Monday, October 19, 2009


Two days later, walking down the corridor of Sanjeevani, Abhi and Nikki bang into each other. With quick reflexes, Abhi clasped Nikki firmly in his arms preventing her from falling. Time stood still as their eyes were caught in a hypnotic spell. For a good few minutes they drowned into the eyes of the other. Suddenly realising they were being watched, Abhi snapped back to the present. He straightened up and steadied Nikki. Then he let go off her arms with an angry shrug. Annoyed with himself for having lowered his guard, he darted a steely glance at her and walked away. Nikki's eyes well up with tear, hurting from his cold behaviour.

“How am I going to stay calm with him when one look of his, one touch of his and I go weak in the knees” She concluded as she ambled along the corridor.

"Not everyone has strong arms as Abs !" the familiar voice made her stop.
She saw a grinning Adi standing in front of her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry !" she mumbled realizing she was walking straight into him.

Adi had seen Abhi and Nikki's collision and their subsequent mesmerised gazing into each other's eyes.

"I am sorry!" Nikki repeated trying her best to hide the unshed tears from her eyes.

“You don't have to be, cause you didn't bump into me!” Adi teased. “and I don’t think you need to apologise for the one you bumped into.” Nikki realised his hint and blushed.

"I have to go !" she muttered awkwardly

"Hey ! why don't we all meet up for dinner," Adi stopped her. "Sheetal was saying she would like to meet you again"

"I am afraid that won't be possible," Nikki replied apologetically. Perhaps some other time."

“Ok” Aditya smiled understandingly at her. Nikki smiled back at him and walked away.

Nagged by sad thoughts and her heart laden heavily, Nikki ambled out of Sanjeevani. No matter how much she explained to herself, but she just can’t keep Abhi away from her. His essence has overtaken her whole being. No matter what his behaviour, it would always have an effect on. His anger, his cold, indifference pained her beyond healing. Completely lost in thoughts, she had now reached the basketball court. Abhi’s humiliation at the hands of her friends because of her made her cringe with shame. Then his loving glance flashed before her face. She recollected the good times how she was jealous and upset with Abhi for removing her from the project and giving it to Riddhima, Abhi almost kissing her in the rain, how she was worried for him thinking he was out when the riots broke out. How relieved she was to see him safe. Later, their argument over Armaan's call. Abhi pulling her in his arms and trying to kiss her fingers sensuously closing onto his, in tender acceptance of him into her life!" Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Oh God ! How I miss him ! What can I do to bring back those beautiful moments we shared?" she wondered, her heart filled with despair.

"Hey Beautiful!" Armaan's voice brought her out of her reverie.

She quickly tried to wipe her tears. She tried to greet him cheerfully, but her smile was very weak. "Hi Armaan! is your duty over?"

"Yes ! Now I am free!" he smiled at her. Then seeing her sad face, his eyes were filled with concern. "What happened why are you so sad and what are you doing here ?"

“Oh Nothing in particular.” Nikki tried to avoid his gaze.

"You do look hassled!” Armaan eyed her suspiciously.

“I hope that Modi hasn't troubled you again . Just let me know if he does anything to you, I'll give him one ...."

"He has not doing anything to me....." Nikki blurted in irritation. "infact, he is just not doing anything!" she emphasised sadly, after a thought. Armaan was puzzled.

"Isn't it good for you?" he asked. Nikki couldn't reply.

"Hey, look if there is some problem do tell me, we are friends remember?” He put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I will Armaan” Nikki acknowledged “but not now !"

"Ok, I am always there for you.” he assured again. “If you need anything do let me know and please don't be upset. You know I dont' like to see you upset.”

Smiling feebly at him, Nikki nodded. Armaan hugged her. Choked with emotions Nikki also clinged on to him.

Abhi and Adi were walking towards the car. Just as Abhi opened the door, he was distracted by people in the basketball court. On looking closely, he noticed it was Armaan and Nikki in a tight embrace. Adi followed Abhi's gaze and noticed them too. He could see Abhi’s eyes darkening with anger and jealousy as he kept staring at the two of them.

When Nikki opened her eyes, she sight went beyone shoulder and was horrified to see Abhi staring coldly at them. The colour began to drain from her face As their eyes met, desperation clashed against glacial hostility.

Lowering her gaze, Nikki slowly pulled away from Armaan. Abhi exhaled angrily and got into the car fiercely slamming the door shut. Wordlessly, he wait for Adi to sit in the car and then drove off.

"Oh no ! Why does this always happen to me!" Nikki wondered, squeezing her eyes shut, in exasperation.


Sheetal Kamat said...

You know what I like about this part, the anger is building up, Niki is regretting her standing still while abhi was humiliated and Adi observing the tension in AN relation at this point.. Also I always loved these few initial parts as Adi and Niki both waited before they communicate with each other for AN relationship.. Its not like jumping into action from the first day itself.. realising others relationship with Abhi and then talking to each other - the way one expects in normal life.. You got that brilliantly..

Michy said...

Thanks so much Pri... Yeah I wanted Nikki-Adi to understand and trust each other first before they set out to work on rebuilding AN's relationship.

Fatima said...

I just love the effect that Armaan's presence in Nikki's life has on Abhi...he is almost biased about the matter and not without reason either. The instant flash of anger, the darkening describe it so well, Michi. I think this bit would have to be one of my favourites from the whole series simply because it just seems strung high on tension, the situation, mood, reactions...Plus, deny as he may, but oh, Abhi is affected, even if pretending not to be ;)

Also, Armaan comes off as so much more laid-back and understanding here...mind you, he's not passive either, because he does diagnose the problem, offers his help, but still gives her that space to make her own decision. Good portrayal of a friend and a character that can otherwise be overbearing.

It's almost as if Adi has the omnipotent point-of-view in this series, he is the reader's eyes...clearly seeing and picking up on what they can too. Me loves.

Anonymous said...

Sanjana Singh
[AN FC : Sanjana_S]

Hi Mich
I just finish with ur all 10 scenes of After 8PM god i'm so amazed with ur work...each n every scene was so amazingly written i can imagine AN in it...i specially like that chocolate icecream part and lonavala picnic part...i wish if we could had get anything of such kind in show.
u r so great with words i loved each part from bottom of my heart will like to read some more from u..keep writing..
-Sanjana Singh

Michy said...

Hey Fati, Armaan has always been a sore point with Abhi only because of Nikki... I wanted to portray Armaan as a playful, yet caring but non-interfering friend, who is there for Nikki when she wants him the most... No matter how much Abhi wants to make himself believe he is not bothered but he is badly affected....

Adi is the next best character after Abhi... I love creating him and enjoying working on him....

Hey Sanjana,

So glad you like my series... I think I have 14-15 parts to the series.. Will keep uploading them after I have finished reworking on them....

Thanks so much for your kinds words

preet said...

awesome .... thank u ! I just love the way you expressed the whole scene.... I actaully visualized the vista. abhi & nikki are simply outstanding .... love to watch them on some other STAR ONE's new projects.... But this time just two of them ... not he whole crowd...

Michy said...

Hey Preet, So glad you liked the scene and were able to visualise AN in it...Even I miss them a lot and hoping they come together in a new show.. So waiting for it to happen... Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Really appreciate it..