping in her crib.

"Just you wait my princess, I'll be back soon, to take you in my arms!"

Telling Rachna and Nikki she would be back soon, she walks towards the door.

"Kavita, just for information, I agree with Nikki completely. You do look sexy in a saree!" Rachna tells her.

"Well it would be more appropriate if I was at a wedding not a hospital!" was her wry parting shot accompanied by a short loud laugh.

When it came to staying with her for the night, Nikki was firm that Abhi would go home and catch on the last two nights of undisturbed sleep that he could manage because once his daughter entered the house, he would have many a sleepless night. She knew how uncomfortable he was on the couch in the room, which was smaller for his frame. Though Abhi was touched by his wife's thoughtfulness, he wasn't too happy about it.

"In any case I keep waking up in the night if you are not around," he argued but Nikki told him, unlike her, where she could catch up with some rest when the baby was asleep, he couldn't rest during the day and she didn't want him to end up looking like a wreck. Abhi knew it was no point in battling it out with her especially when she was absolutely right.

So it was decided Kavita would stay the night with Nikki and the next day Rachna said she would do the same.

With a heavy heart Abhi kissed his wife and daughter goodnight and left with his mother.

An hour later as Nikki came out of the washroom, she was stunned to see Abhi in the room, standing almost near the doorway. Amusement on her face, she stares at him as he stood looking mischievously at her, his eyebrows dancing. With a knowing smile, she shakes her head and walks towards him. Reaching him, she runs her finger seductively all over his face. He kept shaking his head and his eyeballs kept moving from one corner to another as if he was gesturing something with his eyes.

"What is it Dr. Abhimanyu Modi? You miss me so much?" she teases looking lovingly into his face as he towered over her. His face was flushed with embarrassment and he continued shaking his head and gesturing with his eyes.

Grabbing him by the collar, Nikki forces his face down towards her. Abhi gulps nervously. "N�.Nikki," he strutters, awkwardly. "Or you missed this?" she presses her lips against his.

"NNN....Niii" came Abhi's muffled sounds trying to break the kiss. A soft giggle behind Abhi, alarms her and pulling back, she turns her head sideways.

To her horror, she found her father and Shyla peeping from behind the wall, on either side of the door. There was amusement on Ajay Malhotra's face while Shyla was finding it difficult to stop her giggling.

Nikki stood dumbfounded her eyes moving from her embarrassed, grinning husband to the couple behind him and a spectrum of colour erupts on her face. She was reeling from embarrassment, being caught seductively talking and kissing her husband by her own father, as well as, the elation of seeing her father after such a long time.

Finally, overcoming her embarrassment, she estatically runs towards

Ajay, squealing "Papa!" in delight. He claspes her warmly in his arms.
"I missed you Papa!" she chokes

"I missed you too." He tells her kissing her on her forehead.

With a smile Nikki then embraces Shyla warmly. Putting her hand in their arm and holding them on either side of her, she walks into the room, towards her bed, while Abhi followed them and walks over to the other side of her bed, leaning himself against the window.

"My little princess now has a little princess of her own!" Ajay Malhotra's eyes were moist as he looks searchingly into the crib and is surprised to find there was no baby in it.

"And where is my little Princess?" He asks.

"Mom just took her for a stroll to the nursery. She was a little cranky."

At that precise moment, Kavita walked in with little Aahana. As the erstwhile, once embittered couple, stare at each other, there was a long awkward silence in the room. Abhi and Nikki exchange nervous looks. It was Shyla who went upto Kavita and broke the awkwardness by greeting her pleasantly.

"Congratulations Kavita! How does it feel being a grandmother?" She drapes an arm around Kavita's shoulder that was holding Aahana and smiles when she sees the baby.

"I feel on cloud nine !" Kavita grins at her and putting her other arm around her, envelops her in a hug. "Congratulations to you too! Get used to the idea of being a grandmother now!" They burst into a laugh bringing smiles on the faces of the others. Once again, looking down, lovingly, at the baby, Shyla smiles

"You both have an adorable baby out here," She tells them looking from Nikki to Abhi.

They mumble their thanks.

Then looking at Ajay Malhotra, Kavita walks upto him. With tears in her eyes, her voice heavy she tells him.

"Congratulations Ajay! You are a grandfather now! Here is your grand-daughter. Your Princess has got her own little princess now."

A happy sob breaks from both of them. As Ajay quickly uses the sanitizer lying on the table, Abhi looks at Nikki and realizes she was getting very emotional seeing her parents together, under one roof after so many years. Her face was damp with tears. He himself was moved by it all. He moves closer to her and puts his left hand around her shoulder, while holding her left hand in his right. As she looks tearfully into his face, he pats her understandingly.

As Kavita places little Aahana in his arms, nostalgia fills Ajay as he reminisces the first time he held Nikki in his arms. Tears stream down his cheeks, he stares at the little life in his hands who blinks at him, as if wondering for the nth time, now who could this person be!

"This is just like the first time I held you," he chokes looking at Nikki. He stares at his grand-daughter, saying "Hey little Princess, do you know I am your grandfather." Seeing the little puckering of her nose, he smiles. Then looking gratefully at Abhi and Nikki he says, "Thank you both for bringing this nostalgic moment of holding our little princess once again." Smiling at him, they squeeze each other's hand. Then turning to his ex-wife, he asks "Right Kavita?" Choking with emotion, she shakes her head in confirmation.

"And you two!" Shyla looks at Abhi and Nikki "How do you feel being new parents!" They could see she was trying to lighten the high strung atmosphere in the room.

"Right now, we are just floating! The feeling has yet to sink in properly" Abhi grins darting a glance at Nikki who smiles and nods her head in agreement.

"Don't worry, very soon the waking up at odd hours in the night, the inopportune timings for changing diapers, will all sink in the feeling of being parents." Kavita tells them with a laugh. "Just you wait and see how she twists you both around her tiny finger!"

"Its just day two and she is already doing that!" Abhi tells them with a slight shudder, recalling his fiery daughter's red face whenever she wanted something.
"Uff! she brings the whole roof down when she wants her feed or cleaned up!" Nikki agrees with him.

"You used to do the same my dear!" Ajay tells her. He smiles at his grand-daughter who now seemed to like his familiarity and awarded him with a tiny smile.

To Nikki's annoyance, Abhi darts a teasing look at her. She elbows him in his stomach.

"See my daughter was not wrong, your father too, has also confirmed it," he tells her tongue in cheek.

"And Mama says you used to do the same!" she scowls at him.

"God Bless You both!" Shyla tells them winking at Ajay and Kavita, "Just imagine if your daughter has both your traits. That is one cute, double-powered Doll, you both have on hands! Happy Parenting!"

As the elderly people laugh heartily, Abhi and Nikki smile at each other and touch their foreheads in resignation.


"I am okay, but feeling a bit weak. I think I could do with a good power dose." She bites the end of lip and looks at Abhi, her eyes were sparkling with mischief.

Abhi's lips pucker in amusement. She could see the colour seeping into his face and she was enjoying his embarrassment.

"Power dose? What powerdose ?" Anjali asks.

"I don't know I just feel I need one! Can anyone think of anything?" While the girls look confused at each other, she looks challenging at her husband. They stare knowingly at each other, both, trying their best to hide their smiles.

"Well Hubby Dear, we have a full audience here. I would like to see how you manage to still do it. Better still, I am dying to know how are you going to make yourself invisible to them."

Abhi knew very well she had him cornered and was baiting him. "Ah ! Ah! Challenge wifey? You know very well, I love challenges"

"Abhimanyu what do you recommend?" Anjali breaks into their thoughts.

"I am working on it," he tells them his amused eyes fixed on his wife.

To Nikki's astonishment, he bends over her and brings his face closer to hers. Her eyes begin to widen with shock. She couldn't believe he was serious about it. She makes eyes at him but he wasn't paying any heed. He daringly kept bringing his face closer and closer. Through the corner of her eye, she could see the girls were staring at them in confusion and embarrassment. Her cheeks had turned dark red as she blushed profusely. She looks pleadingly at him but the determination in his eyes told her it was too late. She knew he was not going to turn back now. Her heart begins to beat rapidly.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Two months later, Tuesday, 20th April 2010

Abhi enters the private room of the maternity ward and find's Nikki trying to step out of the bed. He moves forward to help her and his arms go around her waist. Her face lights up with excitement on seeing him.

"I am sure now you don't need any more assistance Mrs Modi," the matronly nurse tells her wryly, as she came out of the washroom. A tender smile appears on her face as she sees Nikki sitting at the edge of the bed eagerly looking into Abhi's face as he had his arms around her.

"Thank you Sr. Sheila," Abhi tells the nurse. "I'll take over now." As Nikki also mumbles her thanks, she could see the motherly nurse was completely captivated by his irresistible charming smile. After she left, Nikki tugs at Abhi, eagerness filled in her eyes.

"How is she? I am dying to see her, to hold her. I was just about to walk to the nursery "

"She is fine. All her tests are complete. She is being cleaned up, so I thought, we'll go together to bring her here now."

He could sense her eagerness to meet their daughter. Its been fifteen hours now since she had a brief glance of her daughter when she delivered her at 5.30 am this morning.

"Did you rest well?" he asks her.

Nikki nods her head

Looking down at her, he takes in her delicate frame in a front buttoned up, pink sundress style, knee length, full sleeved dress. The colour that had drained out from her face, post surgery, was now back in her cheeks, infact her face was glowing and her hair was neatly groomed.

"So you finally did take that shower. You smell so nice and fresh. As gorgeous as ever. Not as if you've had a surgery and delivered a baby this morning." She smiles at his compliment.

"And you know what?" Abhi continues. Nikki raises an eyebrow. "Our baby takes after you in the looks department. Absolutely gorgeous and divine like her mother." Fondly, he tweaks her nose. Nikki can see the pride and happiness in his face.

"You are looking every bit of a proud father yourself!" she tells him looking adoringly at him.

"And never forget this proud husband!" he tells her brushing her lips. He then breaks away and putting his hand inside his shirt says " I have something for you."

He pulls out a card. After she takes it from him, He wraps his arms around her once again and watches her face as she opens it.

Nikki is stupefied as she looks down at the picture of them, in the operating room, with their baby nestling on her chest. Her eyes were shut, her tiny mouth open and tongue slightly visible, while Abhi had one hand on Nikki's head and the other was protectively holding the baby against her. Tears of joy sting her eyes.

Below, in his curvaceous writing, Abhi had written,

"Thank you for being so wonderful,

For all the pains and discomfort you've gone through

Carrying our little bundle

and never once complaining

Thank you for delivering this gift of a baby girl, our daughter and making our life so complete and

above all thank you for, just being you!"

From a truly grateful and proud husband

& An equally proud father.

Feeling some kind of squeezing in her heart, Nikki chokes. Holding the card close to her chest, she clings on to it as the tears flow down her cheeks. "I love you Abhi!' she whispers emotionally, burying her head into his chest. Abhi too had tears in his eyes.

"Hey!" he whispers some moments later, wiping away her tears with his thumb. "Are you going to meet your daughter like this?" he teases. "Do you want her to scold me for making her mother cry?"

A happy sob breaks from Nikki as she playfully punches his cheek. Holding her hand, he gently leads her out.

As they walk the corridor of the maternity ward. Nikki goes back to the events of the morning. It was 4 am when Nikki woke Abhi up and told him of their daughter knocking her intention of coming out into the world. As the surgery she already had for the aneurysm, three months ago, made normal delivery very risky, they had already decided that it would be a ceasearan delivery.
She remembered being injected with the spinal block and in her semi-conscious state, she was aware of Abhi tenderly holding her hand right through. She could hear Abhi and Dr. Keerti conversing but now, couldn't remember what they were saying, yet she did remember Dr. Keerti's stern "Dr. Nikita, are you going to tell me how to do my job now?" and her own reply "I'm sorry Dr. Keerti" which meant she was issuing some orders to Dr. Keerti. She also heard Abhi's chortling and oblivious to her, there was amusement in Dr. Keerti's eyes.

Then she heard that sweetest sound her ears have ever heard, her daughter's cry heralding her arrival. An ecstatic Abhi gently pressing her hand while everyone were congratulating them for the birth of their girl. Abhi then left her hand and told her he was clamping and severing the cord. He then held the baby up for Nikki to see. There was haziness in front of her eyes and she could only see Abhi's amused smile and the outline of her daughter waving her fists and kicking her legs. She was aware of the nurses bringing a bassinet to him, where the baby was towelled and wrapped in a pink blanket.

While Dr. Keerti proceeded with stiching her up, Abhi tenderly placed their baby on Nikki's chest saying "feel her for few secs," while he protectively held the baby in one hand and , the other was gently caressing Nikki's head . The baby nestling on her chest, the feel of her soft cheeks against her skin, sent indescribable sensations into her whole body. There was a couple of flashes and before she knew it, he pulled the baby away. Seeing the tears flowing from the corner of her eye, he gently wipes it off with his finger. Nikki now realizes those flashes were their picture being taken which Abhi put in the card.

Abhi smiles as he lost count on the amount of trips he did to the nursery since his daughter was born. In the morning, post-surgery after settling Nikki in the recovery room, he went along with Dr. Keerti to the nursery to check on his baby. They were surprised to see the baby hooked on to a suction tube and vital monitoring machines. He was told by the attending pediatrician Dr. Manish, that since they had problems removing the fluids from the baby's lungs with the normal suction bulb, they have to use tubes to suck out rest of the fluids.

They also decided to do the Xray of the chest, just as a precaution and check for pneumonia. Also since they needed to run a few extra tests, especially to ascertain that the aneurysm surgery hadn't caused any harm to the baby's organs, the baby needed to be kept in the special care section of the nursery for atleast a day's observation.

Abhi was glad Nikki was sleeping with the effects of anaesthesia and also since she complained of a headache, she was given additional medicines. She was atleast spared to see the unpleasant sight of the fluids from the baby's lungs. being sucked out , with the help of the tubes.

Yet, he knew it was all temprorarily. His first interaction with his daughter in the operating room, told him she was going to be absolutely fine.

His mother, mother in law, Amrita, Rohit, Sonam, Simran, Sid Rahul, Muskaan, Anjali, Atul, were all, around ever since Nikki was in surgery. Along with them, he had hordes of other eager and impatient faces wanting to see the baby throughout the day.

He was only too happy to escort them in ones or twos to the special care nursery and use the opportunity to watch his daughter over and over again. It was as if he had some kind of renewed energy and enthusiasm. While only he could go inside the nursery, the others watched her through the glass. His chest swelled with pride as they gushed at her, telling him how beautiful she was.

The tests for pneumonia came away negative and he heaved a sigh of relief. The fluids from the lungs were completely sucked out and so the tubes were also removed from her.

As Abhi took her in his arms, he found himself being gripped with deep unfathomable feelings. She felt so tiny in his big arms that he was pricked with the urge to protect her. She kept staring at him. Her eyes were dark and piercing like Nikki's and for a brief moment Abhi's heart leapt to his throat as he was reminded of Nikki when she would stare deeply at him and touch his soul.

"Hey Sweetheart, welcome to this world and into our lives! How much we waited for you, waited for this moment!" he tells her with a smile, his eyes have now turned moist. The baby moves her head at the sound of his voice as if she recognized it from all the talking he did to her whilst she was inside her mother's womb. She blinks her eyes and pushes her tongue out as if she wanted to say something.

"It feels so good to hold you in my arms." He tells her in a low heavy voice, gently touching her cheek and was rewarded with a cute toothless smile sending a rapturous tremble into the pit of his stomach. He missed Nikki so much as he was deeply consumed with the need to share these moments with her. How he wished she was there to hold their daughter in her arms, but, then, the baby still needed monitoring.

As and when she would wake up from her sleep, Abhi kept Nikki informed about their daughter's progress.

Rahul, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali and Sid, being on duty at Sanjeevani would drop in and check on Nikki and then pay a visit to the nursery. They were highly excited and so was the whole of Sanjeevani.

With his every few minutes, visits to the nursery, touching, talking and cooing to her, whenever she was awake, Abhi managed to familarise himself to his daughter. She seemed to have recognized he was a very important person in her life and started looking forward to his visits. At one time, when he entered the nursery, he was checking with the nurse about her reports, before going to her crib. Hearing his voice, his daughter didn't seem to like the idea he wasn't speaking to her and to someone else, instead.

"Waah Waah!" she was wailing her protests loud and clear, sending shivers down his spine while bringing giggles from both the nurses standing next to him. After he rushed to her side, took her in his arms, cooed and caressed her cheeks, she quietened down. However, she still looked a bit displeased with him. Abhi couldn't help chuckle. She brought fresh to his mind, the picture of a sulking Nikki whenever he dared, not to pay attention to her.

"She has now identified you well Dr. Modi!" one of the nurses tells him. "Yeah, now don't think you will get away easily if you ignore her," the other nurse agrees. "You'll have to give her your attention first" Abhi grins along with them. The nursing staff were completely enamoured, everytime they saw their boss, the dashing Dr. Abhimanyu Modi holding his new born baby girl in his hands. The smitten look on his face when he looked down at her, charmed them to pulp.

And, every time Abhi ogled at his daughter, he discovered something new in her looks or gestures or movements, bringing a warm smile on his face and profound happiness in his heart.

By 6 pm, Nikki was feeling much better. The pain was much bearable and she rested well. She told her mother and mother in law to leave since they spent almost 12 hrs in the hospital and she was now feeling fine. Abhi too agreed with her. He also declined Rachna's and Kavita's offer of staying with Nikki for the night, as he didn't want to be away from his wife and daughter, even for a moment.

When he went to drop the mothers to the car, Nikki decided, now that she was no more hooked to the recovery machines, she should take a shower to make herself feel fresh and good and ready for her daughter.

Needless to say, on his way back to the room, Abhi made another stop at the nursery where Dr. Manish, told him every tests of the baby were clear and she is absolutely hale and hearty. They could take her to the room now. Abhi looks down at his daughter in her crib.

"Dr. Modi, she just pooped," the nurse tells him. "We'll change her and then bring her to the room."

"No," he tells the nurse. "Her mother and I will come to get her."

He then smiles at his daughter whose eyes were not leaving his face. "Hey Sweetheart! I'll be back soon and with your mother, this time! She is waiting to meet you. You be ready and we'll be here soon!" He caresses her cheek and his daughter blinks at him.

As they pass the glassed nursery, they see almost a dozen babies lying in their cribs. Most of them were asleep, while some were howling, some trying to focus their tiny eyes around as if taking stock of their new surroundings.

"Aww, so chweet!" Nikki gushes looking at Abhi who smiles back at her .

As the hospital was gearing up for the night, everyone had retired to their rooms and there was silence on the floor as compared to the earlier part of the evening, where there were hordes of people around, staff, patients, visitors moving about. The general section now had 3 nurses while there was one nurse on the special care side.

There was a wood and glass partition which divided the general section and the special care section of the nursery. The nurses greet them as they pass by.

When they reach the special care section, Nikki notices there were three babies lying in their crib. The attending night nurse smiles at them and then with an approving nod from Abhi crosses over to the general section of the nursery, giving them the privacy to look at their baby.

It was the centre crib and the baby lying facing her, that caught Nikki's attention. She stood still looking through the glass at the pink crib, with a pink blanket draped over it. She didn't even have to read the placard on it which read Drs. Modi, to know it was their baby.

Mesmerised, she gapes at her daughter. Engulfed by emotions, she runs her fingertips on the glass. Her eyes begins to well up with tears. Feeling Abhi's understanding arms tenderly encircling her waist, she looks up at him. She was unable to say anything as there was prickling in her throat. She can see there were tears in his eyes too. This was the first proper look she had of her baby, her heart was pounding with joy.

"Abhi, our baby," she finally chokes. "Our daughter!" her dark eyes were glowing with tears and happiness.

Abhi expresses his understanding, by squeezing her even more tightly in his arms. Cheeks pressed against each other, they stare at their little girl, overwhelmed, as she stares at them, opening and shutting her eyes, her mouth forming a O as she kept pushing her tiny tongue out, but, only the tip of it could be seen.

"Didn't I tell you she is divine," he whispers proudly in her ear. "Since morning she has been having this effect on me," he tells her.

Nikki lifts her hand and moving it backwards tenderly pats his face, while her eyes were still fixed on her daughter.

"Come on, aren't you going to take her in your arms?" he prods.

"I just want to watch her for few more minutes. I just want to cherish this first proper look of hers in my heart and on my mind." She tells him, tears glistening in her eyes.

Abhi smilingly nods his head. His hand gently roams over Nikki's belly. A sense of disappointment grips him as he feels the shrinkage of her stomach. "You know what ? I am going to miss feeling this cute bulge that was here, but I am so glad to have her out. I am sure she too must be so happy and relieved to be out from there,"

"Well I don't think she was doing too bad inside," she replies poutily. Abhi smiles.

"Really? with all the antics of her mother?" he teases.

Nikki's eyes widen in shock. Turning around in his encircled arms, she glares at him.

"Excuse me! what antics eh? Atleast she didn't have to deal with a moody father, Dr. Moody." She leans forward and screams the name aloud in his ear. Abhi shuts his eyes tightly while his jaw and the muscles in his cheek contort as he grimaces.

"Ha Ha ! You think so! Ms. Impulsive. Ask her! She'll tell you the truth!"

"You never complained of any antics, when you got what you craved for! Instead you were greedy for more!" she snaps indignantly at him. Then realizing her blurting, she colours. Abhi grins.

After having been driven to erotic insanity by her lovely seduction, he recalls telling her "can I get more and more of this?" She was lying partially over him, her head on his chest as his upper body was resting against the propped up pillows.

She lifts her head up and looks into his face. "Greedy Dr Modi?" she drawls as her fingers lazily scribble all over his chest.

"You were amazing!" he tells her making her blush. "Please, please, just one dose a day, I am not asking for much am I?" He blinks his eyes and makes puppy faces.

Nikki couldn't help but laugh at his persistence. "You are getting too spoilt Dr. Modi!" she tells him teasingly, as she places her lips on his.

Oblivious to them, their little daughter, now seemed to have recognized her father's facial outline, after all, he spent almost the entire day with her. She kept blinking her eyes and tiny wrinkles appear on her pink forehead as she focuses on the hazy activity in front of her eyes.

"I am sure you are going to spoil her rotten!" Nikki tells Abhi, bringing him out his beautiful reverie.

"Yes I will!" he tells her vehemently

"Don't forget you have me to deal with. I won't let you do it!"

"Whats new about it! You have to oppose everything I do!" he sighs deeply. Then, suddenly his eyes light up with mischief, "but there is something I am sure you won't stop me from doing."

"And what is it ?" she opens her mouth to ask. Before she knew it, SMAACK! his lips clamp down on hers. As Nikki puts her hands around his neck, he moves his lips urgently over hers.

"Hmmmmm" she mumbles ecstatically, "This is welcome anytime!"

"I know," Abhi mumbles in between and then continues to kiss her.

By now their daughter was agitated and restless with the clueless activity in front of her eyes. She only sensed some deep connection to the twosome across, but they seemed to be lost in their own world, bringing a frown on her face. Finally as if she couldn't handle anymore of their ignoring of her, she angrily kicks off the blanket draped over her and squeals as loud as she could manage, making them both jump out of their skin.

They see their daughter's face has turned red and she was wailing away, bringing not only her parents, but also, the nurses and Dr. Manish rushing to her side.

As Nikki gently picks her up. Abhi grins. "The fluids seem to have been perfectly flushed out from her lungs," he remarks making the pediatrician and nurse smile.

"Yes, her strong cry certainly confirms that," the pediatrician nods his head.

The baby stares mesmerizingly at her mother. "My Baby!" Nikki gushes as a deep maternal love sweeps over her. "Welcome to our life!" As she tenderly kisses the baby's forehead, Abhi smiles recalling he saying the same to her. He had been waiting for this moment and was now completely overwhelmed watching her cradle their daughter in her arms and talking to her.

"It was so wonderful having you inside me and its even more wonderful holding you in my arms." Nikki continues looking at her daughter in awe. The little baby blinked her eyes as if saying "Thank you Mom," and a small smile appears at the corner of her lips. Tears of joy glitter in Nikki's eyes. Besides Abhi, Dr. Manish and the nurses too were deeply moved by their little interaction.

"Right now she is ready for her feed," Dr. Manish tells them. He proceeds to explain to them the medications administered to their daughter.

The little baby was definitely not happy with him for grabbing her parents' attention. Even if she didn't yet know the word parents, she did know of their connection to her and who was this person intruding? How dare her! Once again she begins to cry loudly shaking Dr. Manish out of his wits.

"You should take her to the room at once," he instructs as he still tries to get back his breath "now she won't wait even for a moment"

Abhi takes her from Nikki, since carrying the baby to the room would only put a strain on her. Nikki was amused to see how tiny their daughter looked in his big hand. He was also having a tough time calming his hungry daughter who decided to display her healthy set of lungs with her non-stop bawling bringing amused smiles from the nurses who passed them by.

In the room Sr. Sheila assisted Nikki on to the bed while another nurse wheeled the pink crib into the room. It was only after Abhi put their daughter in Nikki's arms and her demand was met with, there was pin drop silence in the room, as well as, the whole floor bringing a sigh of relief on everyone's face.

Phew !" Abhi exhales in relief.

"Welcome to Fatherhood, Dr. Modi," the elderly Sr. Sheila tells him with a teasing smile bringing forth giggles from Nikki and the other nurse

"Thank you!" Abhi replies wiping the sweat from his brow.

After the nurses leave the room, Abhi draws the chair closer to Nikki's bed and watches both of them intensely.

"Poor thing she was so hungry," Nikki tells him, still unable to tear her eyes away from her daughter and Abhi couldn't get his eyes away from them both. He pulls out the camera from the side table and clicks a few pictures of them.

Whilst having her feed, the baby seemed to have decided to check out her mother properly and kept staring at her face for a long time, with few blinks in between.

Watching her, Abhi smiles tenderly. He rises from the chair and bending over them, he gently caresses his baby's back and plants a kiss on it. Nikki smiles realizing he was sure going to be completely putty in his daughter's hands.

"Can't get your eyes off your mother can you?" he asks his daughter, whose ears and other senses are now on alert as she recognizes his voice and touch. "I have the same problem all the time." There is a rise of colour on Nikki's cheeks seeing the naughtiness on his face.

The baby shifts her gaze to her father and stares at him, a flicker in her cheek displaying her happiness to see him.

She then keeps shifting her gaze from one parent to the other, as they, heads touching, watch her intently Observing her eye movements, Abhi and Nikki are filled with happiness. Looking at each other, they exchange a warm smile.

Sighing deeply, Abhi says, "Gosh, I am sure to be pulpy all the time with two gorgeous ladies in my arms"

"But, looks like she has inherited the temper and stubborn demanding streak from you," Nikki replies puckering her nose at him.

"Waaah!" the baby starts crying loudly, startling Nikki till she gently rocks her back to her feed. A triumphant Abhi was guffawing loudly. Nikki looks disbelivingly at her daughter and then at her husband.

"Good God! Looks like father and daughter have already started ganging up against me! Now I am sure I am going to be ignored," she pouts

Bringing his face closer to his, Abhi smiles naughtily.
"How do you expect me to ignore you when you keep getting sexier and beautiful day by day. I find it so difficult to resist you, Mama Ni-ki-ta," Nikki blushes.

"You are nothing less, Papa Modi." she tells him. "Now that you are a father of a girl, you have to stop looking so sexy and attractive." Abhi chuckles.

"When you stop, so will I!" he winks, kissing her lips.

He then notices his daughter tiny hand on Nikki's chest. Once again he plants a kiss, this time on the back of her hand. He just can't seem to get enough of her!

"Hmmm, I love her baby smell." He tells Nikki, his nostrils draw in as he inhales the pleasing smell.

"Same here," Nikki agrees. "She smells so nice!"

As Abhi plays with his daughter's fingers, he stares in awe at their tininess.

"Such tiny fingers, I feel like a giant in front of her," he grins as he confides to Nikki who bursts out into giggles. "I've seen so many babies in my life, but actually holding one of your own, is a unique experience altogether. I am so afraid to even close my fingers on her tightly! I worry I may crush her by mistake." There was a mixture of wonderment and anxiety on his face.

"I know that, I can see that !" Nikki confirms with a chuckle.

"As Sr. Sheila already told you, Welcome to Fatherhood! A New World to discover for us!" Abhi smiles at her and nuzzles his nose against hers.

Whilst he was engrossed in his wife, finding his little finger in between her palm, his daughter grabs on to it tightly making him abruptly turn towards her. There is a tightening in his chest as his heart prickles with joy, while Nikki keeps staring at their fingers in astonishment and tenderness.


An hour later as Nikki came out of the washroom, she was stunned to see Abhi in the room, standing almost near the doorway.

Amusement on her face, she stares at him as he stood looking mischievously at her, his eyebrows dancing. With a knowing smile, she shakes her head and walks towards him. Reaching him, she runs her finger seductively all over his face. He kept shaking his head and his eyeballs kept moving from one corner to another as if he was gesturing something with his eyes.
"What is it Dr. Abhimanyu Modi? You miss me so much?" she teases looking lovingly into his face as he towered over her. His face was flushed with embarrassment and he continued shaking his head and gesturing with his eyes.

Grabbing him by the collar, Nikki pulls his head down towards her. Abhi gulps nervously. "N......Nikki....." he strutters. Before he could complete, Nikki butts in "Or you missed this?" she presses her lips against his.

NOTE: Hey Guys, I am sorry to disappoint all those who wished for a BOY for AN Honestly I too had planned for a boy for them, which some members did know of, but they ended up having girl instead....So please no jhootis

ABHI-NIKKI (DMG) JOURNEY -23) Nikki's first cake throw at Abhi

The interns have a cake fight and Nikki throws a piece of cake which hits Abhimanyu who just entered the canteen. He calmly takes it in his stride only to throw a shocker back at them.

PS : Don't miss the heavy jewellery the patients are wearing and the patient who was a permanent fixture at Sanjeevani for more than a year (Lol)

ABHI-NIKKI (DMG) JOURNEY- 22) Interns trick falls flat.

In their fancy dress costume, the interns dance to Dil Dance Maare and at the end of it, Riddhima ends up from Armaan to Abhimanyu's arms. Later Nikki feels the pinch of Armaan-Riddhima's closeness. Armaan and she have a talk about a guy for her.

ABHI-NIKKI (DMG) JOURNEY) -21) Interns mission against Abhimanyu

In their mission to Kick Abhimanyu's Butt as they themselves call it, the interns come dressed in "fancy dress" (termed by Abhimanyu) to irritate him, but once again he ignores it. Abhimanyu seem to be smitten by Dr. Riddhima and even compliments her which upsets Armaan and Anjali can't figure out why Armaaan is upset with it.

ABHI-NIKKI (DMG) JOURNEY - 20) Signature campaign against Dr. Modi

The interns work hard on collecting signatures from the staff and patients of Sanjeevani only to be calmly trashed down by him in few minutes. Do check out the nurse telling Nikki not to wear short dresses (Lol) and what does Nikki do ? (lol)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ABHI-NIKKI (DMG) JOURNEY - 19) Abhi-Armaan (Abhimaan) first confrontation

Here we have Abhi and Armaan's first confrontation and Dr. Keerti leaving Sanjeevani. The interns then decide they have to get Abhimanyu out and Dr. Keerti in.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Lunch was served and as everyone was having a great time, eating, chatting and laughing. Rahul and Muskaan were standing in a corner and watching the merriment going on. Their faces were filled with sadness. Finally mustering courage, Rahul holds Muskaan’s hand telling her he wanted to talk to her, but she angrily shrugs his hand off and walks out of the house.

He follows her out. Once outside, he tells her “Why are you still upset Muskaan? You gave me an ultimatum and I took it!”

As they were arguing outside, inside the house, Abhi and Armaan walk anxiously towards the exit. Hands folded across their chest, they stand facing the door.

“What do you think? Will it work.?” Armaan questions in a low tone.

“It will don’t worry,” Abhi tells him.

“What’s going on here ?” their wives’ stern voices coming from behind, startle them , nearly makng them jump.

As they turn, Riddhima questions them

“You guys have done this?” They nod their heads. The ladies gasp in bewilderment.

“But Abhi, Muskaan will be upset, if she knows it.” Nikki tells him.

“They’ve been communicating these past few days.” He replies.

“WHAT!”stunned, both girls look at each other.

“Yeah Abhimanyu, heard you both talking about Muskaan,” Armaan explains..

Nikki looks questioningly at Abhi and he reminds her about the time they were on the terrace of Sanjeevani, talking about Muskaan.

Nikki and Riddhima recollect Muskaan was also with them. In course of their converstion, she suddenly got upset blurting out “You guys are lucky! You married the persons you love, not everyone is lucky in love!” As her eyes well up with tears, she hurriedly excuses herself and walks away, not paying heed to their calling.

“Muskaan is still so heartbroken,” Riddhima tells Nikki sadly “She still has Rahul in her heart.”

“ Yeah,” Nikki agrees. “I can understand that kind of feeling. Once love penetrates deeply inside, no anger, hatred can keep you away from that person, even if you are physically far apart. Look at me, even though I was so shocked and angry when I saw Sonali in Abhi’s room, I just couldn’t remove him from my heart. I conditioned and let myself believe I hated him, that I did not want to do anything with him, but deep inside I was always yearning for him and that’s what Muskaan is doing too.”

“ Even I feel so,” Riddhima agrees. “She tries to hide her unhappiness behind her laughs and jokes wanting to show, that nothing bothers her and that she is happy and carefree.”

Abhi had just reached the entrance of the terrace, as he was to take Nikki home. He was about to enter, when he realized the two friends were into serious discussion. As he deliberated on whether he should disturb them or not, he hears Nikki speaking.

“You can pass your day amongst friends laughing and joking, it’s the nights that are very scary. Lying alone in bed, that face keeps flashing and torturing you. Having a part of Abhi inside me with this baby, did help a bit,” she tenderly caresses her stomach “it kept some sort of connection between us inspite of being so far away from each other.”

A needling ache pierces Abhi from within. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and exorcise the pain of their past that keeps rearing its ugly head on and off.
“I really wish, like Abhi and me, Muskaan and Rahul get another chance.” Nikki continues sadly.

“Even I wish the same,” Riddhima quips. “Rahul is a nice guy and so is Muskaan. Why and how do things go wrong between people who are in love?”

“That’s what I keep wondering too. Why is there so much of pain in love!” Nikki sighs wistfully. “Muskaan deserves to be happy.”

Abhi understood fully, both girls were deeply upset for their friend. He begins to think hard.

“We talked it over,” Armaan’s voice bring the girls back to the present “and decided to check out what Rahul felt about her. He was equally miserable without her. His father was very ill and was emotionally blackmailing him to marry his best friend’s daughter, but Rahul refused saying he wanted to marry Muskaan. However, his father was very upset with that and it was making him even more ill. So Rahul told his father, if he didn’t want him to marry Muskaan, he wouldn’t, but, he couldn’t and wouldn’t marry anyone else either. He could still live, not marrying Muskaan, but he would rather die than marry anyone else and if his father still insisted he would do something drastic to himself. His father then didn’t pursue his marriage to that girl. Later on seeing how heartbroken and miserable he was, his father agreed to accept Muskaan, but Rahul didn’t have the courage to face her anymore.”

“Yeah and so we asked him to talk it out with her,” Abhi takes over from him. “They have been communicating through phone and emails. Muskaan told him she didn’t trust him anymore. If he really loved her, he would come back and settle down here with her, but its obvious he won’t do it. Finally, Rahul decided he had to win back her love and do it her way.”

‘Abhi made him an offer to join Sanjeevani so that they could work things out and now its upto Muskaan to accept his love or not!”

“I really hope things work out for them!” Riddhima tells them.

“Even I hope,” Nikki echoes her sentiments.

“I am confident it will,” Abhi tells them. “Any two persons who have gone through or inflicted all kinds of pain, hurt, hatred, anger at each other and still manage to retain their love, are just meant to be with each other.”

Nikki knew he was speaking of their own experience. They look at each other and share a warm understanding smile. Putting her hand in his arm, Nikki snuggles closer to him.

“And it seems you are absolutely right!” Riddhima exclaims excitedly. Following her gaze, Abhi and Armaan turn and see the couple entering. Looking at their faces lit up with joy, Riddhima and Nikki exchange smiles and move forward towards Muskaan. Shyly, she shows them the ring on her engagement finger. The girls are thrilled and together squeeze her in a tight hug her while Abhi and Armaan congratulate Rahul and share a friendly punch with him, their faces beaming with pride.

As Nikki and Riddhima move towards Rahul to wish him, Muskaan goes to Abhi and Armaan. With tears in her eyes, she tells them chokingly “Thank you both. Rahul says its because you guys initiated it, we are together today or else, we would have continued to hate each other and kept hurting all by ourselves, far far away.

They give her an affectionate hug individually and tell her they only wanted to see her happy.

Dr. Keerti comes to them and asks them to have their lunch. Atul and Anjali also join the group. Nikki tells them about Rahul and Muskaan. Excited with the news, they hug the happy and blushing couple. Atul then tells Anjali “All these guys will get married and have babies soon, one baby is nearly on the way,” he glances briefly at Nikki who smiles back at him. “What about us?”

“Atul!” Anjali snaps in irritation. “Lets make a deal! If after three years we don’t find partners to marry, we’ll marry each other.”

“Acha,” Atul scratches his head while everyone look amused at him. “I think that’s a good deal,” he finally concedes. “Now my new mission will be to see both of us don’t find other partners.” They all laugh heartily.

Sometime later after they had finished lunch, Amrita was chatting up with Abhi and Nikki. Noticing Sid and Simran chatting across, Abhi whispers something to the women and the three advance to the young couple. As they were approaching them, Sid and Simran begin to feel nervous and distance themselves a bit, which is noticed by Abhi and Nikki and they try to hide their smile.

“Hey Simran how are you doing?” Nikki asks her.

Simran gives her a faint smile.

“Aunty isn’t it next, Simran’s turn in the family to get married?” Abhi enquires making Simran blush while Sid chokes on his saliva and he ends up with a spurt of coughing. Abhi slaps him hard on the back which sends him reeling a couple of steps forward and stopped his coughing.

“Yes and I hope she gets a nice boy like you and Rohit” Amrita replies.

“She will!” Nikki says, putting a fond arm around Simran. “She is a sweet girl. Do you have anyone in mind Simran?”

“Of course not Nikki,” Abhi tells her. “Does she look as if she is in any hurry? Don’t worry Simran take your own sweet time in finding someone.”

“I don’t know about that,” Amrita says dryly. “Earlier she used to love shopping and going out with me, but, nowadays, she makes all kinds of excuses and is continuously on the phone. All I know is when a girl has no time for her mother and even avoiding her close friends then there has to be someone special in her life . But, she is not even telling us anything!”

“Mama?” an embarrassed Simran makes eyes at her mother.

“Perhaps she’ll tell you guys, she dotes on both of you” Amrita tells Abhi and Nikki. “especially her jeeju. I am sure, even if her jeeju suggests someone for her, she won’t refuse!”

“Is that so Simran?” Abhi teases her “Do you want your jeeju to select someone for you?” he asks tongue in cheek, mischief clearly glinting in his eyes.

Simran nods her head shyly

“Good, then its decided that you will select someone for her.” Amrita says in relief.

“Fine, I’ll definitely look around. The moment I find someone I’ll let you know. Right now, I can’t seem to think of anyone befitting my lovely saali.” He winks knowingly at Nikki who is trying to hide her smile.

Simran and Sid look dumbfounded at him. Sid then goes near Nikki and pleadingly nudges her. Nikki nods understandingly at him. “Abhi perhaps in this party itself, you might notice someone,” she tells him and Sid gives her a grateful smile.

“Really? let me have a look then?” He turns around and pretends to search in desperation. Sid comes in front of him and Abhi shoves him away. Nikki and Amrita were bubbling with laughter.

“Nikki are you sure there is someone here? I can’t seem to find anyone.”

“Abhi look properly” Nikki tells him, trying her best not to laugh. Sid shakes his head up and down in agreement with her.

“Oh ok, let me have one more look,” he turns around again and scans the guests. Sid again blocks his view.

“Arre Sid, move, let me have a proper look.” He pokes him to move aside.

“Acha among the men, Jas is not counted,” Sid comes in between again, Abhi pushes his face away, continuing his search. “Then Armaan, Rahul and Atul are taken,” Sid pops in front again only to be shoved away once more by Abhi. “Who else is left?” he scrubs his jaw with his fingers.

“ME” Sid blurts out in frustration.

“You?” Abhi gives him a disbelieving look. “You?” he blinks as if he was seeing an alien. Nikki felt like kicking him. She was finding it so difficult to prevent her laugh from spilling out.

“Nah! I don’t think Simran will agree. What do you say Simran?”

Simran blushes and lowers her eyes.

“See I told you. She is not answering which means she is not interested. So, my dear kid brother, you are rejected!”

“No Jeeju, I like him.” Simran hurriedly blurts out.

“Simran?” Amrita thunders sternly at her “You Do?”

“Mama,….. I…. I…..” Simran shifts uncomfortably under their gaze “Sid say something, please!” she pleads helplessly

“Yes Aunty, er… we….we…like each other.”

“Thank God, its only like,” Amrita says in relief, looking at Abhi and Nikki who also shake their head in agreement. “I thought you both seriously love each other.”

“We do love each other!” they confess in one breath..

Abhi, Nikki and Amrita roar with laughter.

“See what I told you!” Abhi tells Amrita as he puts an affectionate arm around a blushing Simran.

Amrita pulls Sid’s ears, “So you are the one, my daughter has long phone conversations with these days and no time for her mother eh? You are going to be punished for life now, Abhi do I have your permission?”

“Absolutely! You have my complete support on this!” Gleefully he waves his fist at Sid only to be rewarded with a swot on his arm from Nikki who was taken in by Sid’s puppy face looks. Soothingly, she pulls Sid’s head down on her slender shoulder and consoles him.

“Ooooh, Bhabhi-Devar bonding!” Abhi teases. Nikki digs her elbow into his rib making him wince softly.

“Enough of teasing him okay!” she sternly reprimands her husband.

Abhi raises his hand in resignation.

As Nikki continues to talk with Amrita and Simran, Sid slowly goes near his big brother and whispers in his ears.

“Didn’t I tell you, she rules over you and you know what?” his eyebrows dancing with mischief. “She’ll always fight with you for me!” Seeing Abhi’s face turning red as a scowl takes over, he chuckles heartily making the women turn and look at him with surprise.

“I’ll kill you!” snarls a fuming Abhi as Sid chortles and begins his scram.

Sometime later, noticing Nikki was looking tired, a concerned Abhi enquires if she was okay. She tells him though she was having fun, she was indeed feeling very tired and wanted to rest. They decide to leave. It was already 4 pm.

Armaan tells them. “Tomorrow we are leaving so let’s have a small celebration for Rahul and Muskaan, just amongst our gang,”

Abhi declines it with the shake of his head.

“Well Nikki has had enough of stress for the day. She won’t be able to go out. She still has to recover properly from her surgery and one outing is enough for the day.” He explains and they nod their heads understandingly even though there was disappointment in their faces. They’ve grown so close that it was difficult to enjoy any celebration if any one of them was missing.

Looking at their dejected faces, Abhi suggests, “What we could do is, we all meet at our place in the evening and perhaps order in. Meanwhile, Nikki too would have taken some rest.”

Once again , their faces brighten up and they agree.

And so there was another round of merriment and fun in the evening. After greeting the youngsters, Rachna Modi takes their leave, telling them to enjoy themselves.

Standing behind her, Armaan hugs her warmly, telling her to come back to London soon. “I’m going to miss you,” he mopes.

“What you want to do here with these people?” he tells her, “You come to London with me,”

“You wish!” Abhi tells him wryly

“You stay out of it,” Armaan snaps at him. “This is between Aunty and Me. We have our own setting,” he winks at Rachna. She raises her hand sideways, and pats him tenderly on the cheek.

“Let me see my grandchild’s face and I’ll come soon,” she assures him.

“I’ll miss you!”

“I’ll miss you too!” she tells him once again patting his cheek.

The gang had their usual fun joking, teasing, laughing and fighting with each other. Abhi receives a call from Sanjeevani. Since he wasn’t able to hear properly with all the noise in the house, he goes out into the lawn.

Seeing Muskaan and Rahul sharing a tender moment, Riddhima and Nikki share a look of happiness and contentment with each other.

“Finally Muskaan is looking so happy,” Riddhima says

Nikki shakes her head in agreement. “I am so glad for them”

“No matter how much our husbands bicker with each other, atleast they agree and work as one on a mission!” Riddhima laughs.

“I so agree!” Nikki chuckles. “I can’t believe they went through this mission on their own accord and they’ve done great!”

“Hmmm!” Riddhima shakes her head as she looks adoringly at her husband who was sitting across and chatting with Anjali.

Missing her own husband, Nikki walks out of the house and finds him on the porch. His elbows resting on the railing, he was leaning over and talking on the phone. Quietly she walks towards him and fondly hugs him from behind, resting her head on his back. He disconnects the phone just then, and Nikki enquires if everything was okay. He shrugs it off saying it was routine, just the nurse reconfirming a medicine.

Happy to have a moment alone with her, he pulls her into his arms holding her snug against him. “Thank you for bringing Muskaan and Rahul together,” Nikki tells him looking admiringly into his face. “our circle of friends feel so complete now,” Abhi smiles. “I am glad they took the right decision,” he tells her. Nikki nods her agreement.

She then places her head on his chest. “This pregnancy certainly has brought so many lovely people into our lives Abhi. Everyone is doing everything they can to make me happy. It feels so good. I feel like a Queen. Absolutely on Top of the World!” she tells him.

“You are a wonderful person Nikki, you deserve it!” he tells her cuddling her even more closer to him.

“Now I am only waiting for the birth of our baby. I want you to be relieved from all the pain and discomforts. Our circle of life will be complete with our baby’s birth.”

“As long as you are with me Abhi, as long as you love and hold me like this, I, honestly feel no pain,” she looks lovingly into his face.

“You know what? You are my pain killer! The best pain killer. Recommended by Dr. Nikita Modi and and also to be administered only to her !”

A short laugh breaks out from Abhi.

“Well said Doctor! If my treatment is so effective, I shall continue with it.” He grins and tenderly kisses her lips.

Finally, when the gang decided to end the party, every one had mixed feelings in their heart. There was sadness since Armaan and Riddhima were leaving the next day, but, they were also happy that Rahul and Muskaan were back together, Abhi and Nikki were awaiting their baby, Sid and Simran had approval from their parents for their relationship and Atul-Anjali had a deal between them.

The next day on their way to the airport, Armaan and Riddhima dropped in to say a final goodbye to Nikki since she was unable to see them off. “Even if its for two days, we’ll definitely come to see your baby when you deliver,” they promise her. Nikki is overwhelmed. Abhi leaves with the rest to see them off at the airport.

When he got back, Nikki was asleep. Seeing her sleeping on her side, her knees cuddled up while her stomach taking the support of the pillow, his chest feels warm filled with love and tenderness.

Looking at her belly, now grown bigger, he recollects the conversation he had with her on the porch the previous night. He is really impatient now for the birth of their baby. He tenderly places his hand over her abdomen.

“Hey Sweetheart,” he whispers “How are you doing there? I am dying to see you, to hold you.” He kept planting tender kisses on her stomach as he spoke. “Its just a matter of two months, you’ll be in our arms soon.” He feels fingers tenderly running into his hair and realizes Nikki has woken up.

“Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, I have been waiting for you to hold us. Please come to bed soon.” she teases. Abhi grins. “Its your fault, you’ve spoilt us,” Nikki tells him. “Now we can’t do without your arm!”

“Yeah, Yeah! I know” Abhi shakes his head. Giving one final kiss to his baby, he stands up and then, with eyes boring wickedly at her, he sits down besides Nikki.

“Missing my arm, eh? Eh?’ he teasingly pinches her nose and pokes her shoulders gently. “Or something else?” Nikki giggles as she tries to dodge his pinching and poking.

“What else can I really miss?” puckering her nose, she feigns innocence, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Oh really? You weren’t missing this,” he brings his lips closer to hers and stares deeply into her eyes. Nikki lifts her lips up in excitement and anticipation.

“Leave it!” he shakes his head in resignation. “You don’t seem to miss anything else right?” he attempts to stand up.

Before he could move, Nikki holds the collar of his Tshirt and pulls him closer. “Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, stop acting pricey!” she growls “You know very well I miss this from you!” she tells him angrily pressing her lips against his.

“Thank you,” he grins wickedly “I wanted you to do the honours, this time.” he tells her.

“Yooooou,” she fumes, but his lips were already on hers, channelizing her annoyance on to a different path.

By Wednesday, Nikki’s sutures were removed. She could move about much better, the pain in her abdomen almost negligible and all tests for her and the baby were absolutely clear. Kavita and Jas leave for London on Saturday, telling Nikki they needed to finish some work back home and will be back for the baby’s birth.

Three weeks later , on a Friday, Rachna and Sid go to Pune for the weekend as they both had to sign some paperwork for their property there.

And on that Friday night, Dr. Abhimanyu Modi had another scare from his wife.

“Perfect!” Nikki surveys the room.

She looks at the framed picture of Abhi, sleeping on his stomach, his body completely bare, waist upwards. It was the picture which she had clicked with her cellphone, now framed and hidden in her cupboard. Whenever, she missed Abhi, she would pull it out and keep looking at it.”

“Just you wait and watch Hubby Dear, what I have in store for you,” smiling impishily, she speaks to the picture.

Just then her phone rings and Nikki chuckles seeing it was Abhi on the line.

“What are you doing ?”

“I was busy”

“Doing what?

“With someone special”

“Really ? and who may I ask?” Abhi smiles.

“Shhhh….its a secret….. he is sleeping right now.” Abhi was stunned..

“Are you talking about the baby or me?”

“Hmmn Na Na, of course the baby and you are special, but this one is also special.”

“Haan, haan, I know! You are teasing me.”

“No I am serious. I swear.” Abhi is jolted with her words.

“And where is he sleeping?”

“Of course on our bed!”

“I’ll surely murder him then,” Abhi growls.

“Now, don’t do that! He is so adorable, especially in his sleep. Just feel like kissing him. Muaaah Muaah,” she went.

Abhi feels slight irritation and uneasiness creeping inside him.

“Wish you could meet him, but if you are there, he cannot be around.”

“Nikki, even if it’s a joke, don’t say it. I am not liking it. Tell me, honestly, you are joking right?”

“Honestly Abhi I am not,” she tells him vehemently “I told you, I swear , I am not joking.”

Abhi begins to wonder , who could it be who has captured his wife’s fancy, making her boldly swear of his existence. He began to feel his insides consumed by the the fire of jealousy

“Just hang on, I am coming home right now,” he tells her, disconnecting the line

Nikki giggles.

When he reaches home, he is surprised to find the whole house plunged in darkness. He is stunned. He spoke to Nikki just few minutes back, what could have happened? His heart begins to hammer violently with fear.

Frantically, he calls out her name as he goes about switching on the lights. At the entrance to their room his nostrils begin to fill up with whiffs of sweet smelling scents. He pushes open the door and finds the room, beautifully adorned with flowers and dimly, but warmly lit with few candles standing on either side of the bed.

“Nikki?” he calls out in surprise, as he scans the room. But, she was no where to be seen.

He checks the balcony and the bathroom but she wasn’t there either. Just as he was wondering where she was, his eyes falls on the edge of the bed.

He sees something like the wrong side of a framed picture on it. He picks it up and turns it over. As he finds himself looking down at his picture with his bare torso, he colours deeply. “Naughty wifey,” he shakes his head with his smile.

He finds a tiny note stuck on it.

“This is that someone special I deeply care for. He keeps me happy when you are not around,” he reads. Amused by her pertness, his face breaks into a wide smile.

His body is suddenly gripped with electrifying sensations as soft warm fingers play seductively on his chest.

“What happened Dr. Modi? You were jealous?” she whispers, clinging on to his back and nibbling his ears.

A broad grin spreads on his face. “Of him? No Way!” he denies. “He can’t do what I can do,” he tells her putting the frame down on the night stand in front of the bed.

Her chin was digging into his back and there was a sweet enticing smell emanating from her that was intoxicating his senses. Flushed with excitement, he holds her hand and gently pulls her in front to face him.

“What is your intention wifey?” he raises an eyebrow in amusement. “Today, you seem to be in a different mood!”

He can see her eyes were gleaming with mischief. “I thought my husband deserves a reward for being a patient and understanding husband in the most trying times,” she drawls, running her fingertips all over his face. Abhi tries to nip her finger with his lips, but she playfully dodges it.

She then moves her finger down to his shoulder and poking him, firmly backs him till they reach the side of the bed. As she gently pushes him down on to the bed, Abhi gapes at her, his face filled with astonishment.

“As a reward, you’ll get what you always wanted.” She tells him with a sultry smile.

A speechless Abhi, continues to stare at her as she looked every bit of a seductress, dressed in a slinky white silk strappy night gown with a white transparent chiffon robe over it. There was a kind of radiance emitting from her as her face glowed warmly and her eyes had an intensity which was pulling out his very soul. The bulge of her belly only added to her sex-appeal making her look even more enchanting and alluringly attractive. His eyes were aflamed from the heat of desire that had now taken over his whole system. Unable to stay put, he lunges forward to grab her hand but she dodges him again.

Resting a knee on the bed, she bends over him, taking his face in between her palms and raising it up slightly. Then bringing her face down, temptingly close to his, she looks deep into his eyes. Abhi swallows hard. He had never seen this side of her before. Inhaling deeply, he holds on to his breath. “Be patient Dr. Modi !” she whispers seductively.

“Patience!” He wanted to laugh. He felt he was on top of rollercoaster ride, tossed high by the rush of pleasurable adrenaline to the heart taking him into an unknown excitement zone and now, as he is all ready for that thrilling dip, for some scary reason, called patience, he is left dangling in the air.

Nikki then runs that enticing finger all over his face again torturing him even more. As her hands move down, his eyes warily follows her palm as it, once again, torturously, yet, delightfully plays all over his well toned torso, stirring an uncontrollable arousal within him.

“Be ready to be seduced by your pregnant wife Dr. Modi,” she warns, her voice sexily low.

“At last!” exclaims an ecstatically relieved and grateful Abhi, his eyes rolling dreamily as he surrenders himself to the thrilling pleasures of his pregnant wife’s seductions. He was certainly over the moon!


As they pass the glassed nursery, they see almost a dozen babies lying in their cribs. Most of them were asleep, while some were howling, some trying to focus their tiny eyes around as if taking stock of their new surroundings.

“Aww, so chweet!” Nikki gushes looking at Abhi who smiles back at her . There was a wood and glass partition which divided the general section and the special care section of the nursery.

As they advanced towards the special care section, Nikki notices there were three babies lying in their cribs.

The attending night nurse smiles at them and then with an approving nod from Abhi crosses over to the general section of the nursery, giving them the privacy to look at their baby. It was the centre crib and the baby lying facing her, that caught Nikki’s attention. She didn’t even have to read the placard which read Drs. Modi, to know it was their baby.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Sitting in the car outside Dr. Keerti's house, the men discuss what they have to do.

"See I know Dr. Keerti's house well enough. I've done this before," Armaan tells them proudly. "We'll leave the car here. Jas you sit in the car, when the coast is clear, we'll give you a call. We'll walk to the gates. That security guard knows us and also knows our wives are inside, so he won't question us. We should then move to the back of the house and enter through the kitchen. If the kitchen window is locked we'll have to climb the pipe and enter the house. By the way, put your phones on silent."

Just then, Abhi's phone rings. "Its Nikki" he tells them. "Keep quiet!" Just as he answered "hello", Armaan turns the car stereo to full volume. Abhi looks bewildered at him. Armaan puts his finger on his lips.

"Abhi where are you?" Nikki voice questions him. "What is this music?" she demands

"Nikki, I can't hear properly." Abhi tells her and reaches for the stereo to turn the volume down, but Armaan stops him by shoving his hand off. Abhi slaps his hand. "Ouch!" Armaan fakes a girlish voice. Abhi looks perplexed at him.

"Abhi who are you with? Where are you and who is that lady with you?" Nikki's voice was laced with jealousy. Abhi couldn't believe what he was hearing. Incredulity written on his face, he stares at Armaan for few moments and then realizes Nikki was reacting exactly how Armaan wanted her to. He grins. "Nikki, I'll call you back. I can't speak now!" He disconnects leaving Nikki completely dumbfounded.

"She's jealous right?" Armaan asks him, his face filled with glee.

Abhi nods his head.

"Good!" Armaan exclaims. "Now even if we are caught, she'll not want to leave you alone and insist you stay with her."

"I get it," Abhi grins. "Which means we'll be warmly welcomed at the baby shower."

"Haan," Armaan confirms.

"But Yaar, if it backfires? A jealous Nikki is very difficult to handle I hope she doesn't do anything drastic," Abhi tells him worriedly, switching his phone to the silent mode. "If she tries home, no one is there. Pushpa has her weekly off today. I don't' want her to panic."

"Yaar why do you worry all the time?" Armaan asks him

"If you have a pregnant wife you will also start worrying," Abhi tells him agitatedly " You don't know when and how their hormones react!"

"Accha teek hai, its just a matter of few minutes. You'll reach her soon," Armaan assures him.

"Come on, lets get in quickly." Abhi tells them, unbelting the seatbelt.

The foursome, manage to enter the gates of the house. Queued, one behind the other, with Armaan leading and Abhi the last, Atul and Sid in the middle, they walk towards the rear of the house, as planned.

Just as Abhi was about to disappear behind the wall of the house, he catches a glimpse of Nikki walking out on to the front porch. He manages to quickly duck before she could spot him. In a whisper, he informs the other guys about it.
"Wah, your work is done !" Armaan grins. "You can walk behind and go right around, on to the side porch, at the other side of the house. Abhi's phone vibrates. He sees its Nikki's number. He does not answer.

"Go quickly," Arman tells him "or else we'll all land in a soup. We have no choice but to carry on our struggle to meet our own ladylove,"

"All the best," Abhi grins as he walks to the rear of the house and to the other side. There was a huge stone wall surrounding the whole property.

Meanwhile Armaan, Sid and Atul, try the kitchen window but find it was locked. Moreover, there were women entering and leaving the kitchen and they had to keep ducking, below the window. They then try the window of the next room, but, that seemed to be locked too. They crouch once again to the kitchen, since the pipe was next to it.

Armaan climbs on Atul's shoulder and is trying to get his feet around the pipe. Sid who was standing outside the kitchen had to squat down, when he saw a girl entering . Finding no place near the pipe to stand, he crouches back to the other room. As he peeps into the room, he is joyous to see Simran inside now now. She was dialing her phone. His vibrating cell told him, that she was trying him. Standing up, he gently raps on the window. A shocked Simran gapes at him. Sid pleads with her to open the window. Running towards the window, she quickly opens it and asks him what he was doing there. Sid motions her to be quiet and climbs into the room.
Once Armaan manages to steady himself on the pipe, he tells Atul to take Sid's help and climb the pipe, but, when they look down, they find Sid had vanished. Armaan tells Atul to try his best or wait till he comes later on to get him.

He manages to climb up and on to the narrow ledge. He tries to open the window of the room, but to his bad luck, that window was locked too. He walks to the other room and was happy when he found it unlocked. He pushes it open and was in for a double bonanza when he sees Riddhima walking out of the washroom .
"Armaan," she gapes at him open mouthed. "Shhhh.... " putting his finger on his lips he pleads of her to keep quiet.

Standing on the porch an agitated Nikki was continuously dialing Abhi's number. "What the hell is he doing? Why isn't he picking up his phone," she grumbles. Standing on the side porch, hidden behind the wall of the house, Abhi smiles seeing the frustration on her face. In muted tone he answers her call.

"Where exactly are you Abhi?" she thunders angrily.

"In your heart?" he replies coolly.

"Don't joke, I know you are not at home because I tried there and no one is picking up. So where are you and why was there such loud music earlier?" she demands.

"Why? You are enjoying yourself at the baby shower without me and I should be sitting home fretting and twiddling my thumb ?"

Guilt overtakes Nikki. "Abhi actually I was calling you for that.....

"And to top it all, you are looking so gorgeous in this dress! This blue and magenta combination really suits you."

"I didn't know about it," Nikki was still in the midst of her explanation. "It was all Riddhima and Dr. Keerti.......... Hey wait ! My dress ? How do you know about it ? Abhi where are you?" her eyes begin to light up with excitement.

Hopeful eyes scan the entire lawn to the gates. Alerted by a low whistle to the right of her, she walks around the porch and is astounded to see Abhi grinning and leaning against the wall. Joy and exhilaration can be seen on her face even though her eyeballs were popping with disbelief.

"Abhi what are you doing here?"

"Shhh...." He gently pulls her closer and pins her against the wall, placing his hands on them. Grinning widely he pores deeply into her face. " I was missing you," he drawls in a yearningly low tone, caressing her face with his index finger "And I know you were missing me too!"

"What makes you think that?"

"Don't forget these beautiful eyes of yours mirror your exact feelings Nikki. I saw the restlessness in them, when you came out here, the agitation when I wasn't picking up the phone, this happiness in your eyes to see me........."

"Ha! Ha! No way ! I was having a ball!" she tears her gaze away from him knowing he could read her like a book and he was reading her really well.

"Really? Are you saying you are not happy to see me here? Did I make a mistake in coming? You don't want me?"

Nikki just stares at him. For some unkown reason she did not want to give him the satistfaction that he was right.

"Abhi they'll wonder where I am, I need to go in!"

"Okay, fine," he shrugs, pulling down his hands from the wall. His quick resignation surprised and disappointed her.

Slightly piqued, she moves forward, but he holds on to her hand.

"For all the trouble I took to come and see you, atleast give me a kiss. I deserve one."

"Whaat? Are you mad ?" Nikki's eyes widen in astonishment.. "Anyone will see us."

"So what? we are husband-wife, whats the big deal with a kiss?"

"No, you don't deserve it!"

"Come on Nikki, Don't be mean!" he pleads moving his face closer to hers, but Nikki stops him by putting her hand on his chest. Pushing him slightly, she tries to move away, but it was quiet a difficult task when faced with a mass of firm muscles.

"Why do you always make me struggle for everything" he rasps irritatedly once again putting both his hands firmly on the wall, imprisoning her movements.

"Are you going to force me?" she defies.

Something snaps inside Abhi. He stares fiercely and darkly at her. Holding her gaze, he then, moves his face closer to hers till their lips are just a touch away.

"No, I won't," he tells her softly. "I'll leave it to you . You can kiss me only if you want to or if you want, you can tell me to go. I promise, if you say so, I'll leave."

"Promise," he reiterates. There was something sinister in his voice which unnerved her. His eyes were glinting with hardness and determination, which told her, he meant every word of it.

"Tell me, I want to hear it from you," he coaxes, his tone passionately low, infusing her body with both anxiety and excitement

They stare wordlessly at each other. The almost-there nearness of his lips fanned warm breath on her lips making them quiver as they burned with desire and his strong male scent were stimulating her senses. Her heart beats pulsated under his penetrating gaze, that gaze which passionately indicated he was also intensely aroused by her closeness. Trust him to tantalise her senses to such heady heights, make her knees melt like wax and then goad resistance.

"Abhi....." she chokes, lifting her hand and gently touching his face. Stirred by the touch of her fingers, the muscle in his face twitches in delight. The last bit of resistance , now trounced off completely inside her, she grudgingly mutters, "Ziddi" and surrenders her lips to his. As passion explodes inside him, Abhi returns her kiss with an euphoric moan. Nikki could feel the little sensations tingling on her lips carry right down to her belly as he moves his lips sensuously over hers in warm persuasion. Rapturously, her arms go around his neck.

Rachna Modi is surprised that Nikki and Riddhima have not yet returned. She sends Anjali to check on them.

"Nikki, Riddhima?" Anjali's loud and shrill voice cuts into their intense passion making them stiffen, but, only momentarily.

"Abhi......." Nikki whispers. "Its Anjali.....Let me go." It was only a token request, her fingers were still tugging and playing into his hair as her body throbbed with pleasure.

"Mmmm okay," he mumbles, but his lips moves seductively down to the crook of her neck, sending a burning desire and fervent hope within her, that he ignores her request to stop.

Atul, who was still making attempts to climb the pipe was relieved to hear his Anjali's voice.

"Thank God Anjali, you came out. Saved me the trouble of climbing the pipe!"

"Atul?" Anjali jumps with a start "what are you doing here?

"Same thing what the other guys are doing. Meeting their respective lady love," Atul tells her. "I came to meet you," blushingly he sways his body.

"WHAAT?" Anjali stares at him disbelievingly. "Mama, Aunty, Dr. Keerti, Muskaan......" . she yells. Padma, Muskaan, Rachna, Kavita, and few other ladies come out.

"What happened Anjali? Why are you yelling ?" Padma asks her.

"See who is here?" Anjali glares at Atul

"ATUL!" they chorus

Hearing the commotion, Nikki and Abhi reluctantly break their kiss. "Damn!" Abhi hisses, clenching his jaw in irritation. "That Atul can never do anything right!"

They stare at each other, their breathing ragged, their faces flushed. Nikki puts a warm hand on his face and with imploring eyes urges him to move. He kisses the inside of her palm and then slowly relaxing his taut body, releases her. To his surprise, instead of moving, Nikki lifts her thumb and wipes the faint tell-tale imprint of her lips from around his mouth. Abhi's wicked grin fills her cheeks with colour.

"Where is Nikki?" Kavita asks, "I thought I saw her coming out."

"Even I did," Rachna confirms "I hope she is okay!" There was worry on their faces.

"I am here Mama' The women are surprised to see Nikki emerge from the side.

"Nikki are you okay ?" Rachna and Kavita asks her with concern in their voices.

" Yeah Nikki, where were you and what were you doing behind there ? " Anjali questions her.

Unable to answer them a blushing Nikki lowers her eyes. As the women stare at her waiting for a reply, their eyes widen with shock when they see Abhi slowly creeping up from behind her.

"OHOOOHOOO!" musically chant the amused women. Abhi and Nikki flush red with embarrassment. "Keerti, some thieves seem to have entered your house," an amused Kavita tells her darting a teasing look at Abhi.

"Abhi, what are you doing here?" Rachna asks him. "You really don't trust your mother and mother in law na?" Kavita and she chortle loudly.

"How could I let you take my wife away from me.?" he grins sheepishly, stealthily snaking his fingers into Nikki's fingers.

"And where are the others?" Padma questions.

"They are already inside." Atul replies. Abhi darts a murderous look at him.

"Chalo lets go in then," Kavita says

Just as they were entering Abhi's phone rings. As he was holding Nikki's hand with the right, he digs his left hand into his pocket, pulls out the phone and seeing the number, flashes a smile. "Great timing!" he speaks into phone. Then noticing the questioning looks of Nikki and the others, he releases Nikki's hand and tells her to go in as he needed to take the call.

As he moves aside and continues his conversation with a happy smile on his face, Nikki stares curiously at him. It was Muskaan and Anjali who pull her inside.

After finishing his call, Abhi makes one more call to Jas telling him he could come in now. As he enters the house he sees the women giggling while Amrita was dragging a frightened Sid by the ear. "See who I found!" she exclaims in amusement. "He was all by himself in the corner room.

As the ladies have a hearty laugh, Abhi looks questioningly at Sid who smiles back at him. Few moments later, seeing Simran emerge from the same room, unnoticed by the other women, Abhi grins.

"Now only one thief is missing," Muskaan says "and its not hard to guess where he is"

Winking at each other, Anjali and she holler aloud.

"Armaan and Riddhima, are you both coming out or we come for you,"

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the room at the top. When an embarrassed Armaan and Riddhima emerge, everyone cheer loudly. Flustered, Armaan and Riddhima walk down the stairs, hand in hand while they were awarded with giggles and amused stares from everyone. Putting two fingers to his mouth, Sid starts whistling. Atul, who was trying to ape him, just manages to puff. Watching them, Nikki giggles and looks up at a grinning Abhi who was standing behind her and had her encircled in his arms.

Once they reach down, Armaan and Riddhima stand near Abhi and Nikki. Both men were behind their wives and had their arms around them. With a flustered smile, Riddhima and Nikki squeeze each other's hand.

"You Guys just can't leave your wives alone even for a while right?" Amrita demands.

"No" Abhi replies, tightening his hold around Nikki "We take our marriage vows seriously."

"Haan," Armaan confirms with a grin.

Then winking at each other they chorus, "Janam, Janam ka saath,"

There is guffawing and loud laughter from everyone.

"Come On, lets cut the cake," Kavita tells them "we've been waiting for so long for you." She looks at Abhi.

"Waiting?" surprised, Abhi looks from her to Nikki. "But we weren't even invited!"

"Yeah, but your wife was missing you just as you were missing her," Rachna explains. "She wanted to cut the cake with you!"

Abhi is touched. "Thank you," he mouths looking lovingly down into Nikki's face. She smiles at him.

His phone beeps a message. Releasing Nikki from his hold, he digs into his pocket and reads it. A smile appears on his face. Nikki looks enquiringly at him.

"Abhi Beta, can we cut the cake now? Everyone has been waiting for a long time." Rachna asks him.

"Just two more minutes Ma. I have someone coming. He is joining us as a senior doctor, but more than that he is someone who is very close to us," He looks at Armaan and they exchange a smile, while everyone else looks confused at him.

"Ah! Here he comes!" he exclaims, looking towards the entrance. They see Rahul standing there. The colour drains from Muskaan's face while everyone else look shocked at him. Armaan goes to Rahul and putting an arm around him slaps his back.

"Hi Guys!" Rahul greets as he reaches them. He shakes hands with Dr. Keerti, while he embraces Atul, Riddhima, and Anjali. Muskaan stood rooted to the spot. Rahul then embraces Nikki saying "Congratulations, you are looking lovely!" With a smile, Nikki mumbles her thanks. Abhi then slaps Rahul on the back. Saying "Thanks Man!" Rahul gives him a firm hug. He then goes near Muskaan. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Lets cut the cake, we've waited enough," she speaks hurriedly, ignoring him. Rahul looks crestfallen.

The cake is wheeled in. Once again, encircling Nikki from behind, Abhi puts one hand on her belly and holding Nikki's hand, with the other, they cut the cake amidst cheering from everyone. Beneath the coloured icing, the cake had rich chocolate cream. They feed each other the cake and grin looking at their colourful fingers. They then proceed to feed the people around them.

"Nikki, I want the pink part, because I hope you have a girl," Armaan tells her

"Is that so? Nikki give me the pink part too, because even I want you to have a girl" Atul tells her.

"Its blue for me, I would love you to have a boy," Anjali tells her.

It turned out like a game, with Nikki feeding all those who hoped she would have a girl and Abhi fed those who wished a boy for them.

They, then wanted to wash their creamy hands. Nikki goes inside a room followed by Abhi.

"The cake is delicious isn't it." she asks Abhi as they enter the room.

"Yeah its okay,"

"Just okay?" she darts a wry look at him.

He bends closer and licks the pink cream from the corner of her mouth.

"Hmmmm, now it is delicious. Absolutely Yummy!" Nikki giggles. Shoving her creamy hand closer to his face, she laughingly threatens to smear the cream from her fingers on his face. Abhi holds on to her wrist just in time.

"You imp!" he grins. "I'll show you how to clean the cream from your fingers."

Holding her gaze, he begins to lick the cream. As he works on each of her five fingers in slow deliberation, their expressions begin to change from amusement, to awareness, to excitement, to arousal, to intensity. By the time he was done with the last finger, their eyes were passionately locked.

"Mr. & Mrs. Modi, we thought you've only gone to wash your hands. We hope you don't plan on taking a shower." They hear Armaan's teasing voice accompanied by full fledged laughter from the others. While Nikki begins to giggle, Abhi shakes his head as his lips, contorts into a lopsided smile.

"If that's the case, should we bring in the bath towels?"

Unable to contain her giggling, Nikki moves her head forward till it rests against Abhi's chest. An amused Abhi wraps his arms around her.

"I tell you, this interfering habit of your friend will never change," He tells her, his voice was filled with mirth.

"Get Lost!" Abhi loudly throws at him. "Or you'll have a cream smeared face soon."

"Oh! then I'll save the towels for that!"comes Armaan's reply. "I'm sure you guys will manage something on your own. Take your time."

"Thank you," Abhi replies sarcastically.

Right through he had Nikki shaking with laughter in his arms. Highly amused himself, he tightens his arms around her. When they were able to contain their mirth, Abhi says, "I think, we better go out or soon, we'll have everyone joining us here!"

Nikki looks up into his face. Her eyes were filled with love and happiness. She could see his eyes were also brimming with love. He bends his face and places his lips tenderly on hers. Closing her eyes in bliss, Nikki returns his kiss.


Just then her phone rings and Nikki chuckles seeing it was Abhi on the line.

"What are you doing ?"

"I was busy"

"Doing what?

"With someone special"

"Really ? and who may I ask?" Abhi smiles.

"Shhhh�.its a secret�.. he is sleeping right now." Abhi was startled.

"Are you talking about the baby or me?"

"Hmmn Na Na, of course the baby and you are special, but this one is also special."

"Haan, haan, I know! You are teasing me."

"No I am serious. I swear." Abhi is taken aback with her words.

"And where is he sleeping?"

"Of course on our bed!"

"I'll surely murder him then," Abhi growls.

"Now, don't do that! He is so adorable, especially in his sleep. Just feel like kissing him. Muaaah Muaah," she went.

Abhi feels slight irritation and uneasiness creeping inside him.

"Wish you could meet him, but if you are there, he cannot be around."

"Nikki, even if it's a joke, don't say this I am not liking it. Honestly tell me, you are joking right?"

"Honestly Abhi I am not," she tells him vehemently "I told you, I swear I am not joking." Abhi began wondering , who could it be who has captured his wife's fancy making her boldly swear of his existence. He began to feel his insides being consumed by the the fire of jealousy

"Just hang on, I am coming home right now," he tells her, disconnecting the line