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Sitting in the car outside Dr. Keerti's house, the men discuss what they have to do.

"See I know Dr. Keerti's house well enough. I've done this before," Armaan tells them proudly. "We'll leave the car here. Jas you sit in the car, when the coast is clear, we'll give you a call. We'll walk to the gates. That security guard knows us and also knows our wives are inside, so he won't question us. We should then move to the back of the house and enter through the kitchen. If the kitchen window is locked we'll have to climb the pipe and enter the house. By the way, put your phones on silent."

Just then, Abhi's phone rings. "Its Nikki" he tells them. "Keep quiet!" Just as he answered "hello", Armaan turns the car stereo to full volume. Abhi looks bewildered at him. Armaan puts his finger on his lips.

"Abhi where are you?" Nikki voice questions him. "What is this music?" she demands

"Nikki, I can't hear properly." Abhi tells her and reaches for the stereo to turn the volume down, but Armaan stops him by shoving his hand off. Abhi slaps his hand. "Ouch!" Armaan fakes a girlish voice. Abhi looks perplexed at him.

"Abhi who are you with? Where are you and who is that lady with you?" Nikki's voice was laced with jealousy. Abhi couldn't believe what he was hearing. Incredulity written on his face, he stares at Armaan for few moments and then realizes Nikki was reacting exactly how Armaan wanted her to. He grins. "Nikki, I'll call you back. I can't speak now!" He disconnects leaving Nikki completely dumbfounded.

"She's jealous right?" Armaan asks him, his face filled with glee.

Abhi nods his head.

"Good!" Armaan exclaims. "Now even if we are caught, she'll not want to leave you alone and insist you stay with her."

"I get it," Abhi grins. "Which means we'll be warmly welcomed at the baby shower."

"Haan," Armaan confirms.

"But Yaar, if it backfires? A jealous Nikki is very difficult to handle I hope she doesn't do anything drastic," Abhi tells him worriedly, switching his phone to the silent mode. "If she tries home, no one is there. Pushpa has her weekly off today. I don't' want her to panic."

"Yaar why do you worry all the time?" Armaan asks him

"If you have a pregnant wife you will also start worrying," Abhi tells him agitatedly " You don't know when and how their hormones react!"

"Accha teek hai, its just a matter of few minutes. You'll reach her soon," Armaan assures him.

"Come on, lets get in quickly." Abhi tells them, unbelting the seatbelt.

The foursome, manage to enter the gates of the house. Queued, one behind the other, with Armaan leading and Abhi the last, Atul and Sid in the middle, they walk towards the rear of the house, as planned.

Just as Abhi was about to disappear behind the wall of the house, he catches a glimpse of Nikki walking out on to the front porch. He manages to quickly duck before she could spot him. In a whisper, he informs the other guys about it.
"Wah, your work is done !" Armaan grins. "You can walk behind and go right around, on to the side porch, at the other side of the house. Abhi's phone vibrates. He sees its Nikki's number. He does not answer.

"Go quickly," Arman tells him "or else we'll all land in a soup. We have no choice but to carry on our struggle to meet our own ladylove,"

"All the best," Abhi grins as he walks to the rear of the house and to the other side. There was a huge stone wall surrounding the whole property.

Meanwhile Armaan, Sid and Atul, try the kitchen window but find it was locked. Moreover, there were women entering and leaving the kitchen and they had to keep ducking, below the window. They then try the window of the next room, but, that seemed to be locked too. They crouch once again to the kitchen, since the pipe was next to it.

Armaan climbs on Atul's shoulder and is trying to get his feet around the pipe. Sid who was standing outside the kitchen had to squat down, when he saw a girl entering . Finding no place near the pipe to stand, he crouches back to the other room. As he peeps into the room, he is joyous to see Simran inside now now. She was dialing her phone. His vibrating cell told him, that she was trying him. Standing up, he gently raps on the window. A shocked Simran gapes at him. Sid pleads with her to open the window. Running towards the window, she quickly opens it and asks him what he was doing there. Sid motions her to be quiet and climbs into the room.
Once Armaan manages to steady himself on the pipe, he tells Atul to take Sid's help and climb the pipe, but, when they look down, they find Sid had vanished. Armaan tells Atul to try his best or wait till he comes later on to get him.

He manages to climb up and on to the narrow ledge. He tries to open the window of the room, but to his bad luck, that window was locked too. He walks to the other room and was happy when he found it unlocked. He pushes it open and was in for a double bonanza when he sees Riddhima walking out of the washroom .
"Armaan," she gapes at him open mouthed. "Shhhh.... " putting his finger on his lips he pleads of her to keep quiet.

Standing on the porch an agitated Nikki was continuously dialing Abhi's number. "What the hell is he doing? Why isn't he picking up his phone," she grumbles. Standing on the side porch, hidden behind the wall of the house, Abhi smiles seeing the frustration on her face. In muted tone he answers her call.

"Where exactly are you Abhi?" she thunders angrily.

"In your heart?" he replies coolly.

"Don't joke, I know you are not at home because I tried there and no one is picking up. So where are you and why was there such loud music earlier?" she demands.

"Why? You are enjoying yourself at the baby shower without me and I should be sitting home fretting and twiddling my thumb ?"

Guilt overtakes Nikki. "Abhi actually I was calling you for that.....

"And to top it all, you are looking so gorgeous in this dress! This blue and magenta combination really suits you."

"I didn't know about it," Nikki was still in the midst of her explanation. "It was all Riddhima and Dr. Keerti.......... Hey wait ! My dress ? How do you know about it ? Abhi where are you?" her eyes begin to light up with excitement.

Hopeful eyes scan the entire lawn to the gates. Alerted by a low whistle to the right of her, she walks around the porch and is astounded to see Abhi grinning and leaning against the wall. Joy and exhilaration can be seen on her face even though her eyeballs were popping with disbelief.

"Abhi what are you doing here?"

"Shhh...." He gently pulls her closer and pins her against the wall, placing his hands on them. Grinning widely he pores deeply into her face. " I was missing you," he drawls in a yearningly low tone, caressing her face with his index finger "And I know you were missing me too!"

"What makes you think that?"

"Don't forget these beautiful eyes of yours mirror your exact feelings Nikki. I saw the restlessness in them, when you came out here, the agitation when I wasn't picking up the phone, this happiness in your eyes to see me........."

"Ha! Ha! No way ! I was having a ball!" she tears her gaze away from him knowing he could read her like a book and he was reading her really well.

"Really? Are you saying you are not happy to see me here? Did I make a mistake in coming? You don't want me?"

Nikki just stares at him. For some unkown reason she did not want to give him the satistfaction that he was right.

"Abhi they'll wonder where I am, I need to go in!"

"Okay, fine," he shrugs, pulling down his hands from the wall. His quick resignation surprised and disappointed her.

Slightly piqued, she moves forward, but he holds on to her hand.

"For all the trouble I took to come and see you, atleast give me a kiss. I deserve one."

"Whaat? Are you mad ?" Nikki's eyes widen in astonishment.. "Anyone will see us."

"So what? we are husband-wife, whats the big deal with a kiss?"

"No, you don't deserve it!"

"Come on Nikki, Don't be mean!" he pleads moving his face closer to hers, but Nikki stops him by putting her hand on his chest. Pushing him slightly, she tries to move away, but it was quiet a difficult task when faced with a mass of firm muscles.

"Why do you always make me struggle for everything" he rasps irritatedly once again putting both his hands firmly on the wall, imprisoning her movements.

"Are you going to force me?" she defies.

Something snaps inside Abhi. He stares fiercely and darkly at her. Holding her gaze, he then, moves his face closer to hers till their lips are just a touch away.

"No, I won't," he tells her softly. "I'll leave it to you . You can kiss me only if you want to or if you want, you can tell me to go. I promise, if you say so, I'll leave."

"Promise," he reiterates. There was something sinister in his voice which unnerved her. His eyes were glinting with hardness and determination, which told her, he meant every word of it.

"Tell me, I want to hear it from you," he coaxes, his tone passionately low, infusing her body with both anxiety and excitement

They stare wordlessly at each other. The almost-there nearness of his lips fanned warm breath on her lips making them quiver as they burned with desire and his strong male scent were stimulating her senses. Her heart beats pulsated under his penetrating gaze, that gaze which passionately indicated he was also intensely aroused by her closeness. Trust him to tantalise her senses to such heady heights, make her knees melt like wax and then goad resistance.

"Abhi....." she chokes, lifting her hand and gently touching his face. Stirred by the touch of her fingers, the muscle in his face twitches in delight. The last bit of resistance , now trounced off completely inside her, she grudgingly mutters, "Ziddi" and surrenders her lips to his. As passion explodes inside him, Abhi returns her kiss with an euphoric moan. Nikki could feel the little sensations tingling on her lips carry right down to her belly as he moves his lips sensuously over hers in warm persuasion. Rapturously, her arms go around his neck.

Rachna Modi is surprised that Nikki and Riddhima have not yet returned. She sends Anjali to check on them.

"Nikki, Riddhima?" Anjali's loud and shrill voice cuts into their intense passion making them stiffen, but, only momentarily.

"Abhi......." Nikki whispers. "Its Anjali.....Let me go." It was only a token request, her fingers were still tugging and playing into his hair as her body throbbed with pleasure.

"Mmmm okay," he mumbles, but his lips moves seductively down to the crook of her neck, sending a burning desire and fervent hope within her, that he ignores her request to stop.

Atul, who was still making attempts to climb the pipe was relieved to hear his Anjali's voice.

"Thank God Anjali, you came out. Saved me the trouble of climbing the pipe!"

"Atul?" Anjali jumps with a start "what are you doing here?

"Same thing what the other guys are doing. Meeting their respective lady love," Atul tells her. "I came to meet you," blushingly he sways his body.

"WHAAT?" Anjali stares at him disbelievingly. "Mama, Aunty, Dr. Keerti, Muskaan......" . she yells. Padma, Muskaan, Rachna, Kavita, and few other ladies come out.

"What happened Anjali? Why are you yelling ?" Padma asks her.

"See who is here?" Anjali glares at Atul

"ATUL!" they chorus

Hearing the commotion, Nikki and Abhi reluctantly break their kiss. "Damn!" Abhi hisses, clenching his jaw in irritation. "That Atul can never do anything right!"

They stare at each other, their breathing ragged, their faces flushed. Nikki puts a warm hand on his face and with imploring eyes urges him to move. He kisses the inside of her palm and then slowly relaxing his taut body, releases her. To his surprise, instead of moving, Nikki lifts her thumb and wipes the faint tell-tale imprint of her lips from around his mouth. Abhi's wicked grin fills her cheeks with colour.

"Where is Nikki?" Kavita asks, "I thought I saw her coming out."

"Even I did," Rachna confirms "I hope she is okay!" There was worry on their faces.

"I am here Mama' The women are surprised to see Nikki emerge from the side.

"Nikki are you okay ?" Rachna and Kavita asks her with concern in their voices.

" Yeah Nikki, where were you and what were you doing behind there ? " Anjali questions her.

Unable to answer them a blushing Nikki lowers her eyes. As the women stare at her waiting for a reply, their eyes widen with shock when they see Abhi slowly creeping up from behind her.

"OHOOOHOOO!" musically chant the amused women. Abhi and Nikki flush red with embarrassment. "Keerti, some thieves seem to have entered your house," an amused Kavita tells her darting a teasing look at Abhi.

"Abhi, what are you doing here?" Rachna asks him. "You really don't trust your mother and mother in law na?" Kavita and she chortle loudly.

"How could I let you take my wife away from me.?" he grins sheepishly, stealthily snaking his fingers into Nikki's fingers.

"And where are the others?" Padma questions.

"They are already inside." Atul replies. Abhi darts a murderous look at him.

"Chalo lets go in then," Kavita says

Just as they were entering Abhi's phone rings. As he was holding Nikki's hand with the right, he digs his left hand into his pocket, pulls out the phone and seeing the number, flashes a smile. "Great timing!" he speaks into phone. Then noticing the questioning looks of Nikki and the others, he releases Nikki's hand and tells her to go in as he needed to take the call.

As he moves aside and continues his conversation with a happy smile on his face, Nikki stares curiously at him. It was Muskaan and Anjali who pull her inside.

After finishing his call, Abhi makes one more call to Jas telling him he could come in now. As he enters the house he sees the women giggling while Amrita was dragging a frightened Sid by the ear. "See who I found!" she exclaims in amusement. "He was all by himself in the corner room.

As the ladies have a hearty laugh, Abhi looks questioningly at Sid who smiles back at him. Few moments later, seeing Simran emerge from the same room, unnoticed by the other women, Abhi grins.

"Now only one thief is missing," Muskaan says "and its not hard to guess where he is"

Winking at each other, Anjali and she holler aloud.

"Armaan and Riddhima, are you both coming out or we come for you,"

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the room at the top. When an embarrassed Armaan and Riddhima emerge, everyone cheer loudly. Flustered, Armaan and Riddhima walk down the stairs, hand in hand while they were awarded with giggles and amused stares from everyone. Putting two fingers to his mouth, Sid starts whistling. Atul, who was trying to ape him, just manages to puff. Watching them, Nikki giggles and looks up at a grinning Abhi who was standing behind her and had her encircled in his arms.

Once they reach down, Armaan and Riddhima stand near Abhi and Nikki. Both men were behind their wives and had their arms around them. With a flustered smile, Riddhima and Nikki squeeze each other's hand.

"You Guys just can't leave your wives alone even for a while right?" Amrita demands.

"No" Abhi replies, tightening his hold around Nikki "We take our marriage vows seriously."

"Haan," Armaan confirms with a grin.

Then winking at each other they chorus, "Janam, Janam ka saath,"

There is guffawing and loud laughter from everyone.

"Come On, lets cut the cake," Kavita tells them "we've been waiting for so long for you." She looks at Abhi.

"Waiting?" surprised, Abhi looks from her to Nikki. "But we weren't even invited!"

"Yeah, but your wife was missing you just as you were missing her," Rachna explains. "She wanted to cut the cake with you!"

Abhi is touched. "Thank you," he mouths looking lovingly down into Nikki's face. She smiles at him.

His phone beeps a message. Releasing Nikki from his hold, he digs into his pocket and reads it. A smile appears on his face. Nikki looks enquiringly at him.

"Abhi Beta, can we cut the cake now? Everyone has been waiting for a long time." Rachna asks him.

"Just two more minutes Ma. I have someone coming. He is joining us as a senior doctor, but more than that he is someone who is very close to us," He looks at Armaan and they exchange a smile, while everyone else looks confused at him.

"Ah! Here he comes!" he exclaims, looking towards the entrance. They see Rahul standing there. The colour drains from Muskaan's face while everyone else look shocked at him. Armaan goes to Rahul and putting an arm around him slaps his back.

"Hi Guys!" Rahul greets as he reaches them. He shakes hands with Dr. Keerti, while he embraces Atul, Riddhima, and Anjali. Muskaan stood rooted to the spot. Rahul then embraces Nikki saying "Congratulations, you are looking lovely!" With a smile, Nikki mumbles her thanks. Abhi then slaps Rahul on the back. Saying "Thanks Man!" Rahul gives him a firm hug. He then goes near Muskaan. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Lets cut the cake, we've waited enough," she speaks hurriedly, ignoring him. Rahul looks crestfallen.

The cake is wheeled in. Once again, encircling Nikki from behind, Abhi puts one hand on her belly and holding Nikki's hand, with the other, they cut the cake amidst cheering from everyone. Beneath the coloured icing, the cake had rich chocolate cream. They feed each other the cake and grin looking at their colourful fingers. They then proceed to feed the people around them.

"Nikki, I want the pink part, because I hope you have a girl," Armaan tells her

"Is that so? Nikki give me the pink part too, because even I want you to have a girl" Atul tells her.

"Its blue for me, I would love you to have a boy," Anjali tells her.

It turned out like a game, with Nikki feeding all those who hoped she would have a girl and Abhi fed those who wished a boy for them.

They, then wanted to wash their creamy hands. Nikki goes inside a room followed by Abhi.

"The cake is delicious isn't it." she asks Abhi as they enter the room.

"Yeah its okay,"

"Just okay?" she darts a wry look at him.

He bends closer and licks the pink cream from the corner of her mouth.

"Hmmmm, now it is delicious. Absolutely Yummy!" Nikki giggles. Shoving her creamy hand closer to his face, she laughingly threatens to smear the cream from her fingers on his face. Abhi holds on to her wrist just in time.

"You imp!" he grins. "I'll show you how to clean the cream from your fingers."

Holding her gaze, he begins to lick the cream. As he works on each of her five fingers in slow deliberation, their expressions begin to change from amusement, to awareness, to excitement, to arousal, to intensity. By the time he was done with the last finger, their eyes were passionately locked.

"Mr. & Mrs. Modi, we thought you've only gone to wash your hands. We hope you don't plan on taking a shower." They hear Armaan's teasing voice accompanied by full fledged laughter from the others. While Nikki begins to giggle, Abhi shakes his head as his lips, contorts into a lopsided smile.

"If that's the case, should we bring in the bath towels?"

Unable to contain her giggling, Nikki moves her head forward till it rests against Abhi's chest. An amused Abhi wraps his arms around her.

"I tell you, this interfering habit of your friend will never change," He tells her, his voice was filled with mirth.

"Get Lost!" Abhi loudly throws at him. "Or you'll have a cream smeared face soon."

"Oh! then I'll save the towels for that!"comes Armaan's reply. "I'm sure you guys will manage something on your own. Take your time."

"Thank you," Abhi replies sarcastically.

Right through he had Nikki shaking with laughter in his arms. Highly amused himself, he tightens his arms around her. When they were able to contain their mirth, Abhi says, "I think, we better go out or soon, we'll have everyone joining us here!"

Nikki looks up into his face. Her eyes were filled with love and happiness. She could see his eyes were also brimming with love. He bends his face and places his lips tenderly on hers. Closing her eyes in bliss, Nikki returns his kiss.


Just then her phone rings and Nikki chuckles seeing it was Abhi on the line.

"What are you doing ?"

"I was busy"

"Doing what?

"With someone special"

"Really ? and who may I ask?" Abhi smiles.

"Shhhh�.its a secret�.. he is sleeping right now." Abhi was startled.

"Are you talking about the baby or me?"

"Hmmn Na Na, of course the baby and you are special, but this one is also special."

"Haan, haan, I know! You are teasing me."

"No I am serious. I swear." Abhi is taken aback with her words.

"And where is he sleeping?"

"Of course on our bed!"

"I'll surely murder him then," Abhi growls.

"Now, don't do that! He is so adorable, especially in his sleep. Just feel like kissing him. Muaaah Muaah," she went.

Abhi feels slight irritation and uneasiness creeping inside him.

"Wish you could meet him, but if you are there, he cannot be around."

"Nikki, even if it's a joke, don't say this I am not liking it. Honestly tell me, you are joking right?"

"Honestly Abhi I am not," she tells him vehemently "I told you, I swear I am not joking." Abhi began wondering , who could it be who has captured his wife's fancy making her boldly swear of his existence. He began to feel his insides being consumed by the the fire of jealousy

"Just hang on, I am coming home right now," he tells her, disconnecting the line

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