Monday, April 12, 2010

ABHI-NIKKI (DMG) JOURNEY - 1) Entry of New Intern Dr. Nikita Malhotra

Having left her internship mid-way at another hospital, Dr. Nikita Malhotra (Nikki) joins Sanjeevani Hospital as an intern. On her way to the hospital on her first day, she meets the five interns of Sanjeevani - Dr. Riddhima Gupta, Dr. Anjali Gupta (both daughters of Dr. Shashank Gupta, Head of Sanjeevani), Dr. Atul, Dr. Rahul and his love interest Dr. Muskaan. They take a ride with her. At the hospital, Dr. Keerti tells them that there is a new intern coming to give them competition. She praises the new intern so much that the interns get so annoyed and decide to rag the newcomer


ftm_ca said...

Yayy, Michi! (: Love this. Hope other people will participate too and we can walk down memory lane and read each others opinions, refresh stuff we forgot and discuss!

Nikki's opening scene, ah, don't like that bg. music so much, with all that 'Let's do it' stuff, lol. Sounds so...mindless :P

In retrospect, I find it so funny how everyone that comes into DMG somehow ends up being a doc at Sanjivani ;) Nikki was just a harmless lift they were taking, but she too ended up as one, lol.

Hah, the boys. They are soooo desperate :P The way they're all stuffed in the back seat is so hilarious too.

"Tere saath shadi hui hai, sharam toh aaye gi hi na." LOL, Rahul. So uncensored and unapologetically mean! :P RM were always my second faves on the show.

Riddhima is as always such a killjoy :P And the interns never waste an opportunity of bad-mouthing Dr. Keerti, heh.

Nana handing out duties, hilarious! Never watched this scene properly, so it was my first time (: Maybe Shashank should have come here for real and seen what his interns and patient were up to ;)

Bhavana said...

Wasn't sure whether to comment on the first or the last video and then saw this one already had a comment! This was a great surprise, I'm so delighted you're uploading them all! Was wondering when you'd start this. Very timely.

Nooo, I want to discuss scenes too! Damn my internet!

I've seen half this scene though. Is it just me or is Nikki...not very Nikki? Maybe it's just because it's her entry and of course they're not revealing too much but she looks more glam than earthy, not as if she'd turn out to be the crazy, insane, child-woman we know her to be. But then again I've never watched DMG without AN, so I'm interested in seeing these and what she's like as a friend with the gang. Mich I agree, those are so not her legs. Thankfully. It always depressed me to look at them, and besides, SG has much nicer ones. So superficial and image driven *sigh*

And migod Fati, I hate this music too. The only time I ever thought it fit was S-K's sangeet when the guys got the fake policemen to strip. It is mindless and tacky. And the only thing that redeemed in the Panchgini dare scene was Nikki's dancing :)) You're right, it is nice to reminisce!

Riddhima the sap. How could you, Abhi :P? LOL Michi will be uploading all the Abhi-Riddhima scenes! *Alter ego does a twirl, resident ego glares at Fati and dares her not to comment* :P

Bhavana said...

PS the boys were so cute in this.

And idiots we should have been saved from ever seeing walk into Sanjivani: Susu, the guy who called Riddhima "Sweety beauty baby" and the whole of the new clown gang. And Armaan. For the second time.

But yeah, lol. How unoriginal of them :P

Michy said...

Hey Fati/Bhavs,

So nice to see your comments here. Yeah I thought it fit to look back on the scenes once again and yes Fati, I hope others participate too...

Regarding the bg music, I thought it was only me who didn't really like it and Bhavs, Nikki was indeed looking glam (though not too impressed with the knees) and lol in the later next few scenes she was quiet shocked and panicked with the behaviour of the gang, when a month later with Dr. Modi's entry, she ended up doing the Yeah Fati, Rahul's dialogue is hillarious. I always preferred Rahul, he was much saner...

Bhavs you manage to get me in splits with that little exhange between you alter and resident

Talking of unwanted entries, whilst watching the latter videos, Dec-Feb and it was as if I was in a circus... Thank God, they redeemed it by starting bringing AN closer...

Thanks Guys for the comments..Keep it coming..

ftm_ca said...

Bhavs, I think they were trying to make her all 'glam' because the guys had to go all ga-ga over her, na? That brings up the question though, do you see Nikki as more of a crazy tomboy or a sophisticated girly-girl? Or is that too stereotypical a limitation? :P

You guys, I didn't even notice the legs! Or whether they were Shweta's or not, heh.

*refrains from commenting on Abhi-Ridz, but boy when Michi posts those videos, there's no stopping* ;)

Sheetal Kamat said...

this is great effort Michi.. I havent watched these scenes (well i have watched few that Shazie had uploaded) but not all.. So it would be great to see them interact with others :)

Niki is so sophisticated at present :) but only time will actually show how crazy she can be... its going to be fun ride watching it all over again.. And rahul and muskaan about their wedding .. LOL.. that was one crazy moment :)

One thing, can you share a downloadable link as well :) That would save so much of effort that you already took and I could use some new scenes of them for a VM that I have been planning to make since almost a month.. i think these initial lighter, crazier fun scenes are the ones that I need :)

Bhavana said...

It *is* too stereotypical for Nikki (though not for many characters on Indian TV)....I just thought she isn't as two dimensional as her entry makes her look like...or you know, I think it's the music that's making her look like an airhead, probably the music.

Because compare it to Abhi's entry, and...yeah, that one wins head over.

Mmm, a download link would be useful :P Pri, looking forward to the VM!